Dual Cultivation - Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: 110

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When Su Yang arrived at the Medicine Hall, everybody there looked at him with wide eyes and a baffled expression, clearly in great shock after seeing his appearance.

"What's wrong? Why do you all look as though you have seen a ghost?" Su Yang said with a smile on his face.

"Ju-Junior apprentice-brother Su! Your clothes! You became an Inner Court disciple?!"

The disciples were shocked to see him walk in wearing green robes, something only the prestigious Inner Court disciples could enjoy.

"What junior apprentice-brother? He's our senior now!"

"Senior apprentice-brother Su is only 16 years old, right? He will surely reach the True Spirit Realm before the limited age and become the next Core disciple!" said another excited disciple.

"Congratulations, senior apprentice-brother Su!"

The disciples began celebrating Su Yang's new disciple status as though they were the ones promoted.

"What is this commotion about?" Lan Liqing's voice resounded from the stairs, and her beautiful figure appeared a moment later.

"Master, we have an Inner Court disciple visiting us!"

"An Inner Court disciple?" Lan Liqing turned to look at the door, where Su Yang casually stood with a slight smile on his handsome face.

"Su Yang? You…" Although she didn't experience as great as of a shock as her disciples, she was still pleasantly surprised by his visit and promotion.

"What a coincidence, I was just about to go look for you," she continued with a perplexed look on her face.

"I am here for a few things," he said. "Why don't we talk upstairs?"

Lan Liqing nodded. "I will not be seeing any visitors until I say so," she then said to her disciples before heading upstairs with Su Yang.

"Yes, Master!"




Inside her room, Lan Liqing stared at Su Yang with a serious expression.

"Su Yang... are you aware of the Patriarch's sudden death?" she asked him the moment the door closed.

After the meeting with Liu Lanzhi, she'd learned almost everything about what happened to Li Qiang. From what Liu Lanzhi told everybody, Li Qiang was killed by some unknown expert due to some grudges between them, but Lan Liqing knew better than that.

Although she didn't believe for a second that a Profound Spirit Realm Cultivator like Su Yang could possibly kill an Earth Spirit Realm expert like Li Qiang, there was no doubt in her mind that he at least had something to do with Li Qiang's death.

"I am aware— after all, I am the reason for his death," he said calmly without hiding anything from her.

"Aiya! Su Yang, what have you done?!" Lan Liqing heaved a distressed sigh. "If the Sect finds out that you had something to do with the Patriarch's death… They will not just cripple you— they will outright kill you!"

Lan Liqing didn't care about the fact that Su Yang, a mere disciple, was responsible for his Patriarch's death because he did it for her. What she was fearful of were the consequences that he may have to face for killing the Patriarch, as that is one of if not the biggest offense a disciple of any Sect could possibly commit.


With a calm expression, Su Yang spoke: "It will be fine because nothing will happen to me," he guaranteed her with a smile.

"What do you mean that you will be fine? You killed the Patriarch for heaven's sake!" Lan Liqing was not convinced that he would be fine, as the situation was too grave in her eyes.

"Indeed, I am responsible for his death, but what proof do they have to execute me? Even if they managed to pull some magical evidence from their butt, I will still be fine," he said calmly.

"You really are…" Lan Liqing sighed. "Well, if you are still fine after so many days, then I guess you will be fine… But to actually kill the Patriarch… what are your guts made of? Steel?"

"But I guess I am also your accomplice now…" Lan Liqing didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

Who would've thought that she would one day betray the Sect by assisting the culprit?

"Well, don't think too much about it. It does not matter if he is the Patriarch or whatever— he was weak, and he died to someone strong— that's all."

"Mm…" she nodded.

"Anyway, what are you here for?" she then asked.

"How is your butt? Does it still hurt?" he suddenly asked her.

"Eh? Now that you mention it… I haven't felt any pain ever since then."

Lan Liqing had long forgotten about the pain in her butt ever since he first helped her.

Su Yang nodded and said: "I came here today for two things. First, I will be away from the Sect for a while to explore the Divine Doors."

"The Divine Doors? Why do you want to go to such a dangerous place? There have been thousands of deaths there since its discovery!" Lan Liqing said in a worried tone.

It is publicly known that the Divine Doors is a mysterious place filled with unknown dangers, but because of the possible wealth that could be found within that place, many people still risked their lives to enter.

"If you are worried about resources, I have plenty—"

"It's not about the resources or the wealth," said Su Yang. "This is something more important."

"But the Divine Doors is all the way at the Northern Region, and it will take you weeks to get there even if you take the horses," said Lan Liqing.

"Relax, Liqing. I did not come here to fill you with worry," he said with a smile as he caressed her smooth face. "Instead, I am here to give you something…"

Su Yang suddenly touched Lan Liqing's lips with his own, catching her off guard.


However, despite the sudden kiss, Lan Liqing did not reject it. Instead, she closed her eyes to enjoy it.

"Haaa… Haaa…"

Lan Liqing breathed heavily afterward, her face slightly red.

"Su Yang…?"

"You are only three steps away from the Earth Spirit Realm, and I came here to help you achieve that before I leave," said Su Yang, dumbfounding her.

"You mean…" It didn't take more than a second for Lan Liqing to understand his intent. Her eyes sparkled with passion, yet there was a puzzled expression on her face.

"But I am still three stages before the Earth Spirit Realm… Even if we cultivate for weeks without stop, I cannot reach the Earth Spirit Realm that fast…" she said to him.

"You will understand once we start," Su Yang said with a smile, his hands reaching to loosen her robes.

"Un…" she nodded with anticipation.

A few moments later, Lan Liqing laid bare on the bed with her beautiful legs spread wide, revealing to Su Yang her paradise.

Seeing her welcoming position, Su Yang began caressing her bottom lips, causing her body to shiver with delight.

"Mmm… Aaaah…" Lan Liqing softly moaned with her eyes closed, her body growing increasingly warmer.

Suddenly, her creek was spread open, and something started wiggling inside.


Lan Liqing's body trembled with delight, her sweet voice filled with pleasure and delight.

After feasting her wet, Su Yang retrieved his heavenly rod, and with that godly weapon, he pierced her small heaven wide open.

The instant Lan Liqing felt Su Yang's penis enter her cave, her body spasmed, and a large quantity of pleasure water gushed out from her pussy.

"S-Su Yang… did it grow bigger since the last time we cultivated?" Lan Liqing was baffled by how far her stomach expanded compared to the last time. Although she has cultivated with him only a few times, her body was already familiar with his body, so she was able to discern the changes to his body with ease.

Su Yang smiled, and he suddenly rammed his hips into her soft buttocks, causing it to shake vigorously.

"Aaaaahhh!" Lan Liqing moaned sharply from the unexpected thrust, her body overflowing with pleasure.

"What do you think about it? Do you like it?" Su Yang asked her with a smile.

"I love it…" she mumbled back with a bashful smile.

Su Yang chuckled, and with a charming expression, he spoke: "Then you'd better savor it!"

After saying that, Su Yang grabbed her round buttocks with firmness and started thrusting even harder.

"Aaaang! Aaaahhh! More! More!" Lan Liqing's blissful filled the room, and her body was once again mesmerized by the intense feeling that tingled every inch of her body.

Su Yang and Lan Liqing quickly became engrossed in their cultivation, and many days passed without distractions.




On the fourth day, Su Yang casually walked down the stairs to the Medicine Hall, and everybody there turned to stare at him with doubtful gazes the instant he appeared before them.

While they were not suspicious of his relationship with Lan Liqing at first because it was a ridiculous idea for an Outer Court disciple to cultivate with a Sect Elder, the disciples began to doubt their relationship after his second visit.

And now that Su Yang became an Inner Court disciple, the chances of such theory suddenly turned more acceptable.

"Ummm… Senior apprentice-brother Su…"

Although they all wanted to ask Su Yang if he has an intimate relationship with their Master, none of them knew how to ask him properly without offending him or their Master.

Seeing their perplexed faces, Su Yang smiled slightly.

"I know what you're thinking," he said calmly. "But the truth is it isn't what you are all imagining. Elder Lan has been experiencing great pain in her body after a little incident, so I came here to help her relieve that pain with my techniques."

After a slight pause, he continued: "My techniques are not only for pleasure, you know?"

"Is that so?"

Knowing how profound his techniques are first-hand, and hearing his plausible explanation, their doubts towards their relationship quickly vanished.

"The next time I come back, why don't you all come with me for another session? I won't be needing any payments for it, too."


The disciples instantly became excited upon hearing his words.
"Then we will not be humble!"

"That's right! You better not take your words back, senior apprentice-brother Su!"

Su Yang nodded with a smile. He then left the Medicine Hall, leaving behind a group of expectant young ladies.

Meanwhile, Lan Liqing silently cultivated in her room with a full stomach of extremely rich Yang Qi. When Su Yang released his Yang Qi for the first time after consuming the Root of Vitality into her body, Lan Liqing was greatly shocked by the almost tyrannical and potent energy that rushed into her womb like a bucket of hot water.

Lan Liqing thought at first that Su Yang might have some rare medicine that may help boost her Cultivation base, but after absorbing his Yang Qi, there was without a doubt in her mind that his Yang Qi was more precious and potent than any rare medicine out there.

And when she compared his Yang Qi to all the herbs and medicine that she had taken before, it was akin to comparing holy water and mud— the disparity was too vast— like Heaven and Earth.




After leaving the Medicine Hall, Su Yang went to the Mission Hall to accept a random mission that required him to leave the Sect for a long period of time just to have an excuse for his absence.

Once he found the perfect mission and recorded himself in the logbook, he returned to his living quarters.

"Are you ready to leave?" Su Yang asked Qiuyue after using the bathroom.

"I don't know, what about you?" she replied in a sarcastic voice.

Su Yang smiled bitterly and nodded.

"Let's leave for the Northern Region now," he said.

Qiuyue nodded.

She then retrieved from her storage ring an Appearance Reforming Pill and swallowed it.

Her appearance slowly changed.

Her silver hair became black, and her moon-like eyes darkened, almost like an eclipse. Her unparalleled face also changed, becoming a decent-looking young lady with a naturally unfriendly face.

In mere seconds, the cold goddess Qiuyue had turned into an average-looking mortal with a hostile nature.

Su Yang lifted an eyebrow at her choice of appearance. "Do you always walk around like that here?"

Thinking that Su Yang was talking about her overall beauty, Qiuyue frowned, and she changed face again, becoming more beautiful and elegant. However, the hostile atmosphere around her still remained.

Su Yang only shook his head with a slight smile at her reaction.

A few moments later, the two stepped out of the house.

"Do you have a flying treasure with you?" Su Yang asked her.

"I do."

Qiuyue then retrieved a palm-sized wooden boat from her storage ring and threw in the ground.

Seconds later, the palm-sized wooden boat expanded, becoming a full-size boat.

"This is the best flying treasure you have on you?" Su Yang was slightly surprised. Did she leave behind all her treasures when she left the Sacred Moon Palace?

"Of course, I have better ones. But this is all we need to reach the Northern Region," said Qiuyue, purposefully avoiding her better flying treasures for personal reasons.

Su Yang looked at the wooden boat that only has one seat with a bitter smile. "How fast is this thing?" he then asked.

"We should reach the Northern Region in five days," she replied.

"Five days… is acceptable, I guess." Su Yang nodded, and he entered the wooden boat.

Qiuyue entered the boat after Su Yang, sitting right beside him with her shoulders touching his.

"Ascend," she mumbled.

The wooden boat suddenly trembled and started ascending towards the clouds, quickly catching the attention of every disciple that was outside of their rooms by the spectacular scenery.

"Look at that thing in the air! It's flying!" some disciple exclaimed with a shocked voice.

"What is that thing?!"

"It looks like a wooden boat... how is it flying?"

The Disciples and even the Sect Elders were greatly shocked by Qiuyue's flying treasure because this was their first time seeing one in their life. Flying treasures are extremely rare in this world, and unlike flying swords that require profound concentration and a strong Cultivation base to control, only very little Profound Qi are required to operate a flying treasure.

Whoosh! The wooden boat in the air suddenly shot forward like an arrow leaving the bow, disappearing from everybody's sights nearly instantly, causing their jaws to drop in shock just from its insane speed alone.
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