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Chapter 244

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It was a colossus the size of a small mountain with scales sparkling like beryl and a huge and powerful body. It was an Adult Green Dragon lying on the Planar Path. Even though it was a few hundred meters away, Lin Yun could still feel enormous pressure from being near it.

"Heavens…" Lin Yun held his breath as he wiped the sweat trickling down his forehead.

In the legends, during the Silver Era, the pure-blooded Elves ruled the earth while the Chromatic Dragons ruled the sky. That was the Dynasty of Elves and Dragons. But after Charles the Emperor shattered that throne, both the Elves and the Dragons sailed the Jade Boat to leave to the void.

But the Chromatic Dragons were different from the pure-blooded Elves. They had many descendants still living in Noscent, and many legends would contain the shadow of Chromatic Dragons.

But that was only in legends.

In fact, the Chromatic Dragons stood at the top of the food chain in Noscent, representing tyrannical power. In all legends and epics, Chromatic Dragons were the ultimate existences. Many people believed that the Chromatic Dragons were the descendants of the Haiba Dragon God who was born along with Noscent.

Every Chromatic Dragon was a Heaven Rank existence and could easily destroy cities and nations. They weren't beings that humans could fight against.

Let alone Chromatic Dragons, even a common Dragon would have the power of an Archmage, and that Bone Dragon in the Bone Plane was only the remains of a Dragon that had died countless years ago and turned into an Undead under the influence of the undead energy.

But such an Undead lifeform could still force Lin Yun to use the Book of Death.

If Lin Yun hadn't fused the Sage Chapter to activate the Book of Death and obtain the ability to open a Planar Path, he would no longer be among the living.

And what stood in front of them was a Green Dragon!

One of the five types of Chromatic Dragons!

Lin Yun was feeling feverish.

Green Dragons weren't easy to deal with.

They were also known as Jade Dragons and were guardians of nature and order, existences on the side of good amidst the Chromatic Dragons.

But one shouldn't overlook that the nature and order that Green Dragons and Elves guarded was absolute order and nature. In their eyes, Humans were destroyers of nature and order. If they woke up that Green Dragon, they would be welcomed with a Dragon Breath.

'Hmm, but something is wrong…' As Lin Yun grew apprehensive, a sudden thought came to his mind.

Not a single lifeform they had met on the Planar Path had been alive.

The Human was dead.

The pure-blooded Elves were corpses.

'Then… Is that Green Dragon also dead?'

As that idea sprung in his mind, Lin Yun cast a Detect Life spell.

This was the most suitable spell for the situation. As a guardian of nature and order, the Green Dragon would scatter a large amount of life energy, so that Detect Life spell should react even a few hundred meters away.

'Eh…' Amazement appeared on Lin Yun's face when he cast it. 'Not a single wisp of life energy…'

Lin Yun finally calmed down. He cast a few buffs on himself to prepare for any eventuality while walking towards that behemoth.

There was still no reaction from his Detect Life spell when Lin Yun reached the body of the Green Dragon. At that time, Lin Yun was certain that this Green Dragon was dead.

No, it wasn't just dead...

Besides not having a single bit of life aura left, that Green Dragon's corpse was also devoid of mana fluctuations. At that time, the look on Lin Yun's face was a bit off.

This was all a bit too illogical.

On their way, they had already seen the corpses of three different races: a Human, pure-blooded Elves, and a Green Dragon. These corpses had one thing in common, which was a complete lack of mana fluctuations.

In other words, no power was left in these corpses.

This was very strange because these three races had completely different sources of power.

The power of Human mages came from their Mana Whirlpools, the power of the pure-blooded Elves came from their natural mana patterns, and the power of the Dragons came from their bloodlines. Even if they met an unforeseen event after dying, it shouldn't look like this, where not a single trace was left.

'Could there be something strange in this Planar Path that could absorb power like the Crystal Scales? No way…' Lin Yun couldn't help feeling a bit scared, and he subconsciously examined his surroundings.

It felt wrong.

Lin Yun could clearly feel that his mana had seen no changes. It was exactly the same as when he first entered and showed no signs of being absorbed.


One Human Mage, a dozen pure-blooded Elves, and one Green Dragon... How did they die here? What terrible thing was hidden behind that Planar Path, why were they unable to resist and left dead here like nobodies?

After all, regardless of whether it was that Human holding two True Spirit Magic Tools, those dozen pure-blooded Elves that were Archmages or Heaven Mages, or that Green Dragon that was Heaven Rank at the very least, they were all very formidable existences. Even if they were around at the peak of the Magic Era, ten thousand years in the future, their deaths would create quite a stir.

'How come no information about this spread out? This isn't just one or two… It's over a dozen…

'The death of so many formidable existences, how come there was no information about it?'

Lin Yun kept thinking and thinking, posing numerous questions to himself, but they all went unanswered. At this time, Lin Yun couldn't help forcing a smile. Besides curiosity towards the Heaven Enlightening Plane, he felt some awe.

He felt that this might be a place that mortals truly couldn't set foot in.

The rest of the group waited patiently for a while, and when they heard that this Green Dragon was dead, they became very excited. They all knew that a Dragon was like a huge treasure, especially a high ranked Chromatic Dragons like the Green Dragon. Its entire body was a treasure. Even one drop of blood or one scale would be very precious.

The group immediately started discussing among themselves about how they should divide that Green Dragon.

But unfortunately for them, halfway through their conversation, Lin Yun interrupted them.

In fact, Lin Yun didn't say anything.

He just casually cast a Wind Blade.

That Wind Blade easily cut through the Green Dragon's abdomen, and the sparkling beryl-like scales that were comparable to the defense of True Spirit Magic Tools were unable to resist the simple spell.

The group was stunned.

"Shit, a waste of time…" Solomon indignantly cursed.

They clearly saw that the corpse was unable to handle a Wind Blade. Those "precious" magic materials wouldn't sell well even as decorations… It had to be a fake of some sort.

"Haha…" Lin Yun chuckled before walking on ahead.

But there were still questions in Lin Yun's mind.

The path ahead was very long...

As the white light grew more and more dazzling, Lin Yun could feel an incomparable power coming from it. But that power was offset by the distortion of the Planar Path. In other words, they were all protected by the Planar Path. Otherwise, just a wisp of that white light would be enough to instantly kill half of their group.

They would still meet one or two corpses on the path here or there, Humans, Elves, Beastmen, Dwarves, and even some Undead… On the way, Lin Yun saw corpses of nearly all of Noscent's intelligent races, and they all had the same thing in common. Not a wisp of power was left in their bodies.

Time had already lost its meaning, and Lin Yun even forgot how long they had been walking for...

It might have been a day, maybe two...

Yet another new corpse appeared before them when Lin Yun began to think that they had become lost on the Planar Path.

But that corpse was different from the others.

That corpse was standing.

He was holding a long magic staff in his right hand and was holding a huge gem in his left hand. These were two True Spirit Magic Tools that had lost their power. Lin Yun had already become numb to seeing those depleted True Spirit Magic Tools on the way, as he had found no less than ten of them. It was to the point that Lin Yun was wondering whether Noscent's True Spirit Magic Tools had all been lost on this Planar Path.

But the True Spirit Magic Tools weren't the important part.

The truly important part was that Lin Yun recognized that corpse!

White beard, white hair, an aged appearance. He looked like an ordinary old man, but his eyes were covered by a piece of black cloth.

"Sky Eyes Oliver…" Lin Yun didn't even need to remove that black cloth. He knew that there would be a pair of sky blue eyes underneath.

He could recognize him from his distinct style of attire.

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