Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: 277

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Chapter 277: Chapter 277 – Training

Within the sparse room, only Chen Heng was left.

Herdosiri and Lamu had gone to take in the captives and train them to become their own soldiers.

This was the most important thing to the two of them right now.

Chen Heng could understand how they felt, and he let them do as they wished.

After they left, Chen Heng shook his head and continued to sit.

Sitting on the bed, he examined his condition.

Recently, because of the Divinities’ power and his Divine Bloodline awakening, he felt that his body had gone through some changes.

Even if he did not train, it was gradually becoming stronger.

This kind of feeling was very unique and amazing.

“My current self seems to have reached the requirements…” Chen Heng thought to himself while sitting on the bed and sensing his condition.

This body originally did not have the talent to awaken life power.

Life power was a unique system that belonged to this world, and only people with sufficient talent could gain this power.

Before, this power had not existed for this body.

That was why Chen Heng’s previous identity had just been an ordinary person apart from being a bit stronger than most people.

However, as time passed, the situation changed.

After Chen Heng had gained the Divinities and his Divine Bloodline had awakened, those things had slowly changed his body.

Even though he had not cultivated this world’s life power before, he could sense that vast potential and terrifying power in his body.

In other words, perhaps he had the qualifications to cultivate life power.

“Should I give it a try?” Chen Heng thought to himself.

Realistically speaking, since he was a true Sorcerer and had the power of the Divinities, he could use them to change his body.

Even if he did not cultivate life power, it would not be a big deal.

However, he could not think so simplistically—in order to live in this world, he had to have some backup plans.

After all, the more useful things he had, the better it would be.

Moreover, Chen Heng was quite interested in this world’s life power.

As such, after thinking about it, Chen Heng walked out.

He prepared to go and find Herdosiri to learn about life power.

Half a day later, Chen Heng was covered with sweat as he stood on a training ground, examining the changes in his body.

He was currently using the Hatim family’s Life Cultivation Technique.

In this fatigued state, Chen Heng could clearly sense the changes in his body, as well as that unique power circulating through his body.

“So it really is possible…”

Sensing the changes in his body, Chen Heng stopped and thought to himself.

This confirmed what he had been thinking.

After taking in the Divinities, his constitution had changed, and he had the potential to awaken life power.

Moreover, from Chen Heng’s experience, his talent was quite good.

At the very least, watching Chen Heng, Herdosiri and Lamu both felt quite shocked.

From their estimations, at this rate, Chen Heng would be able to sense his life power in half a month.

Of course, awakening his life power and gaining complete control over it was not simple.

Even if Chen Heng’s talent was good, it would take him a long period of time.

However, this was not a big deal—Chen Heng had time to spare for now.

“So this so-called life power is very similar to Knights’ life energy…” Chen Heng thought to himself.

He could sense that this world’s life power and the life energy from the Sorcerer World were quite similar.

It was like just as the Sorcerers of the two worlds were quite similar, the Knights were also quite similar.

Life power and life energy’s effects and uses were essentially the same, and they seemed like they came from the same source.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng thought for a moment before turning and shaking his head.

At the end of the day, this was a piece of good news.

Since life power and life energy were so similar, this meant that he could use his experience from the Sorcerer World.

After being modified by the Divinities, Chen Heng’s potential was quite good, but it would take him at least half a month to awaken life power.

However, with his experience, it would most likely take him just a few days.

This was the benefit of having experience.

Moreover, this kind of experience did not just benefit him at the start and would continue to benefit him for a long time until he surpassed his previous peak.

Back in the Sorcerer World, Chen Heng had been a peak Great Knight.

He was not sure what that was equivalent to in this world, but it would not be weak.

At the very least, it would be much stronger than Herdosiri.

Based on what Herdosiri said, he was a true Knight and was equivalent to a First Ring Sorcerer.

This meant that a peak Great Knight would have at least peak First Ring Sorcerer strength.

That was not bad.

As Chen Heng thought this, he began to move his arms, using the Life Cultivation Technique to try to dig out the life power hidden in his body.

As he did this, his surroundings became more lively.

In the distance, some figures passing by looked at Chen Heng on the training ground and felt quite surprised.

They did not expect Chen Heng to not just be a Warlock but also be proficient in warriors’ techniques.

Watching Chen Heng’s performance, they could not help but sigh in amazement.

Chen Heng did not pay them any mind and continued to sweat as he worked hard.

Time gradually passed, and soon, it had been half a month.

Through Herdosiri and Lamu’s efforts, a significant portion of the captives had decided to join them and become their soldiers.

As such, Herdosiri and Lamu’s focus had transitioned to training them.

Chen Heng once again surprised them with his talent in this area.

Neither Herdosiri nor Lamu were very proficient at training soldiers—after all, they very rarely led soldiers to fight. Let alone everyday training, they had very little experience even fighting in an army.

As such, they had no idea what to do at first.

After watching them for a while, Chen Heng could not help but shake his head and take over.

In just a few days, the disorderly soldiers were set up in an organized structure and began to do daily training.

Chen Heng looked incredibly relaxed, as if this had been incredibly easy for him.

Let alone Herdosiri and Lamu, even Siriv, who had been secretly observing, was completely shocked.

A young man actually had the talent to easily command hundreds of people and turn them into his own soldiers.

Moreover, he had done so to a high level.

The expertise he had demonstrated when conducting training made them feel as if Chen Heng was a General who had spent a long time at war.

Moreover, it seemed that a mere two hundred people were far from his limit.

He was a natural commander.

Herdosiri and Lamu felt quite surprised, and they could not help but feel excited.

Chen Heng was the lord they had chosen, and the better he performed, the more it meant that they had chosen a good master.

Chen Heng did not know what Herdosiri and the others were thinking. His task had become training with these soldiers every day, and to him, it was quite boring.

In previous simulations, he had led many armies before and created new empires with his armies.

In a sense, apart from being a powerful Cultivator and Sorcerer, he had also been a great Commander-In-Chief.

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After all, at his peak, let alone a few hundred people, he had led hundreds of thousands of people before.

This current situation was nothing to him, and it was not difficult at all.

“What are you standing there for?”

As Chen Heng trained the soldiers, he looked back at Herdosiri and Lamu, “Hurry up and come here and help.”

Hearing Chen Heng’s voice, they hurriedly nodded and walked over.

In the end, Chen Heng made them captains, each one leading a few dozen men.

This was training in a sense.

Even though they were Life Knights and had good strength, they were lacking in other areas.

There were still many things for them to learn regarding leading an army.

Starting from a few dozen people would be a good starting point.

As they trained, Siriv did not break his promise and delivered food and other resources.

This was one of the reasons why Chen Heng was able to train here with peace of mind.

At this point in time, food was incredibly precious.

If Siriv was not providing them with food, what Chen Heng would be doing right now would not be training but going out to pillage.

However, with Siriv’s support, he was not in a rush.

Standing there, Chen Heng swung his sword as he thought to himself.

Following this, time continued to pass peacefully.

Soon, another three months had passed.

After these three months, as Siriv and the others watched on, this small army trained by Chen Heng went through great changes.

Compared to before, their formation was much tighter and more orderly.

Chen Heng had spent a great deal of effort in training these people.

With the food provided by Siriv, he did not have to worry about getting food for them.

During the day, Chen Heng, Herdosiri and Lamu would teach them all kinds of battle techniques.

During the remaining periods of time, Chen Heng would teach them about battle formations.

In just three months, they had been greatly developed.

“If I hadn’t seen this for myself, I never would have thought that these people were just a bunch of bandits just three months ago,” Siriv could not help but sigh as he looked at Chen Heng with a complicated gaze.

During those three months, he had watched Chen Heng gradually train this army.

At first, they were just a rabble, but after three months, they had completely changed.

Apart from the fact that they were still a bit lacking in terms of equipment and weapons, the airs that these people gave off were comparable to the royal elites he had seen in the past.

It was just that the royal family’s elite armies were nurtured through great investment, while Chen Heng had only trained these soldiers for three months.

“Honestly, the Malido Kingdom’s King really should have hired you to be the military instructor,” Siriv said as he looked at Chen Heng and sighed, “Perhaps then the Malido Kingdom would not have perished.”

“Perhaps,” Chen Heng replied, “But this is far from enough.

“During the following period of time, they need to go out and participate in some battles to become adequate soldiers. Right now, it’s still not enough.”

“This is still not enough…” Siriv felt quite speechless, “They are already elites; how much stronger can they get?”

From how he saw it, these soldiers were already elites who were quite good, and there would be few armies in the entirety of the Kalo Kingdom that could rival it.

To train them to this extent was already very good; what more did he want?

In response, Chen Heng only smiled and did not say anything.

If it was an ordinary, ancient world, perhaps these soldiers would have been enough.

However, in this world, Chen Heng felt that soldiers like this were not enough.

In his heart, a truly elite army in this world would have to be made up of soldiers who were superior to ordinary humans.

They did not have to be at the level of Life Knights; they just had to surpass ordinary humans.

Of course, if it was possible, Chen Heng would prefer to have an army of Life Knights.

An army made of such soldiers would undoubtedly be the strongest.

It was a pity that that was not very realistic.

For now, these soldiers would be enough.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng raised his head and looked into the distance.

“It’s about time…”

During the past few months, Siriv had helped him find a decent territory.

From what Siriv had said, most things were ready, and they were just waiting for the important people to arrive.

This meant that Chen Heng would soon be able to leave this place and go to his own territory.

Thinking to there, Chen Heng gave a slight smile.

“I’m looking forward to it…”

In the distance, a group of people were slowly heading towards the Arlan family’s territory.

On the road, a carriage slowly rolled forwards.

Within the carriage, a slender arm opened the carriage’s window, and a gentle voice sounded out, “Are we still not there yet?”

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