Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: 279

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Chapter 279: Chapter 279 – Test

Sensing the arrival of Orimo and the others, the young man slowly turned and looked over.

Under the faint sunlight, the young man’s appearance was revealed.

He was incredibly handsome and was wearing clean robes. He seemed incredibly calm, and just by standing there, those who looked at him also felt a sense of peace.

What Orimo and the others immediately noticed was the mark on his forehead.

It was a very unique mark and looked like a flame. It contained a mysterious and terrifying power, and it seemed to suck one’s gaze in.

Standing there, including Orimo and Mary, everyone felt a massive, suffocating pressure.

Fortunately, that feeling went just as quickly as it came and disappeared in an instant.

Orimo stopped walking and his face became pale.

“This… This power…”

Standing there, Orimo thought to that massive pressure, not knowing what to say.

If he hadn’t personally experienced this, he would not be able to believe that someone could make him feel such pressure with just a look.

As a representative of the Kalo royal family who had brought Princess Mary here, Ormio’s strength was naturally quite good.

In actuality, his strength was not any inferior to Herdosiri’s, and he was also a Life Knight.

His strength was far above Lamu’s.

If he did not have this kind of strength, the Kalo royal family would not be at ease with having him responsible for Mary.

However, even with this strength, he had been completely frozen in place just then, and he still felt quite terrified about it.

“What is it?”

Ahead, Siriv looked at Orimo, a look of confusion on his face.

Just then, he had not sensed that terrifying pressure.

Chen Heng had not looked at him, and he had not applied that pressure to him.

He had no idea what had just happened, but seeing Orimo’s expression, he guessed that something had happened.

“I… I’m fine,” Orimo forced a smile and said while meeting Siriv’s gaze.

Behind him, Mary looked at him worriedly.

Sensing Mary’s worried gaze, Orimo did not say anything and just shook his head, indicating that he was fine.

“How terrifying…”

Thinking about that feeling from before, he could not help but sigh.

Honestly speaking, before, he had felt suspicious as to whether or not this Aktor Hatim really was a Second Ring Warlock.

After all, Warlocks were incredibly rare existences, much less Warlocks who had Second Ring strength right after awakening.

However, at this moment, those suspicions had been completely dispelled.

From what he had sensed, if Aktor had wanted to kill him, he could have directly done so.

That terrifying feeling was not something ordinary people could imagine.

This was a true Second Ring Warlock, and no ordinary one at that.

It seemed that he had a mental-type power and was extremely terrifying.

Thinking to there, Orimo deeply breathed in and continued to walk and talk with Siriv.


After getting closer, Siriv smiled and said, “This is Sir Orimo. He is a famous Knight in the Kalo Kingdom, and he is one of the strongest Knights.”


Hearing Siriv’s words, Chen Heng slowly walked over and looked apologetic, “I apologize for my actions before; I did not know who you were and instinctively acted.”

He stood there as he looked at Orimo, a sincere expression on his face.

Looking at Chen Heng, Orimo felt stunned and did not know what to say.

Before, he had expected Chen Heng to have a difficult personality—this was because of past precedents.

Because Warlocks’ power came from their bloodline, they were easily affected by their bloodlines, which often resulted in unstable minds.

As such, Warlocks who had awakened their bloodlines usually had some mental problems; they were either obsessive or were very aggressive.

For Aktor to have such great power at such a young age, it was also natural for him to become quite arrogant.

However, seeing how Chen Heng acted, Orimo felt stunned.

Standing behind Orimo, Mary silently raised her head and closely examined Chen Heng.

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Faint sunlight shine on Chen Heng’s body, making his skin look incredibly fair and supple. Standing there, he looked like a godchild, seeming incredibly perfect.

He seemed like someone who was very amicable and gentle.

As if he sensed Mary’s gaze, Chen Heng instinctively looked over at her and gave a friendly smile.

Looking at that smile, Mary thought to herself as if she realized something.

“It’s fine,” Orimo’s voice sounded out.

Standing there and looking at Chen Heng, he smiled as he put on airs as if he did not mind.

“Viscount Aktor, what are you doing here?” Orimo asked as he looked around.

“I’m training soldiers here,” Chen Heng said as he nodded as he looked over.

Following his gaze, everyone else looked over.

Ahead, there were many people sweating profusely as they trained diligently.

No one was slacking off, and everyone was putting in immense effort; it was quite an intense scene.

However, looking at this scene, Orimo felt quite intrigued.

“Viscount Aktor, did you say you were training soldiers here?”

He looked quite curious as he asked, “Did you train all of these soldiers yourself?”

“Is that so strange?” Chen Heng replied as he smiled.

“Of course,” Orimo nodded as he said, “With your status, such things are beneath you…”

“I don’t think that’s the case,” Chen Heng said as he shook his head, “Instead, I quite like this. I feel quite satisfied turning these ordinary soldiers into valiant warriors and training them as an orderly army.”

“Is that so…”

Hearing Chen Heng’s words, Orimo thought to himself.

“Also, did you just address me as Viscount?” Chen Heng asked.

“Indeed.” Orimo looked over at Siriv and smiled, “In actuality, I came here because of that. Sir Aktor, our glorious Majesty has decided to give you the position of Viscount. From now on, you will enjoy all the benefits of a Viscount.”

Orimo looked at Chen Heng as he continued, “As for your territory, His Majesty is discussing with the various Ministers, and someone will bring the official news in a few days.”

“Is that so?”

Hearing Orimo’s words, Chen Heng paused before smiling, “That is a very good piece of news. Thank you for coming here to tell me about this, Sir Orimo.”

Chen Heng spoke, looking quite delighted.

Following this, they continued to chat for a while, after which Orimo found an excuse to temporarily leave.

As he walked away, he continued to secretly observe Chen Heng’s actions.

After they left, Chen Heng took out a sword and began to train vigorously together with everyone else.

It seemed like he really was training with them.

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