Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: 280

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Chapter 280: Chapter 280 – Arrangements

“He was telling the truth…”

Watching Chen Heng’s actions from afar, Orimo and Mary were both quite surprised.

They had never thought that Chen Heng really would be training here with these commoners.

They had never expected that Chen Heng, someone from a noble family with a Divine Bloodline, would do such a thing.

After all, in this world, nobles and commoners were two very distinct classes.

In this world, nobles were nobles, not just because of the wealth and authority they had, but also because of the prestigious bloodlines they had.

The nobles naturally reigned above commoners.

For such people, they naturally did not care about commoners or the armies made of commoners, much less train together with such people.

This was the case even in the Kalo Kingdom.

This kind of thing was very confusing to them.

Chen Heng did not take any notice of Orimo and the others, and he continued to silently train.

After the past few months, there had been great changes in Chen Heng’s body.

The Hatim family had been a Duke’s family, and they had the bloodline of gods.

For a family like that, they naturally had a Life Cultivation Technique for Life Knights.

Chen Heng’s previous identity had also received some education about this, which saved Chen Heng a great deal of time and effort.

Over the past few months, Chen Heng had already grasped life power, and his current self could already count as a Life Knight. Of course, he was only at the Apprentice level and was about the same as Lamu.

However, even so, this was quite shocking.

After finding out about Chen Heng’s progress, Herdosiri and Lamu were incredibly shocked and could not believe it.

Cultivating life power was not easy at all.

Under normal circumstances, even if one had decent talent, it would take a person a few years to become a Knight Apprentice.

In fact, it took some people many decades.

This was the case for Lamu.

By now, he was nearly 40 years old but was still only an Apprentice.

As for Chen Heng, he had only used a few months to reach this stage.

This made both of them feel incredibly dumbfounded.

In the end, they could only explain this using Chen Heng’s Divine Bloodline.

From how they saw it, Chen Heng had only been able to accomplish something so inconceivable because he had awakened his Divine Bloodline.

After that, their attitude towards Chen Heng became even more respectful.

The reason why Chen Heng could do this was indeed linked to him awakening his Divine Bloodline.

After awakening his bloodline, Chen Heng could sense the changes in himself.

As time went on, even without him doing anything, his body gradually became stronger.

This kind of strengthening was not the type from doing training but was more similar to a child growing and their body becoming more mature.

Thus, though the changes in Chen Heng’s body caused by the Divinities, combined with his knowledge of the Knight system, Chen Heng was able to obtain these startling results.

However, this was not a big deal to Chen Heng.

This was just Apprentice-level power, and compared to his strength as a true Sorcerer, it was just a supplement.

Even if he did not use it during normal times, it might be of use to him during key moments.

Chen Heng continued to train, looking incredibly serious.

As for Orimo, he was not worried.

Since people from the Kalo royal family had come, and they had given him his title, he had accomplished his goal.

As for what kind of territory the Kalo royal family would give him, he was not worried.

What he needed to do had already been done, and he would leave the rest to others.

Elsewhere, after leaving the training ground, Orimo had a tour around Siriv’s castle.

He would occasionally ask some questions, trying to obtain as much information as possible.

Soon, he brought Mary back to their residence.

“Your Highness.”

After returning, he looked at Mary respectfully and asked, “What do you think?”

“He’s quite good.” Mary nodded. She seemed a bit tired, but she did her best to seem lively as she said, “From what I could tell, Sir Aktor is quite friendly.

“He does not have that arrogance and pride that other people have, and he instead seems like an ordinary person.

“Even to lowly bandits and commoners, his attitude does not change; this is quite admirable.”

“Indeed,” Orimo nodded, “Overall, his strength and his personality are quite rare.”

In this world, so-called equality did not exist; there would always be people who had higher statuses than others.

During ordinary times, if a commoner dared to speak loudly in front of a noble, there would be one logical outcome: for the commoner to be hung.

This was a natural response owing from the fact that nobles were far above ordinary commoners.

However, this was the opposite for Chen Heng.

As a Second Ring Warlock, and coming from the Hatim family, Chen Heng’s status was far above those people’s. However, despite this, Chen Heng did not seem arrogant or condescending at all; this was very rare.

In the past, as the representatives of the royal family, Orimo and Mary had come into contact with many powerful people.

Many of them were Second Ring existences, but most of them had strange personalities: they were either incredibly cold, arrogant, or unpleasant.

Because they had become used to such people, they were quite surprised towards Chen Heng’s amicability.

“This is an important point from this inspection, Orimo said as he looked at Mary, “But do you think Sir Aktor is like this because of his experiences?

“From our information, this Sir Aktor was just an ordinary person in the past and had nothing special about himself.

“He only obtained this power after awakening his bloodline. It seems that his past experiences are still affecting him, making it so that his personality did not change much after gaining this power.”

“That’s possible,” Mary nodded, “But we still need to do some closer observations. You should know that my father is still waiting for news from us, but from the situation, this Sir Aktor seems like a good choice.”

She paused for a moment before saying, “At the very least, we can try to take him in.”

Hearing Mary’s words, Orimo nodded in approval.

If a Second Ring Warlock came to join them, they would definitely take him in.

In this world, Second Ring existences were all geniuses, and finding such people was very difficult.

If such a person requested to join them, they would naturally have no reason to refuse.

It was just that the treatment he should be given was a problem.

At this moment, Orimo was already considering if he should try to persuade the royal family to marry one of their Princesses to Viscount Aktor.

Marrying a Princess to Viscount Aktor would be quite beneficial to the royal family.

The most direct benefit was that the royal family would be able to establish a direct relationship with a Second Ring Warlock, and a reliable one at that.

Moreover, this would allow them to obtain Viscount Aktor’s bloodline.

A first-generation Warlock’s bloodline was incredibly precious.

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A Warlock’s power came from their bloodline, and their descendants would inherit their bloodlines, making them naturally quite extraordinary.

Even if they were not as powerful as the first-generation Warlock, it would still be quite good.

From how Chen Heng had performed, it seemed that his descendants would be able to at least inherit half of his bloodline, and they would be able to reach First Ring.

First Ring was already quite decent.

As a representative of the royal family, Orimo had that level of strength.

For most people in this world, First Ring was a level that they would never reach.

Moreover, this was not the limit.

Even though Warlocks’ power came from their bloodline, that was not all.

Warlocks could also use other methods to strengthen themselves—life power and the path of Sorcerers were all quite good.

Moreover, Warlocks and descendants of Warlocks would all have decent talent in other areas as well.

This was an affinity brought naturally by their bloodlines, and others could only just admire them.

Strictly speaking, the royal families of various kingdoms and large noble families all had ancestors with powerful bloodlines.

This was the case for the Malido Kingdom; the Malido royal family were the descendants of the Moonlight Goddess, and they had her bloodline.

As a Duke-level family, the Hatim family also had a Divine Bloodline.

This was the same for the families within the Kalo Kingdom.

The Kalo Kingdom’s royal family also had an extremely powerful and noble bloodline.

However, it was a pity that as time went on, the bloodline had become quite weak, and it had lost much of its power.

Even so, this meant that it was much more likely for the royal family and other noble families to produce geniuses.

This was the power of bloodlines.

A first-generation Warlock’s bloodline was incredibly important to the current royal family, and if they could obtain this Warlock’s bloodline, the royal family would be able to rise up in the following centuries.

If the Hatim family had a Second Ring Warlock like this back then, they would not have gone into decline and been destroyed.

Standing there, Orimo and Mary discussed for a while longer before leaving.

After a few days, they finally left.

“From today onwards, you are a Viscount…”

Within the sparse room, Siriv spoke as he looked at Chen Heng.

The status and territory of a Viscount were not simple at all.

Even within the Kalo Kingdom, they were very valuable.

In previous generations, the Arlan family had worked hard for many generations, finally becoming a Viscount-level family.

On the other hand, Chen Heng had not even done much, and he had only shown his willingness to support the royal family and had obtained these things.

Even though Siriv understood that this was quite normal, he could not help but feel quite complicated.

“Thank you for your help,” Chen Heng said as he smiled, “Without your help, it would not have been so easy for me.”

Indeed, without Siriv working as the middleman, he would not have been able to obtain these things so easily.

Even though a Second Ring Warlock was valuable, as an outsider, he would not have been received so easily without Siriv.

At the very least, without Siriv, if Chen Heng wanted to rely on himself to obtain all of this, it would have taken much longer.

Hearing Chen Heng’s words, Siriv chuckled and said, “You are my little sister’s son; why would I not help you?

“However, now that Sir Orimo and the others have returned, according to tradition, you should also head to Kaki and meet our King. After that, you can head to your own territory.”

Hearing Siriv’s words, Chen Heng nodded.

The Kingdom giving him a title was not that simple. Given that it also concerned giving him territory, he would have to head to the Kalo Kingdom’s capital, Kaki.

The Kalo Kingdom’s King, as well as most of the royal family’s power, was there.

“There are many things for you to take note of after going there,” Siriv thought for a moment before telling him some things to be wary of.

He talked about his past experiences and did not hold anything back.

In response, Chen Heng listened diligently.

He had a lot of experience in this respect, but that did not mean that what Siriv had to say was not of value.

Some things were about things within the Kalo Kingdom, as well as the stances of the various families. This included who were the Arlan family’s friends and who were their rivals; these were things that Chen Heng had to understand clearly.

“That’s right, after heading to Kaki, you might find that you don’t have enough people at your disposal,” Siriv thought for a moment before saying, “How about you take Jenri with you, as well as some others? They are all people from our family, and they are also your relatives; they will be of great help to your development.”

Hearing those words, Chen Heng was not surprised and smiled as he nodded, “That sounds good. Please ask them to prepare and come with us.”

Inwardly, he clearly knew that Siriv’s actions were essentially a kind of investment.

After being established in the Kalo Kingdom for hundreds of years, the Arlan family’s numbers were quite big.

However, the Arlan family only had one Viscount position, and it was limited in the resources that it could provide to its members.

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