Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: 284

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Chapter 284: Chapter 284 – Transaction

Why were they so excited?

Looking at the two people, Herdosiri could not help but frown and felt quite surprised.

For some reason, he felt that these two people came with some kind of ulterior motive.

Otherwise, it was difficult to explain why they were so excited.

This was just an ordinary town, so what was worth these two prestigious Sorcerers personally coming over?

The more he thought about it, the more confused he felt.

However, it was good that he did not have to think about these things himself.

“I’ll leave it to sir…” he thought to himself before leading the way for the two Sorcerers.

Following this, they walked out of the room.

Outside, the paths were quite clean.

The weather was getting cooler, and there were some people busying about on the streets.

From how the two Sorcerers saw it, these people’s appearances were quite unsightly: They were all quite skinny and looked malnourished.

However, this was not surprising at all.

This was the case for most commoners in the world, and especially so within the Kalo Kingdom.

On the way here, they had seen many similar scenes and were not surprised.

However, what did surprise them was how clean this town was—this was quite rare.

At the very least, ordinary rulers would not pay attention to such things.

They had only seen people cleaning the streets in large cities.

This was something worth being surprised about, but for the two Sorcerers, there was not much to it.

They looked at the people hurrying about in curiosity before continuing to follow Herdosiri on.

Soon, they reached a decent-looking courtyard.

After Chen Heng and the others had arrived, this place had been cleaned, and they had moved in.

Putting aside Chen Heng, Herdosiri and the others also lived here; this was a sign of their closeness.

“What a simple place…”

After walking in, Herdosiri did not say anything, but the two Sorcerers could not help but frown.

As Sorcerers, they were also nobles and had good living conditions.

Just in terms of living conditions, they were much better off than this place.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had trustworthy information, they definitely would not believe that a Second Ring Warlock lived here.

Thinking to there, they looked at each other and shook their heads before slowly walking in.

As they walked in, they saw the simple decorations in the room.

They were not extravagant or luxurious and were quite plain.

Within the room, a young man was standing there, holding a brush; he seemed to be thinking about something.

Compared to the others, this young man seemed quite unique.

His looks were quite exquisite, and his figure was quite tall and straight. Just the aura that he was naturally giving off made these two Sorcerers feel quite startled.

A weak but perceptible bloodline aura flowed out from his body, and sensing this, the two Sorcerers’ hearts trembled.

Immediately, their bodies froze, and their pride dissipated.

They knew clearly that this young man was the person they were here for.

Such a terrifying bloodline might, as well as that shocking aura made them feel quite startled.

“Greetings, esteemed Sir Aktor…”

Looking at that figure, the two Sorcerers deeply breathed in and smiled.

The older Sorcerers spoke first and introduced themselves, “I am Marley, a First Ring Sorcerer. This is Ali, my friend.”

The middle-aged Sorcerer was a First Ring Sorcerer, and the young man was an Apprentice.

According to them, they came from Aimu, a Sorcerer City.

In this world, there were many so-called Sorcerer Cities, and most of them were established by Sorcerers.

Of those Sorcerer Cities, Aimu was the one closest to the Kalo Kingdom, and it was quite famous.

In the past, when he was still in the Malido Kingdom, Chen Heng had heard of Aimu City.

His father, Duke Hatim, had sent his previous identity to Aimu before so that he could go and learn magic.

As such, he had some understanding of this city.

Chen Heng slightly nodded and thought for a moment before saying, “I can sense your powerful mental energy, so I know you’re Sorcerers; however, as Sorcerers, why have you come here?”

This was quite a good question.

After all, given how prestigious Sorcerers were, there seemed to be no reason for them to come to a remote place like this.

Unless they were here to research those Beastmen.

“This…” Marley and Ali looked at each other before looking quite awkward and saying, “In actuality, we came here for you, sir…

“We were originally travelling about in the Oro Empire in the south and happened to reach Kalo recently, where we heard about you. As such, we came to visit you, to ask for some help.”

“Help?” Chen Heng paused before asking in surprise, “What do you need help with?”

“We hope to take some things from you,” Marley said before pausing, looking quite awkward, “Some of your blood, or some other bodily fluids..”

As he said this, the atmosphere changed.

Standing by Chen Heng’s side and hearing his words, Herdosiri’s expression changed and became somewhat antagonistic.

In this world, wanting to take someone’s blood was not very polite.

If it was in Chen Heng’s previous world, it would not have been a big deal. However, in this world, all kinds of unique magic skills required certain blood as the primer.

In fact, there were even rumors that some Sorcerers would use their enemies’ blood to torment them.

As such, directly asking for someone’s blood was not very good.

“Of course, it won’t be for free…”

Sensing Herdosiri’s gaze, Marley hurriedly spoke, “We are willing to pay a satisfactory price for your blood.

“Perhaps you don’t know, but as a Warlock, your blood is a very valuable material to us.

“We don’t want to use your blood to do things that are disadvantageous to you; we just want to use it as a material to complete one of my works.”

“Let’s forget about the blood for now,” Chen Heng said as he shook his head, directly refusing.

Even though he had experienced much, selling blood felt quite strange to him.

Moreover, as a Sorcerer, he knew what the value of his blood was.

Chen Heng knew that all special creatures’ blood were very precious.

His blood and other materials could be made into magic items or magic tools, as well as for creating magic scrolls.

For Chen Heng, who had awakened a Divine Bloodline, he was undoubtedly a special creature.

As such, it was understandable that the two Sorcerers would make such a request.

However, Chen Heng also felt wary, just like Herdosiri.

To Sorcerers, when one had the other person’s blood, they could use it as an intermediary to do all kinds of things.

Of course, just using blood to try to kill the other person was not very realistic.

Unless the disparity in strength was too great, it was impossible.

However, this world had gods, the churches they left behind, and all kinds of divine tools.

Divine tools were things that the gods had left behind and contained great power.

Chen Heng was not certain that the blood he sold would not be used by others in conjunction with divine tools to kill him.

It seemed like this would not happen right now, but who knew what would happen in the future?

As such, Chen Heng naturally refused.

“This… alright…”

Hearing Chen Heng’s reply, the two Sorcerers felt quite disappointed.

However, before they could try to persuade Chen Heng, Chen Heng once again spoke.

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“Even though I don’t want to sell my blood, we might be able to negotiate as to some other things.”

“Other things?”

Hearing this, the two Sorcerers stared at Chen Heng, not understanding what he meant.

For these two Sorcerers, apart from Chen Heng, there was not much else they were interested in here.

However, soon, they were stunned.

Chen Heng spoke to Herdosiri, and after a while, a few attendants walked in with some things.

Those were all unique-looking items, which included gemstones and other things.

Moreover, all of them gave off dense magic power auras.

“This is…”

The two people stared at those things before quickly coming to their senses.

“This is a purified gemstone, which can be used as intermediaries to cast magic skills and create magic items!”

“This technique; this is an incredibly ancient magic item! It contains unique techniques that we don’t even know about!”

“And these materials!”

Looking at the things on the table, the two Sorcerers were stunned and cried out.

“Why.. why are they all damaged…”

They could not help but sigh.

Apart from a minority of the items, most of them were damaged.

Looking at those items, the two Sorcerers could not help but sigh, not knowing what to say.

“Sir Aktor… what are these things?”

Marley could not help but look at Chen Heng and ask.

He was quite curious about the origins of these things.

“Some of these things are from the Hatim family’s collection, and others were unexpectedly obtained by me.”

Meeting the two Sorcerers’ gazes, Chen Heng laughed and said, “From how I see it, they’re all quite good.”

“Indeed,” Marley nodded and said, “No matter if it is the purified gemstone or these magic items, they are very precious… This is especially so for those magic items. Even if they are damaged, just the techniques they contain and their sentimental value make them incredibly valuable.”

“It’s a pity…”

Standing by Marley’s side, Ali sighed, “If these things were not damaged, they would be almost priceless.”

Seeing them react like this, Chen Heng thought to himself.

It seemed that he might be able to go back to his old profession.

His expression did not change, and he only gave a calm smile as he said softly, “Since that’s the case, would the two of you like to name a price? All of them are quite precious, and I’m sure you will give a reasonable price.”

Hearing Chen Heng’s words, the two Sorcerers looked at each other and sank into their thoughts.

By now, they did not need to hide anything anymore.

They were indeed quite interested in the things that Chen Heng was offering.

To them, these were all rare treasures, and if this was anywhere else, there would definitely be people competing with them.

Since they had the opportunity to come into contact with these things, they naturally would not want to miss out.

Otherwise, they would never forgive themselves.

“Esteemed Sir Aktor…” Marley thought for a moment before saying, “If possible, I would like to buy these two magic items for 2,000 gold coins each…”

“I will buy a gemstone for 500 gold coins…” Ali also hurriedly said.

After giving their prices, they nervously looked at Chen Heng.

Strictly speaking, the prices they had given were a bit below market value.

However, this was their limit.

Even though Sorcerers were prosperous, they had great expenditures.

Moreover, with the money they had on hand, they could only give such prices.


In response, Chen Heng slightly lowered his head, seeming to be thinking to himself.

Immediately, they could not help but feel even more nervous.

Looking at them like this, Chen Heng inwardly shook his head.

From how Chen Heng saw it, these two Sorcerers were too simple and honest.

Before, he had thought that they would give an extremely low price.

After all, he most likely seemed like he had strength but not the appraisal abilities.

He had never thought that these two Sorcerers would be so honest—even though the prices were a bit low, they were still acceptable.

Chen Heng had already sought out the value of these items.

“Those prices are acceptable,” Chen Heng said as the two Sorcerers nervously looked at him.

He smiled and continued, “But I have conditions.”

“Please tell us.”

Hearing Chen Heng’s words, the two Sorcerers’ hearts relaxed, then tensed up again, afraid that Chen Heng would give them difficult conditions.

However, soon, they were put back at ease.

“You’ve seen what my territory is like,” Chen Heng said as he smiled, “For the next period of time, I will be lacking food and weapons. I hope that you can fulfil this contract partly in gold coins and partly in food.”

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