Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: 286

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Chapter 286: Chapter 286 – Another Simulation

Within Chen Heng’s territory, everything seemed to calm down.

Everyone was incredibly busy daily, getting much done.

The support that Karim and the others had pledged also began to be delivered, filling their storehouses.

For now, there were no problems.

“The simulator’s changes seem to have finally concluded…”

Within a silent room, Chen Heng sensed the changes in his body as he thought to himself.

From when he had first come to this world, his simulator had been transforming, as if it was getting used to this world’s laws.

Because of this, Chen Heng had not used the simulator before, and he had just patiently waited for the changes to finish.

Now, he could sense that the simulator seemed to be stable now, and it would not go through any more changes.

This was undoubtedly a good sign.

Chen Heng could now once again use the simulator’s power to support himself.

Even though he had come to a completely new world, he did not forget what his most important thing was.

“Should I give it a try…”

Sensing the changes in his body, Chen Heng’s expression was calm as he thought to himself.

Since the changes in the simulator had completed, it was time to give things a try.

After coming to a new world, it was likely that many of the functions of his simulator had changed, and he would only know what they were after trying the simulator.

Moreover, it just so happened that he had completed most things that had been keeping him busy.

The goods from Siriv and the others had arrived, while the transaction with Marley and Ali most likely would not be completed for some time.

The town was now at peace, and with Herdosiri and Lamu keeping the order, things were no longer as chaotic.

It seemed that this was time for a new adventure for him.

As such, Chen Heng got up and walked to the side.

He walked out from the room and soon came to an underground room.

The underground room was this place’s most secret place, and Chen Heng had set up a Spirit Formation there. Not only was it extremely well-hidden, but it would also attack any intruders.

Within it, Chen Heng would be incredibly safe.

After walking in, Chen Heng sat down and closed his eyes.

Following this, the light around him disappeared as darkness descended.

Within his body, a powerful origin energy quickly appeared.

Following this, a golden light appeared, covering his body.

The simulator was indeed different to before—Chen Heng could clearly sense this.

In the past, before he entered a world, the simulator would first deduct some Points as an entry ticket.

However, while this still existed now, it seemed to have somewhat changed.

The interface that gave him various choices had disappeared, as had the worlds.

This was the first change.

Chen Heng could tell that the world he entered would be random, at least for now.

Moreover, the amount of Points he would spend also seemed to be random now.

Of course, the amount had to be within his total amount of Points, or else the simulation would not succeed.

Sensing this, Chen Heng looked over at his Points.

Simulation Points: 470.

Most of those Points came from the black crystals from that historical remnant, while the rest had been gradually gathered by Chen Heng over the past period of time.

Even though 400 or so Points was not much, it was enough for an entry ticket.

Sensing those changes, Chen Heng nodded and continued to observe.

Following this, the second change was revealed to him.

Before, it had always just been Chen Heng’s consciousness going to another world, not his body.

Now, after the simulator had transformed, he seemed to be able to send his body as well.

This was a very big change.

In a sense, this meant that the simulator’s functions were even more powerful.

At the very least, Chen Heng could send his body to another world and cultivate in a safe world, and he could then come back after he had reached his peak.

Of course, the risks were also quite high.

Because the world was completely random, even Chen Heng would not know where he would go.

If it was a normal world, it would be fine, but if he went to a world that had long since died, that would be a massive joke.

Perhaps he would just instantly die there.

As such, Chen Heng did not plan on using this option for now until he could guarantee his safety.

That was the second change.

Following this, Chen Heng looked ahead.

“Would you like to begin the simulation?”

The familiar words appeared before his eyes.

Chen Heng did not hesitate and confirmed.

Following this, his Points quickly decreased from 470 to around 100.

Just the entry ticket had cost him 300 or so Points.

Seeing this, Chen Heng’s eyelids twitched, not knowing what to say.

He remembered that in the past, an entry ticket had just been 20 Points.

However, at least this way, he did not need to spend any additional points on choosing his identity’s attributes.

It seemed that because the simulation world had become random, that option had disappeared.

Following this, Chen Heng’s consciousness disappeared.

In a place where no one could see, a golden spirit light flashed from his body and flew out.

A formless light quickly sped out towards a certain place.


Chen Heng could faintly see a new world opening up to him.


An explosion sounded out as his consciousness faded.

Within a hazy world, there were ruined structures standing in the surroundings.

This region looked incredibly old, and all of the surrounding structures had been left desolate for who knew how long.

Large trees grew all over the place, and the city was covered with grasses and weeds.

Nature once again took over the world, and all signs of civilization seemed to have disappeared.

However, in such a desolate world, the civilized world had not truly disappeared and had just been hidden.

In the air, massive satellites circled this enormous planet.

Underground, at a certain location, images were being intermittently played.

“Success!” Looking at those images, everyone felt quite excited.

“It’s been five years!”

Looking at those images, some of them were teary, “After five years, we’ve finally seen the world!”

“It’s still the same as before!”

Right now, in countless rooms underground, innumerable people were standing, looking at the screens excitedly.

They were filled with joy, and some people even began to cry.

“There, over there!”

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Many people recognised their old homes and said, “That was my home in the past; there was also a zoo nearby!”

“I still remember that back then, one square meter of property was worth tens of thousands of dollars; now, it’s all covered with grass!”

“I used to work over there…”

Many people pointed at the screens as they spoke excitedly.

Ever since the catastrophe had begun, it had been 20 years.

According to the government’s official records, this was year 20 Post-Apocalypse (PA).

Twenty years ago, the world had been incredibly prosperous and everyone was looking forward to a bright future.

It was a pity that everything changed in one night.

Something seemed to have put its attention on this world, and countless meteors descended.

At first, these changes had not garnered much attention.

Only a small portion of people noticed this and became wary.

However, things began to greatly change after that.

Terrifying creatures began to come out of the meteors.

They were extremely monstrous creatures and were incredibly powerful. All of them had immense strength that could easily destroy a city.

What was even more terrifying was that after reaching this world, they seemed to quickly adapt and evolve.

The catastrophe happened very quickly.

The mutant creatures appeared and began to attack cities.

At first, the civilized world vigorously resisted, using all of their power to kill those creatures, and they held the upper hand for a while.

It was just that afterwards, everyone was shocked to find that these creatures had an outrageous evolutionary speed.

They were like untiring evolution machines and had unlimited potential.

Every time the humans created a countermeasure, as long as they did not immediately kill the creatures, the creatures would evolve corresponding countermeasures.

In the following years, the powerful countries even used nuclear weapons, wanting to annihilate the creatures, but were still unable to kill them.

These strange creatures could quickly regrow their bodies even if only a small part was left.

Soon, the world was shocked to find that those strange creatures had developed resistance to radiation and even gained powerful abilities from absorbing the radiation.

Under the ferocious attacks from those creatures, humanity began to be beaten back.

In the year 15 PA, various countries over the world created a plan to move underground to hide from the monsters.

By now, it had been five years.

During those five years, there had been no news from above ground.

What had their old homes become like?

Everyone felt great desire to know, and only recently had the governments used new techniques to capture the situation above ground.

This was incredibly important to the whole world.

Not only did this sate their curiosity about the world above ground, but it would also give them information on how far these creatures had progressed.

Everyone who had been alive since the beginning of the catastrophe knew how terrifying those creatures were.

Not only did they have powerful reproductive abilities, but they could also quickly become stronger.

What were they like by now?

Everyone greatly wanted to know—after all, it was important to know the enemy and know oneself.

Under the combined efforts of humanity, they re-established connections to the satellites.

Hazy images appeared on the screens and quickly became clearer.

As everyone watched on, they saw the ruins of their familiar cities.

They could see that the world had greatly changed, but they could still see some traces from before.

“Viewer count is increasing. Number of current viewers: 2.39723 billion…”

On the central stage on a massive screen, numbers appeared.

Looking at those numbers, many people felt quite surprised.

“Almost 2.4 billion…”

This number was not just for show and was a real number.

These numbers represented many terminals.

In other words, even though the number displayed was 2.4 billion, there were far more people than that watching.

After all, there would be families all watching together on the same screen.

After the catastrophe, only around ten billion out of the world’s original 50 billion people remained.

As such, this information signified that of the survivors, at least one in four people were watching the broadcast.

This number was continuously changing and seemed to be gradually rising.

This showed just how interested the survivors were in the outer world, as well as their determination to return above ground.

On many screens underground, various scenes appeared.

“Now, the New United Nations will carry out a joint report. I am your MC, Irene.”

Following this, a woman appeared.

She was quite beautiful and had dazzling gold hair. She looked like she was in her early twenties but spoke incredibly eloquently. Facing the billions of viewers, she did not look nervous at all and confidently spoke.

“As the scenes change, we can see that after five years, the outside world has gone through great changes,” she said as she began to talk.

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