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Chapter 667: 667

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Chapter 667: Unbridled?

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The deeper they went, although it was a shallow mountain area and there was no danger, it also meant that the distance to pick firewood would be longer. As such, everyone would rather go somewhere closer.

However, after the villagers had planted the rapeseed, they had more time on their hands. They had nothing to do and gathered enough firewood at home. There was not much dry wood in the nearby areas. If someone wanted to gather firewood, they would have no choice but to go inside. If they were further away, they could gather dry wood and take it home.

It just so happened that they didn’t have much firewood left. After celebrating Xue Shi’s one-month-old banquet today and harvesting sweet potatoes the next morning, they would probably come to gather firewood in the afternoon.

Since that was the case, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan chose to walk deeper in. Tomorrow, they would come along and pretend that they had seen it by accident.

However, if others came to gather firewood, they would not go further in. They would only stop at a place where they could gather firewood slightly inside, so they naturally would not be discovered.

He saw a slope. The area at the bottom of the slope was quite large, and there was not much grass. Feeling that it was quite suitable, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan went down the slope.

Jiang Yue looked around again and said, “This is it.”

“Okay.” Xue Yan had no objections.

Then, Jiang Yue used her steps to roughly measure the surrounding area of one acre of land. Then, she found the center of the circle and stood there.

She drew a circle on the ground with a twig. This circle was where she would place the yellow soil later.

She tried her best to make all the changes happen at the bottom of the slope and let the slope cover it.

If the change also happened on the slope, it was very likely that others would notice that something was wrong.

“Wait here.” Seeing Xue Yan walk over, Jiang Yue immediately spoke up. Then, she entered the space.

Xue Yan saw Jiang Yue disappear into thin air, and he instantly fell silent.

Jiang Yue was being very unscrupulous in front of him…

In the past, at least she knew how to pretend to…

Thinking up to this point, Xue Yan still could not hold back and looked towards the sky.

Jiang Yue didn’t expect that moving the yellow soil out of the space would have such an effect, so she didn’t prepare much. Coincidentally, Xue Yan was beside her when she reappeared. Xue Yan was already used to her acting strange, so she disappeared in front of Xue Yan and entered the space to choose a few lemon seeds from the high-tech room as well.

She had wanted to choose some other seeds. After all, the yellow soil energy would spread to the surroundings. It would reach about an acre of land. It was best not to let this energy go to waste. However, she did not have anything to plant for the time being, so she let it go.

At most, she could just plant whatever she wanted in the future using this method.

Anyway, there was a lot of yellow soil in the space, and the area of yellow soil would become larger and larger in the future. She did not lack yellow soil.

After coming out of the high-tech room, Jiang Yue walked to the yellow soil again. She held the same yellow soil as yesterday and put it into a small bag. Then, she came out of the space.

Jiang Yue suddenly appeared again, Xue Yan tried his best to keep himself calm the second time she showed up.

Fortunately, his heart was still fine.

Jiang Yue scattered the lemon seeds around the one acre of land. She placed a total of seven lemon seeds separately. Finally, she poured out the yellow soil from the bag and covered the circle.

When the yellow soil turned into ordinary soil, it would become one with the ordinary soil. No one would notice that something was wrong.

Since it could grow without being watered, Jiang Yue naturally did not water it.

However, there were weeds in this area. When tomorrow afternoon came, there would definitely be more weeds growing. There would also be tree seeds falling on the ground. Then, there would naturally be trees that would suddenly appear tomorrow afternoon..

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