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Chapter 624: Gong Yinxiong  

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“Brother Gong!” Xiao Lingyun’s eyes lit up when she saw Gong Yinxiong. She looked particularly excited.

Xiao Lingyu raised her eyebrows. ‘It looks like cousin has feelings for Gong Yinxiong too. She just doesn’t realize it.’ However, Xiao Lingyu didn’t say anything.

Gong Yinxiong looked at the woman who had become more and more beautiful and strong and confident after not seeing her for a year. He doted on her to death. He walked up to Xiao Lingyun, patted her head, and said with a smile, “Girl, I’m back. Did you miss me?”

Everyone, “…”

Xiao Lingyun’s face immediately turned red.

An Xiaohui curiously asked Xiao Xinxin in a low voice, “Xinxin, this man is so handsome! What’s his relationship with sister Lingyun?”

Xiao Xinxin shook her head and said, “I don’t know either. I’ve never seen him before. However, I’ve heard of a very handsome man pursuing sister Lingyun.”

An Xiaohui’s eyes flickered with a gossipy light and whispered, “Could this be him?”

Xiao Lingyun was embarrassed by Gong Yinxiong. She said with mock anger. “Who are you to me? Why would I miss you?”

Gong Yinxiong said seriously, “I will be the father of two babies in the future, and I will also be your husband. Xiao Lingyun, who do you think I am to you?”

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Xiao Lingyun, “…”

Everyone, “…” He is so domineering and handsome!

Xiao Lingyun blushed and said loudly, “What father and husband? I…” never agreed to anything.

“Ahem…” Xiao Lingyu interrupted her and said seriously, “Can you two flirt later? Let’s get down to business now.”

Xiao Lingyun’s face turned even redder, and her ears turned red.

She stomped her feet and said shyly, “Sis, whose side are you on? I’m not flirting with him.”

Xiao Lingyu nodded seriously and said, “Of course not. Then, my good sister, can we talk about business now?”

Xiao Lingyun, “…”

Gong Yinxiong straightened his expression and called out respectfully to Xiao Lingyu, “Sister-in-law!”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and opened her mouth to ask, “Is he okay?”

“Don’t worry, sister-in-law. Boss is fine. Situ Xing said that boss would wake up soon,” Gong Yinxiong said very seriously.

Xiao Lingyun was very surprised when she heard this news. Then, she was excited. She couldn’t help but walk forward and hold Gong Yinxiong’s hand. She asked loudly, “Brother Gong, is what you said true? is brother-in-law really going to wake up soon?”

Gong Yinxiong patted the back of her hand and nodded. “Yes, it’s true.”

Xiao Lingyun immediately let go of Gong Yinxiong and said in front of Xiao Lingyu, unable to hide her excitement, “Sis, did you hear that? Brother Gong said that brother-in-law would wake up soon. This is really good news. I will tell second uncle, second aunt, and grandparents right now. They will definitely be very happy when they hear this.” After saying that, Xiao Lingyun ran away.

Gong Yinxiong looked at her running away, and shook his head in a doting manner. Then, he looked at Xiao Lingyu.

At this moment, Xiao Lingyu’s eyes were red, and she covered her mouth with one hand, unable to hide her excitement.

Gong Yinxiong asked, “Sister-in-law, are you okay?”

Xiao Lingyu came back to her senses and straightened herself. She took a deep breath and said, “I’m fine. I’m fine. Don’t worry! Come, let’s continue to talk about business.”

An Xiaohui, Xiao Xinxin, and Zeng Yaozu were speechless. ‘Sister, aren’t you too calm and collected?’

“Okay!” Gong Yinxiong nodded and said, “I’ll find the relevant government department for the follow-up.”

Xiao Lingyu nodded without thinking and said, “Okay!”

She knew Gong Tianhao’s identity. She also knew Gong Yinxiong’s identity. Gong Yinxiong must have received orders from the old master to appear here.

Therefore, she could rest assured that Gong Yinxiong would handle this matter!

An Xiaohui did not know who Xiao Lingyu’s husband was.

Xiao Xinxin and Zeng Yaozu did not know Xiao Lingyu’s husband’s identity, but they knew that her husband was very rich. After all, they had attended the extravagant and eye-catching wedding. Someone who could create such a grand scene definitely did not lack money.

However, the three of them did not ask for details.


At this moment, the sound of a message notification on An Xiaohui’s phone broke the silence. An Xiaohui took out her phone and looked at it. Then, she quickly ran to her computer.

“CEO Xiao, I know what I want to know has forwarded another post by Xiao Bai is the most adorable.” An Xiaohui had been following Bai Shanshan’s social media. Therefore, An Xiaohui immediately knew what Bai Shanshan was up to.

An Xiaohui was extremely angry when she saw the comments.

“This Bai Shanshan is really too much.” An Xiaohui was so angry that her face turned green when she saw the comment.

Xiao Xinxin, who was beside her, asked, “Xiaohui, what’s wrong?”

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Then, she went over to take a look. In an instant, anger burst out of her eyes. She gnashed her teeth and cursed, “Does this Bai Shanshan have a deep hatred for our sister? How dare she slander my sister like this?”

Then, she rolled up her sleeves and rushed out of the door. It was obvious that she was looking for someone to fight.

Zeng Yaozu immediately pulled Xiao Xinxin back and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to smack that bitch, Bai Shanshan!” Xiao Xinxin roared.

“Do you know where she is?” Zeng Yaozu said helplessly. In the past, Xiao Xinxin was soft and meek. In just two years, she had transformed into a formidable woman. She was even going for a fight!

Zeng Yaozu rubbed his forehead. He loved her unconditionally, but sometimes he had to remind her of certain things.

Xiao Xinxin stopped, but the anger on her face lingered. She said angrily, “Are we going to let that bitch, Bai Shanshan continue to slander Sister Lingyu?”

Zeng Yaozu frowned and asked in confusion, “What did Bai Shanshan post that made you so angry?”

Xiao Xinxin said, “Bai Shanshan said that when Sister Lingyu was working in a big city, she hooked up with a rich boss and then framed her ex-boyfriend, causing his reputation to be ruined. She then… got pregnant with the rich boss and extorted him for money.”

Xiao Lingyu, “…”

Zeng Yaozu, “…”

What nonsense!

“Many netizens bought the story. They are calling Sister Lingyu a slut, a snake, and so on. They even called the child a bastard. It’s too much!” Xiao Xinxin said angrily, “What do these people know? Who gave them the right to curse Sister Lingyu like this? It’s only because they don’t need to take responsibility for their words!”

An Xiaohui didn’t know everything about Xiao Lingyu, but everyone in the village and those who were familiar with her knew.

Gong Yinxiong walked to the computer and took a look. His expression was cold, and his eyes were filled with hostility. Especially when he saw the word “Bastard,” a fierce look flashed across his face.

Did these people really think that they didn’t need to take responsibility for insulting others online?


Xiao Lingyu heard that her son was called a bastard, and anger flashed on her face for the first time. How could these people come after her Xiao Tong?

Gong Yinxiong took out his phone and called someone. He ordered in a commanding tone, “Immediately block the news and all the comments about Taoyuan Village. Then, trace the IP addresses of those who spread rumors. If they have posted more than 100 insulting comments, prepare a lawyer’s letters for them!” Then, Gong Yinxiong comforted Xiao Lingyu, “Sister-in-law, leave these matters to me. You don’t need to worry about this.”

Xiao Lingyu smiled and nodded, “Alright, thank you!”

Actually, if Gong Yinxiong didn’t do this, she would have done the same. She would have asked Qian Yifan to help. However, Qian Yifan’s hacking skills weren’t the best. What if there were some skilled hackers among these netizens? If they traced back Qian Yifan’s identity, it would implicate his father, Qian Guoxin.

However, if Gong Yinxiong had made a move, he wouldn’t have such a worry. Moreover, with Gong Tianhao’s identity, his subordinates would definitely be top-notch.

Gong Yinxiong shook his head and said, “Sister-in-law, you shouldn’t thank us. “You’re our boss’s wife, and you’re everyone’s sister-in-law. It’s our duty to protect you! If we allow you to be bullied, our boss will definitely beat us up when he wakes up!”

“Huh? Is it that serious?” An Xiaohui heard the last sentence and immediately shouted, “CEO Xiao, so you have someone to protect you. That’s great!”

On her first day in Taoyuan Village, Xiao Lingyu had told them that her husband was unconscious from a car accident.

After working in Taoyuan Village for half a year, she learned from the villagers and the Xiao family that not only was Xiao Lingyu’s husband rich and handsome, but he also loved Xiao Lingyu very much.

It was a woman’s happiness to be able to find a husband who loved her more than his own life.

She was a little envious.

Gong Yinxiong silently retreated to do his work.

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