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Chapter 625: Black Screen  

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The news of Green Fresh using drugs to water their vegetables was still trending on the internet. Other than the supermarkets in City Z, all the other stores were closed.

Wang Yuqin has been following the news of this supermarket for the past two days.

She read all the comments with relish. She enjoyed seeing the horrible news on Green Fresh. When she turned on the computer today, she noticed fresh news about the boss behind Green Fresh.

After reading it…

“Tsk tsk. So the boss is a woman. No, she is more like a slut.” Wang Yuqin said with disdain in her eyes, “This woman is really a vicious person. She worked in a big company and seduced the old boss. Then she kicked her ex-boyfriend away and even framed her ex-boyfriend’s family. How can a woman’s heart be so black?”

Wang Yuqin continued scrolling…

“Eh, there’s actually a picture!”

To prove that Xiao Lingyu was a vixen, Bai Shanshan posted the pictures she had secretly taken of Xiao Lingyu online.

They were not concrete evidence, but they painted a suspicious picture. The woman was beautiful. She was also suddenly rich and had a child. The first assumption was that she was someone’s mistress. Plus, who really cared about the truth on the internet?

The netizens typed all sorts of nasty comments. They were anonymous, and they were powerful.

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After seeing Xiao Lingyu’s picture, Wang Yuqin suddenly cursed, “She even looks like a fox. No wonder she could seduce the big boss to give her money and even give birth to an illegitimate child! What a shameless bitch!”

Just as Wang Yuqin was about to continue reading, the computer screen suddenly turned black.

Wang Yuqin kept moving the mouse, flipping through and searching. However, she couldn’t find any news about Taoyuan Village Green Fresh anymore.

Wang Yuqin was full of doubts and immediately called her daughter, “Daughter, I think our computer is broken. What can I do?”

Her daughter was confused. She immediately asked, “Mom, why is my computer broken?”

Wang Yuqin said, “I don’t know why it’s broken. I was just watching the news, and it suddenly went black. When it was restored, I couldn’t see the news anymore. I couldn’t find the news anywhere else.”

Lu Lanlan knew that her old house was going to be rented to Taoyuan Village Green Fresh, so she knew that her mother was reading the news about them. Lu Lanlan asked, “Mom, are you watching the news about Taoyuan Village Green Fresh Company?”

“Yes, yes,” Wang Yuqin replied. “I was watching the news about the supermarket’s female boss, and it suddenly disappeared. Daughter, what’s going on?”

Lu Lanlan said, “Mom, the computer isn’t broken. It’s just that a hacker has blocked the news. Oh, Mom, I have to go to class. Bye-bye!”

“Eh?” Just as Wang Yuqin was about to ask her daughter what a hacker was, Lu Lanlan hung up the phone.

Wang Yuqin thought for a moment before taking out her cell phone and making a call.

She thought that the call would go unanswered like before, but it went through this time.

“Hello, who is this?” A woman’s voice came from the other side.

Wang Yuqin said arrogantly, “I’m Wang Yuqin. I’m looking for your boss.”

Xiao Xinxin frowned and said, “Our boss isn’t here. Ms. Wang, what’s the matter? Tell me, and I can take the message.”

Wang Yuqin disdainfully said, “Alright then. Tell your boss that it’s fine she doesn’t want to rent my place because I’m not willing to rent it to her anymore. A slut who uses her body to get her success in life is just going to taint the reputation of my house.” Without waiting for a reply, she hung up.

Xiao Xinxin, who answered the phone, held the phone with a livid face.

An Xiaohui was dealing with employees’ resignation issues when she saw this. She asked in puzzlement, “Sister Xinxin, What’s wrong?”

Xiao Xinxin took a deep breath to calm down, but she still couldn’t help but say angrily, “That crazy Wang Woman called and said that she won’t rent the house to us.”

“Even if she doesn’t rent the house to us, you don’t have to be so angry, do you?” An Xiaohui said with puzzlement.

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“But she scolded Sister Lingyu on the phone.” Xiao Xinxin held the phone and said angrily, “I’m so angry. What do they know? How can they slander her name like this?”

An Xiaohui was angry too, but she searched online and comforted her, “Sister Xinxin, let’s not be angry. The news about Green Fresh has been taken down.”

Xiao Xinxin’s face immediately showed joy when she heard that. She asked, “Is that so? Let me check.” She typed on her computer. As expected, the news about Green Fresh and Taoyuan Village couldn’t be found at all. She tried to search for Xiao Lingyu’s name. She couldn’t find any information about her either. She tried finding other relevant comments, and they were all blocked.

Xiao Xinxin said happily, “Brother Gong is really amazing. Who did he get this time? They are such good hackers. These people will go crazy!”

The netizens couldn’t post nasty comments on the internet anymore. It was best for them to go crazy over it.

An Xiaohui was really curious. She asked Xiao Xinxin in a low voice, “Sister Xinxin, Big Brother Gong is Boss Xiao’s husband’s subordinate. Who exactly is Boss Xiao’s husband?” She knew that her boss’ husband was very rich, but no one in the village seemed to know his background.

Xiao Xinxin shook her head and said, “I don’t know either. But, Sister Lingyu’s husband is a good man. Did you see the road in the town? He has repaired that road for Taoyuan Village.

“Before that road was repaired, Taoyuan Village was very poor. We couldn’t even afford to eat meat. Usually, we would reserve that for big holidays like the Lunar New Year.

“Many of the village children wore patched clothes to school. Which parents would be willing to let their children wear tattered clothes to school.

“But our village had no choice. We didn’t have money. The money was saved for the younger generation to get married. Where would we get the money to buy new clothes for the children? I heard from the older generation that a piece of clothing was normally used for three generations. They can be sewn and patched repeatedly. That’s our childhood.”

An Xiaohui asked, “But don’t the young people in your village leave the village to work? In that case, they wouldn’t be so poor.”

Xiao Xinxin said, “Yes. Most young people of our village left the village to find work. However, the transportation was inconvenient, and it was hard to send money back from outside. Furthermore, how much money can you earn living in the city? Poverty can’t be changed overnight.”

An Xiaohui said with a smile, “Sister Xinxin, I really can’t imagine how poor the village was in the past. However, I do know how rich the villagers are now.”

Xiao Xinxin nodded. “It’s all thanks to Sister Lingyu. Ever since she came back from City Z, she started to lead our entire village to become rich.” At this point, Xiao Xinxin was a little angry as she said, “However, there are some villagers who are too ungrateful. After what happened recently, instead of coming to comfort Sister Lingyu, they added insult to injury. They actually added to the rumors online. They sure have already forgotten who has saved them from poverty!”

An Xiaohui was startled, and a hint of anger appeared on her face as she said, “How can people be so ungrateful? Who are these people?”

Xiao Xinxin said, “Lai Pigou’s family is one of those people. Sister Lingyu said we’ll deal with them after this storm passes. He’s truly a typical ungrateful wretch.”

An Xiaohui nodded in agreement. “Yes, we’ll deal with them when the time comes!”

She knew that Xiao Lingyu was not a weak person to be bullied.

A person who added insult to injury was not worth supporting!

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