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Chapter 626: Flying a Plane to buy Vegetables!  

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The Kong family was the richest family in City S.

“No, no, I don’t want to eat this.” In a luxurious Villa District, a four or five-year-old boy was sitting at the dining table and throwing a tantrum.

He pointed at the dishes by the five-star chefs. He puffed up his chubby cheeks. “I don’t like them. I don’t want! I don’t want!”

A noble lady in her fifties, who was dressed very exquisitely, held a small bowl and kept coaxing him, “My dear grandson, aren’t these your favorite foods? Tomatoes scrambled eggs, steamed broccoli, and steamed fish? Come, be good. Have a bite?”

The five-year-old boy turned his head away and pouted his lips as he said unwillingly, “No, these dishes are not good. They are terrible. I want to eat the old dishes.”

The noblewoman asked doubtfully, “The old dishes? What do you mean? They are still the same.”

“No,” the boy said vehemently. “The dishes were delicious and sweet in the past. But now, they taste terrible.”

The noblewoman frowned and picked up a slice of egg and tomato with her chopsticks.

As soon as it entered her mouth, she immediately spat it out.

Then, she asked with a very stern expression, “Go and call chef Zhang out for me!”

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“Yes!” After the servant replied, he immediately went to the kitchen. After chef Zhang walked out, he respectfully called out, “Old Madam.”

The noblewoman pointed at the dishes on the table and sternly asked, “What’s going on? Why is the food so terrible? Could it be that your culinary skills have deteriorated? Old Zhang, if that’s the case, you should retire early. I’ll invite another chef.”

Chef Zhang said with a bitter face, “Old madam, you’ve misunderstood. It’s not that my culinary skills have deteriorated, but the ingredients have changed.”

The old madam frowned and asked with confusion, “Old Zhang, what do you mean by this? Haven’t we always been eating the same thing?”

Chef Zhang shook his head and said, “Old Madam, we’ve been purchasing vegetables from Green Fresh Supermarket recently.

“However, an ex-employee there exposed that the vegetables were grown with drugs. It is why they taste so unique and special. The public is very angry when they see the news. They have been protesting at the supermarkets. The supermarket has no choice but to close.”

“There’s actually such a thing?!” The old madam frowned and was somewhat puzzled.

Chef Zhang nodded and said, “Yes. This matter has exploded on the internet. After the supermarket was forced to close, our family has to buy organic vegetables from somewhere else. So…”

The old Madam thought for a moment and asked, “Chef Zhang, do you really think the vegetables are grown with drugs?”

Chef Zhang thought and said, “No. What kind of drugs can make vegetables taste better? Plus, we miss the vegetables because of their taste. We haven’t suffered any withdrawals.” Then, he paused to ask, “Old Madam, I remember you have suffered from migraine because of an accident during childbirth, right?”

Old madam nodded and said, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Then I’ll take the liberty to ask again. Old Madam, do you notice that you haven’t had any migraine recently?” Chef Zhang asked.

Old Madam thought for a moment and said, “Old Zhang, now that you mention it, that’s true.” At this point, she asked in puzzlement, “Old Zhang, why are you asking me this?”

Chef Zhang said, “When that news broke out, it immediately trended. Everyone is calling the boss black-hearted.

“However, there are some comments that said their health became better after taking the vegetables from Green Fresh. If the vegetables were grown with drugs, they wouldn’t have this effect. It was why I wanted to ask Old Madam.” Chef Zhang thought for a moment and said, “Old madam, after I browsed through the news, I found that these vegetables have been tested by an authority in City Z. It was found out that there are certain active molecules in them.

“These active molecules were not only harmless to the body but also beneficial to the body. This matter has been reported in the City Z news media.

“Therefore, I specifically went to look up news on Green Fresh at City Z. Actually, a year and a half ago, someone had already questioned the dangers of the vegetables. The boss immediately asked the relevant authorities to conduct a test. Then, the official announcement was made, and the matter was settled.

“It was how Green Fresh became famous in City Z. Speaking of which, there are now 11 chain supermarkets in the country. All the stores are forced to close but the ones in City Z.”

“I have no idea.” The old madam said with interest, “Ol Zhang, you’ve done such a detailed investigation.”

Chef Zhang said with a smile, “For the sake of the old Madam’s family’s safety, I have to do these things well!”

The old madam immediately reacted and asked, “Ol Zhang, you said that the supermarket in City Z is still open for business?”

Chef Zhang nodded and said, “Yes, old madam. Even though there are people who go to the supermarket to cause trouble, they are coaxed away by the regular customers.

“Then again, Green Fresh’s first supermarket was established at City Z. It has been running for a year and a half already. If the vegetables were harmless, the people of City Z would know. So City Z is unaffected by the online news. The citizens really trust the company there. Therefore, I believe the vegetables are really harmless.”

The old madam nodded and said, “Old Zhang, what you said makes sense. How about this, from now on, you can send people directly to city z to buy vegetables. Don’t we have a helicopter at home? Fly there every day!”

The servant and chef Zhang, “…”

The old madam looked at their expressions and asked with some doubt, “What’s wrong? Is it inconvenient to fly a plane to buy vegetables?”

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Chef Zhang said with a wry smile, “Old Madam, it’s not that. But the problem is that even if we fly a plane to City Z to buy vegetables, we might not be able to buy them!”

“Huh?” The old madam was stunned.

Chef Zhang said, “Old Madam, Green Fresh might look like a normal supermarket, but its business is extremely good. Moreover, the goods in the supermarket are limited. Even if the locals go there to buy vegetables, they have to queue early in the morning. If they go late, there will be no more. Even if we fly there daily…” we might not get what we want.

The old madam waved her hand and said, “Then you can arrange for people to go to City Z to line up for the vegetables at dawn every day. We’ll fly the plane to get the vegetables later.”

Everyone and Chef Zhang, “…” Well, being rich is powerful.

Actually, chef Zhang had said so much to the old madam because he wanted her to help the supermarket.

However, the old Madam was obviously unwilling to intervene.

He didn’t say more than that.

The reason why chef Zhang wanted to help the supermarket was that he sincerely believed that the supermarket was innocent and had been framed.

At the same time, many rich and powerful families had the same problem.

The new dishes were rejected by the children, or elders who acted like children.

When they received the news from their subordinates, they also asked their people to fly to City Z daily to buy the vegetables.

Food was everything! And being rich definitely helped!

Therefore, the combination of the two could always lead to some strange decisions.

However, no big bosses were willing to help Green Fresh. The supermarket was now in the middle of the storm. They’d be sucked in if they offered to help. It was not worth it!


The next morning, the citizens of City z looked up at the sky.

Helicopters flew over their heads one after another.

“Strange, why are there so many helicopters flying this morning?”

“Yes, there are so many helicopters. I hope they won’t collide. That would be scary.”

“Have you noticed that there are more people coming to buy groceries today than before?”

“Actually, now that you mention it, yes!”

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