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Chapter 468: Gong Tianhao’s Attack

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Chapter 468 Gong Tianhao’s Attack

“What did you say?” Qin Junfeng thought he heard wrong when he heard his subordinate’s report. “Say that again?”

His subordinate reported, “Young Master, we received news about the Miss’ photos. They said… Young Master Gong is behind it.” “Gong Tianhao?” Qin Junfeng frowned and was full of doubt.

In the capital, there was only one Young Master Gong and that was Gong Tianhao. However, this confused Qin Junfeng. Why would he come after his sister?

“Is the information we received accurate?” Qin Junfeng asked with his brows furrowed.

His subordinate reported truthfully, “Young Master, it was someone close to Young Master Gong who delivered the news!” At this point, the subordinate paused and said, “Eldest young master, why don’t you confirm it with Young Master Gong?”

After all, if Gong Tianhao was really the one behind the attack on Qin Yan, there was nothing they could do about it.

Qin Junfeng rubbed his forehead and said, “Okay, I got it. You can leave.”

After the subordinate left, Qin Junfeng took out his phone and made a call.

Gong Tianhao and the Xiao family were discussing the wedding. When he heard the phone ring and saw the caller ID, he walked out.

“Young Master Gong, I’m Qin Junfeng!” Qin Junfeng introduced himself.

“Yes!” Gong Tianhao replied calmly. Then, he didn’t say anything and waited for the other party to speak.

Qin Junfeng asked directly, “Young Master Gong, I’ve received news that you’ve arranged for my sister’s downfall?”

Gong Tianhao admitted directly, “That’s right!”

“Why?” Qin Junfeng frowned and asked with confusion, “Did my Yan ‘Er offend You?”

Logically speaking, even if his sister had offended Gong Tianhao, Gong Tianhao didn’t seem like such a low-class person to use such a method to deal with a girl.

Gong Tianhao didn’t answer him but said directly, “Young Master Qin, if you want to know why, go and ask your good sister. This time, I only gave her a small lesson to give face to the Qin Family. If there’s a next time, it’ll be much worse.” He didn’t wait for Qin Junfeng’s reaction and hung up.

Qin Junfeng had a cold expression on his face, and his brows were tightly knitted together. The culprit was really Gong Tianhao!

Qin Junfeng’s emotions were extremely complicated. He was very sure that his sister was hiding something.

After thinking for a moment, he went to look for his sister and planned to ask her about it. He arrived at Qin Yan’s room, and Madam Qin was still there.

Qin Yan’s emotions fluctuated a lot that day. Madam Qin was also very worried, so she had been accompanying her daughter.

Once she saw her son, Madam Qin asked, “Feng ‘Er, how is it? Have you taken down those photos? After that, you need to get the Public Relations to dispel the rumors and restore Yan ‘Er’s reputation.”

Qin Yan’s accident had tarnished not only Qin Yan’s reputation but also the Qin family’s reputation. Previously, after Qin Yan’s Angel persona was exposed, her reputation plummeted, and the Qin Family’s reputation too. As the family head, Qin Xingbao was so angry that he flew into a rage. He even served the family law on his beloved daughter.

It was clear that to Qin Xingbao, the family’s reputation was much more important than his daughter’s reputation.

With this big scandal, Qin Xingbao would have killed Qin Yan if Qin Junfeng hadn’t intercepted the message. However, Qin Xingbao would find out sooner or later. Therefore, they needed to deal with this before Qin Xingbao found out.

Madam Qin cared a lot about her daughter, so she was very anxious.

Qin Junfeng glanced at Madam Qin, then his sharp eyes looked at Qin Yan and asked, “Little Sister, did you hide anything from brother?”

Qin Yan was shocked and looked at her brother with confusion. She asked, “Brother, what do you mean?”

Qin Junfeng didn’t answer her, but his eyes became sharper.

Madam Qin saw this, and her heart skipped a beat. She asked tentatively, “Feng ‘Er, what do you mean? Haven’t you taken down the photos and news?”

Qin Junfeng nodded. “That’s right. Even if I use all the power of the Qin Family, I can’t take them down.”

Madam Qin was shocked and said in disbelief, “How is this possible? Is the Bastard Leng so powerful? What is his background?”

Qin Junfeng shook his head and said, “Mom, I don’t know about that man, but I do know that Gong Tianhao’s background is very powerful!”


Upon hearing Gong Tianhao’s name, Madam Qin and her daughter widened their eyes in disbelief, especially Qin Yan.

“No, this is impossible. This is impossible. Tianhao, he… he wouldn’t treat me like this.” Qin Yan broke down and burst into tears again. Then, she pulled on Qin Junfeng’s sleeve and said, “Brother, you must be mistaken. How could it be Tianhao? I grew up with him since we were young. He wouldn’t treat me so cruelly and mercilessly.”

Madam Qin calmed down after the initial shock.

“Feng ‘Er, is the news confirmed?” Madam Qin asked anxiously. Earlier, she was still thinking about how to get Yan ‘Er married to Gong Tianhao. However, Gong Tianhao had stabbed a knife into her daughter’s back. This was very bad.

Qin Junfeng nodded and said, “Mom, I have already confirmed this with Gong Tianhao. He has admitted it himself.”

When Madam Qin heard this, she staggered back in dizziness. She said in disbelief, “How? Why?”

If the culprit was someone else other than Gong Tianhao, the Qin Family would bully them easily.

Qin Junfeng pursed his lips tightly, and his sharp gaze swept towards Qin Yan. His heart became even more complicated.

He was very sure and certain that his sister must have done something to anger Gong Tianhao. It was why Gong Tianhao had done this.

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Qin Junfeng was also angry. Gong Tianhao had gone too far. How could he not give face to the Qin Family at all? Did he think that the Qin Family was so easily bullied?

Madam Qin came back to her senses and asked again, “Feng ‘Er, what’s going on? Why would gong Tianhao do such a despicable thing and suddenly target our Yan ‘Er?”

Qin Junfeng’s expression was very serious as he said, “Mom, Gong Tianhao told me that I have to ask my sister about this.”

Upon hearing this, not only Qin Yan but even Madam Qin’s face also turned pale.

She immediately understood what Gong Tianhao meant. At the same time, she also thought of Jiang Tao’s words. ‘If Qin Yan didn’t answer this, I won’t be able to answer Tianhao. Then, he’ll have to make a move.’

At that time, they didn’t think this would really happen. She didn’t expect that slut to be so important to Gong Tianhao that he’d offend the Qin Family to take revenge on Yan ‘Er.

When Madam Qin thought of this, she gritted her teeth and said, “Gong Tianhao has gone too far. Does he treat Yan ‘Er like this for that slut that comes out of nowhere? Does he still respect the Qin Family? Does he think he can get away with this?”

Qin Yan kept shaking her head and crying. She was not willing to accept the truth.

She liked Gong Tianhao so much and loved him so much. How could he treat her like this?

He came to destroy her reputation. How could he be so ruthless?

No, her Tianhao would not treat her like this. It must be that woman’s fault.

Yes, it must be her fault.

If that woman hadn’t appeared, Gong Tianhao would have definitely liked her, fallen in love with her, and married her. Then, he wouldn’t treat her like this.

It was that woman who had stolen everything from her.

Everything was that woman’s fault.

At this moment, Qin Yan forced all her hatred onto that woman she had never seen before.

Qin Yan sat on the bed and hugged her mother’s waist, “Mom, Tianhao wouldn’t do this to me. It must be that woman. It must be that woman who instigated him to do this. I hate that woman. Mom, you must help me!”

Qin Junfeng, who was standing at the side, frowned when he heard his sister’s words.

“Woman? What woman?” Qin Junfeng asked sternly. His instincts told him that the reason Gong Tianhao had done all these had to do with this woman.

Qin Yan did not seem to hear her brother’s question. Instead, she continued to cry, “I like Tianhao so much. How can he like another woman? What’s so good about that woman? How am I inferior to her?”

Madam Qin immediately comforted her daughter. “Yan ‘Er, you are the best woman in the world. No one can compare to you.

“Gong Tianhao, that bastard, must be blind for not liking you. Yan ‘Er, don’t cry. Mommy will help you.”

At this moment, Qin Junfeng understood, and a look of disbelief flashed across his eyes. He asked, “Little Sister, do you like Gong Tianhao?”

This news was too unexpected for him. His sister liked Gong Tianhao and his sister found out about the other woman Gong Tianhao really liked. After that, his sister must have done something to that woman and that angered Gong Tianhao.

That was why Gong Tianhao did this to this sister.

At the same time, this lesson was also a stark warning to the Qin family.

Qin Junfeng’s face darkened, and he said in an unusually serious tone, “Qin Yan, you have to explain everything clearly for us to save you. Otherwise, the entire Qin family will be dragged down by you.”

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