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Chapter 646: 646

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On the other hand, little bell was very happy.

It was time for her brother to save the damsel in distress.

If her brother saved sister Yun at a critical moment and joined forces with her to destroy the soaring cloud sect, their relationship would definitely improve.

Women were all emotional people.

The more little bell thought about it, the more she felt that the future would be wonderful.

At this moment, there was a commotion in the square, and someone exclaimed.

“The sect master is here.”

The crowd quickly looked up and saw a purple muslin palanquin floating out of the main peak. It was unspeakably high-profile and gorgeous.

Everyone in the square knelt down to welcome him.””We pay our respects to the sect leader,”

It was a sea of black.

In the crowd, Yun Qianyu had no choice but to squat down because if she didn ‘t, her identity would be exposed.

However, he was extremely disdainful of Lingyun sect’s sect leader’s high profile.

Isn’t she just a sect leader? even though she has some abilities, she acts like a queen. Who Do You Think You Are?

Today, you touched my foster father, I will not let Lingyun sect off.

Yun Qianyu’s eyes were cold as she stared at ye qiuling, who was slowly descending from the sky.

After ye qiuling descended from the sky, he said arrogantly,””You may rise.”

“Thank you, sect master.”

After the people around him thanked him, they stood up.

Among the crowd, ye Ziyan had already run to ye qiuling and acted coquettishly,””Mother, you’ve come.”

“Yes,” ye qiuling nodded her head indifferently. She did not take the initiative to be overly intimate with ye Ziyan.

At this moment, the first Peak’s Peak Master, mu lengxi, quickly stepped forward and said,””Sect master, should we burn this person to death now?”

Ye qiuling raised her eyes and looked at her surroundings. Her eyes were filled with unfathomability. She waved her delicate hand.”Set fire.”

When the first peak Master, mu lengxi, received the order, she immediately ordered the disciples under her,””Set fire, burn this old man to death.”

Hearing this, Xiao Lingfeng spat.””Do you think you’re still 18? you’re also old and can’t die.”

The moment Xiao Lingfeng said this, ye qiuling and mu lengxi’s expressions changed.

They hated it the most when people talked about their age.

Xiao Lingfeng’s words had touched their bottom line, so the two women shouted at the same time with ugly expressions,””Burn him to death.”

Soon, a disciple rushed over and started to set the fire.

In the crowd, Yun Qianyu couldn’t stand it anymore. She quickly looked at Ye Jia and little bell, who nodded quickly.

Yun Qianyu’s figure moved and stood out from the crowd. Leaping into the air, she coldly shouted at the Lingyun sect’s sect master ye qiuling,””Stop.”

Lingyun sect’s sect master didn’t say anything, but ye Ziyan did.

“Great, Yun Qianyu, it’s really you. It turns out that the battle between the first peak and the fifth peak was really your doing.”

“You’re really bold, daring to enter my Lingyun sect alone. This time, I’ll make sure you die without a burial ground. ”

When ye Ziyan saw Yun Qianyu, she thought of her own face. She had been injured before, and then Xiao Jiuyuan had used his spirit energy to blow up the little ball, causing her face to be disfigured.

For ye Ziyan, who loved beauty as much as her life, this was simply killing her.

Therefore, at this moment, ye Ziyan couldn’t help but hate Yun Qianyu.

Her eyes turned red when she saw her.

Yun Qianyu raised her hand and took off the ***** on her face, returning to her original appearance.

At this moment, she was indescribably beautiful and lively. Many people in the Lingyun sect were stunned. This woman was really beautiful and bold. She actually dared to come to the Lingyun sect alone.

Yun Qianyu retracted her hand and landed on the square.

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