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Chapter 648: 648

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Yun Qianyu continued to bombard him with green energy.

Her sudden attack caught the others off guard and she actually succeeded. Many people were injured by her spiritual power.

She took the opportunity to take out the poison pills from the Phoenix ring, and then bombarded them all.

As soon as the poison pill was thrown out, the poison gas spread out.

Lingyun sect’s sect master, ye qiuling, immediately knew that this was a poisonous pill. His face became uglier and uglier as he shouted,””All disciples, retreat and hold your breath. There’s poison in the air.”

The scene was extremely chaotic.

The shadow, Ye Jia, and the others rushed straight for old Prince Xiao.

Then, one on the left and one on the right, they pulled old Prince Xiao and ran to the side of the mountain peak in a flash.

They couldn’t care about anything else and only wanted to carry out Yun Qianyu’s words and save old Prince Xiao.

Old Prince Xiao couldn’t help but cry out anxiously,”Where’s Yun ‘er? we can’t leave.”

Ye Jia quickly said,”old Prince, don’t worry about feather. She’ll be fine. The demon Lord of the specter Palace, Feng Wuya, is also here. He won’t let anyone capture cousin.”

Xiao Lingfeng finally stopped struggling and followed the shadow and Ye Jia to break out of the siege.

The attention of the people in Lingyun sect was not on them, so they managed to escape.

However, little bell, who was behind the shadow and Ye Jia, couldn’t help but worry about Yun Qianyu.

She quickly turned around and saw that hundreds of people from the Lingyun sect had surrounded Yun Qianyu, while she was fighting alone.

Little bell was sad to see this.

At this moment, a huge black Tower suddenly fell from the sky and attacked Yun Qianyu.

Seeing this scene, little Bell’s face changed. She jumped up and went straight to Yun Qianyu’s side.

At the same time, she anxiously shouted,””Big sister Yun, be careful.”

The black demon tower rumbled and fell on Yun Qianyu’s head.

When the black demonic tower covered her, she only felt that there seemed to be a huge suction force in the tower that sucked her whole body in.

Yun Qianyu’s face suddenly changed. Seeing little bell coming over, she quickly shouted,””Let’s go. ”

Unfortunately, little bell didn’t leave. She firmly thought that even if she couldn’t save sister Yun, she would still accompany her and not let her fight alone.

At this time, a Red Cloud shot over like lightning. Raising his hand, a purple spirit slammed into the black Tower. The Black Tower trembled, but it bought some time for the man. In the blink of an eye, he jumped to Yun Qianyu’s side and reached out to pull Yun Qianyu out.

At this moment, little bell jumped over, and she was also sucked into the black Tower.

The two of them were sucked into the black Tower at the same time.

The red Cloud that had shot over earlier was Feng Wuya, dressed in red.

Seeing Yun Qianyu being sucked into the black Tower, Feng Wuya subconsciously wanted to save her.

However, he didn’t expect his sister to rush over at this critical moment.

In that instant, he subconsciously extended his finger towards his little sister, while his other hand struck out towards the Black Tower with a loud bang. The might of the purple spirit was extremely powerful, and the Black Tower’s suction force weakened sharply after being attacked by the purple spirit.

Feng Wuya saved little bell without saying anything.

On the other side, Yun Qianyu was shocked by the collision of the purple spirit and the Black Tower. Her body was knocked away by the two forces and flew straight into the black Tower.

Feng Wuya’s palm strike sped up the speed at which she was bound by the Black Tower.

Yun Qianyu, who was trapped by the Black Tower, looked back at Feng Wuya.

There was no blame in that glance, only indifference.

Although she didn’t blame Feng Wuya, she didn’t care.

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