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Chapter 649: 649

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Not only did Yun Qianyu feel uncomfortable, but Xiao Lingfeng and Ye Jia, who had fled far away, also felt uncomfortable.

Ye Jia was extremely disappointed in Feng Wu Ya.

This person was no longer worthy of feather, no longer worthy of pursuing her.

Although he did save little bell, he was disappointed.

All of them had placed their hopes on him, but they did not expect him to give up feather at the most critical moment.

Xiao Lingfeng could not help but curse.”This damned bastard! If he ever stays in my an Prince’s residence again, I’ll definitely break his legs.”

Ye Jia was very sad because she knew that feather must be feeling the same.

After all, she also had high hopes for Feng Wuya.

Actually, if Feng Wuya had saved feather, they would have been able to save little bell if they had joined forces.

However, Feng Wuya’s first instinct was that he was afraid that the Black Tower would hurt little bell, so he saved little bell.

Not to mention the hatred Xiao Lingfeng and Ye Jia had for Feng Wuya, just Feng Wuya alone.

At this moment, he was going crazy and extremely regretful.

Feng Wuya wished he could chop off his own hand. Why didn’t he save feather first? when he thought of feather’s last look of indifference, Feng Wuya felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Why? why did it turn out like this?

Feng Wuya was so mad that he wanted to kill someone. Seeing Yun Qianyu being sucked into the black Tower, little bell anxiously shouted,””Big brother, quickly save big sister Yun.”

Feng Wuya quickly looked over and saw that the Black Tower had already descended from the sky and was about to cover the feather.

Earlier, he had collided with the Black Tower’s suction force, and knew that the suction force was extremely powerful. It was impossible for him to save her now.

However, even if he couldn’t save her, he could enter the Black Tower with her.

As Feng Wuya thought about this, he jumped up and was about to enter the Black Tower.

In short, he couldn’t completely abandon her and let her be covered by the Black Tower.

However, Feng Wuya didn’t even have the time to move.

On the edge of the sky, a black figure floated in like a whirlwind. Almost without thinking, he jumped into the black demon tower, quickly reached out and took Yun Qianyu’s hand.

Feather, don’t worry. I’m here to accompany you.”

Yun Qianyu quickly looked up and saw that it was Xiao Jiuyuan in a black brocade robe. Xiao Jiuyuan’s handsome face was a little messy. At a glance, Yun Qianyu could tell that he had traveled day and night to get here.

She hadn’t expected that at the last moment, he would rush out and be suppressed by the Black Tower with her without hesitation.

Yun Qianyu’s heart suddenly felt warm. She thought of the dream she had before.

When she was young, it was also a youth like him who had stepped forward to save her when her predecessor needed him the most.

Now, he had stepped forward when he needed it the most.

Even if he didn’t know what the black demonic tower was, he still rushed in without hesitation.

Yun Qianyu’s heart softened, but when she looked up at Xiao Jiuyuan, she was worried.

“Are you stupid? if you rush in like this, you might lose your life.”

“Even if I have to die, I won’t let you die alone,” Xiao Jiuyuan said with a wild smile.

As soon as Xiao Jiuyuan’s words fell, the Black Tower covered the two of them with a loud bang.

At the last moment, Xiao Jiuyuan suddenly reached out and grabbed Yun Qianyu’s hand. He then said gently,””Don’t be afraid, I’m here. ”

Such words were like a warm current flowing into Yun Qianyu’s heart.

She held Xiao Jiuyuan’s hand tightly.

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