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Chapter 1464

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Su Yi naturally knew that the old tailor was not stupid.

But after integrating the sixth world Taoism, his experience and vision are already different from before!

After all, judging from the height of Wang Ye's Immortal Dao peak, not to mention the tailors in front of him, even those immortal Dao bigwigs, are nothing.

Therefore, facing the tailor's question, Su Yi was too lazy to explain.

He said directly: "Since you are doing things for the gods, why have you never revealed my identity in the past years?"

A long time ago, the tailor knew that Shen Mu was not dead.

And in the depths of the starry sky, it has been speculated that the spectator is the reincarnation of Shen Mu.

But after such a long time, the god behind the tailor has not appeared, which is undoubtedly abnormal.

The tailor said: "When the gods act, they must also follow the order and rules, and cannot interfere with the affairs of the world. Therefore, I need a god like me to do things for them. The most important thing is..."

Speaking of this, the tailor's eyes became subtle and said, "Not all gods want to destroy Samsara."

Su Yi raised his brows slightly and said, "Does the god behind you want to take charge of reincarnation?"

The tailor did not deny it, but said, "Lord, if you are willing to stop here, I can introduce you to the god behind you, and make you an ambassador of God!"

After a pause, he glanced at everyone present and said, "On the contrary, if you don't insist on killing me, then... today you and I are bound to perish together!"

With that said, the tailor's right palm spread out, and a sealed black talisman appeared.

"In this talisman, there is a power of order of the gods!"

There was a frown on the tailor's brows, and he said word by word, "I can guarantee that it is impossible for you to resist this blow."

Wu Meng and others all looked over.

When their eyes touched the black talisman, these old monsters who had set foot on the Immortal Dao felt a deadly threatening aura, and their faces quietly became solemn.

"Your Honor, this guy doesn't seem to be lying."

Wu Meng spoke in a low voice.

The tailor couldn't help laughing and said, "I never joke about my life."

He looked at Su Yi, "Of course, you can also choose to stop here, let's just leave, the well water will not make the river water."


The human sword appeared in Su Yi's palm.

The tailor's face changed suddenly, and he frowned: "Master, what are you trying to do?"

Su Yi said indifferently: "Don't blame me for not giving you a chance, now you can use that talisman."

The tailor's face was ugly, and he said, "You must be willing to burn all the jade and stones?"

Su Yi laughed and said, "No, I'm letting you see that the so-called power of gods is not omnipotent."

Saying that, he slashed with a sword without hesitation.

The sword energy is bright, tearing apart the sky.

The tailor was so angry that his teeth were about to break, and he couldn't care about anything else, and roared: "Then die together!"

As soon as the voice sounded, in his palm, the black talisman burst into flames.


The world suddenly darkened, like falling into an eternal night.

A terrifying and unimaginable fluctuation of rule power emerged from the burning black talisman.

It was pitch black as ink, sketching an almost illusory figure.

It was actually a woman, wearing a jade crown on her head, wearing a robe as dark as a night, holding a black treasure bottle in her right hand.

Countless black divine flame laws, intertwined behind her, turned into a big black sun!

Her appearance is extremely vague and illusory, and her figure is extremely ethereal, but the aura on her body is terrifying to the point of incomprehension.

The void of the ten directions shattered, and the world seemed to be plunged into the deepest darkness.


Wu Meng, Bai Tuo and the others all shuddered and shuddered.

As beings who have set foot in the Immortal Dao, facing the phantom of the woman at this moment, they couldn't restrain the helpless feeling of being as tiny as an ant in their hearts!


The sword qi that Su Yi cut out was still in the middle of the journey, and it suddenly collapsed.

At this time, the tailor's energy seemed to be completely drained!

The whole person suddenly became extremely old, and the skin all over his body was dull and there were countless traces of cracks.

Undoubtedly, urging that black talisman to make him pay a very heavy price!

But he didn't pay any attention to it, he squatted on the ground directly, and said with a pious expression: "The servant knocks on the Anji Divine Venerable, and asks the Divine Venerable to take action and kill everyone here!"


The tailor's voice was still echoing, and Su Yi had already made his move.

He jumped into the sky, the human sword in his hand set off an obscure and dark reincarnation world, and the breath of the Nine Prisons Sword roared.

Wu Meng, Bai Tuo and the others gasped and respected him...

The tailor was also stunned and his eyes widened.

How can this guy be so arrogant! ?

That is an orderly force of the gods, enough to make the heavens tremble and make the immortals despair!


Suddenly, a low and cold voice came from the mouth of that illusory woman.


Behind her, the black sun intertwined by the law of divine flame rose into the sky, and suppressed Su Yi, who came violently.

At that moment, the terrifying divine power swept through, and the world seemed to be crushed.

Wumeng, Bai Tuo and the others were dead, their hearts hanging in their throats.

But at this moment, with Su Yi's sword slashing, he directly split the black sun.

While the terrifying black divine flame law was raging, Su Yi's figure remained unabated, and flashed across the sky.


As the sword edge passed by, that illusory female figure suddenly split into pieces, turning into a sky full of light and rain.

Heaven and earth collapsed, and all ten directions trembled.

The aura that belongs to the gods is still permeating the void, but there is already a deadly atmosphere in the field.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

A sword, splitting the sun, slaughtering the gods!

The domineering scene of destroying the dead made everyone feel stunned.

A power of order left by the gods was slaughtered like this?

"No, it's impossible... God... how could it be defeated by a monk in the world?"

The tailor cried out.

He was crawling on the ground, aged like a dragon, with cracked skin all over his body, and he paid a very heavy price to release the power of the gods hidden in the black talisman.

But he never expected that with just one blow, the power of the god would be defeated! !

All this caused the tailor to collapse directly, completely dumbfounded.


Su Yi put away the human sword, looked down at the tailor, and said, "Do you know why Samsara is not tolerated by the gods? Because they are afraid!"


The tailor's eyes were blank, "God... is also afraid?"

Su Yi smiled and said: "The so-called gods may be high above the sky, or they may be above the heavens, but they are nothing more than contenders on the road. They are not eternal, and they are not fearless. Otherwise, why would they formulate The contract of the gods, killing reincarnation?"

A word that reverberates between heaven and earth.

Looking at Su Yi's tall figure, Wu Meng, Bai Tuo and others were all shocked, their eyes gradually became frenzied, and their expressions were filled with awe.

This is the honor!

Perhaps his current cultivation base is far less powerful than it was at the time.

But he dares to despise the gods in the sky, and kill a god's order power at this moment!

"Not to mention, not long ago, I had already seen the power of gods, and naturally I knew exactly what their roles were."

Su Yi whispered.

Not long ago, on the long river of that time, he had fought against the divine envoy named "Mizhen". The funny thing is that Mizhen didn't dare to fight him in person before using the power of the Burning Lamp Buddha in the past!

The reason lies in reincarnation!

In comparison, the power of order that the tailors called "Dark Silent God" is far less powerful than the power of order of the Burning Lamp Buddha in the past.

This is also understandable.

A tailor may claim to be a divine envoy, but at best he is nothing more than a divine slave walking in the world.

The power that he can use belonging to the "Dark Silent God Venerable" is destined to be limited!

" have really seen the gods..."

The tailor's voice was hoarse, "It's a shame that I have worked for the God of Darkness all my life, but I have never seen her real body..."

The voice is full of loss, disappointment and bitterness.

Afterwards, the tailor raised his head with difficulty and looked at Su Yi, with an almost mad smile on his face, while breathing heavily, he said:

"Before I was about to die, I suddenly thought that if one day you can kill all the gods above, it must be... it must be very interesting!"

After all, his body quietly collapsed into countless ashes.

Before, the tailor used his life to urge the black talisman, but now as the vitality of the whole body has completely disappeared, after all, it can't hold it anymore, and it's gone.

"It's really interesting, but unfortunately, you can't see it."

Su Yi took out the jug and dumped all the wine in the jug on the ground, "Let's go."

He fought with the tailor for a long time, and he never looked down on this old yin who only dared to hide in the dark.

But no matter what, it is undeniable that when the spectator was at its peak, he failed to kill the tailor.

This is a deceitful and despicable opponent.

Also someone who used to be worthy of a duel.

Now that the tailor finally died, Su Yi couldn't help feeling a lot in his heart.

There are enemies all over the world, so you will not be lonely.

How can one not feel emotional when the enemy passes away.

Of course, it's just emotion.

Even if he came over again, Su Yi would kill the tailor without hesitation.

"Look at your honor."

Wu Meng stepped forward and picked up a palm-sized black statue from the place where the tailor died.

The god is like a woman, walking on a long river, wearing a long night-like robe, holding a treasure bottle in one hand, and a round black god ring emerges from the back.

Like a black sun guard.

But the face of the god statue was blank.

But Su Yi could see at a glance that the appearance of this god statue was exactly the same as the illusory woman who had appeared just now.

That is, the "Dark Silent God Venerable" in the tailor's mouth!

Wu Meng stretched out his hand to hand over the statue, but he hummed in his mouth, the whole person was stunned, and his expression became dazed.

In the palm of his hand, the statue radiated the luster of eternal night, strange and mysterious.

Su Yi frowned slightly and snatched the statue with his hands.

Wu Meng's body suddenly felt agitated, as if he had just woken up from a dream, and then a look of horror appeared on his face.

When he saw that Su Yi had taken the statue, he immediately shouted, "Lord, be careful!"

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