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Chapter 1621

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The atmosphere in the hall was dull.

People's expressions are a little subtle.

The eldest son Xue Wenjun said displeasedly: "Fourth brother, today is the father's birthday banquet. No matter whether your birthday gift is precious or not, as long as you pay attention, your father will be very happy when you think about it. Come and take it out!"

Many people nodded.

The second son, Xuewen Pu, smiled and said, "Fourth brother, don't make everyone wait for a long time, otherwise, it doesn't matter if we delay my waiting time, but it would be disrespectful to delay my father's birthday banquet!"

Xue Hongfeng's expression turned bright for a while.

In the end, he sighed inwardly and took out the gift he had prepared from his sleeve robe.

It was a holy-level elixir, and although it was also very precious, it was far from the birthday gift given by his three brothers.

When seeing such a birthday gift, there was a burst of laughter in the field.

"Sure enough, I shouldn't have had expectations."

The elder shook his head for a while.

The third son Xue Wenshan even sighed: "This is the birthday gift that you have been hiding and dare not show to the public? Fourth brother, you really disappointed me."

Xue Wenjun and Xue Wenpu couldn't help showing a sneer, this Xue Hongfeng is really useless!

The laughter and eyes in the hall were like blades stabbed into Xue Hongfeng's heart.

He raised his head sharply, looked at his father, and said, "Father, in fact, the child has returned this time."

Before he could finish speaking, Xue Changtian waved his hand to interrupt, and said indifferently: "Sit down, I probably already know what you mean."

Xue Hongfeng was stunned, a feeling of bitterness and loss could not be restrained pouring into her heart.

From childhood to adulthood, my father has always been partial to those older brothers, but when he treats himself, he has always been indifferent.


Just because he is a concubine?

Is your mother a lowly concubine?

You are already a real fairy!

Even if he can't compare to those elder brothers, even if he can't compare to his younger sister, why can't he return a little attention?

Xue Hongfeng sat back in her seat silently, feeling sad in her heart.

He thought that he was used to being treated like this, but when he experienced this kind of neglect again, it still made him feel uneasy!

No one pays attention to Xue Hongfeng.

Naturally, it is impossible to understand the pain and suffocation in this son's heart.

Xue Changtian asked, "Where's Wenning girl?"

Everyone was startled.

Xue Wenning is the youngest daughter of Xue Changtian, and she is most spoiled by Xue Changtian.

But now, Xue Wenning is not in the hall.

At this moment, a crisp and cheerful voice sounded:

"Father forgive me, I went to greet Master before!"

While speaking, one old and one young entered the hall.

The girl has beautiful eyebrows, a dignified manner, and a slim appearance. It is Xue Changtian's youngest daughter, Xue Wenning.

The old man beside her was dressed in a blue robe and a jade crown, elegant and gentle, with a graceful temperament.

When he saw the blue-robed old man, Xue Changtian, who had been sitting steadily on the central main seat, stood up and said with surprise: "Brother Xie Yun is here, and if you miss it, I hope you can look forward to Haihan!"

All of a sudden, the big people present couldn't sit still, and they all stood up to greet each other, all of them seemed shocked, and looked at the blue-robed old man with respect.

Thanks Yun!

An elder of "Baihong Sword Court", one of the four immortal king-level forces in Bailuzhou, with high authority and power like a sea!

In comparison, none of the guests present can compare with him!

And Xie Yun is Xue Wenning's master!

"Today is Brother Xue's birthday banquet. As Wen Ning's master, how can I not come to congratulate me?"

Xie Yun smiled.

Saying that, he took out a jade box from his sleeve and handed it to Wen Ning, "This is a gift for the teacher, bring it to your father."

Xue Wenning smiled sweetly and hurriedly agreed.

"Hahaha, what congratulations are not congratulations, it is a great honor for Xue Mou to come here in person!"

Xue Changtian stepped forward with a smile and welcomed Xie Yun into his seat.

Even Xue Wenning received special care and was seated beside Xue Changtian!

Suddenly, Xue Wenning's limelight suppressed Xue Wenjun, Xue Wenpu, and Xue Wenshan, and became the focus of the audience.

But Xue Wenjun and the others didn't say anything.

No matter how precious the congratulatory gift they brought out, it was far inferior to Xue Wenning asking his master to come in person!

It should be noted that the Xue clan is only an immortal force, but Xie Yun is an elder of the immortal king-level force "Baihong Sword Court"!

In terms of status, even their father is inferior!

And with the arrival of Xue Wenning and his master Xie Yun, Xue Hongfeng's position became more and more embarrassing, and the situation was unbearable, almost like being forgotten and no one cared about.

"It turns out that my father can also smile so brightly."

Xue Hongfeng saw that with the arrival of her sister and her master Xie Yun, her father was smiling and couldn't close his mouth, but the smile that fell into his eyes was extremely dazzling.

And just as this birthday banquet was about to kick off, an ecstatic voice resounded outside the hall:

"The patriarch, the elder of the ancient Tang clan, brought the daughter of the patriarch of the Tang clan to celebrate his birthday! Now he is waiting outside!"

An old servant rushed in like a gust of wind, his face full of excitement.

The hall was a sensation, and everyone was in an uproar.

The ancient Tang clan, that was a giant force that shook the entire immortal world!

Compared to this, even if their Xue family is an immortal power, they are insignificant at all!

But who would have imagined that the giant power of the ancient Tang clan would send someone to congratulate the longevity of their Xue clan?

Xie Yun from Baihong Sword Court couldn't help but be moved, couldn't sit still, and said in surprise, "I didn't expect that Brother Xue is so amazing, to invite the elders of the ancient Tang clan to come to the banquet!"

Such flattering words made Xue Changtian flutter for a while.

But his head was a little dazed, and he couldn't believe it. He looked at the Great Elder and asked, "Have my family ever sent an invitation to the ancient Tang family?"

At this time, his eldest son Xue Wenjun got up with a smile and said excitedly: "Father, not long ago, my son had a relationship with Miss Tang Baoer, the pearl of the Tang family. At that time, Miss Tang and her uncle were going to Luoshui. Forbidden land, it is still the child who guides them!"

He looked excited, high-spirited, and surprised.

And the implication, everyone can hear it, it clearly means that the big man from the Tang family came this time for his Xue Wenjun's face!

All of a sudden, everyone's eyes on Xue Wenjun changed.

Even Xue Wenning couldn't help but said in surprise: "Big brother, you are really amazing, and you have formed a friendship with that arrogant daughter of the Tang family!"

For a time, Xue Wenjun was fluttering all over, and every pore was as comfortable as eating ginseng fruit.

The patriarch Xue Changtian couldn't wait, and said, "Wenjun, hurry up, come with me to invite the distinguished guests of the ancient Tang clan in person!"


Xue Wenjun agreed, and he couldn't wait.

At this time, a gentle voice sounded outside the hall:

"The old man came uninvited, what a rude thing to do, I still look to Haihan."

With the sound, Tang Lingqi and Tang Baoer have entered the hall.

All of a sudden, the originally noisy voice suddenly fell silent, no matter the big people in the Xue family or the guests who were invited, they all showed respect and did not dare to speak.

Xue Changtian smiled humbly, and respectfully gave a big gift: "Senior can come to my Xue family, it is a great honor for my Xue family!"

At this time, Xie Yun of Baihong Sword Court was abruptly surprised: "Brother Tang, it turns out to be you!"

Tang Lingqi was startled and said, "Who is your Excellency?"

Xie Yun said with a smile: "Some time ago, Brother Tang invited the fellows of the Immortal Monarch Realm in Bailuzhou to go to the forbidden area of ​​Luoshui to explore opportunities together. At the banquet at that time, I was also present."

Everyone was shocked, and only then did they realize that Xie Yun actually recognized the big man in the Tang family!

Xue Hongfeng sneered in her heart, is this the elder of Baihong Sword Court? The words he said, no matter how humble they sounded, were clearly taking the initiative to cling to!

Tang Lingqi suddenly said: "It turned out to be Your Excellency."

At this time, Xue Wenjun couldn't help but stepped forward and bowed to Tang Lingqi and Tang Baoer, saying:

"Junior has seen senior and Miss Tang. I didn't expect that after we parted, the two still remembered that they came here in person today to congratulate my father on his birthday!"

He was overwhelmed with excitement!

Tang Lingqi was taken aback.

Tang Baoer frowned and said in confusion, "Hey, did you make a mistake? We're not here to find you this time."

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent.

Everyone was stunned, didn't they come for Xue Wenjun?

Xue Wenjun felt like he was struck by lightning, and with a thump in his heart, he forced a smile and said, "Miss Tang and senior came here to congratulate my father on his birthday. Isn't that right?"

Tang Baoer shook his head again and said, "We are just entrusted by others to come to send gifts to Xue Hongfeng."

"Xue Hongfeng?"

Xue Wenjun exclaimed, "How could it be him?"

Everyone else was dumbfounded, what's the situation?

At the same time, Xue Hongfeng, who had been sitting silently in the corner, trembled.

Entrusted by someone to send me a congratulatory gift?


It must be Su Ge! !

All of a sudden, Xue Hongfeng was refreshed, and the sadly lost emotions were swept away, and the excitement in her heart erupted like a landslide and a tsunami.

"Brother Su, he has always remembered my affairs!"

Xue Hongfeng shouted in his heart, and when he thought of the neglect and ridicule he had suffered before, his eyes flushed red.

He abruptly got up, stepped forward, cupped his hands and said, "Next is Xue Hongfeng. If I guess correctly, the two of you must have been entrusted by fellow Daoist Su, right?"

Tang Baoer looked at Xue Hongfeng up and down, and said with a smile, "Exactly!"

Xue Hongfeng clenched her fists gratefully and said, "Thank you!"

Tang Lingqi smiled kindly and said: "Thank you, it is a blessing for my generation to be able to do things for fellow Daoist Su."

When witnessing this scene, who can still not be clear, the two distinguished guests of the ancient Tang family are here for Xue Hongfeng?

All of a sudden, Patriarch Xue Changtian, Great Elder Xue Changkun and other members of the Xue clan were all shocked and felt caught off guard.

Xue Wenjun's face was flushed, and he was so ashamed that he wanted to find a seam to get in.

Before, he had sworn that the two distinguished guests were coming for him, but in the end he discovered that he himself had become the funniest clown!

Xue Wenpu and Xue Wenshan looked at each other, as if it was hard to accept all this.

Xue Wenning gritted her teeth secretly.

She originally thought that at her father's birthday banquet, she could use her master's prestige to overwhelm those older brothers.

But who would have thought that in the end, she and Shizun would also become foils!

The focus of the audience's attention became that she had always looked down on her fourth brother.

That shy son who has been neglected since he was a child!

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