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Chapter 1999

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In the depths of the Chaos Demon Sea, near a deserted island.

The sea is surging, and the turbid waves are emptied.

When Su Yi's consciousness scanned through the power of Zhou Xu's rules, he immediately found that the deserted island was covered by a layer of mysterious forbidden power.

Su Yi was instantly moved.

Because that forbidden power is clearly the power of gods! !

"Could it be that a god appeared five years ago, sealed this place, and trapped Qingwan, Qingtang, and others? Besides, other people were not allowed to approach?"

Su Yi's mind turned.

This discovery was indeed unexpected.


Suddenly, a black cloud of light appeared in the void, and quietly transformed into a thin man.

The man's long hair was loose, his face was cold and hard, he was wearing a black battle robe, and he was carrying a short bronze spear diagonally.

As soon as he appeared, he looked at the sky, a bright red arc burst out in his eyes, and there was a terrifying power surging on the thin figure.

"Who are you and why are you hiding here?"

With the indifferent voice, the power of order in the depths of the sky surged, and Su Yi's will was suddenly revealed.

He descended from the sky and walked with empty steps.

The aura on this thin man was very obscure, and it was obvious that he used a secret technique to cover and suppress it, so as to avoid the investigation of Zhou Xu's rules.

But Su Yi recognized at a glance that this person was the will of a god! !

This caused a murderous intent to appear on his brow.

But when he saw Su Yi's face clearly, the thin man was startled, and the frightening power all over his body suddenly disappeared.

Afterwards, he clasped his fists and bowed: "Don't get me wrong, Your Excellency, my name is Beiyuan, and I was ordered to come to this world five years ago, just to protect those old friends who are related to Your Excellency."

Su Yi raised his brows and suddenly felt puzzled: "Who asked you to do this?"

"My master."

The thin man who claimed to be Beiyuan said solemnly, "As early as when the gods laid out against Your Excellency, my Patriarch already knew your identity and origin, so he specially ordered me to come here to solve your worries."

"Who is your master?"

Su Yi became more and more puzzled. Could it be an old friend from his previous life?

"My master goes to the Taoist title 'Shen Jue'."

Beiyuan Road, "Your Excellency should not know. In fact, the reason why my Patriarch wants to do this is simply to establish a good relationship with Your Excellency, and hope that Your Excellency will have the opportunity to cooperate when you go to God's Domain in the future."

Su Yi frowned slightly.

He had indeed never heard of the title "Shen Jue".

"How does he want to cooperate?" Su Yi asked.

Beiyuan Road: "My master said that he and Your Excellency have a common enemy. After Your Excellency goes to God's Domain, he will find an opportunity to meet Your Excellency."

With that said, Bei Yuan took out a silver-white jade tablet and handed it to Su Yi in the air, "This is a token of my family master, called the 'Xiaoyao Card'. If your Excellency goes to God's Domain and encounters troublesome trouble, you just need to push This thing will be aided.”

After a pause, he continued: "This thing can only be used three times at most, and I hope your Excellency will keep it."

"And I... have also completed what the Lord told me, and it's time to leave."

After that, Bei Yuan's figure suddenly turned into a light and rain, and disappeared.

Su Yi: "..."

This guy, he chose to self-destruct the law body casually!

It's too strange for a mysterious guy like this to say a bunch of mysterious things, and to leave after giving himself a mysterious happy card.

"Shen Jue, a mysterious fellow, in order to cooperate... he actually showed his favor to me in advance, and sent a god's will law body to guard here for five years..."

Su Yi pondered, "He also said that I have a common enemy with him. Could it be that this guy's the gods who hate him?"


Then, Su Yi lowered his head and looked at the Happy Cards in his hand, and made a new discovery.

The aura imprinted on this object is very similar to the aura of the Lord of the Gods such as Burning Lamp Buddha!

This made Su Yi doubt that the owner of this thing, Shen Jue, was most likely also a god!

"In God's Domain, some people want to kill me, but some people want to join forces with me, and those old friends of my previous life are waiting to meet me again..."

Su Yi secretly said, "Could it be that some major event will happen in the God's Domain? Or, when I arrive in the God's Domain, there will be unexpected variables, which will attract all parties to make arrangements in advance?"


Su Yi thought about it and put away the Happy Card.

However, he has covered multiple seals on the Happy Card, and plans to use the power of the Nine Prison Sword to seal the Happy Card once again when he sees the deity!

Defenses can not do without.

Who knows what this guy named "God Jue" wants to do?

At this point, Su Yi finally understood why in the past five years, whoever approached this sea area would die.

With the dharma body of the will of the god Beiyuan, in this world, no one can really approach!


desert island.

An ancient and magnificent temple is located there.

All empty temple!

Su Yi's eyes flashed in a trance, and a picture appeared in his mind——

Between heaven and earth, a monk with a bare chest/breasts ran wildly with a huge temple like a city on his back.

Smiling silently, Su Yi walked into Jiekong Temple.

When he wandered in the Shendu Star Territory, he stayed in Jiekong Temple most of the time, practicing here, feasting here, and watching the world rise and fall.

After a lapse of six years, I came back again, looking at the familiar flowers and trees, looking at the ancient trees in the courtyard, and many memories came to my heart.

A loud chatter sounded.

In the corner of the courtyard, the monk Kongzhao and the lame Lao Wei were eating hot pot, occasionally drinking a swig of wine, and talking about some fairytales.

Next to a pool not far away, the antique dealer squatted on the ground, holding a piece of animal skin in his hand, wiping all kinds of antiques piled up on the ground intently, his movements carefully, his eyes obsessed and focused.

In a meditation room, Wei Shan was in retreat, his whole body was pounding with energy, and he completely forgot himself.

And in the shade of a tree, a pair of beauties were chatting.

A man with a temperament as cold as ice, his white clothes better than snow, his hair as black as ink scattered around his waist, his eyebrows are picturesque and exquisite.

One has curved eyebrows, charming and lovely, spiritual eyes like water, big and deep, sitting there beautifully, pure and beautiful, and faintly has a kind of extraordinary graceful demeanor.

The former is Qingtang.

The latter is Qingwan.

"I don't know when I can leave here."

Qing Wan sighed softly.

"Don't worry, I think it's good. With that senior standing there, no matter who wants to be unfavorable to us in this world, they are destined to return home."

In front of Qingtang's knees, there is a Dao sword, her eyes are as cold as a sword, but when she looks at Qingwan, it becomes much softer.

"I'm just very worried about the master. He went to the fairy world, but many immortals came to the world to deal with the master's relationship with him.

Guan Zhiren, he... his situation is definitely not good. "

Qingwan was very worried, her little face was full of sadness, and her melodious voice became very depressed.

Qingtang couldn't help but smile and said, "It's been five years. You've said this many times. It seems that you like my master to the bottom of your heart. No, you like it to the depths of your soul."

Qingwan's pretty face flushed red, her spiritual eyes were shy, her head lowered, and Ai Ai said, "I... I'm just worried about my master."

Qingtang said: "Don't worry, five years have passed, and we are safe and sound, so is the master. After all, if the master suffers in the fairyland, the strong men from the fairyland have already evacuated, so why stay in this god capital star realm linger?"

"Sister, aren't you worried about the master?"

Qing Wan seems to have a hard time understanding.


Qingtang said without hesitation, "However, I believe that Master can turn misfortune into good fortune, gods can kill gods, Buddhas can kill Buddhas, and no one can stop Master's path, not even gods...not!"

Hearing this, Su Yi couldn't help but praise.

Qingtang was her favorite little apprentice at the time, and she was also the only successor of the Guanzhu. Her temperament and disposition were vaguely similar to her own.

"Then... sister doesn't want the master?"

Qingwan couldn't help but said.

Qingtang was startled and said, "Yes, but I'm not the same as you. After the reincarnation of Master, I waited alone for more than 100,000 years. Compared to now, it's only been six years since I separated from Master. What does it count?"

Qingwan sighed softly, "But for me, these six years are too long. People say that living a day is like a year, and they also say that if you don't see each other for one day, it's like every three autumns. I finally feel that way."

Qingtang smiled and patted Qingwan's shoulder in comfort.

Su Yi also laughed, and there was a long-lost warmth in his heart.

He looked around, watching a group of relatives and friends doing their own thing and enjoying their own way, and suddenly he couldn't bear to destroy this quiet and peaceful scene.

But he had to.

The reason is that most of the power of his will law body has been consumed, and he must set off as soon as possible to bring these relatives and friends to the fairyland.

"Hey, since the local dog and the real Hongyun left, I suddenly lost some fun." The lame old Wei who was eating hot pot sighed.

The monk Kongzhao was eating the hot pot and drinking, hearing the words subconsciously, "I also feel this way. When it was there, I always wanted to eat dog meat hot pot, but after it left, I didn't think about it at all."

Just saying this, a faint laughter sounded:

"Then how about I take you to find it?"

In a word, the atmosphere in the field suddenly fell silent.

Monk Kongzhao and lame Lao Wei stopped the chopsticks in their hands, only the hot pot was bubbling.

The antique dealer put down the antiques that he wiped in his hands.

Qingwan and Qingtang stopped talking.

At this moment, those old friends scattered in other parts of Jiekong Temple stopped their movements, some rushed out of the house in a hurry, and some stood up.

Then, all eyes turned to the center of the courtyard.

A sturdy figure stood in the sky, and when the branches and leaves of the ancient trees swayed, the light spots sprinkled made this sturdy figure flicker.

A gust of wind blew, and the green robe was fluttering.

When they saw this familiar figure, everyone couldn't help but be stunned.

At that time, the sky was just right, and the old friends were all there.

When you come back, it is a good time in the world.


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