From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1175

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Chapter 1175: 1175

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Chapter 1175 Returning to Beijing (2)

The news of Jian Yiling’s return became a widely discussed topic on the Internet.

It was surprising for someone in a plane incident to return after two years.

A lot of netizens found this unbelievable. However, most of them were happy for her.

(Jian Yiling’s actually alive! Oh my goodness. This is amazing!]

(God Ling’s alive! She’s actually still alive!)

[I’m sending my prayers and blessings.]

Meanwhile, some people on the Internet began to do some research and speculation. [I believe the plane encountered a wormhole over the Pacific Ocean. That’s why it landed two years later.)

[That’s what I think as well. When they couldn’t find the plane wreckage two years ago, I made that guess. This seems even more likely now!) However, some people did not agree with this theory: (But if it’s a wormhole, where is the plane? Why is there no mention of the plane or the other crew members? Where did they go?]

[And why is there no media coverage on discovering the plane? What is being hidden?]

[Ahhh, I really want to know what happened. I hope someone can interview Jian Yiling!)

All of this was just speculation as Jian Yiling did not come out to make a clarification.

Everyone only knew that she came back alive.


The day after her return, Jian Yiling appeared in Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch.

During these two years, the construction of Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch had been completed.

Unlike the main hospital, the Beijing branch was more akin to an ordinary private hospital.

Other than being more expensive and medical technology being a bit better, its day to day operations were similar to any other hospital

And thus, the recruitment here was completely different from the standards of Lahaisen Hospital’s main branch.

Over these two years, under the management of other core members of Lahaisen Hospital, a large number of doctors were stationed inside Beijing’s branch.

And now, Zhang Yun got the opportunity to become a member of Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing Branch.

When she arrived at the entrance of the hospital, Zhang Yun was still dumbfounded.

She did not expect that the person she and Jin Jin saved was a member of Lahaisen Hospital who could help her achieve her dream job.

Zhang Yun never considered becoming a member of Lahaisen Hospital as it was said to be only for the top talents.

“Miss Jian, can I really come to work here?” Zhang Yun once again asked Jian Yiling.

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Jian Yiling nodded and replied: “Mhmm, but you have to start as an intern.”

“I understand, I understand,” Zhang Yun nodded.

It didn’t matter if she had to work as an intern. She was already satisfied to be able to work here.

After the two of them entered the hospital, Zhang Yun went to report to her section.

Meanwhile, Jian Yiling went to see the Director of Beijing’s branch.

“Hey, isn’t that Jian Yiling? Isn’t she from the main branch?”

“Yeah, she’s the one who disappeared two years ago.”

“Why did she show up here? Is it because she disappeared two years ago and got demoted?” “I don’t know. We haven’t heard of her in ages. We don’t know about her situation.”

“Will our number one surgeon get replaced?”

“I wonder who is better between her and Dr.


“I think Dr. Fei would be better. Other than the news of her joining Lahaisen Hospital, I haven’t heard of any other amazing cases.”

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