From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1176

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Chapter 1176: 1176

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Chapter 1176 Who is Lahaisen Hospital’s Best Surgeon (1)

Even though it was Jian Yiling’s first day, she received a lot of attention from everyone.

This was because she disappeared for two entire years.

Furthermore, everyone was curious about who was Lahaisen Hospital’s best surgeon.

This was because, during Jian Yiling’s absence, an incredible surgeon named Fei Qing appeared in Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing Branch.

In these two years, Fei Qing completed several surgeries that many people thought were impossible. By doing this, she gained the unanimous recognition of the medical community and became one of the top surgeons in China.

However, whenever Fei Qing’s name was mentioned, everyone would also think of Jian Yiling. She was also a young surgeon who came from Lahaisen Hospital that rose to fame two years ago.

It was hard not to compare the two of them due to their similarities. However, as Jian Yiling disappeared, people had no way to compare the two of them.

The hardest thing to do was to win against a dead person. No one could defeat someone who was dead.

And if they could not be defeated, they would become a legend. Some people in Lahaisen Hospital believed that Jian Yiling was better at performing surgeries. The reason for this was simple. Jian Yiling was a member recognized by the main branch of Lahaisen Hospital. On the other hand, Fei Qing was a member of the Beijing Branch. There was obviously going to be a clear gap between the two branches.

However, others believed that Fei Qing was better. Three points supported this: First of all, there were many successful surgical cases under Fei Qing’s name.

Secondly, when Jian Yiling was recruited by Lahaisen Hospital’s main branch, the Beijing branch hadn’t yet been created. Even if Lahaisen Hospital wanted to delegate her here, it would not be possible.

And finally, Jian Yiling once was a professional e-sports player. If someone invested a lot of time into a game, they would not be able to focus their attention on their other jobs.

At this point in time, Fei Qing was in her office.

She was currently the chief physician of the surgery department in Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch. “Fei Qing, did you hear about the news? Jian Yiling has come to the Beijing branch!”

“Mhmm,” Fei Qing replied. She did not look concerned.

Fei Qing’s appearance was clean and sweet. Anyone who saw her would definitely call her a beauty.

Currently, she was wearing a white lab coat and seated in her chair. She looked mature and dignified.

Everyone was currently telling her the news about Jian Yiling’s return.

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“This morning, everyone was talking about Jian Yiling’s return. They were all wondering what position she would be allocated by the main branch.”

Only one person could be Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch’s chief physician in the surgery department.

If Jian Yiling was here, what was going to happen to Fei Qing? Was Fei Qing meant to give up her position to Jian Yiling? But if she didn’t Jian Yiling’s situation would be quite awkward. After all, she was a member of the main branch who had been transferred over. If she had to work under Fei Qing, wasn’t that essentially a demotion?

“I don’t need to care about that. I will just listen to the orders from our headquarters,” Fei Qing quietly replied.

When her colleague noticed that Fei Qing did not appear concerned, she also looked relieved: “Ahh, it’s good that you don’t care about this. If Jian Yiling replaces you, your efforts in these two years would all be in vain. However, please rest assured. In our minds, you will always be number one in our branch. No one can match the number of successful surgical cases under your name.”

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