From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1177

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Chapter 1177: 1177

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Chapter 1177: Who is Lahaisen Hospital’s Best Surgeon (2)

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Fei Qing merely smiled and did not say anything else.

After her colleague left, Fei Qing’s face darkened.

Then, she opened a webpage and searched for information about Jian Yiling.

Back when she applied for a job at Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch, she heard of Jian Yiling’s name.

The comments that she heard the most was that Jian Yiling was the youngest doctor Lahaisen Hospital’s main branch ever expected. She was also the only surgeon the main branch ever made public.

However, when she saw people comparing her with Jian Yiling, Fei Qing couldn’t help but laugh.

Jian Yiling was more talented than her at surgery? Fei Qing could not agree with this.

Jian Yiling’s talent was definitely hyped up.

There was only news about Jian Yiling attending medical conferences with big shots in their field. However, the remaining news was all entertainment and gossip.

A surgeon should not be like this. Instead, a surgeon should be known for how many difficult operations she completed or how many people she saved.

As for Jian Yiling, weren’t all the things she was doing the usual things celebrities did?

Instead of focusing on producing good movies or dramas, celebrities would focus on attending and participating in variety shows.

And thus, instead of recognizing Jian Yiling as an excellent surgeon, it would be better to say she knew how to promote herself.

A professional e -sports player who was also a surgeon.

A multifaceted persona could attract a lot of fans.

And thus, Fei Qing was not interested in comparing herself with such a person.

She did not care about what everything thought.

After Jian Yiling left the director’s office, she went over to the surgery department.

As soon as she entered the office, everyone looked at her.

They all cast inquisitive and curious glances at her.

Jian Yiling was less than 1.6 meters tall. She had fair and delicate skin and exquisite doll-like facial features.

She wore a white lab coat and carried a black backpack. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail.

Where did this person disappear in the past two years?

And why was she in Lahaisen Hospital Beijing branch?

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Jian Yiling walked over to a corner and sat down. She put down her backpack and took out her laptop to put on the desk.

Then, she began to work.

Jian Yiling ignored the curious looks of everyone around her. Instead, she was focused on the work she had to do.

She still had to monitor Zhai Yunsheng’s data and do as many experiments as possible to improve things.

She wasn’t satisfied with the current situation as she wanted to be 100% sure he could move around healthily without anything impairing or affecting him.

The members of Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch had a WeChat group. In addition, several doctors would create groups amongst themselves.

There was also a group for ordinary employees that excluded the directors.

Inside this group, a lot of people were talking about Jian Yiling: [Wow, Jian Yiling is so pretty! She’s prettier than the photos!] [Her skin is so amazing. I’m so damn jealous.]

[Is anyone curious about where she went in the past two years?]

[Yeah me! I’m super duper curious. However, I feel somewhat bad for asking..

What if she doesn’t want to talk about it?]

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