From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1178

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Chapter 1178: 1178

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Chapter 1178 Who is Lahaisen Hospital’s Best Surgeon (3)

(Oh right, who do you think will represent Lahaisen Hospital for the medical conference this year? Will it still be Dr. Fei?]

Someone suddenly mentioned the medical conference.

Last year, there was no doubt that their representative was going to be Fei Qing.

However, Jian Yiling miraculously came back this year. And thus, things could be subjected to change.

After all, Jian Yiling was technically someone from the Lahaisen Hospital headquarters.

Although Jian Yiling was not part of this chat group, Fei Qing was.

When she saw her colleagues gossiping, Fei Qing initially felt quite bored by these comments and messages.

However, when she read the message regarding the representative for the medical conference, her expression slightly changed.

Previously, she was undoubtedly the chosen representative for the medical conference.

Attending the conference was a symbol of recognition.

And thus, Fei Qing had to admit that she cared about this matter a little bit.

However, Lahaisen Hospital hadn’t decided on who was going to be representing them. Therefore, she didn’t want to go and ask the higher-ups about this. If she did, it would appear as though she cared a lot about this.


During lunchtime, everyone headed to the hospital’s cafeteria to eat.

The cafeteria at Lahaisen Hospital was designed like a fine dining restaurant.

The staff at Lahaisen Hospital could enjoy all kinds of foods here for free. This was one of the many benefits the staff at Lahaisen Hospital got. When Zhang Yun walked into the cafeteria, she found Jian Yiling and sat down next to her with her meal tray.

Then, she told Jian Yiling about all the things she did during the morning.

After that, Zhang Yun mentioned the things she heard her colleagues discussing.

This was because she heard a lot of her colleagues talking about Jian Yiling. Some of the things were nice whilst the other comments weren’t very nice.

Zhang Yun could understand the thoughts of some of her colleagues. After all, Jian Yiling went missing for two entire years. This would definitely make anyone curious. Furthermore, Jian Yiling became famous at such a young age. Even though she was only eighteen, she gained a lot of fame and fortune from her achievements. As Jian Yiling was also involved in more than one industry, there was naturally controversy surrounding her. However, when Jian Yiling heard these things, she merely smiled and did not make a comment. It seemed as though she did not care about these things.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Yun did not make any further comments.

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Fei Qing and her colleagues also ended up in the cafeteria. When they saw Jian Yiling, Fei Qing’s colleague quickly walked over.

“Dr. Jian, would you mind if we sat next to you?” the female doctor said with a smile on her face.

“Nope,” Jian Yiling replied indifferently.

Upon hearing this answer, the female doctor pulled Fei Qing over and sat down in the seat next to Jian Yiling and Zhang Yun.

“Dr. Jian, before we joined Lahaisen Hospital, we had already heard of your name. You were well known in a reality show,” the female doctor said sweetly to Jian Yiling.

“Mhmm,” Jian Yiling responded softly as she kept eating.

“And thus, I’m quite curious as to how you became a member of the main Lahaisen Hospital branch. After all, you appear to spend most of your time on reality shows or participating in gaming tournaments,” the female doctor added.

Fei Qing did not say anything. She also appeared to be focused on eating.

However, when Zhang Yun heard these words, she felt as though something didn’t sound quite right.

Zhang Yun smiled as she helped Jian Yiling explain: “Dr. Jian is a well-rounded individual. Therefore, she has some involvement in the entertainment industry.”

Even though she received this response from Zhang Yun, the female doctor continued: “Oh right, Dr. Jian, do you know of Dr. Fei? She’s the best surgeon here. In the past two years, she has completed a number of difficult surgeries and thereby saved the lives of many individuals.”

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