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Chapter 1796: 1796

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Chapter 1796 Tier 2

Fang Heng took out a small disc-shaped object from his backpack. It was a special compound that could stimulate the reaction of the original devouring body.

It was obvious that the virus in his body could not stimulate the dormant virus in the corpse to wake up.

However, there was a high chance that this thing could!

Fang Heng slowly approached the corpse with the compound in his hand.


When the compound was less than three meters away from the corpse, the corpse that was lying on the ground immediately reacted!

“Chi, chi chi…”

Tiny red tentacles emerged from the corpse’s body!

Seeing this, Fang Heng immediately put away the compound and retreated.

The red tentacles that flowed out of the corpse slowly wrapped the entire corpse firmly in the center, forming a red worm-like creature.

“Ka ka ka…”

The red tentacles completed the transformation in just a minute and slowly retracted from the surface of the corpse’s body to the bottom of its skin.

The corpse that had fallen stood up again.

This time, the shape of the resurrected corpse had changed slightly. There was a large wound on the left side of its body that had not healed, and countless tiny red tentacles could be clearly seen squirming under the wound.

Fang Heng reminded in a low voice, “It’s coming, it’s the big guy this time.”

Lu Yanlong also sensed the aura coming from the corpse, so he simply retreated to the entrance of the cave.

This was the real deal!


The corpse instantly turned into a red blur and flew straight towards Fang Heng. At the same time, the tentacles in its body shot out from the wound on the left side of its body!

A few tiny red tentacles condensed into red spikes that shot out of his body first, forming a huge net that enveloped Fang Heng!


A dark golden book appeared in front of Fang Heng.

The Book of Oaths!

“Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!!”

A dark golden remnant page flew out from the Book of Oaths!

“Boom! Boom Boom Boom!!!”

The golden lights collided with the dense red tentacle web and exploded!

The holy element could also display an additional killing effect when dealing with resurrected corpses!

In addition to the purification effect of the remnant page, instantly, the huge net that was spread out in the air was blown clean!

Following that, the remnant page turned into a stream of light and bombarded the corpse continuously, knocking it back step by step!

It was visible to the naked eye that the corpse’s HP was rapidly decreasing!

At the same time, the Book of Oaths’ energy was depleted by one-third in just half a minute.

Lu Yanlong, who was watching from the side, was shocked.

It was actually the holy element?

He watched as the corpse boss’ HP was reduced from full to half by the holy elemental attack!

Fang Heng actually had such a powerful killing move that he had yet to use?

“Whoosh! Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh!!!”

Four spiraling magic arrays flew around Fang Heng’s feet and a visible icy soul aura seeped out of the magic array!

The undead Bones leader stepped out of the magic array and immediately swung its ice soul slaying blade at the resurrected corpse!

“Bang! Bang Bang!!!”

The resurrected corpse was continuously pushed back by the Ice Bones!

After being severely injured by the Book of Oaths, coupled with the additional soul-freezing effect after the arrival of the Ice Bones, the various abilities of the resurrected corpse were greatly reduced.

Fang Heng switched to his necromancy form again.

He gathered his spiritual power and the Book of the Dead appeared in front of him.

“Pfft! Pfft!!”

Thick and solid soul chains flowed out of the Book of the Dead and quickly wrapped around the corpse. The legs of the corpse were tightly bound by the soul chains!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other two chains were tightly wrapped around the waist of the resurrected corpse.

The movement ability of the resurrected corpse was greatly reduced!

Once the corpse was controlled, the battle would follow Fang Heng’s rhythm.

Fang Heng quickly made a judgment.

The attack power of the Lickers was too low. It was barely enough to deal with large creatures. They could all charge at the same time and use their numbers to make up for the lack of damage, but it was difficult to deal with agile small creatures.

In addition, the resurrected corpse’s body had been infected by the virus, so its self-recovery ability was quite good.

Relying on the Lickers as damage dealers was unrealistic.

Therefore, Fang Heng decisively chose to rely on the undead Bones leader as the main attacker.

As he was worried that the undead Bones leader would be killed instantly, he still had to watch from the side. Once he found that the undead Bones leader’s HP was less than one-third, he would immediately summon it back and switch to a new undead Bones leader to join the battlefield.

The scene fell into a tug-of-war again.

Lu Yanlong swallowed his saliva carefully.

How many trump cards did Mr. Fang have that he hadn’t shown yet?

Thinking of this, he took a few steps back to avoid the battlefield.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go up and help, but a battle of this level had already exceeded the scope of his abilities.

Spatial science was used, at best, for escaping. If it was a head-on battle, he would not be able to win.

As the battle progressed, Fang Heng’s forehead was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

It seemed that the undead Bones leaders were able to work together to suppress the resurrected corpse and beat it up. The situation was under control.

However, in reality, Fang Heng had to concentrate on controlling the soul chains and the undead Bones leaders to fight. He could not relax at all.

Fortunately, the resurrected corpse only relied on its instincts to move, and its combat style was still relatively simple.

As he watched the HP of the resurrected corpse slowly decrease, Fang Heng switched to the Book of Oaths again and consumed all the remaining energy!


“Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!”

Golden light flowed out of the Book of Oaths once again and bombarded the resurrected corpse. It caused continuous explosions on its body and sent it flying!


The corpse crashed heavily against the wall and slowly fell down. The red tentacle lifeform under the skin quickly retracted into its body.


Blue flames rose from the resurrected corpse, instantly enveloping the entire corpse and burning fiercely.

In just a few seconds, the resurrected corpse was burned to ashes.

Fang Heng kept the Book of Oaths, and the game prompt appeared on his retina.

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone has successfully killed the mutated corpse. The player has discovered a Tier 3 mutant crystal*1.]


Fang Heng put down the mark he had condensed in front of him and panted heavily.

It took a lot of effort to get rid of a commander-level creature.

It was too difficult, and this was on top of the fact that the Book of Oaths had helped to deplete three-quarters of the corpse’ HP. Otherwise, it would be even more troublesome.

The outcome was still good. He had obtained a Tier 3 mutant crystal.

As Fang Heng thought about it, he approached the ashes of the wreckage on the ground that had been burned by the blue flames and picked up the Tier 3 mutant crystal left on the ground.

“Eh? What is this?”

Amongst the pile of black ashes, Fang Heng found a Tier 3 mutant crystal and a dark gold metal disc.

Metal disc?

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

He remembered that in the main mausoleum, Charlene had taken out a similar disc from the corpse in the sarcophagus.

Unfortunately, it was eventually taken away by the spies planted by the Federation.

Could it be the metal disc with the Avira chip?

That was strange.

According to what Charlene had said, the corpses in the ordinary mausoleums did not have the Avira chip installed in them.

Then why was he able to find it?

Was there a mistake in Charlene’s information?

Fang Heng couldn’t help but feel puzzled. He squatted down and reached out to gently touch the round plate.

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