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Chapter 329: Rushing to Take In a Disciple

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Chapter 329 Rushing to Take In a Disciple

Just like that, Deacon Zhang left and headed straight for the Mission Hall.

On the other side, Li Xuan handed over the mission in the Mission Hall and turned around to walk toward the cave abode.

He did not receive the reward for this mission yet and had to get it the next day. Li Xuan understood the reason. The Mission Hall definitely needed to confirm with the person who gave out the mission before giving out the reward.

This was Mission Hall’s usual practice. Everyone was like this. Li Xuan naturally understood the reason, so he did not hesitate to walk toward the cave abode.

As he walked, he saw a group of people in front of his cave abode from afar. They were surrounding the Small Protective Barrier Array Formation that he had set up to check.

Deacon Niu, who was in charge of teaching them, squatted on the ground. He was holding a paper and a pen as he carefully recorded something

Li Xuan’s arrival attracted everyone’s attention. Deacon Niu immediately stood up and said to Li Xuan.

“You’re finally back. Quickly tell me what’s going on with this Array Formation? Why is its power stronger than ordinary Small Protective Barriers?”

After Deacon Niu finished speaking, he looked at Li Xuan with anticipation.

He had been reading at home when a student suddenly said that a Small Protective Barrier Array Formation had appeared in front of Li Xuan’s house. This shocked Deacon Niu quite a bit.

He immediately ran over to take a look. After some confirmation, he found that this formation was very powerful. It was much stronger than an ordinary Small Protective Barrier. This had also aroused his curiosity.

Then, he began his research here, attracting quite a number of people to watch. Unfortunately, he had watched it for a long time and still could not figure out what was going on. He had no choice but to take out his notebook to record it.

When he saw Li Xuan return, he immediately asked for the reason, wanting to know why the formation was so strong.

“This is simple. I improved the Small Protective Barrier Array Formation.”

After Li Xuan finished speaking, he released the array formation, picked up the Array Disks that he had set up, and began to explain.

“Look here. In the Runes of the array formation, I made changes and used Double Formation Patterns. These five Runes are the most important points in the formation.”

“As long as you strengthen the Formation Patterns, you can greatly increase the power of the Small Protective Barrier Array Formation.”

Li Xuan explained bit by bit, telling him his train of thought.

Deacon Niu was stunned when he heard this, especially when he saw Li Xuan calmly narrating his experience and understanding of the array formation.

At this moment, Deacon Niu finally understood that Li Xuan was a super genius at array formation.

“Li Xuan, wait for me here for a moment. I’ll be right back. Oh right, lend me this Array Disk,” Deacon Niu said solemnly.


Li Xuan handed the Array Disk over, not taking it seriously at all.

He knew very clearly that the trap he had laid down had finally worked. He would definitely be valued by the sect in the future. He would be able to learn a large amount of array formation knowledge and even obtain the Transcendence Fruit.

“Don’t leave. I’ll be back soon.”

Deacon Niu took the Array Disk and reminded him once more. Then, he left in a flash to report this matter to the skinny fifth elder.

After he left, the students present did not leave. Instead, the way they looked at Li Xuan changed.

In the past, they only knew that Li Xuan’s Spiritual Qi talent was of the highest grade. Logically speaking, he should have joined the War Hall and learned how to fight, becoming a powerful Spiritual Warrior.

However, they did not expect that Li Xuan would be so dedicated to learning array formations.

This also caused many people to secretly say that Li Xuan was stupid. He had the talent, but he would not use it. Instead, he insisted on learning array formations, wasting his talent.

In the end, they did not expect it.

Not only was Li Xuan’s Spiritual Qi talent of the highest grade, but his talent in array formations was also extremely powerful.

In a short period of time, he not only set up a Small Protective Barrier Array Formation but also improved it.

One had to know that a Small Protective Barrier Array Formation was very difficult for rookies. It was already good enough for students like them to be able to set it up within three months, let alone improve it.

However, Li Xuan had done it. This also showed the huge gap between Li Xuan and them.

Under such a gap, the way everyone looked at Li Xuan completely changed. Some people even had the idea of fawning over him.

“Big Brother Li Xuan, you’re really amazing. You’re even so strong in array formations. It seems that I’ll have to ask you for advice on array formations in the future,” Wang Dazhu said with a smile.

Previously, in order to fawn over Li Xuan, he had asked Li Xuan for advice on the aspect of Spiritual Qi. He had even given Li Xuan an Array Disk and Spirit Stones.

At this moment, only he could speak up. The others really did not know how to fawn over him.

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Li Xuan did not say anything more and only nodded. His attitude was still as cold as before.

“Big Brother Li Xuan, I have two types of array formation blueprints here. One is the Fire-Spitting Array Formation, and the other is the Illusion Array Formation.”

“These two array formations were passed down from my ancestors, but I have never been able to set them up.”

“When you have time later, can you give me some pointers? Please.” Wang Dazhu took out two array formation blueprints and respectfully handed them to Li Xuan.

Li Xuan took the array formation blueprints and looked at them. He discovered that these two array formations were not bad. He nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Sure, I’ll go back and study them first.”

“Alright, Big Brother Li Xuan, you do your work. You do your work.” Wang Dazhu hurriedly said with a happy expression on his face.


Li Xuan left and returned to his cave abode to begin his research.

When the surrounding people saw this scene and saw that Wang Dazhu and Li Xuan had formed a relationship, they all looked at Wang Dazhu with envious gazes.

Some people even began to suck up Wang Dazhu.

This kind of sucking up made Wang Dazhu even happier. In his heart, he made up his mind that he must have a good relationship with Li Xuan and do his best to be Li Xuan’s little brother.

Even if he was older than Li Xuan, Wang Dazhu was willing to be Li Xuan’s little brother.

On the other side, Deacon Niu reported the matter of the array disk to the fifth elder. Immediately, this thin and small elder was astonished.

After learning about the improvement of the Array Disk, the fifth elder could not help but exclaim.

“Genius, truly a genius, to actually rely on this method to improve the array formation. Not only did it increase the power of the array formation, but it also did not take much time. Truly remarkable…”

“This won’t do, I want this disciple for sure. I’ll go take in a disciple now.”

After finishing his words, the fifth elder left in a hurry, going to Li Xuan’s cave abode to prepare to take in a disciple.


When he came to the vicinity of the cave abode, he saw the first elder standing there with a pretty lady. There was also Deacon Zhang of the Spirit Beast Mountain and his father, the second elder.

Seeing this scene, the fifth elder was shocked in his heart and secretly cried out that things were not looking good. This was because these two elders were very powerful and had a deep understanding of array formations. Since they were standing at the entrance of Li Xuan’s cave abode, they might be here to snatch a disciple.

The skinny fifth elder felt that he could deal with the second elder, but he had no way to deal with the first elder.

This was because the pretty lady beside the first elder had the backing of a Gold Rank powerhouse. Who would dare to provoke such a person?

However, when he thought of such a good disciple, the fifth elder secretly gritted his teeth and prepared to go all out. He had to accept this disciple.

“I didn’t think that even the fifth elder would come. Looks like it won’t be easy to accept Li Xuan as a disciple today,” the second elder said helplessly.

“It’s inevitable. I will definitely take Li Xuan as a disciple today!”

The fifth elder had a decisive and domineering attitude. Even his spiritual energy was vibrating. It seemed that he was determined to take Li Xuan as a disciple.

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