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Chapter 46

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[46. This chapter’s three views are correct] 

[Nearby] Great God: Bai Lian Hua let’s set off some fireworks

Looking at this sentence on the computer, Bai Lian Hua didn’t know how to respond.

[Nearby] Great God: Hey, in fact, many people are mistaken about Qixi and think that it is “Chinese Valentines Day” but, Lotus sister, let me tell you: this is purely because they twisted the traditional meaning for this day. The true Chinese Valentines Day is January 15th! We as the younger generations must not be mislead by this false information….and so, releasing fireworks on Qixi really has no meaning, just purely as a form of celebration! Don’t think too much into it~

Wow! This was the first time he had seen Song brother type so many words during the years he had known him….This was enough to prove that Song Qingge at this very moment is very excited and well prepared. Song brother, please don’t be so [Beep———-] obvious!

[Nearby] White Lotus: But I am at an Internetcafe… 

Subtext: I’m unable to do it

[Nearby] Great God: Jeez Lotus sister what should I do about you? You can also release fireworks in the game stupid!

Fireworks? Now that he thought about it, the market did indeed sell something like that that was expensive and not very practical and hence wasn’t very popular. And so……Song Brother, what should we do about your habit of switching between you personas? And finally, why did the word “stupid” a the end give him a strange sense of warmth?

[Nearby] White Lotus: …..You…called me out in the middle of the night just to burn money? Don’t you know that I still have a load of summer homework to complete?! School is about to start and every second is precious! I’m using every minute of my life right now finishing my homework! QAQ

[Nearby] Great God: Your mom! You even get summer homework in University?

[Nearby] White Lotus: QwQ. The characteristics of the university. 

[Nearby] Great God: I’ll do it 

As if he was afraid that Bai Lian Hua didn’t understand the meaning of those three words, he added another sentence.  

  [Nearby] Great God: I’ll help you with your homework.

  [Nearby] White Lotus: What a nice person! Song brother, I’m so touched! QAQ

Ah! Accidentally blurted out his inner thoughts.

  [Nearby] Great God: Actually, I went to the chemistry lab the other day to study fireworks but it looks like I overestimated myself……

  [Nearby] White Lotus: … It’s almost midnight, let’s hurry and set off the fireworks. 

  [Nearby] Great God: Humph, what a boring old man who cannot appreciate setting an atmosphere! 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: Your sister! Who was the one who said I was little? Your sister! If I’m an old man then college students all over world would cry!

Great God did not refute and just quietly lit a bunch of fireworks.  Purple fireworks bloomed across the night sky with a gorgeous light effect one by one. Even fireworks in reality could not compete with the games special effects. Bai Lian Hua zoomed out to appreciate the fireworks which lit up the sky.

At the very end, several sparking white characters appeared in the sky, “Bai Lian Hua, Happy Qixi Day. Song.”

  [Nearby] Great God: Beautiful? 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: Great God….With you doing this, I feel like a young lady who is getting wooed….

  [Nearby] Great God: You are not a girl! 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: In essence I think that I am as gentle and kind as a girl!

  [Nearby] Great God: …..Where is the logic!

  [Nearby] White Lotus: But Great God, even so, you shouldn’t try to woo me like a young lady okay? Seeing so many tragic stories in the current society, it’s obvious that nothing good that will come from two men being together! I think that it’s best for us not to be like that…….

There was no signs of movement in the chat box. After about two minutes, Song Qingge replied.

  [Nearby] Great God: Bai Lian Hua you actually knew everything, right?

Looking at the message from Great God, Bai Lian Hua fell silent. Did he know everything? In fact, it is not entirely true. There were quite a few rotten women in [Tong Meng Hui] including the vice guild leader Moon Is Round. Day and night, she would drag Bai Lian Hua around helping him find a good man. Under the care of Moon is Round, Bai Lian Hua also came to understand the concept of those rotten….rotten relationships.

It was a difficult time period for Bai Lian Hua who continuously expressed: I love women, I’m not gay. However, these words seemingly didn’t enter the ears of Moon is Round: “If you’re not gay, your life is incomplete! Without dabbling in it, it can’t be considered human and only a homo erectus!”Although Bai Lian Hua didn’t understand the relationship about being gay and human evolution, his instincts told him that it sounded pretty amazing.

Gradually, he felt that his mind had started to clear up. Bai Lian Hua may be dense but he is not an idiot. Considering the fact that he managed to get into a university despite playing games every day, his intelligence isn’t too bad.

Bai Lian Hua’s nickname at home is “Second Princess”. He got this nickname probably around the time when he was five or six year old when he, Bai Qingyi and a female cousin was playing a “Prince and Princess” game. The female cousin played the princess and when asked if he and Bai Qingyi wanted to be the prince, Bai Qingyi replied with a “Yes” whereas Bai Lian Hua very seriously announced that he wanted to be the princess! “Because being a prince is too tiring and a princess is not tiring!”explained Bai Lian Hua at the time

The group of parents laughed: “Bai Lian Hua is actually pretty smart!” “Where is he smart? It’s obviously because he is so lazy!”. The female cousin then said: “Ok, I will be the princess and you can be second princess!”……To this day, every time Bai Lian Hua came home he would hear his mother calling out: Second Princess~~

Since childhood, he would do his best to try and avoid trouble. Some may say that it is because he wishes for a smooth life but he himself knew that the main reason was because he is lazy to his very bones. This was also why he didn’t read mystery novels – it was a waste of his brain energy.

“To be liked.” He didn’t know how to describe this subtle feeling of his, especially when the other party is a man. And so, he would much rather act dumb and as if nothing had happened. However, the more you don’t want to face something and the more afraid you are of something happening, it will bound to happen. This was the so-called Murphy’s Law. 

Clearly it was best to just keep things the way it is. Why would you want to change it? Bai Lian Hua felt a sudden sense of powerlessness and his heart felt heavy to the point that he did not even have the strength to type

  [Nearby] Great God: Bai Lian Hua. 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: Here…. 

  [Nearby] Great God: Someone estimated that about 60% of people have homosexual tendencies and 3% are true homosexuals. 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: So? 

Bai Lian Hua suddenly had a bad feeling.

  [Nearby] Great God: Bai Lian Hua, I will bend you 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: Pffftt——— 

Can someone tell him how he should respond to Song Qingge?! Even if 99% of humanity have homosexual tendencies, he can swear on a pound of cucumbers that he is definitely in the remaining one percent! Er..…Most likely? Probably? Maybe? What’s with these self-doubts! He really doesn’t like men ah!

Just as Bai Lian Hua was trying to work out a response, Great God smoothly changed the topic.

  [Nearby] Great God: The Tao Hua Yuan instance is about to start. Let’s go. 

  [Nearby] White Lotus: …..Okay. 

What else could Bai Lian Hua say? All the words that was accumulating within Bai Lian Hua ended up being unspoken. Facing Song Qingge, he couldn’t help but feel more and more embarrassed.

The two arrived at Tao Hua River and formed a team. After a few yells inside the guild chat, Half Crazy Smile and Yun Yu also joined. It couldn’t be helped that compared to the other instances where the capacity was 10-12 players, the Tao Hua Yuan instance only allowed four players. According to Half Crazy Smile’s sources, the reason for the four player limit was because Li Shenzhou said….he couldn’t be bothered upgrading the fisherman’s boat……so. Hearing this, Bai Lian Hua once again sighed: Sure enough, it looks like many aspects of the game was decided by the technical departments by banging their heads on the table!

For some reason there weren’t many players attempting the Tao Hua Yuan instance this week. Others retreated after seeing the glowing figures of Great God and Half Crazy Smile. 

As someone who had done the instance before, Bai Lian Hua naturally instructed the leader, Song Qingge, of what to do.

  [Team] White Lotus: Great God, later when we arrive, choose to talk to the fisherman ten times.

  [Team] Yun Yu: What a f*cking online game. Rather than “Shenzhou Shenlu”, this game should be changed to “F*cking Notes”instead.

  [Team] Half Crazy Smile: Fortunately, I didn’t promise to join the game’s R&D ‘_>’ 

….The boat slowly floated across and reached its destination after two minutes. The three men hopped off the boat one after another however Great God did not react and still remained sitting on the boat even half a minute later.

  [Team] Yun Yu: Mr. Hand/yin! We’ve arrived! 

  [Team] White Lotus: Why are you not getting off? 

Suddenly, a ridiculous speculation appeared in Bai Lian Hua’s mind: Could it be because his feelings were hurt he couldn’t take it anymore and……..cough, the idea was so ridiculous that even Bai Lian Hua had no words.

If it was just a minute or two, then it could possibly be due to the game freezing and if six or seven minutes had passed, then perhaps Great God went to the bathroom, however ten minutes had passed and Great God had not moved………It was really too strange.

  [Team] Yun Yu: Don’t tell me he fell in his toilet?

  [Team] Half Crazy Smile: At this rate he probably didn’t fall into his toilet and fell into Songhua River…….

  [Team] Half Crazy Smile: That’s right, did you guys hear about the ten million dead pigs that fell into Song Hua River?

  [Team] Yunyu: It might actually be constipation! For young children things like constipation and acne is very common.

  [Team] White Lotus: … 

  [Team] Half Crazy Smile: …..Who has Great God’s phone number? Just call and ask. Maybe Great God is stuck because he ran out of toilet paper……

Song Qingge’s phone number? Hearing Half Crazy Smile’s words, Bai Lian Hua remembered that he got Song Qingge’s number when he said that he would return his money! 

Thinking of this, Bai Lian Hua took out his mobile phone and pulled up the address book to find it….After a while, he finally saw the name Song Qingge third last on his contacts.

After thinking for a while Bai Lian Hua pressed the dial button. The ringing sound echoed back into his ears as he pinched at his clothes nervously. After about thirty or forty seconds, a voice finally came through the other end of the call.

  ”Sorry, I just fell asleep.” As if he knew why Bai Lian Hua was calling, he didn’t wait for Bai Lian Hua to ask and spoke directly. His tone was calm as usual with no hint of any emotion however Bai Lian Hua on the other end nearly sprayed out blood.

Brother Song, your living standards are really proper…I apologise to the motherland for dragging the young hopeful youth to join me in pulling an all-nighter……

       Bai Lian Hua restrained his laugh with difficulty, cleared his throat and replied seriously: “Okay. See you at the instance. Bye bye~”. Song Qingge replied with an “En” and just as Bai Lian Hua wanted to hang up, he heard Song Qingge’s voice on the other end.

  ”Bai Lian Hua, why don’t you go out with me for a try?” Song Qingge said. 

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