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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 - The Day of the Finals


It was night, the moon was bright and the stars were few. The coastal road was filled with cars. And yet, beneath the orange street lights, there was a rented bicycle speeding speeding along the road.

A huge rabbit doll was sitting on the top tube in front of Chen Min, nestling in his chest just like a lover. As for Dream Jade, she was sitting in the back seat, embracing Chen Min’s waist with a single arm, and leaning on his back. When the wind blew past her legs, it would cause her short skirt to flutter up, her zebra striped stockings flashing a halo of light that attracted wolves.

Dream Jade’s arbitrary release of that driver caused Chen Min to have fish bone stuck in his throat[1]. However, he wasn’t worried that that kind of trash could cause him any problems. He just really wanted to know, how such a mentally impaired fanboy could find his whereabouts twice within two days. This definitely could not be explained by good luck.

He originally wanted to use some interrogation techniques from the battlefield to obtain information, but with Dream Jade, this kind of obstinate superstar, he had no chance to.

He rapidly biked Dream Jade back to the villa. Naturally, Xiao Yi was already there and chatting with Wu Neng. Dream Jade was tired, so she directly went upstairs to rest while hugging the rabbit doll which was even taller than her. Chen Min on the other hand, somberly sat opposite Wu Neng

“What do you plan on doing? Wu Neng asked.

“From now onwards, Miss Dream Jade’s protection level will be increased. I have to know her schedule 12 hours in advance, including a list of who she’s going to meet and their personal information.” Chen Min said frankly.

“What? Did that driver scare you? Xiao Yi already told me what happened. All though the fan was a crackpot, but aren’t you a bit too cowardly?” Wu Neng said with a tinge of disdain.

“What’s worrying me isn’t that fatass, but rather the real criminal behind that guy.”

“You didn’t find out who it was?” Wu Neng finally got serious.

“I didn’t have the chance, but no matter, I know he’ll make his move again. But next time, he’ll regret provoking me.” Chen Min callously said.

“I also want to see, which bastard dared to touch my client?” This was the first time that Wu Neng and Chen Min had a kind of tacit agreement.

Seeing this pair of top notch cold smiles, Xiao Yi unconsciously shivered.

On the fourth day, Wu Neng finally began to trust this bodyguard that did not want money. He not only told Chen Min the schedule 12 hours in advance, he even gave Chen Min the job of deciding the route. Although the route Chen Min plotted wasted an extra 5 to 10 minutes, the case of them being followed never happened again.

The finals got closer day by day. Dream Jade was so busy that even her sleeping time was pushed down to the lower limit. Every day she was interviewed non-stop, had to dance without pause, and sing without stopping. She was tired and dizzy in the toilet, and was exhausted to the point where she couldn’t even hold her chopsticks. Suddenly, when she was talking about how the finals would progress, she had a 39.8°C fever and fell asleep in this way……

What Wu Neng did for her was to wake her up and continue her unfinished work. As for Chen Min, he became a full-time nurse, and attentively took care of her body condition. It was hard to imagine how such a delicate girl was so tough. The work intensity was already so high that it threatened to tear her apart, and yet Dream Jade didn’t say a single complaint.

In her view, this was what a celebrity should be. Only through putting in one hundred times as much effort as normal people, could they be worthy of their fan’s admiration. These two days, Xiao Yi accompanied Dream Jade,causing her to lose interest in Wu Neng’s proposal. Even Xiao Yi, who could for the sake of shooting more accurately, train until her arm cramped, wasn’t willing to practice the same action on stage 200 times just to please others.

On the 7th day, the day of the competition arrived. Since early morning, the outside of the stadium was completely surrounded by fan groups, the media, old grandmas selling glow sticks and ticket scalpers all came at the appointed time. Several local channels even interrupted their regularly scheduled programs from time to time to report about the event. It was as if the World Cup’s finals were about to be held there.

The concert’s security was also not bad. Apart from a mobile security team every 30m watching the stage, there was even a human wall made out of as many as 30 security guards surrounding the stage.

“With this kind of lineup, it shouldn’t reach our turn to act right?” In front of the audience area, Xiao Yi said as she followed Chen Min in familiarizing herself with the event venue. Seeing the lineup of security guards up ahead, Xiao Yi had the pleasurable feeling of having her job stolen.

“Before the contract expires, we have to go all out! This is a duty.” Chen Min meticulously checked the environment. He even used measuring instruments.

“Up to you. That said, once it’s over, what are you going to do? Do you want to continue being Dream Jade’s bodyguard? I can see that she likes you quite a bit.” Asked with her hands in her pocket while looking elsewhere.

“The Chen Family Bodyguard Service undertakes all kinds of protection missions, but has never worked with the same person more than once. Even though I don’t know why, but this is dad’s rule. I have to respect it.” Chen Min calmly replied.

“If Dream Jade knew about this rule, she would definitely be very sad.” Xiao Yi sighed lightly.

“She won’t know, because I‘ll quietly leave. I don’t plan on saying goodbye.” Chen Min finally finished checking the stage. He kept away his tools and said,” let’s go! Back to the dressing room.”

“Emotionless machine…… Just what kind of sin must be committed in the past life, to blindly fall for you, this thing, in this one?” Xiao Yi softly said to herself.

“My ears are very good, don’t talk bad about me behind my back, be careful, I might just dock your pay.” Chen Min had already walked 5m away.

“Am I even getting paid?” Xiao Yi coldly laughed before catching up to him. 

The contestants' dressing rooms for the finals were actually once a lounge used by an entire football team. A room meant for 20+ people was given to a single person to use luxuriously.

The makeup time was almost over, but Wu Neng still had 10+ workers standing outside the door, queuing up like gay people outside a park’s lady's room.

“what's going on?” Xiao Yi curiously asked.

“Dream Jade is currently trying on clothes, she said she wants to see Chen Min, alone. Please come in, my great bodyguard.” Wu Neng personally opened the entrance to the dressing room for Chen Min.

Chen Min, not thinking much about it, walked into the dimly lit dressing room where costumes could be seen everywhere. Only the space just in front of the wide dressing mirror was lit by white incandescent bulbs.

“Dream Jade?"

*Just a minute!" Behind a screen, Dream Jade was hurriedly changing clothes. However, despite struggling for a long time, she still hadn't finished. She could only depressedly walk out from behind the screen with both her hands covering her chest.

Today, she was wearing a tight skirt that had inlaid crystal pieces, and she was wearing thin high-heeled shoes which also had the same crystal pieces embedded on them. This let the loli that was only 1.55m appear tall, and full of mature charm.

“What is it?” Chen Min softly asked.

“My zipper’s jammed, help me pull it up.” Dream Jade felt wronged as she turned around, exposing her smooth S-sized back.

Along with the sound of the zipper being zipped up, Dream Jade’s heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up, her cheek turning red like a young lady.

“I’ve pulled it up, I’ll be leaving now.” Chen Min wanted to leave.
“Stop right there! I didn’t look you up to seduce you!” Dream Jade pulled the corner of Chen Min’s shirt.

“Is there anything else?” There were times when Chen Min couldn't understand a young lady’s heart.

“Here, for you.” Dream Jade put an SD card into Chen Min’s palm.

“What’s this?” Chen Min said with doubt.

“Brat, you're very lucky. This contains the recording of my new song, which I originally planned to use for the finals. However, even though the composer liked it, Wu Neng insisted on a pop song. Therefore, after I vent my anger I will never sing this song again. You've been with me for so long, and saved me a few times, this can be considered a gift for you.

If you are lacking money, just take this and sell it to a music company. It should be enough to buy a suite on Fifth Ring Road.” Dream Jade laughed, “Of course, I don't wish for you to do this.”

“Understood, I'll keep it properly.” Chen Min kept the SD card in his pocket, then turned around and left.

“Pa!” Dream Jade jumped up and hit Chen Min’s forehead, “Idiot, who wants you to keep it away?! You need to listen to it, listen to it, understand?”

“You... don’t randomly attack people that you are no match for, only I wouldn't hit back.” Chen Min frowned as he rubbed his forehead.

“Knowing that you won't, and still not bullying you? Do you take me for an idiot?” Dream Jade asked, pleased with herself.

But right then, a large amount of workers flashed past Chen Min and entered the dressing room, then began working busily. While Dream Jade may be a celebrity to others, to them, she was just their working platform. Her most beautiful appearance was treated as the sign for them to continue working. Chen Min who could be said to have been forced out by them, conveniently closed the door

“What did she look you up for?” Outside, Wu Neng casually asked.

“Her zipper was stuck, she asked me to help her with it.” Chen Min said without a word more. 

The night silently arrived and the audience completely packed the stadium. The tens of thousands of people were all waving glow sticks and making signs which said “You can do it ” with neon lights. The event area’s atmosphere heated up to its highest point very early on.

The audience was so excited that it seemed like they had been injected with chicken’s blood, but all the staff were so anxious it was like they were about to give birth. The four judges sat on magnificent chairs, whereas Quick Mouth Hua was repeatedly alternating between drinking ice water and hot water to stimulate his tongue. Before this guy became a host, he must have been working at Dong Guan.[2]

There were still 10mins till the event started, but the sounds of cheering of “Dream Jade” and “Green Tea” resounded through the night sky. With the benefit of knowing Dream Jade, Chen Min and Xiao Yi sat on the VIP seats beside the stage, and the people surrounding them were all people from the “rich and famous social circle”. They were different from those audience members holding VIP tickets, crowding around the stage and shouting. They not only had places to sit, but also attendants responsible for pouring tea and water for them. They were all sitting on sofas, and had air conditioners to drive away the heat of Lin Hai’s city’s nighttime.

Xiao Yi saw many superstars, some of which even took the initiative to start a conversation with her, making her feel embarrassed. On the other hand, Chen Min was leisurely sitting on his seat contentedly, putting the SD card that Dream Jade gave him into his phone, then wearing a pair of earphones.

What Dream Jade definitely would not expect, was that because of his job as a professional bodyguard[3], Chen Min would never let both of his ears be fully covered, and he would also not listen to any songs, because it would lower his awareness towards the surroundings.
But because of Dream Jade’s good intentions, he pressed the play button of a music software for the first time. The simple guitar sounds, just like the sounds of nature’s voice, and those lyrics…...It turns out that, people don't necessarily have to be begging for their feelings to be visibly sincere.

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