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Chapter 15

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When concert formally started, fireworks could be seen from 5 kilometres away, and the sound of cheering reached the sky.

At the moment where the venue was noisy, Zhao Qian parked his taxi next to the curb behind the carpark, and hung a sign that said “No service”.

Zhao Qian, who was nervous to the point where his palms were full of sweat, dialled a number, “Hello? I’m here. Benefactor, where are you?”

“Listen to the sound, I’m inside the stadium.” The background noise in the phone call belonged to the celebrities who were currently singing live.

“Benefactor, are we really going to do this? I feel that this just isn’t right…” Zhao Qian timidly said.

“Relax, you’re just the backup plan. We might not even need your assistance. Remember, as long as Dream Jade doesn’t become the champion, she’ll leave the entertainment industry and become a normal girl. At that time, you guys might actually find some common ground.
Or do you want her to win and bring that perverted bodyguard to have fun1
[1] with her every night? ” The voice sneered.

“No way! I absolutely cannot let Miss Dream Jade get violated by that sort of man—she’s so delicate, so petite... her body won’t be able to handle it!” Zhao Qian was already firmly grasped within the palm of the speaker.

“That’s all. Just wait patiently.” After it finished speaking, the voice hung up.

While the finals of《China’s Wonderful Sound》were still in progress, the disqualified contestants were collectively singing on-stage, with some celebrities who were present even performing to show support. Even instructors personally sang some songs. It could be seen just how lively it was. However, this was merely an appetizer before the main course. Everyone had been eagerly anticipating for the last two finalists to get on stage as soon as possible the whole time.

Suddenly, after the contestants, celebrities and instructors had finished singing all of the popular songs, all the lights on-stage went out, except for a single one in the middle of the stage. Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths.

The symphony orchestra started playing a touching musical accompaniment, the song,《Snow Buries the Flower》, and all of the fans began to cheer excitedly .

The only thing that could be seen was Dream Jade slowly rising from a black hole in the middle of the stage, with a microphone in her hands. Even though the familiar 《Snow Buries the Flowers》was only 4 years old, when Dream Jade had initially created the song, it had been to pay respect to classical love songs, so it had the same simple charm of old songs from the 90s.

Listening to it once again after a long time, the feeling was akin to having their loved ones return home from a faraway place. Which caused some people to be unable to stop from having tears appear in their eyes. Some fans who were emotionally moved started to cry uncontrollably—both for the grievances that Dream Jade had suffered along the way, and for her constant difficulties.

Dream Jade was just like a princess today. She was wearing a short dress with sparkling crystals and Cinderella-esque glass slippers. Her clothing today was as if it was the day of her nirvana.

“Lil sis’ Dream Jade truly is quite good-looking, and her song is also pleasant to hear.” Xiao Yi, who was below the stage, was quickly intoxicated by the song, while Chen Min who was still wearing his earphones, set his phone’s music player to loop a single song continuously.

The four judges were deeply convinced by Dream Jade’s singing skill, but after all, this was a concert, and opening with such a sad and slow song affected the atmosphere. The judges wanted to deduct her marks in the audience control category. 

Before the judges, who were already prepared to make a statement and instruct her, could react, the symphony spontaneously stopped, and the rock band on the other side immediately started playing an extremely dynamic accompany. Over ten backup dancers jumped on the stage, and, like gangsters, ripped the clothes that Dream Jade was wearing into shreds. The fans who were In the front row felt like going upstage and beating them up.

But as soon as all of the lighting on stage lit up, Dream Jade could be seen amongst a pile of shattered crystals. All that was left on her body was a bandaged-style swimsuit and a pair of crystal slippers. This stunning appearance had been similar to the female character’s appearance in the 《The Fifth Element》. The most important part to her delicate breasts had been covered up while the parts below and above the arcs of the bandage could be seen quite clearly.

Although she did not have busty boobs or a round ass of a sex figure, there was still an alluring appeal which was radiating from her entire body. Regardless of gender, everyone was completely spellbound.

Dream Jade appeared to be a little embarrassed, as a profuse blush could be seen on her small face. Lifting up her right arm high into the air, she yelled out loud, “Let’s get high!!”
She still sung 《Snow Buries the Flower》, but coordinated it with dynamic dancing and musical arrangement, transforming the earlier sorrowful emotion into the hottest of flames, so hot that even the judges had begun to sway to the beat of her song.

Dream Jade staked it all. She, who was not familiar with these types of fiery dances, danced a sensual split, really selling off her short legs and A-cup breasts. Her bashful red face which was simply exquisite..

Once the song finished, the whole audience exploded into a thunder-like applause. Even the judges’ comments were interrupted by the cheering sounds, and all kinds of compliments were given to Dream Jade. She received a score of 9.6 after comprehensive evaluation.

After thanking the country and instructor, the panting Dream Jade turned around and headed backstage. Her eyes couldn’t help but look towards Chen Min who was seated in the VIP area. His appearance while listening to the song made her unable to help exposing a smile.

“I never would’ve thought that this big sister who is used to slow songs would actually switch to fast songs. You’ve worked really hard.” At the entrance to the backstage, Green Tea who had changed into a white evening dress stood there.

“Green Tea, just for today, can we not fight with words, and instead rely on our own strength in a fair competition?” Dream Jade sighed and asked for peace.

“Rely on our strength? Do you really think you can beat me?” Green Tea disdainfully walked on stage.

Tonight was a real shocker. Dream Jade who was conservative and liked slow songs, decided to start with a fiery dance, whereas Green Tea who loved exposing skin and fast dances decided to wear a long dress, and started by singing a classical slow song,《Itchy》[2].

There wasn’t a single backup dancer. The stage’s backdrop was changed to that of a bamboo forest on a rainy day. A symphony made up of Gu Zheng, Er Hu and flute showcased traditional 
East Asian culture

The streaks of rain falling down from the sky swiftly soaked Green Tea’s evening dress. At that moment, everyone understood. Green Tea not selling her body was all an act! The almost transparent white one piece dress was completely stuck to her wheat coloured skin, and the sole thing on her lower body was a G-string Thong. As for her upper body, there were only two pasties covering her nipples.
The audience was focused on her as she sang and danced. She used the performance style of a western drama[3]. Every time she lifted her leg, it would go over her head, and every time she threw back her body, it looked like her beelike waist would break. As the audience were watching until their faces were red and their hearts jumped, they still had to worry about whether or not her leg would stretch out too much, causing every part to tear.

Taking another look at 《Itchy》’s lyrics, “Come on, live happy, there’s plenty of time anyway. Come on, the feeling of love, there’s plenty of stupidity and conceit(lust) anyway”
Note: Lyrics are not meant to be translated go listen to the song yourself.

Today, Green Tea danced very slowly to ensure that every single member of the audience could see every inch of her skin. Moreover, she even hugged one of the bamboo trees and started a chinese style pole dance. Her arms were full of strength, which she used to twist her body into a skywalk[3]. Dream Jade couldn’t not admit that Green Tea getting to the finals, apart from having enough a strong enough backing, was also because she herself was indeed quite capable.

Seeing this, the last two instructors which were male couldn’t not sit cross-legged to cover up their abnormally protruding crotch area. Naturally, Green Tea received 9.8 points and for the time being, gained a lead on Dream Jade.

The second song, Dream Jade returned to singing slow songs. The stage backdrop was changed to that of a school, and she sang 《My Old Classmate》[4]. Dream Jade, who looked like a green jade of a small family[5], went up on stage wearing a youthful sailor uniform. Along with the male backup dancer, she used lyrics and dance steps to depict a bittersweet, long lasting love of a boy and a girl. Evoking the childhood memories of quite a few people, which earned her a total of 9.8 points.

Green Tea also returned to her identity of queen of quick dances, and sang Korea’s Long Leg Era’s 《TAXI》. She sang loudly and danced exaggeratedly. Worthy of being called someone who spent a long time in Korea, Green Tea’s Korean was of an exceedingly high standard. It was completely due to her professional training, she got a total points of 9.8, breaking even with Dream Jade.

The third song was selected by the opponent. The two students finally stood on the same stage. Green Tea faced the instructors and audience with a smile, then said, “since today is so lively, then I’ll also choose the best song from that singing session,《Xiao San》[6]

As soon as that song’s name came out, the whole venue immediately broke up into multiple discussions. Even Quick Mouth Hua could smell the thick scent of gunpowder. Moreover, this song was not one of the 10 given to the opponent to choose from.

“As long as you say you can’t, you have the power to request that she changes it.” Quick Mouth Hua whispered in Dream Jade’s ear.

“Forget it, only today, I’m in an especially good mood so I won’t whine about it.” Dream Jade nodded to show that she accepted. The stage was once again given to Dream Jade. The third song was sung without any dancing or acting and even removed all music. It was just her using her true voice to desperately battle it out.

On the stage, under the spotlights, Dream Jade held the microphone in her hand as she faced the 10,000+ audience members with a smile and said, “before I start singing, I want to take this chance to clear up that misunderstanding from three years back. Presumably everyone is clear on that event that had me labelled a mistress. Of course lil sis Green Tea who chose that song for me is definitely the most clear.” Laughter broke out beneath the stage.

“That’s right, Liang Jun and I were in love, but I was not a mistress. The excuse he gave me was that he was already divorced, he even guaranteed that he was single with a devout oath. Only after he did so did I then begin my period of passion. If I knew that he was that kind of bad person, I definitely wouldn’t have been a girl that affected someone else’s marriage. Towards love, I too have a bottom line.

So today, would everyone please listen to me sing 《xiao san》[7]. Let’s see if I have the slightest sense of guilt okay?”

Without any music, Dream Jade started a beat using a single hand by snapping her fingers. Singing with a clear and distinct voice for such a common rock ‘n roll was quite refreshing and refined. The most powerful thing was that after casting away her many years of pain and burden, even the sound felt like it was flying. She got another 9.8 points, and garnered an enthusiastic applause from the whole venue. It was not only because of the song, but also because of Dream Jade’s honesty and frankness. This was exactly the quality which was hardest to obtain in the entertainment industry.

“It is impolite to not reciprocate, since you helped me choose a good song, then I obviously have to do the same for you, how about you come and sing 《Pleasant Goat》[8]!” Dream Jade smiled and countered. The song, similar to what Green Tea picked, also not one of the 10 given to the opponent to choose from. However, if Green Tea said she could not sing this, then she really would be laughed at to no end.

Green Tea who was unhappy because her trickery did not succeed, had a black face. Adding on that singing without anything else was her weak point, 《Pleasant Goat》was sung so badly she lost her standard. Total of 9.6 points.

For the next three songs, Green Tea, who was originally expected to win, unexpectedly tied with Dream Jade.

“Just you wait, for the last song, I will make you die so hideously...” After getting down from the stage, Green Tea’s face had a sinister look.

“I don’t know how hideously I can die, but you are quite hideous right now. go fix your makeup.” Dream Jade was crossed her arms in front of her chest and said with a smile. 

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