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Chapter 30

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God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 30: The Father and The Daughter


Xiao Yi haven’t had her breakfast, as she was busy with running her jeep after Fang Yuan. It’s 7 in the morning, so it was very crowed on streets. But this doesn’t make any difference to Fang Yuan who won the EBR road race.
Her driving skills are so good, so she always drive through the crowd along the ground mark. If Xiao Yi didn’t study the high-speed chase, she would probably be dropped.
But Fang Yuan didn’t go to school, she went to a boxing hall called Guang Rong. This place was the best place for studying boxing, as it used to help kids study boxing. Fang Yuan would study here.
Since the old owner passed away because of a heart disease, the boxing hall became worse and worse every day. Barely any teachers were left.
Then Fang Yuan was bought here by the old owner’s wife, just keeping  herself a training place and a memory of her childhood.
Fang Yuan changed her clothes and tied up the bandage. She started today’s Muay Thai exercise, every beat a vent for her. Fang Yuan leaned Muay Thai not only because she wanted to protect her mother, but also because she wanted to vent off the anger to this world, or, to her ATM father.
Xiao Yi went to the coffee shop on the third floor in the opposite building so she would be able to see Fang Yuan’s exercise.
“Waiter, a cup of latte and a sandwich.” Shen Ming quietly sat opposite of the table and smiled, “Do you want to eat anything?”
“Nope.” Xiao Yi looked at Fang Yuan, who was training: “ this girl trained almost every day, maybe that’s why her Kung Fu is so good.”
“But in fact, I don’t like her living her life like this. It’s too regular so it’s easy to being attacked. I meant if she was a girl who liked being lazy and staying at home, I think it will be easier for us to protect her.” Shen Ming said while eating his sandwich.
“You must have gotten a lot of money since yesterday. How many did she give you?” Xiao Yi saw all of it from her telescope yesterday.
“20,000 I guess? I’ve asked Li Chang Xiu, Fang Shi Quan gave his baby daughter at least 1,000,000 every month since she 14 years old, and never asked how she was going to spend it. Fang Yuan can’t use up that money clean even if she tried hard…”
“We are both girls. My pocket money was only 10 yuan everyday, it’s so unfair.” Xiao Yi laughs.
“I have classes today. Going back to school now, ah, this is the overtime pay for you.” Shen Ming gave Xiao Yi an envelope and left.
“That’s very kind of you.” Xiao Yi opened the envelope excitedly, but her smile numbed in a second. she found only two hundred yuan in that big envelope… “Waiter, I’ll be paying the meal.”
“Good morning, you spent 150 yuan in toal.”
“What? I just order a glass of water!”
“Your friend order a cup of latte, a sandwich, and a tuna with caviar supreme hamburger before he left just now.”
“…alright, here you go.” Xiao Yi smiled awkwardly and gave the waiter that envelope.
At this time, the other side of city, Fang Shi Quan was sitting on the back seat of his Escalade commercial vehicle, drinking coffee while checking the files.
When they were waiting for the traffic light, a roar of motorcycle caught Fang Shi Quan’s attention. He noticed a thin girl, wearing the uniform from Polaris Noble School with a helmet, was riding an EBR Motorcycle.
“Fang Yuan?” Fang Shi Quan instinctively rolled down the car window .
“No!” Li Chang Xiu shouted. The knight took out a silencer from the uniform, the bullet flying through the edge of the bullet-proof glasses into the carriage. Before the killer shot again, Li Chang Xiu already jumped out the car from the window of the front seat, and kicked the killer to the trash can in corner from the motorcycle. The killer’s helmet fell off.
That killer was not Fang Yuan. It wasn’t even a woman, but just a thin and tall man.
Those cars behind them knew there was something seriously happening, so they all left quickly.
“Offend Xin Sheng Lian, you won’t have a happy ending…” the killer tried to stand up, but to no avail.
“Just think of your own ending now.” Li Chang Xiu said with a calm face.
The killer shouted, horrified. His fingers were all broken, he probably couldn’t use his hands from now on.  After the killer swooned, Li Chang Xiu went back to car.
“Those rogue even dressed up like my daughter to kill me…” Fang Shi Quan trembled, but not because of fear.
“Boss, it seemed like they already started to use weapons. Do you need me to contact the police commissioner?” Li Chang Xiu asked.
“ No, we are both from the underground, so there’s no need for police…but they started it first, do not blame my viciousness this time. Call ‘old Feng’. It’s time for them to repay me.” Fang Shi Quan said calmly.
“Boss, isn’t this such a waste for ‘Old Feng ’’s repay? I can call some of my old friends from corps, just one night…” Fang Shi Quan shook his head before Li Chang Xiu finishes his words.
“Chang Xiu, don’t do these things anymore. You are a bodyguard now, not a killer. Just let somebody else who likes killing handle this.” Fang Shi Quan remind him gently, ”Also, help me cancel all activities tonight. I have something important to deal.”
“Yes, boss.” Li Chang Xiu went into the car fast. The killer tied down on the trash can.
That meal made Fang Yuan friendlier to Shen Ming. In the past, Fang Yuan slept on the table all the time no matter what class it was. But today, she was sober and was looking out of window the entirety of Shen Ming’s class.
Although when Shen Ming questioned her, she still placed her middle finger on Shen Ming, but that’s not a hostile sigh anymore.
Shen Ming ate that expensive hamburger at lunch time. Xiao Yi really wanted to kick his face…
Today was a peaceful day, no more fierce free combat class. Fang Yuan didn’t meet killers or little rogues who tred to rob her, and the wound of her eyes are get much better.
Fang Yuan saw Shen Ming in the elevator again. Shen Ming smiled, “Hello.” Fang Yuan stopped for 10 seconds and answered, “En.” It seemed like Fang Yuan didn’t hate this teacher anymore.
But this peaceful scene stopped as soon as the elevator reached the 16th floor. Li Chang Xiu was standing in the hall and smiled, “Long time no see, Miss Fang.”
Fang Yuan’s face became cold again. She took her bag and walked fast to her home.
“Let me help you, Miss Fang.” Li Chang Xiu wanted to help her carry her bag.
“Go away, flunky. I can do it on my own.” Fang Yuan opened the door and quickly closed it with a loud noise.
There were only two men left in the hall. “Why are you here… oh no, your boss is here too?” Shen Ming asked.
“He is in the apartment.” Li Chang Xiu sighed.
Fang Yuan saw the man sitting on the sofa, with a few files on his hand. He sat this way for almost 10 years, just like a statue.
Fang Yuan didn’t say anything and walked straight to her bedroom.
“Fang Yuan…” her father called.
“are you calling me, Mr. ATM?” Fang Yuan didn’t even turn her head.
“Can we just have a talk? Do not be so hostile, no matter what, I am still your father.” Fang Shi Quan said gently.
“Mr. ATM, remember what you told me when I left home two years ago? You swore that you never wanted to see me again.” Fang Yuan went back to living room finally.
“That’s because I was so angry. I didn’t want you to leave me.”
“Did you know why I left home? Because you were still having a fucking meeting with your company when mother died that day! You didn’t even have time to see her! Look how cool you are! The richest person in Lin Hai City who is the super boss, still having meetings with the company when his wife was dead! What about mother? She gave you everything all those years, but the time that you are with her is much less than you were with your flunky!” Fang Yuan shouted angrily.
“Pay attention to your words! I’m your father, you are a girl, stop saying these rude things!” Fang Shi Quan stands up angrily.
“I just want to tell you what you did. People like you shouldn’t have a wife and child. You should go fuck with money and take the stock futures as your child!”
“Slap!”  Fang Yuan got a ringing slap on her face, she cried but not because of the pain.

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