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Chapter 971: 971

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As Lin Xiu fell under the battle platform below, the terrifying energy rays also impacted Lin Xiu’s body.

Suddenly there was a loud noise.

The whole platform was shaken by this.

Moreover, the platform was made of special materials and was said that it can’t easily destroyed but at the moment, there were a lot of cracks on it.

Because of the terrifying impact, a lot of smoke and dust flew around.


Huangfu Tian and Huangfu Lin, who were high in the sky, showed a faint smile.

It seems that for them, dealing with this kind of warrior is simply an easy task.


Wang Qiang saw this scene on the battlefield below, his eyes were red and he roared loudly.

Although the time spent with Lin Xiu is not very long.

But he really regarded Lin Xiu as his mentor.

Looking at this scene now, he was extremely angry, but he could do nothing.


Wu Hao also opened his eyes at this time.

The scene in front of him was really shocking.

Lin Xiu was so mysterious and powerful before. He never thought that he could not escape the fate of being killed in the end.

“It’s a pity…”

Wu Hao sighed.

If Lin Xiu wins, he will be able to help him find the Angel’s Tears.

And the people of Divine Domain probably would not cooperate with him.

“After all, the power of the warrior god is impossible to defeat.”

The Respected warrior beside him said aloud at this time.

Looking at the sky, Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian, whose whole bodies exuded a faint golden light, also had a look of fear in their eyes.

That kind of power was really too powerful.

It’s unattainable…

“Is this the power of the warrior god?”

And just when everyone thought that Lin Xiu was killed by that terrifying blow, a voice came from the place where the thick dust covered the battlefield.

Taking a closer look, a figure slowly appeared.


Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian, ​​who were suspended in the air, frowned slightly at this time.

They also clearly felt the breath of life below.

Not only did Lin Xiu not die, but his power seemed to have grown stronger.


Huangfu Lin sneered at this time.


Wang Qiang, who was originally very angry and wanted to rush up, shouted excitedly when he saw that Lin Xiu seemed totally fine.

At the same time, as the dust dissipated, Lin Xiu’s figure was fully revealed.

At this time, Lin Xiu’s muscles tightened.

‘Fury’ The skill was displayed and his power has skyrocketed exponentially.

Because the sky suddenly darkened, the ‘Power of the Stars’ also activated instantly.

In the darkened sky, all of a sudden, stars appeared.

The power of those bright stars all converged towards Lin Xiu below.

“He knows how to use the ‘God descend’ too!?”

The warrior beside Wu Hao opened his eyes wide and said incredulously.

“This should be a skill…”

Although Wu Hao was a little unclear, it was obvious that Lin Xiu did not use the so-called “God Descend”.

Soon, as the power of the stars poured into his body, a majestic sense of power made Lin Xiu exhale.

Looking at Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian floating in the sky, his eyes were full of fighting intent.

“This kid is a little weird.”

Huangfu Tian and Huangfu Lin watched this scene and their eyes became obviously cautious.

“Kill him directly without hesitation.”

The moment Huangfu Tian spoke, his whole body seemed to have turned into a ball of light, charging directly towards Lin Xiu below!



Looking at Huangfu Tian who turned into a ball of light and instantly appeared in front of him, Lin Xiu snorted coldly and waved the Dark Edge spear with both hands!

boom boom boom —

With the swinging of the Dark Edge spear, a burst of flaming birds burst forth.

Huangfu Tian originally wanted to attack Lin Xiu, but at this moment, he felt the extremely terrifying temperature from the flame bird and his expression changed slightly.

He moved and dodged directly!

“Come here!”

Huangfu Lin, who was in the air, looked at the warriors around him at this time and stretched out his right hand. The long swords in the warriors’ hands, suddenly trembled uncontrollably.

“What is going on…”

Some warriors felt this strange thing and their expressions suddenly changed.

Whoosh whoosh—

In the next moment, no matter how hard they gripped, the long swords in their hands flew directly into the air.


As Huangfu Lin waved his hand again, a large number of long swords instantly gathered in the sky, all charging toward Lin Xiu!

“What a terrifying skill!”

The surrounding warriors exclaimed in surprise.

“‘Freezing the Distance’!!!”

Lin Xiu shouted coldly.

The Dark Edge spear in his hand burst out with white light.

The Heart of Frost activated and the surrounding air became frozen in an instant.

A lot of snowflakes fell from the sky.

Moreover, the ‘Ice and Snow’ source mark was inscribed on the Dark Edge spear.

When releasing ice and snow skill, the skill power became stronger!

clack clack——

With a clear and crisp sound, the entire battlefield was sealed by ice!

And the thousands of long swords combined and charged like a giant dragon, were all frozen in an instant.

Like an ice and snow bridge hanging across the sky.

On the ground, Huangfu Tian’s entire body also turned into an ice sculpture.

But soon, a lot of cracks appeared on the ice sculpture.


With a clear sound, the entire ice sculpture burst in an instant!

The figure of Huangfu Tian rushed out again.

“Damn boy…”

Huangfu Tian said breathlessly.

Obviously, he was not feeling well after being blocked by ice just now.

“You old fellow, it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to do it anymore. You actually got hit with this kid’s skill.”

Huangfu Lin said coldly in the air.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for this body being too weak and unable to handle our strength, I would have killed this kid long ago.”

Huangfu Tian’s face also turned gloomy.

“to be frank.”

“You guys’ strength is a little weak.”

At this moment, because of the influence of the power of the stars, Lin Xiu, whose whole body was exuding white light, spoke to them indifferently.

“This kid… really arrogant…”

Hearing Lin Xiu’s insults, Wu Hao couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed.

“Courting death!!!”

The expressions of Huangfu Lin and Huangfu Tian changed drastically at this time. If their bodies were on this planet, they would be able to directly destroy all the warriors on this planet, how could they be ridiculed by Lin Xiu?

They roared angrily and the strength of their whole body burst out and they were about to kill Lin Xiu directly!

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