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Chapter 346: It’s My Turn Again, Right?

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Chapter 346: It’s My Turn Again, Right?


The tip of the spear collided with the fist he swayed and a loud noise exploded in a moment.

Lin Xiu felt that the Dark Edge Spear in his hand shook suddenly and his hand went numb.

The fist of this guy could go against the tip of his Dark Edge spear!?

“Ahahaha, this is the effect of the latest type of liquid!!!” The middle-aged man couldn’t help laughing out loud when he saw Lin Xiu’s shocked expression.

And Luo Yue was already attacking another man at this time!

She was very fast and at this moment, she rushed to the man!


When the long sword in her hand was about to chop the man’s body, the man retreated to the back.

There was still a lingering fear on his face. If he hadn’t reacted fast just now, he would have probably been killed by Luo Yue’s sword.

He looked at the small transparent bottle that the middle-aged man threw to him just now and looked at the blue liquid inside, without any hesitation, he opened his mouth and poured the blue into his mouth!


After he swallowed the blue liquid, his eyes suddenly widened and the look on his face become nasty.

At this moment, Luo Yue had already charged over!

Holding the sword in her hand, she continued to chop the man’s body!

Seeing this scene, the man had no way of escaping and his right hand blocked the sword.


But at this time, he was surprised to find that Luo Yue’s long sword did not cut off his arm but made a sound like a metal collision!

This is… the effect of the drug!?

Luo Yue frowned slightly when she witnessed this.

But the long sword in her hand has not stopped moving and continued to attack the man’s body!

Dang dang dang——

The man frantically resisted with his arms at this time, making a sound after another.

“Hahaha! Seem like your sword can’t even cut my arm!” The man laughed after discovering that Luo Yue’s long sword did not seem to cause any harm to him at all.

And now he could clearly feel that his strength seemed to be slowly recovering from taking the liquid just now.

Very well! This way, he could kill this woman eh!?

With this thought, his face became more and more sinister.

“What? Are you still capable of knocking me out now huh!?”

On the other side, the middle-aged man ignored Luo Yue, looked at Lin Xiu who was constantly attacking him, and said in a sullen voice.

When he thought that he had just been knocked down by a rank 5 warrior, he felt a sense of humiliation.

This kind of humiliation could only be washed away when he chops off Lin Xiu’s head!!!

The tip of the Dark Edge spear that Lin Xiu swung out at this time pierced his body and a clanging sound could be heard.

It was like poking on a very hard metal object and Lin Xiu’s stab had no effect at all!


Lin Xiu wanted to continue to stab but the middle-aged man grabbed the spear swiftly.

The look in Lin Xiu’s eyes changed slightly then he tried to pull the spear out of the man’s hand.

But what he didn’t expect was that the man’s arm strength was very strong and the Dark Edge spear was firmly grasped by him – there was no way to pull it out!

“Go to hell!”

At this moment, the other arm of the middle-aged man slammed directly on Lin Xiu’s body!

The speed was very fast and there was a sound cutting through the air!


And at this moment, Lin Xiu had no way to dodge!

At this critical moment, Lin Xiu’s right arm directly blocked his body!

The middle-aged man’s fist hit Lin Xiu’s arm directly and the powerful force caused Lin Xiu to fly out.


The Dark Edge spear fell to the ground.

“Hahaha!” Seeing this scene, the middle-aged man burst into a crazy laugh.

“Just die!!!”

“Really?” Before he could gloat for a second, Lin Xiu’s voice came from the other side.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s voice, his eyes suddenly changed and the smile on his face froze.

Lin Xiu who was originally flying out, slowly stood up then patted the dust off his combat suit.

He had just blocked the middle-aged man’s punch but seemed perfectly fine at this moment!

How could this be!!!

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged man almost went crazy, he finally found the opportunity to attack Lin Xiu with a punch but didn’t even manage to break Lin Xiu’s arm!?

“It’s my turn again, right?” Lin Xiu looked at the middle-aged man who was in shock and said indifferently.

Click, click, click——

Lin Xiu stretched and cracked his joints.

The power of his Sphere just now was indeed very strong, if it was an ordinary warrior, his bones would probably shatter.

But Lin Xiu was not an ordinary warrior. Although on the surface, he only has the strength of a rank 5 warrior but in reality, he was a warrior who has unlocked rank 2 gene lock!

Lin Xiu’s body was already different from ordinary warriors. Whether it was his organs, muscles, or bones, they were much stronger!

But even so, Lin Xiu still felt a little pain from that previous round.

Lin Xiu looked at the middle-aged man then he clenched his fists tightly.

Zi zi zi——

As Lin Xiu clenched his fists, a large amount of electric light flickering above his fists.

He hasn’t done melee combat without weapons for quite some time. Lin Xiu felt a little excited.

‘Damn it! This guy, how does he have so much strength!?’

When the middle-aged man saw this scene, the look on his face changed.

Lin Xiu now gave off an extremely dangerous aura!

“Where are you looking at!”

And at this moment, a fist with a lot of lightning appeared in front of his eyes!!!

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