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Chapter 435: 435

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Chapter 435: Blood

This was the first time he had seen such a strange ‘Sphere’.

How did Lin Xiu do this?

Even Nan Zhengjun can’t figure it out.

The audience was all overwhelmed by the strength that Lin Xiu suddenly revealed.

At this time, Lin Xiu looked at the other two rank 6 warriors on the platform and his eyes narrowed.

The Dark Edge Spear in his hand swung around in Lin Xiu’s hand a few times, then pointed at the two rank 6 warriors over there.

“Come at me at the same time!”

Lin Xiu’s words immediately provoked the two rank 6 warriors.

The muscles on their bodies were bulging and there was anger in their eyes.

He’s just a rank 6 warrior – he’s simply courting death!

They glanced at each other, held their rod and saber as they rushed towards Lin Xiu!

Their speed at this time has reached the extreme and appeared before Lin Xiu like a shadow.

They attacked Lin Xiu from both sides.

Swish swish swish——

But with Lin Xiu’s footsteps, his figure seemed to have formed an illusion.

The attacks from the two people couldn’t even touch Lin Xiu’s body.

Dang dang dang——

And at this time, Lin Xiu held the Dark Edge spear in his hand and attacked the two men!

The spear pierced out very quickly and the two people only saw black shadows before them and could still feel the wind around them.

They quickly blocked the attacks with their weapons.

Now Lin Xiu was holding a spear and attacking the two of them.

They were all rank 6 warriors but Lin Xiu dealt with them both by himself!

And they could only ward off blows, there was no chance to fight back.

The two of them blocked Lin Xiu’s attack and felt a tingling sensation from their hands.

They couldn’t really hold their weapons properly.

At this time, the two looked at each other while continuing to block off Lin Xiu’s offensive.

Swish swish swish——

At the next moment, there was a faint sound and Lin Xiu could clearly see the small cold lights flickering towards him.

What’s that!?

The pupils in Lin Xiu’s eyes constricted.

The body wanted to dodge instinctively.

Lin Xiu’s footwork was strong but what he didn’t expect was that he was still caught by a cold light.

It hooked onto Lin Xiu’s neck.

Si la——

As a tingling sensation spread over, Lin Xiu’s neck felt like it got hooked and a bloodstain appeared in an instant.

Lin Xiu quickly dodged to the back. He touched his neck with his right hand and the tingling sensation became intense.

And there was blood on his hands.

Lin Xiu looked towards the front and saw little hooks appearing on their bodies just like those released from the man whom he had just knocked out.

“Hmph, you actually dodged it.” One of the men said while looking at Lin Xiu.

Another man also showed a hint of shock in his eyes.

Under that sort of situation just now, Lin Xiu managed to dodge all the attacks.

This reaction speed was too fast, huh?

“Lin Xiu seems to be bleeding!?”

Some students from Class 10 looked at the huge high-definition screen hanging on top of the platform and saw a scar on Lin Xiu’s neck, which was now bleeding constantly.

Lin Xiu’s neck got injured from the hook.

Looking at the blood in his fingers and feeling the warmth of the blood, Lin Xiu’s eyes became increasingly cold.


The spear in Lin Xiu’s hand had lightning bursting out at this moment.

What a scary atmosphere.

These two rank 6 warriors felt that the look in Lin Xiu’s eyes had become different.

What exactly is going on!

“He’s going to be serious now?” Although he didn’t want to admit it, one of the rank 6 warriors said instinctively.

Just when he said that, he saw a shadow appear in front of one of the men.

The look in the eyes of the man holding the saber changed and the saber in his hand was about to block Lin Xiu’s attack.


As soon as the saber blocked the attack, there was a huge metal collision sound and the lightning on Lin Xiu’s Dark Edge spear passed directly through his spear to his body!


His whole body was instantly covered by a large amount of lightning.

He wanted to move but after being electrocuted, his body was paralyzed and he couldn’t move at all.


The Dark Edge Spear in Lin Xiu’s hand was lifted up, picking up the man.

And when he was about to fall, the Dark Edge spear in his hand was raised high.

The man who fell, couldn’t even unfold the “Sphere” and was directly penetrated by Lin Xiu’s spear!

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.

This…he killed him!?


Lin Xiu’s movements didn’t stop. With a sudden wave of his right hand holding the Dark Edge spear, the rank 6 warrior who had the spear through his body flew out.


In the next moment, his body fell heavily to the ground.


The people in the North Campus could not help but exclaim when they saw this scene.

At this time, the referee also looked at Lin Xiu’s side and the look in his eyes changed.

This match was a regular match and killing was not allowed.

If Lin Xiu killed that person, then Lin Xiu would be severely punished.

“He’s not dead yet.” Lin Xiu walked over, stood on the edge of the platform, looked in the distance and said aloud.

At this time, a professional medical staff came over and looked at the man’s injuries. Although the spear penetrated his body, he was not in critical danger.

“Just go to the treatment room for treatment.” A man in a special uniform said as he looked at the man lying on the ground with blood flowing out of the wound.

His face was covered in shock as well because it was so close to the vital organ that could kill him instantly, but this would make the man feel intense pain instead.

He did it on purpose!

Soon, someone took the man to the treatment room on a stretcher.

The Dark Edge Spear that Lin Xiu held in his right hand swung and the blood on it sputtered out.

“Next, it’s your turn.”

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