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Chapter 437: Fiancée!?

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Chapter 437: Fiancée!?

“Hahaha, interesting.” Yu Muchen looked at Lin Xiu and laughed.

At the next moment, he looked at Luo Yue who was tending to her injuries, then said, “Do you know what is my relationship with her?”


Lin Xiu was stunned when he heard what he said and seemed to recall that Luo Yue and Yu Muchen knew each other.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to know either.” However, Lin Xiu shook his head at this time.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s response, Yu Muchen’s face changed then he smiled, “Ok, then I will tell you, she … is my fiancée!”

The moment he said that, he rushed to Lin Xiu!

His speed was very fast and appeared in front of Lin Xiu in a flash, the huge halberd in his hands was about to hit Lin Xiu!

The pupils in his eyes constricted but he still instinctively used the spear to block his attack.


But under the collision of weapons, Lin Xiu felt the terrifying power of Yu Muchen’s weapon.

His hands were turning numb.

But Yu Muchen’s attacks did not stop!

Swish swish swish——

The reaction speed of Lin Xiu was really quick.

Lin Xiu and Yu Muchen’s fight was like two shadows fighting just like the battle between Luo Yue and Yu Muchen just now.

“This guy…” Seeing that even Yu Muchen had difficulty attacking Lin Xiu when Lin Xiu displayed his body skill, Ouyang Hang clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

Damn, how did this Lin Xiu improve so quickly!


As Yu Muchen’s halberd swung towards Lin Xiu, Lin Xiu was sent flying again.


After flying all the way to the edge of the platform, he quickly put force on his foot to stop himself from leaving the platform, then a mouthful of fresh blood spat out.

“Hng, that’s all you got?” Seeing that Lin Xiu nearly flew out of the platform, Yu Muchen laughed coldly.

Yu Muchen wasn’t using any skill right now and the weapon and was merely using the weapon in his hand to send Lin Xiu flying. It was clear that there was a huge gap between them.

“Are you alright?” Lin Xiu did not care about what he said. At this moment, he looked towards Luo Yue and said to her.

He saw her injured arm. At this time, he could clearly see that the wound on her arm seemed to have healed and blood has stopped flowing.

Luo Yue shook her head and said indifferently, “I’m fine.”

Meanwhile, the sword in her hand was gripped tightly once again.

Lin Xiu looked at her exquisite face and didn’t know why but he suddenly thought about what Yu Muchen said… Luo Yue… is his fiancee!?

With this thought, Lin Xiu had a stifling feeling in his chest.

“What he said just now was simply his opinion.” Luo Yue explained instinctively.

Listening to Luo Yue’s words, Lin Xiu suddenly returned to his senses and seemed a bit surprised “You are saying…”

“Tsk tsk. This is the agreement between our fathers, you are not going to admit to it?” Yu Muchen came over at this time and glanced at Lin Xiu, then looked at Luo Yue.

“Whatever he said has nothing to do with me.” Luo Yue spoke up without showing any weakness.

“Don’t tell me you really like this chap!?” Yu Muchen’s brows knitted then said.

It was another matter whether he liked Luo Yue or not but he didn’t allow Luo Yue to like someone else because their families had arranged the marriage.

“It’s none of your business.” Luo Yue did not admit nor deny. With the sword in her right hand, she slashed it towards Yu Muchen without any hesitation.


Yu Muchen sneered and waved his halberd which was covered in white light.


The halberd collided with Luo Yue’s long sword and a loud sound rang out.

Luo Yue’s long sword flew off directly!


“You lost.” Just when Luo Yue wanted to make a move, that halberd was at her neck.

There was no change in Luo Yue’s expression and she looked at Yu Muchen without any fear or nervousness.

Yu Muchen admired her calm appearance.

“Luo Yue…” Lin Xiu saw this scene and wanted to go forward but Luo Yue glanced at Lin Xiu, then hinted for him not to go over.

“I’m going down.” Luo Yue looked at Yu Muchen and said faintly.

“That’s good.” Yu Muchen nodded, satisfied.

“Seems like we’re going to lose…” Even Zhang Yin had to admit that Lin Xiu and Luo Yue’s strength couldn’t be compared to Yu Muchen.

This Yu Muchen was really too powerful.

Looking at Luo Yue jumping off the platform directly, there was an uproar.

Now only Lin Xiu and Yu Muchen were left.

“Class 10 of the South campus lost.” Ouyang Hang shook his head and said.

Originally, if Lin Xiu and Luo Yue joined hands, there was a chance of winning but Yu Muchen clearly wouldn’t give them this opportunity.

Now Lin Xiu was a rank 6 warrior but it was still far from this man who was a rank 7 warrior.

Almost all the students on the field weren’t optimistic for Class 10.

“It is Class 10 after all, it’s still a challenge if they wanted to be the top.”

“But not bad, they are actually relatively as strong as Class 1 of the North campus.”

Hearing the discussion of the people around, Nan Zhengjun furrowed his brows and walked over to Luo Yue, “Luo Yue, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Luo Yue shook her head and said.

At this time, her eyes were on the platform.

“Teacher, let’s get Lin Xiu to come down. That chap is too perverted.” Some Class 10 students looked at Nan Zhengjun and said.

Yu Muchen’s strength was too terrifying. It might be on purpose that he didn’t defeat Lin Xiu directly right now.

This is really dangerous.

“He can win.” Just as these students were speaking, Luo Yue looked at the platform and said plainly.

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