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Chapter 57

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The smile on Xiao Yue's face froze, then slowly disappeared. He meaningfully looked at Bu Fang and could feel from Bu Fang's indifferent gaze that he was not joking.

After Bu Fang indifferently glanced at Xiao Yue, he turned back and looked toward the dumbfounded crowd gathered outside the store.

Hun Qianduan suppressed the shock within his mind and looked toward Xiao Yue, whose expression was gradually turning sullen. He could not help but narrow his eyes and feel an inexplicable joy from watching the Heart-rending Sword Monarch Xiao Yue admit defeat in front of someone else.

"I will admit… I made an error in judgement, but do you really think that this puppet alone would be able to block both Xiao Meng and Eunuch Lian?" Hun Qiandian twitched his mouth and said after calming down. Xiao Meng and Lian Fu were the two strongest people within the imperial city. How could a mere puppet block the both of them?

"Do you really think that I would stay within this store for the rest of my life?" Xiao Yue said as he coldly glanced toward Hun Qianduan and the corner of his mouth curled up.

Hun Qianduan's pupils constricted. As expected of Xiao Yue, he probably already thought of a way to retreat. If the Soul Sect disciple had not spoiled their plans, then the plan might really had perfectly gone the way Xiao Yue had plotted.


"So, you have some tricks up your sleeve after all. No wonder you were able to cause General Xiao to hesitate," Lian Fu sneered as he pinched his thumb and middle finger together. His eyes were curiously sizing up Whitey. "This puppet is indeed quite powerful to be able to actually defeat five Battle-Kings within one move."

Ouyang Zongheng was staring at Whitey as well. He did not think that the things that Xiaoyi said were real. This puppet really was tough and was even much tougher than him.

Ouyang Xiaoyi tugged on Ouyang Zongheng's armor and charmingly said, "Dad, let's not fight with Whitey. Even though the smelly boss is old-fashioned, he's still not bad."

"Oh, my obedient daughter. I'll listen to you," Ouyang Zongheng narrowed his eyes and was all smiles as he patted Ouyang Xiaoyi's head.

"As if I would go and fight that puppet… Even five Battle-Kings were defeated by a single move. I am only a sixth grade Battle-Emperor. Even if I went up there, I would only be easily defeated as well. I better leave the puppet to Old Xiao and that damn eunuch. I'd only disgrace myself if I tried."

While having such thoughts, the pamperedness on Ouyang Zongheng's face increased even more as he said, "If that's what my daughter wants, then I won't participate."

"Owner Bu, do you really intend to shelter those criminals from the sects?" Xiao Meng solemnly said in a low voice. If Bu Fang really insisted on sheltering Xiao Yue, then he could only forcibly barge in.

"I am not sheltering them. You can come in as well, but fighting is prohibited within the store," Bu Fang expressionlessly replied.

"Oh my, don't think that you're invincible just because of that puppet! I really want to see what other tricks you have other than this puppet!" Lian Fu's high-pitched voice echoed around the alleyway as true energy surged out from his body.

"General Xiao, obstruct that puppet while I capture those fiends from the sects!"

With his thumb and middle finger pinched together, the horsetail whisk extended toward his enemies.

With unfathomable movement and extremely fast speed, Lian Fu preemptively made a move as he swung his horsetail whisk toward Whitey. The innumerous hair of the horsetail whisk suddenly shot out and became as hard as steel needles under the influence of true energy.

Xiao Meng's expression changed. With no other choice, he could only make a move. His armor collided with a long crash and emitted a sonorous sound.

While Xiao Meng obstructed Whitey, Lian Fu’s attack managed to dodge Whitey's interception. His targets were Xiao Yue and Hun Qianduan, who were hiding within the store.

The expression on the faces of both Xiao Yue and Hun Qianduan immediately changed. The worst situation had indeed occurred. Even though Whitey was powerful, it was only a Battle-Saint level puppet. With Xiao Meng obstructing it, the other Battle-Saint, Eunuch Lian, would be free to deal with them.

Bu Fang folded his arms across his chest as he indifferently looked toward the rapidly approaching Eunuch Lian. He seemed unconcerned and stood there without doing anything.

Xiao Yue's heart sank. He could not just give up now. He struggled with great difficulty to reach his current level, how could he just let Eunuch Lian catch him! Once he was caught by the imperial court, he would be dead without a doubt.

Hun Qianduan's eyes were filled with despair as well. He was already severely injured, how could he face Eunuch Lian who was in a perfect condition?

Was he really going to die there? He could not accept it!

Lian Fu's horsetail whisk had become as sharp as a knife as it propelled toward Xiao Yue. The terrifyingly sharp true energy stirred up the surroundings and seemingly intended to tear everything apart.

"I can't die like this! I can't die!" Xiao Yue's eyes suddenly turned bloodshot as his handsome face contorted together.

He lastly looked toward Bu Fang, but Bu Fang remained unconcerned.

Damn it!

"Like I thought, I need to rely on myself for everything!" Xiao Yue thought as he loudly cried out. As he opened his mouth, there seemed to be a bright light blooming within his throat.

A boundless sword energy abruptly rose up within the store. The terrifying will of the sword seemed to desire to cut space and penetrate the entire store.


The collision between the life-seizing true energy hidden within Xiao Yue's mouth and Eunuch Lian's attack immediately created an astonishing shockwave.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together as he felt that a barrier suddenly appeared outside of his body and blocked the torrent of energy.

A burst of powerful wind blew away the smoke and dust drifting within the store and revealed the scene within.

Taking into account the power of the shockwave between the two, the store would definitely be destroyed. After all, it was a collision between the desperate blow of a Battle-Emperor and the all-out attack of a Battle-Saint. The outcome would be enough to completely level everything within a ten miles radius.

The people gathered outside the store swallowed their saliva as they looked at the situation within the store in disbelief.

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The store was standing there in perfect condition and the collapse and ruin that they imagined did not appear.

It was as if the shockwave of their attacks was a breeze blowing.

"Hmm?! What's going on?" Lian Fu thought.

When Eunuch Lian looked around, his pupils constricted. When he discovered that there was not even a trace of destruction in his surroundings, even his eyelids quivered.

Xiao Yue's entire body was dyed with blood and was practically red from head to toe. He was bitterly laughing but the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

"I already said… Creating trouble within the store is prohibited. Did you not understand?" He expressionlessly said as he looked toward Xiao Yue and Lian Fu. The barrier had disappeared and revealed Bu Fang's immaculate figure.

Xiao Meng's knocked back Whitey with a punch and took a step back. Looking at the situation within the store, a trace of unease suddenly emerged in his heart.

The source of unease… Xiao Meng's heart skipped a beat when he turned his head and looked toward the big black dog that was always lying at the corner.

At that moment… The big black dog actually stood up!

"Hmm? Blacky actually stood up?" Bu Fang looked toward Blacky as if he had just discovered a new continent. That lazy dog… actually moved!

Striding elegantly like a cat, Blacky arrived at Eunuch Lian's feet.

Its doggy eyes slightly lifted up as it lazily glanced at the eunuch. Lian Fu was slightly startled as he thought, "Where did this black dog... appear from?"

"Shoo… Go somewhere else to play! Don't get too close to me!" Lian Fu disdainfully covered his nose and continuously waved his hand to drive Blacky away. He hated dogs the most!

Blacky rolled its eyes and thought, "This lord dog also hates eunuchs the most!"

After scornfully glancing at the eunuch, Black strode like a cat to Bu Fang's side.

"He said not to create trouble within the store… Did you not understand?"

Blacky turned its head and looked toward Xiao Yue and Lian Fu. As it opens its mouth, it actually started speaking like a human.

Bu Fang went into a daze then jumped up like he had just seen a ghost as he stared at Blacky.

"Good heavens… This lazy dog actually knows human speech?"

Blacky glanced at Bu Fang and could not be bothered to reply to him. It turned its head back to the three of them and the indifferent, masculine voice rang out once more, "I'll borrow a sentence from that lump of iron… Troublemakers will be stripped as an example to others."

Lian Fu, Xiao Yue, and Hun Qianduan all went into a daze...

Then right in front of their eyes, that tame and lazy dog suddenly opened its mouth. That mouth became larger and larger and finally seemed to have turned into the mouth of a wild beast.


A bark that was like the furious roar of an ancient ominous beast sounded out as an overwhelming hurricane gushed out from the doggy mouth.

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