Great Demon King - Chapter 288

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Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: Ripped asunder

“Not bad, little guy!” Leah Cain could clearly sense the enormous murderous intent from his opponent. His eyes shone with excitement for the fight. Fighting aura continuously gathered on his broadsword. He didn’t wait for Han Shuo to land on the ground as the silver fighting aura shot directly at the latter’s head like a silver rainbow.

A murderous aura condensed nonstop around Han Shuo’s body. His pupils had become a deep red, his expression ferocious. The sinister, evil aura in the form of a bloody mist rushed to swallow Leah Cain. The purple-red spellfire that was two meters long floated down eerily in a strange trajectory, like a large, beautiful feather floating with the wind.

An explosive rumbling echoed, the spellfire smashing into the silver fighting aura. Bursts of brilliant fireworks bloomed in the air as the two lights intertwined with each other. Deep red light, silver aura and purple lights shimmered endlessly. Metallic collisions resounded nonstop from the mystically beautiful fireworks.

Leah Cain was standing on the ground, his two legs forced knee-deep into the ground due to the powerful pressure from the explosion above. The violent reactions kept ringing in his ears. An alternating force of two polar opposite powers, hot and cold, shrouded his brain. The strange force was like a ghost slipping through his pores before violently flooding his internal organs.

Leah Cain first shivered all over from the cold, then suddenly felt as if his body was frozen solid. A blazing hot current then burst through his body like a volcano. The two hot and cold airs intermingled within, giving Leah Cain an extremely surreal and painful feeling.


Leah Cain looked like a madman as he wailed crazily to the sky. He ripped apart the clothes on his upper body with one hand, revealing his strong muscles. Streams of silver light could be seen clearly as they wiggled around the his bare upper body. Purple and red glints reflected from within. It looked extremely odd.

“I’m going to tear you apart!” Leah Cain roared. The broadsword in his hand had gathered every fiber of silver light. He looked to Han Shuo, who happened to be standing indifferently in the air.

The silver halo on the broadsword in Leah Cain’s hand suddenly shrank. The silver light faded away, and the glossy broadsword didn’t reflect a single gleam beneath the sunlight. This appeared extremely weird.

Han Shuo understood that Leah Cain’s strength was indeed extraordinary after exchanging blows with him. He hadn’t gained any advantage even after utilizing his full force of the bloodlust realm. If it weren’t for the Mystical Glacial Spellfire with the property of both fire and ice invading his body, Leah Cain wouldn’t have ended up so miserable after the attack either.

Han Shuo dived downwards while fiercely pouring magical yuan into the Demonslayer Edge despite his numb hands. Precisely at moment when he’d focused his power and was waiting for a chance to deal a fatal blow, Han Shuo suddenly discovered that the light from Leah Cain’s broadsword had suddenly vanished. Han Shuo’s instincts detected a grave danger. His extraordinary senses once again were at play. Han Shuo immediately contacted the three yin demons. Just as the broadsword in Leah Cain’s hand trembled, Han Shuo abruptly split into four clones and landed in four directions.

The previously dull broadsword suddenly burst out with glaring lights at the same moment. Icy awls as sharp as needles shot towards the sky in a drizzle, covering an area of about five meters. This attack had a terrifying penetration ability in addition to its intensity. It pierced through the sky before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

A yin demon had transformed into a clone to replace Han Shuo in the place he’d just been standing. As the icy awls pierced through that area, the invisible yin demon was also penetrated by a strange force. The violent fighting aura had coalesced into tiny shapes, unexpectedly possessing a particularly destructive force on the yin demon. The yin demon was pierced through like a beehive, its presence fading to the extreme.

“What a terrifying attack!” Han Shuo couldn’t stop feeling horrified after landing.

Leah Cain was indeed terrifying. He could gather his fighting aura into such a small and intense form. When the fighting aura was condensed into thousands of icy awls, the destructive force hidden in those awls actually increased by a hundred times. Even an intangible existence like the yin demon had suffered injuries from this attack. Han Shuo believed that if he hadn’t reacted fast enough and swapped his body out, he definitely would’ve become a mangled mess.

While Han Shuo was shocked at Leah Cain’s attack, Leah Cain the attacker himself felt even more incredulous. He could never expected Han Shuo to evade his strike.

Han Shuo’s four clones and landed on the flat ground. The three figures transformed from the yin demons slowly faded like a reflection on a lake being hit with a stone. The shadows twisted and swayed for a bit before disappearing, leaving only one Han Shuo behind Leah Cain.

“Too powerful!”

“Woah! What was that just now? A rain of swords? So stunning! I didn’t think this ugly fellow could have produced such a beautiful attack!”

“Bryan was the formidable one here. If I didn’t see wrong, there was four Bryans just now. My gosh, truly miraculous!”

“You didn’t see wrong. I also saw four Bryans. What skill is this? It’s really too powerful!”

The whole audience burst into a hubbub after a moment of silence. All of the watching nobles, along with their followers, were discussing with surprise. Their faces was full of shock and excitement after seeing the astounding performance earlier.

“What, what’s going on?” Candide’s expression was that of disbelief as well on the high platform. He exclaimed with incredulity while looking at the distant Leah Cain and Han Shuo.

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“That Leah Cain is truly terrifying. According to the intelligence of Dark Mantle, he’d always used that rainbow of a silver sword aura to gain the advantage before defeating his opponents in his fights during recent years. It seems his trademark move is the attack he’d just deployed, the dense drizzle of ice needles. I could feel the destructive force within. I really didn’t expect this crude, brainless looking Leah Cain to hide such a sinister and meticulous skill. Truly a terrifying person!”

Sighing in astonishment, Amyes stopped for a bit and continued to exclaim in excitement, “Candide, your Bryan is even more magical. There’s almost no way to avoid that attack, yet he used such a miraculous skill to instantly split into four and escape the area of attack. What an incredible boy!”

“Of course, otherwise why would I spend so much effort on him?!” Candide was secretly taken aback, but still answered smugly after hearing Amyes’ words.

The surrounding was filled with the mix of endless discussion and loud noises. Given this level of excitement from the audience, it was likely that the discussion would only stop when the two fighters resumed their battle.

Leah Cain and Han Shuo now had some certain understanding of their opponent’s strength after such an intense exchange. The originally confident Han Shuo had to tread with more caution, and the dismissive Leah Cain had to put aside his arrogance and treat Han Shuo as his most powerful opponent thus far.

The two were standing around fifteen meters away from each other at the moment. Leah Cain once again stood on the ground, panting lightly as he glared at Han Shuo.

The two men just stood there, staring at each other without a word. After a span of ten breaths, Han Shuo’s lips curled into a grin,

“Leah Cain, you’re going to be dead today without a doubt. Your attack just now was truly very powerful. Unfortunately, it needs a long time to gather and moreover, exhausts a great deal of fighting aura, doesn’t it?”

Leah Cain instantly paled in shock as Han Shuo’s words sounded. It seemed Han Shuo had hit upon the weak point of this skill!
Han Shuo shot towards Leah Cain like a lightning bolt at this precise moment. The Demonslayer Edge was flying one step ahead like a snake baring its fangs and biting down on its prey. As Leah Cain used his broadsword to block, the Demonslayer Edge would circle around to attack from another side.

Han Shuo also rushed towards Leah Cain but didn’t attack in the manner of the Demonslayer Edge. Instead, he flew up in the air and leisurely took out the white bone staff, his mouth starting to chant some incantation. When the Canopy of Necromancy blotted out the sunlight, two evil knights leading a troop of dark creatures appeared one by one on the lawn and tightly surrounded Leah Cain.
Two evil knights, five hate warriors, twenty zombies, seventy skeletal warriors and two teams of thirty gargoyles each had appeared. Leah Cain was entangled by the Demonslayer Edge and could only stare dumbly at the materializing dark creatures that were encircling him.

“Leah Cain is done for!” Amyes said gracefully before looking at Candide with a smile, and added, “Let’s go, we will go together to meet His Majesty. His Majesty will definitely make the right decision with Bryan’s value. Hehe, that boy Lawrence’s luck isn’t bad alright, we should grow closer to him!”

“That’s right!” Candide nodded before drifting away with Amyes towards the direction of the Imperial Palace.

The two had yet to completely clear the area when Leah Cain’s tragic roars echoed nonstop throughout the entire Garden House area.
Lurking underground, the earth elite zombie had grabbed on Leah Cain’s ankles. The humble little skeleton had then caused great injuries to Leah Cain with a surreptitious ambush. The two evil knights trampled him to death afterwards. In the end, over a hundred dark creatures rushed in and ripped him apart. There wasn’t a single piece of bone left behind.

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