Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1635

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Chapter 1635: 1635

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Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

All the surroundings were covered in a snow-white color. Fang Yuan’s time path clone traveled here as he grabbed a handful of sand, looking at it.

The sand particles were all clear as crystal or ice, having a feeling of coldness in them.

Right now, the skies were bright and sunny, Mini Western Desert was quite a warm place, but this desert was very cool and refreshing.

Fang Yuan’s clone put a bit of snow-white sand into his mouth, after his saliva came into contact, it melted and gave off a salty taste.

In human history, salt sand had a very long story.

A million years ago, during the Olden Antiquity Era, even though humans created Heavenly Court, the other four regions were still filled with strong variant human forces, they enslaved and suppressed humanity.

In Western Desert, there was a human city, it was ostracized and suppressed by the variant humans.

The variant humans joined up and pretended to be bandits, robbing all of the caravans that tried to head to the human city. As time passed, the human city lacked essential resources and was slowly unable to survive.

The human city lord feared for the safety of his people, he had to seek help from a variant human group, marrying his beloved daughter to them in exchange for peace.

The city lord’s daughter knew what was more important, for the sake of the humans in the city, she sacrificed herself.

The group soon set off from the city, escorted by the human city lord himself.

While traveling in the desert, they met an old man who had fainted.

The old man was heavily injured and was on the verge of death, his entire body was covered in abscesses, the smell was repulsive. The city lord saw that he was a human, he quickly saved him and gave the old man some clean water.

The old man woke up slowly, he said to the city lord: “Oh city lord, since you saved me, why don’t you provide me some more help, give me your robe and steed so that I can leave on my own.”

The city lord’s subordinates started to laugh, the clothes were so precious, how could they give them to such a lowly beggar?

But the city lord waved his hand: “The value of a robe cannot match a person’s life. I have other clothes with me, you can have this. But my steed can only be ridden by a strong Gu Master, if I give it to you, I will be causing you harm.”

Saying so, the city lord gave his robe as well as a large amount of water and food to the old man.

Next, the city lord ordered his men to bring over a mild tempered camel to the old man.

The old man sighed deeply: “City lord, I have long heard of your kind reputation, it is truly not a lie. Since you want to do a good deed, why don’t you help me fully. The abscesses on my back have been troubling me for years, only a virgin girl who is born in the yin year, yin month and yin day1 can heal me by using her mouth to burst them.”

Just as the old man said that, the city lord’s subordinates started to rebuke in anger, they wanted to kill this old man.

The city lord was a little angry, because everyone knew that his daughter was a virgin girl born in the yin year, yin month and yin day.

The city lord said: “Old man, stop making fun of me. Even though I am a city lord, I am also a pitiful father. I love my daughter, but I have no choice but to send her to the vicious feathermen, and let her become their slave concubine.”

“Father, if my sacrifice can save the entire city, I will accept that fate.” At this time, the city lord’s daughter arrived. The clamor had drawn her attention, she understood the situation from the description of others.

She walked towards the old man as she nodded: “Old sir, let me see your abscesses.”

“You are willing to heal my injury?” The old man asked.

“Yes. Even though I am the city lord’s daughter and everyone says I am of noble blood, how noble can I truly be?” The city lord’s daughter smiled bitterly: “Only when the entire human race is noble can our statuses truly rise, I have no hope left, I am going to be a slave concubine of the variant humans. In that case, why shouldn’t I save you? We humans are too weak now, the recovery of one person is better than nothing.”

The city lord and the others heard her words and felt very moved, they did not stop her.

The abscesses on the old man’s back were ugly and disgusting, they were filled with pus and had an overbearing smell, people would want to puke upon seeing them.

The city lord’s daughter was slightly dazed, but she held in her disgust and used her teeth to burst the abscesses on the old man’s back.

Once they burst, a white-silver liquid flowed out.

The liquid landed on the desert and emitted a thick fragrant smell, making the caravan group feel refreshed mentally.

The old man’s body vanished, only his voice was left, he said: “Oh city lord, you are a person worthy of my help. Humans cannot just rely on Gu Immortals, you Gu Masters are the hope of the future. I will entrust this desert to you, make good use of it.”

The city lord and the rest realized at this moment, the old man was a human Gu Immortal, they quickly knelt on the ground.

And this desert was changed by the white-silver liquid, becoming the snow-white salt sand. After obtaining this huge desert, the city lord sold the salt sand as edible salt, he did not lack revenue and managed to revive his city, becoming stronger in time.

Currently, salt sand was no longer a unique product of Western Desert, it was available in all five regions.

Fang Yuan’s sovereign immortal aperture had salt sand too, he had obtained it from annexing a Southern Border Gu Immortal’s immortal aperture.

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After inspecting it, Fang Yuan’s clone gained a deeper understanding of the desert, he returned in satisfaction.

“Right now in treasure yellow heaven, Heavenly Court has started to sell silver dragonfish. They must have gotten the method to produce it from Spectral Soul, in time, golden dragonfish will also appear in the market.”

Fang Yuan’s dragonfish business was feeling a huge impact.

In the short term, because he had obtained immense market share, his dragonfish still provided huge profits. But he definitely would gradually lose his profits to Heavenly Court.

But it was not a problem, after annexing the Southern Border immortals, the sovereign immortal aperture had gained over ten blessed lands, and even a grotto-heaven.

Forget about salt sand, it was an ordinary Gu material. But he gained a lot of immortal material resources, there were at least five to six resource points that could match the dragonfish business, Xia Cha grotto-heaven’s year essence pool was one of them.

Thus, Fang Yuan was still earning a lot of profits, his immortal essence stones were accumulating at a faster pace than before.

Due to his development in the past, he did not lack any food production for the feeding of his Immortal Gu. Even though he obtained some Immortal Gu as loot from battle, he also obtained the respective Gu Immortals’ immortal apertures, he completely moved their resource points over to himself.

“The feeding of Immortal Gu still has some flaws, but that is not an issue.” The time path clone looked at the salt sand desert one last time before using Fixed Immortal Travel.

This salt sand desert was the second last resource point that he visited.

At the next moment, Fang Yuan’s clone went to City Well.

Inside City Well, there was already a sizable group of hairy men.

These hairy men were obtained from the immortal apertures of the Southern Border Gu Immortals, almost all of them had a certain number of hairy men raised to refine mortal Gu.

Hairy man slaves were the most popular ones in treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan gathered the hairy men in all these immortal apertures and placed them into City Well to live.

Currently, raising hairy men was most helpful to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan gave some dream path Gu recipes as well as cultivation methods to these hairy men. Their task was to enter their own dream realms and gather dream path materials to refine dream path mortal Gu for Fang Yuan’s use.

Fang Yuan’s unravel dream killer move expended a lot of dream path mortal Gu.

Earlier, Fang Yuan was exploring dream realms and used up all of his accumulated dream path mortal Gu. If not for these hairy men refining dream path mortal Gu to replenish his supply, Fang Yuan might not have been able to explore all of his dream realms.

Fang Yuan’s clone came to City Well as the sky turned dark, even though there was no sun or moon, it seemed to be evening currently.

After Fang Yuan became rank eight, the blessed land became a grotto-heaven, it had astronomical changes now. Because the sovereign immortal aperture had a lot of time path resources, the changes was very precise, almost like the five regions.

Fang Yuan’s clone was about to find out the situation of the hairy men when his body froze, a bright light flashed across his eyes: “The main body has already found the location of the Five Xiang’s seal!”

Fang Yuan rested in his eerie fire cave for a while before leaving and going to white heaven.

His immortal aperture was well operated, the logistics were clear and orderly, he did not need to waste time in recuperating, his immortal essence storage rose continuously.

He did not want to waste time, he headed to white heaven immediately. Right now, the Five Xiang’s seal was opening, the ancient bet was undergoing again!

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