Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1868

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Chapter 1868: Chapter 1868 - Respective Progress

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This was a barren land with grey-white soil.

The land was dry with many gullies, it had no fertility and not even a blade of grass grew on it.

Fang Di Chang looked at this vast land and scattered yellow jade bean seeds.

Divine Bean Palace stored many bean seeds, it mainly consisted of yellow jade bean seeds, green jade bean seeds, red jade bean seeds, and black jade bean seeds. Besides them, there were also the rather special blue pea seeds and white frost broad bean seeds.

After these bean seeds were planted and cared for a period of time, they grew into all kinds of divine bean soldiers.

Divine Bean Palace’s trump card, divine bean soldier, was not an instant killer move, it required a long period of time before they could form into a sizable number with powerful might.

It was because of this that when Chen Yi suppressed Qing Chou back then and used karma divine tree to influence Divine Bean Palace to fight against Fang clan, he was unable to use this move. Chen Yi could only use soul beasts as a replacement.

Fang Di Chang was currently planting yellow jade bean seeds.

This was the most basic type of seed among all the bean seeds. After they were planted, they grew into yellow bean divine soldiers.

Right now, yellow jade bean seeds were already scattered here.

Fang Di Chang activated Divine Bean Palace, gale blew immediately and formless wind condensed into light-green hoes.

The hoes began hoeing the ground.

After a while, Fang Di Chang waved his hand again, rain started to fall from the sky.

The amount of rain needed to be specific, it could not be too much or too little. It mainly had to moisten this dry land.

The land was moistened, yellow jade bean seeds began to experience a mystical change.

But this change was quite slow, Fang Yuan’s clone activated another method.

The moment the killer move was activated, the land began flickering with emerald-green waves of light that constantly washed the yellow jade bean seeds in the ground like tides.

When the yellow jade bean seeds absorbed these emerald-green waves, their growth speed rose explosively, they sprouted out of the ground and grew firmly.

“According to this speed, yellow bean divine soldiers will sprout after a day and a night.” Fang Yuan’s clone nodded, satisfied.

At his will, he suddenly moved back into the main hall of Divine Bean Palace.

He took a glance at the mural on the wall and saw a change.

The mural had been of a dry land, but at this moment, a small portion of the land was filled with bean sprouts.

“This is a method of painting path. Divine Bean Palace contains painting path Immortal Gu, the land in the mural is not illusory. This is such an amazing method.”

“Planting bean sprouts in this painting can grow divine bean soldiers. After they are constantly taken care of and mature, these divine bean soldiers will leave the mural and arrive in the main hall.”

“The land is extremely barren but it is not a big issue. Not much fertility is required for planting beans, and as beans are planted more often in the future, the fertility of the land in the mural can increase and the soil itself will become a type of an immortal material.”

“The expenditure includes water path immortal materials and wood path immortal materials.”

The former was used to moisten the soil while the latter could increase the growth speed of the bean seeds.

The immortal materials were all stored inside Divine Bean Palace, Fang Yuan’s two killer moves were activated by expending the stored immortal materials.

“This effect is quite good, but the price is also significant. Fortunately, I don’t need to worry about this and can report the expenses to Fang clan.” Fang Di Chang smiled.

Divine Bean Palace had already become Fang Yuan’s possession, Fang clan was kept in the dark and was even helping Fang Yuan in providing resources to cultivate divine bean soldiers.

In the depths of Eastern Sea.

Gu tribe headquarters.

“That will do.” Fang Yuan’s clone Wu Shuai slowly stopped the killer move, his forehead filled with sweat.

In front of him was another batch of new dragonmen.

But these new dragonmen were not just former beastmen, there were also some mermen.

“Many thanks to Lord Wu Shuai for your help, this is my tribe’s gift of thanks, please accept it, senior.” A merman Gu Immortal swayed his tail and slowly floated to Wu Shuai, gifting an immortal material with both hands.

This immortal material was a lump of water that emitted a putrid smell. It was restrained to a lump by the merman Gu Immortals’ killer move. Although the merman’s hands were shaking, this water lump did not move like it was frozen.

“So it is unmoving rotten water. It just so happens that I need it to raise army ants, I will accept it. I appreciate the gift.” Wu Shuai accepted it directly.

He wanted to raise arrow ants, which needed unmoving rotten water.

Ever since he started raising army ants, they were expanding with a horrifying speed.

Other than Fang Yuan investing massive amounts of his resources into this, Gu tribe and the mermen had also helped greatly.

Naturally, Fang Yuan’s clone did not extort them but obtained the resources from transactions.

Wu Shuai used his killer move to convert beastmen and mermen into new dragonmen as a repayment.

“My strength is increasing rapidly every day, the changes are very obvious.”

“Interacting with Gu tribe has proven to be quite good, I even have a connection with the merman race now.”

“Adding on the influence of Qi Sea Ancestor, I have an increasingly deep control over Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortal world.”

Eastern Sea’s Merman Imperial Court was a super force with deep foundations.

This was the sole variant human super force in the world, it received Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable’s help and was able to develop and continue to exist until now.

Even so, merfolk were under huge pressure from everywhere. Previously, their situation was already unsteady from the suppression of Eastern Sea’s human forces. Now that five regions chaotic war was about to start, the wise people among merfolk began to search everywhere for a survival route for their race.

Once the five regions chaotic war starts, the previous fragile balance would definitely collapse.

The merman race’s future was bleak, as a variant human race, they would definitely become the first target for human forces!

A portion of the merfolk saw the growth prospect of dragonmen and did not hesitate on changing their identities.

This was because the higher-ups of the Merman Imperial Court had always been helping Gu tribe in secret to conceal their traces. They had learned of the dragonman secret of the past from Gu tribe.

After knowing that fate Gu had revealed that dragonmen reign supreme, a portion of merfolk higher-ups brought up this idea.

This was the reason for the merfolk to convert to dragonmen.

“The Merman Imperial Court has already begun investing everywhere for the survival of their tribe.”

“Human forces have also foreseen the chaotic era in the future, they are especially wary against Heavenly Court, I can exploit this wariness.”

“Maybe I can persuade the merman race to dispatch some merfolk Gu Immortals to participate in the war when Heavenly Court restores fate Gu.”

Wu Shuai’s head was filled with such secretive thoughts.

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

The situation was extremely dangerous and permitted no delay.

“Little Du, you really want to do this?” Mountain Cliff City Lord worriedly looked at Fang Yuan’s clone Zhan Bu Du.

Zhan Bu Du raised his head, his eyes shining brightly and his tone firm: “Yes, master! You are heavily injured, and in this situation, we cannot beat that monster. But if we let it run amok, Mountain Cliff City will be completely destroyed! Who knows how many people will die! I can only take the risk to make a breakthrough, as long as I become a Combat Beast Warrior, I can display the complete strength of the arrowtail eagle and get rid of this detestable monster.”

Mountain Cliff City Lord Looked at Zhan Bu Du for a long while, knowing his beloved disciple had already made up his mind and that his persuasion would have no effect. He waved his hand: “Sigh, go then.”

Zhan Bu Du did not hesitate, immediately leaving to begin his immortal ascension.

Mountain Cliff City Lord and others watched him nervously, countless ordinary people were kneeling on the ground and praying silently, cheering on Zhan Bu Du. Many Combat Beast Envoys were staking their lives to delay the monster.

What made them joyous was that the giant monster might be tired, its attacks slowed down.

This was actually the secret manipulation of Zhan Bu Du, the current situation was also a plan that had already been determined before.

“I have a portion of my main body’s memories and foundation, my immortal ascension is practically a certainty. But I still need to act like I am taking a risk, not only to deceive everyone in Mountain Cliff City but also this grotto-heaven’s heavenly spirit!”

The whole process was filled with ups and downs, causing Mountain Cliff City Lord and others to feel their hearts jump. But the outcome was without any mishaps, Zhan Bu Du finally advanced to an immortal, becoming a Combat Beast Warrior!

Zhan Bu Du then showed his mighty prowess as he defeated the monster.

“Wow! Little Du is so powerful!”

“Little Du, you saved the lives of the whole city, we really don’t know what to say.”

“As expected of our little savior, Little Du.”

“Little Du, you might be the youngest Combat Beast Warrior in history.”

People surrounded Zhan Bu Du and lifted him up, tossing him into the sky and catching him.

Zhan Bu Du became a hero in the hearts of everyone in the city, he had unmatched reputation right now.

Aside from the crowd, the injured Mountain Cliff City Lord looked at this with satisfaction, a sincere smile showing on his face.

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