Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1869

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Chapter 1869: Chapter 1869 - Main Body“s Breakthrough

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The eighth layer of Crazed Demon Cave was much more vast than Fang Yuan’s expectations.

After he learned there were venerable Dao fields here, he began searching for a long while but he did not get any good results.

Fang Yuan saw the creation and destruction of many worlds and also entered some large worlds, but was unable to find venerable Dao fields.

But he was not without any gains. These days of searching deepened his understanding of the eighth layer.

“There is no such concept as direction in this void, like up, down, left, or right, so it is both finite and infinite.”

“The eighth layer had only been a cave originally, but after Limitless Demon Venerable’s arrangements, it became a boundless area.”

“Perhaps, I am only moving in a small circle over these days. In fact, I might not be able to find venerable Dao fields without comprehending the arrangements here.”

Fang Yuan guessed.

To find his destination in this void, Fang Yuan no doubt needed to raise his phantom path attainment level.

Phantom path was only a minor path, derived from rule path.

However, this minor path had quite an achievement.

Phantom path focused on the illusory and reality, if one could not be hit, they could not lose.

Turning phantom was the signature method of phantom path, when Heaven Overseeing Tower had turned into phantom, it had been extremely secure with no methods able to deal any harm to it besides dream path.

Phantom path also had supreme profundities, just like how one of soul path’s supreme profundities was to cultivate a hundred million desolate soul, like Spectral Soul’s Three Headed Thousand Arms Demon Soul. Transformation path had two supreme profundities, one was to undergo myriad changes as one willed, the other was to gather the power of all paths into one, like myriad beings assimilation transformation.

Heavenly Court’s members offered their own immortal apertures, and whenever they left Heavenly Court, they would be given a phantom aperture for storing immortal essence, Immortal Gu, and other resources.

This phantom aperture was a supreme profundity of phantom path.

And presently, Fang Yuan was in this void where countless worlds were created and destroyed. Obviously, this void was also a supreme profundity of phantom path.

Although phantom path was only a sub-branch of rule path, advancing phantom path attainment level was essentially still rule path true meaning.

But this path held profound depth, just based on Fang Yuan’s current rule path great grandmaster attainment level, there was still some distance before he could comprehend this void.

Since he was unable to breakthrough directly, Fang Yuan considered for a while and decided to try from another angle.

He willed it and activated Cooking Luck Pot, blessing himself with luck path might be able to create a breakthrough.

Although Cooking Luck Pot’s level was rather low and unable to completely influence the main body’s luck, it was still able to change a portion.

At least, Fang Yuan could casually change the luck inside Cooking Luck Pot.

With Cooking Luck Pot, changing his luck was extremely quick and convenient, and Fang Yuan soon completed it.

He inspected his clones’ luck.

His time path clone’s luck was still the same like before. A miniature River of Time-like luck was flowing gently while glistening beautifully. When inspected carefully, there were traces of black qi forming and accumulating continuously on the surface of the river.

Fang Yuan’s dream path clone had the smallest luck, after all, it only had rank five Gu Master cultivation and its aperture was even sealed.

The grandest was clone Wu Shuai’s. Wu Shuai was already a peak rank seven Gu Immortal, had obtained Dragon Palace, and was currently cultivating army ants. Right now, Wu Shuai’s luck was like a roaming dragon with glistening dragon scales and dragon eyes, and sharp horns and claws. There were waves of light-blue water halo around the dragon luck and the dragon contacted the water, this meant he had obtained external help — Gu tribe and merfolk. And there was a giant dragon pearl in the dragon’s mouth. The dragon pearl contained a palace, it was actually a shrunken image of Dragon Palace.

Another dragon pearl with a much smaller size was held by a dragon claw. This dragon pearl contained densely packed ants, representing army ants.

The second biggest luck was of clone Fang Di Chang’s.

His luck was rather special, it was like a giant tree, its trunk was not thin but was also not extremely thick. The tree crown was verdant and stacked ingeniously to form Divine Bean Palace’s shape. Below the ground, the tree roots were tangled with many of them exposed outside the ground — this implied countless ties of Fang Di Chang and Fang clan, an unbreakable deep connection.

Besides these were Zhan Bu Du’s and Li Xiao Bai’s luck.

Zhan Bu Du’s luck was much bigger than Li Xiao Bai’s, it was like a strong eagle spreading its wings to fly high.

Zhan Bu Du had just recently become a rank six Gu Immortal while Li Xiao Bai was still at Gu Master level.

Li Xiao Bai’s luck was like a flower in full bloom, there was even a thin layer of nectar in the stamens. This layer of nectar was the result of Li Xiao Bai’s hard effort in cultivating in this period of time. Outside the flower luck was a butterfly, white as snow, it flapped its large wings and blew cold wind while softly drifting towards the flower.

“This luck indication…” Fang Yuan’s brows slightly furrowed.

“Butterfly usually indicates female, it wants to collect the nectar and is also giving rise to cold wind, which means it is of no benefit to the flower.”

“From their size, the butterfly is slightly larger than the flower. The cold wind, however, is vast and powerful, it represents a certain large trend. More importantly, the main element is not the butterfly, the butterfly is only a prologue.”

“Li Xiao Bai’s situation is currently good, but the future doesn’t look that bright. If there is an unexpected mishap and the cold wind descends, the flower will wither. But the butterfly is so close to the flower, which indicates a fortuitous encounter.”

Clone Li Xiao Bai was all along trying to conquer Profound Literature grotto-heaven, but this grotto-heaven was different from Beast Calamity grotto-heaven because a rank eight Gu Immortal guarded it, Fang Yuan could not use his strength freely like in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

In Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan was free to use strategies and make all kinds of arrangements. But in Profound Literature grotto-heaven, his hands were tied, and to preserve the greatest result and benefits, he could not use most of his methods.

As such, support in the luck aspect became the biggest help that Fang Yuan’s main body could give to Li Xiao Bai.

On the spot, Fang Yuan mobilized Cooking Luck Pot to change Li Xiao Bai’s luck.

After a while, Li Xiao Bai’s flower luck became beautiful red like peach-blossom in spring — it was peach blossom luck![TL Note: Peach blossom luck is commonly used to describe a relationship or marital affair.]

Transforming luck was not random but followed a certain rule.

For instance, after Li Xiao Bai’s luck transformed into peach blossom luck, there was double the efficiency as it ingeniously interacted with the butterfly!

“It will now depend on the clone if he can grasp the opportunity.” Fang Yuan continued to move forward.

Luck was only a kind of a variable, when the true opportunity arrives, it still depends on the person themselves, on whether they had the ability to grasp it or not.

“Hmm?” Fang Yuan’s brows jumped, he made a joyous discovery not long after modifying his luck.

He saw a giant floating fish, it was traveling in the void while swaying its large tail. Its speed looked slow but it was actually frighteningly fast.

This was the first time Fang Yuan had seen a living being that could roam the void and escape the world.

“This is probably a sage disciple that human shaped mist mentioned.” Fang Yuan gave chase.

That grey fish looked like a goldfish. After it saw Fang Yuan, it was extremely shocked and kowtowed quickly: “Yellow Earth Sage’s disciple Little Flower pays respects to sage!”

The giant grey fish’s size was comparable to a whale but it made a human sound, and it was a young girl’s voice.

“Good, good. I have been searching for Yellow Earth Dao field for a long while, lead the way. You will gain benefits as well.” Fang Yuan laughed.

But the giant grey fish shook its head: “Sage, it is not that I don’t want to help you, but I am unable to find the location of Yellow Earth Dao field.”

“What? You were banished?” Fang Yuan frowned.

The giant grey fish shook its head again: “No, no. My cultivation reached a barrier, I bade farewell to my fellow disciples and left Yellow Earth Grand World to travel outside and train myself to make a breakthrough.”

As it said this, the giant grey fish’s eyes looked at Fang Yuan with hope.

If this sage enlightened it, its barrier would be nothing.

But was Fang Yuan that kind of person? He was not willing to engage in any further talk as he immediately imprisoned this giant grey fish and wantonly searched its memories.

“So it was like this.”

“Although these venerable Dao fields exist forever, they are always moving.”

The giant grey fish was born in Yellow Earth Dao field, Fang Yuan saw the rich scene of this world from its memories.

Yellow Earth Dao field was vast, not the least bit inferior to even the sovereign immortal aperture. There was a dense amount of earth path dao marks with a good amount of other dao marks as well. Its immortal material treasury was abundant and had many Gu worms including Immortal Gu. There were also all kinds of living beings, although there were no humans, it was truly a land of treasures.

Even Fang Yuan with his current assets coveted this Yellow Earth Dao field.

“If I can obtain the Yellow Earth Dao field and devour it completely, my assets will increase by at least three times!”

Fang Yuan was refining Immortal Gu on a large scale, the expenditure was huge and had already consumed most of his resources. His immortal material reserve had already shrunken to a serious level.

If he could obtain the Yellow Earth Dao field, it would definitely be a huge replenishment, like a skinny guy becoming obese in an instant.

However, it was difficult to reach the Yellow Earth Dao field.

There were all kinds of beings in Yellow Earth Dao field, and when Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had arranged it back then, he taught everyone with no discrimination.

All these living beings possessed souls, and because Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had left Gu cultivation method, most of the living beings possessed apertures and had started Gu Master cultivation. The outstanding ones among them even advanced to Gu Immortal level, although the numbers were few.

And there were elites among these Gu Immortals as well. These elites had the ability to leave the world, and when they encountered a barrier and were unable to advance further, they would leave the Dao field and travel everywhere to train themselves.

When they left the Dao field and were in the void, they had no way to find the way back home.

But they did not have to worry, when they have the opportunity and break through their barrier, they would see the Dao field and be able to return smoothly.

This was all the information Fang Yuan obtained from the giant grey fish.

This giant grey fish looked like it was easily captured by Fang Yuan, but it possessed rank seven cultivation and was an elite Gu Immortal in the Yellow Earth Dao field.

Fang Yuan frowned even more tightly.

He deduced even more information.

“When the opportunity comes, they can return to the Dao field naturally — this is a saying passed down in Yellow Earth Dao field. Moreover, in the memories of the giant grey fish, many of its seniors returned like this.”

“Looks like Yellow Earth Dao field itself possesses the ability to respond to these beings that have gone outside. Every interval of time, the Gu Immortal elites of Yellow Earth Dao field will go out to train themselves, and when their training is accomplished, the Dao field will pick them up.”

Why was this arranged?

There was an answer in the giant grey fish’s memories.

This was because Dao fields did not coexist peacefully, there were wars between them.

The living beings nurtured by the Dao fields fought each other and tried to invade each other’s Dao field.

“Back then, the venerables probably made this arrangement when they created the Dao fields.”

“But what benefits are there in these beings fighting each other? What goal did the venerables have?”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

He might only be able to get the answers when he entered a venerable Dao field.

Fang Yuan’s gaze landed on the giant grey fish.

He smiled: “Didn’t you want me to enlighten you? Meeting me is your fortune.”

The giant grey fish trembled, it stammered but was unable to say anything, it was frightened by Fang Yuan.

Although it had not been long since it came into contact with Fang Yuan, the giant grey fish was deeply aware that the sage before it was extremely terrifying and possessed a cruel and indifferent demonic nature. He was absolutely not a good person like the Yellow Earth Sage!

Running into him was truly its misfortune.

“Alright, even if you don’t speak, I know your questions.” Fang Yuan had searched all the memories of the giant grey fish and was clear of what its barrier was.

He immediately guided it in concise and easy to understand words.

The giant grey fish’s body stopped shaking gradually as it was immersed in Fang Yuan’s words, temporarily forgetting its predicament.

“Why is there still no breakthrough?” Fang Yuan frowned, he had spoken till his mouth was dry.

The giant grey fish was still muddled.

Although it had intelligence, it was not equivalent to a human.

Fang Yuan was patient as he continued to teach it. By helping the giant grey fish break through its barrier, he might be able to trigger a response from the Yellow Earth Dao field.

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