Reverend Insanity - Chapter 344

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Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Talented without Virtue
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"Big brother Li, you need to make a move…" Hu Mei Er lied back on Li Xian's chest and spoke coquettishly.

Li Xian was short and fat. He had a round nose, large eyes and wide forehead, his hair also let out a greasy shine. Right now, one of his short and rough hand was on Hu Mei Er's delicate little waist while the other hand was on her leg.

Li Xian was a rank four upper stage Gu Master! However, he rarely fought, making a living by doing business and was a famous unscrupulous merchant of the demonic path, having wide connections.

He embraced Hu Mei Er and said with a lecherous smile: "Mei Er, your body feels like there are no bones with skin as delicate as jade. I haven't seen you for a few days and you have become more beautiful."

Hu Mei Er rolled her eyes and said in a displeased tone: "Big brother Li, I am trying to talk to you. That black and white twin demons offended me, I am already yours, you must seek justice for me!"

"Ok, ok…" Li Xian half-heartedly spoke while his ten fingers wandered over Hu Mei Er's body.

Hu Mei Er's breathing became rough and her face flushed red. Along with her watery eyes, she looked very alluring.

However, her mind was as clear as snow.

She tried to persuade Li Xian but he only muttered 'mmm' and did not agree, instead taking advantage of her.

Hu Mei Er pushed Li Xian and stood up with aggrieved expression: "Big brother Li, give me a definite answer! I have been begging you like this, do you not pity me?"

"Sigh, my darling, my little treasure. It is not that your big brother Li doesn't want to do it, but dealing with the black and white demons will be somewhat tricky. They are two rank four Gu Masters, your big brother Li is a lone force, just one person." Li Xian spread his arms with a helpless expression.

Hu Mei Er snorted: "Alright, I shall lower the bar. You only need to deal against that little beast king. This Fang Zheng is the most hateful! You can leave that Bai Ning Bing alone for now."

"This…" Li Xian hesitated.

"Big brother Li!" Hu Mei Er saw a chance and threw herself into Li Xian's arms, softly blowing at Li Xian's fat ear.

Li Xian immediately felt a fire burning near his crotch.

His eyes became dazed: "Okay, since you are asking like this, big brother Li will help you take revenge. But…"

He slightly changed the topic: "Three kings inheritance will open again in one or two days. There cannot be any problems at this critical juncture. After the three kings inheritance, I will go teach that little beast king a lesson, alright?"

The opening of three kings inheritance was near and everyone was paying attention to it.

Hu Mei Er curled her lips, she did not have much to say about Li Xian's evasion.

After a period of intimacy, Hu Mei Er took her leave.

Although Li Xian tried to make her stay, Hu Mei Er's attitude was firm; in the end, Li Hao could only send her off.

He stood at the cave entrance and impatiently looked at Hu Mei Er's figure gradually getting far and disappearing within the forest.

"Hmph, this little temptress!" Li Xian returned back to his cave, the lust on his face nowhere to be seen, replaced by a cautious and gloomy expression.

"Trying to sow discord and use me as a tool to deal with little beast king? This little temptress really thinks she had reached greater success in her enchantment path. Ridiculous!" The smile on Li Xian's face was cold, "I, of course, have ways to deal with black and white twin demons. But when did I, Li Xian, ever do unprofitable business? Hehe."

"This little beast king Fang Zheng is not simple. He seems boorish but in fact his thoughts are meticulous. Challenging three demonic Gu Masters in a row before the opening of three kings inheritance, this definitely was a premeditated plan!"

Gu Masters came from all over the places and gathered at San Cha mountain, why?

Wasn't it for the three kings inheritance!

Fang Yuan's aggressiveness had not caused him any troubles. These days, only he found trouble for others, why was it?

Because everyone were impatiently watching the three kings inheritance, making every effort and secret preparation for it. Who would want to have a bloodbath with little beast king, this lunatic, and miss this great opportunity?

No one!

"This little beast king used this psychology and acted unrestrainedly, establishing his reputation. Two days later when the three kings inheritance opens, who will want to block his way?" Li Xian shook his head as he predicted the future.

Ever since Fang Yuan killed Xue San Si, even he felt some fear towards this little beast king.

Before, when Fang Yuan killed Tyrant Heng Mei and Fei Li, it did not attract Li Xian's attention. However, when Fang Yuan broke his promise and took the chance to kill Sky Tiger, Li Xian realized what a thorny problem he was!

Why so?

The righteous path categorized talents into four grades.

First grade was having both talent and virtue. Having talent and a moral character was the highest quality talent, able to hold his own.

Second grade was having virtue but no talent. They might have no talent, but they had moral character. Those with filial piety will obey their parents. Those with loyalty will obey their leaders. Those with sincerity would not break their promises. They could be used with ease, at least no huge problems will occur. Moreover, many abilities could be learned through experience.

Third grade was having talent but no virtue. They might have talent but had no moral conduct. With their talents, they could take up a post, but higher ups would not feel at ease using them, afraid they would someday betray them.

Fourth grade was having neither talent nor virtue. No talent and nor moral conduct. They were worthless and no one would feel at ease using them.

What kind of figure would be the most trouble when categorized under the demonic path?

In demonic path, fourth grade was having virtue but no talent. They did not have talent but paid particular attention to virtue, living among their ideals. Often, it was themselves that would cause their own destruction.

Third grade was having neither talent nor virtue. They might not have talent, but they also did not have any moral conduct. They could at least do some lowly works and earn a living.

Second grade was having both talent and virtue. With talent, they could fill their stomachs. However, at the same time, with virtue, filial piety, respect, loyalty and so on became the ropes that bound them. In demonic path, such a mutually deceptive character decided that such a type of people would not play a key role.

And the first grade, having talent but no virtue!

Fang Yuan was such a person.

He had talent, overflowing with talent actually. HIs aptitude was outstanding, A grade aptitude was not something everyone possessed.

Secondly, his battle talent allowed him to overstep realms and fight. Tyrant Heng Mei, Fei Li and Xue San Si had cultivation higher than him, but all died a tragic death in his hands; this was enough to prove this point.

Finally, he possessed the ability to do business. At Shang clan city, he did surprisingly well. And in a short period of a few years, he was able to gather such a formidable set of Gu worms.

If such a talented person had virtue, Li Xian would not be feeling so difficult.

However, Fang Yuan was someone with not even a hint of morality.

He left Hu Mei Er in the lurch, not giving a hoot to beauty. He was boorish, unreasonable, easily killed people and treated life with contempt.

He killed Tyrant Heng Mei and other two, each time he smashed them into minced meat, his savage and ruthless nature was clear from this.

He deceived Xue San Si and broke his promise in front of everyone, but was still proud of himself. This was even more terrifying.

It shows that he did things without any restrain or lower limits, he could betray someone as easily as snapping his fingers with not even a trace of guilt in his heart.

Li Xian was deeply aware: If a person like little beast king were to be placed in righteous path, in a peaceful environment, they would definitely be excluded by the people, suppressed, banished or imprisoned. However, in the chaotic demonic path with its cruel competitive environment, Fang Yuan was like a tiger entering the mountain, a flood dragon entering the sea! As long as his luck was not too bad, he would definitely have great accomplishments!

"Such a person, if I had discovered him early, I would have suppressed and killed him. However, now, it is too late, too late…" Li Xian sighed deeply.

Fang Yuan had already matured and he also had a companion beside him. Although Li Xian had rank four upper stage cultivation, he was best at doing business and not at fighting.

Naturally, there was always someone stronger.

On San Cha mountain, there were also people that could kill Fang Yuan. They were the four rank four peak stage Gu Masters like Kong Ri Tian, Long Qing Tian and others.

However, how could Li Xian command such formidable characters?

Moreover, these four were all in a subtle restraining balance. Not one of them dared to act blindly and all their eyes were set on three kings inheritance, how could they have the mood to consider other things.

"Hmph, this little temptress harbors evil intentions. She actually wants to stir me up and fight with such a demonic figure, how is that possible? Not only will I not offend him, but instead I will build a good cooperative relationship with him. All demonic path figures place benefits at the top."

"However, by killing Xue San Si, little beast king has offended another person. Sky Tiger's godfather who is the rank four upper stage Gu Master Century Boy. These days, Century Boy has been refining Gu in seclusion, he will definitely appear when the inheritance opens this time. At that time, he will most likely find trouble for black and white twin demons."

"Hehehe, I will secretly befriend little beast king while staying at the sidelines on the surface. I will watch the battle between Century Boy and black and white twin demons, then after looking at the outcome, I will wait for an opportunity to make a move!"

No matter what the outcome was, Li Xian would not have much loss.

This was Li Xian.

An unscrupulous merchant of the demonic path who was an expert at benefiting from others' expense.

Swish swish swish...

Under Fang Yuan's will, the bright golden primeval essence tide cleansed the aperture walls.

Even on San Cha mountain, he was always cultivating diligently.

His actual cultivation was only rank four initial stage, it was originally only light gold primeval essence, however under the effect of nine eyes liquor worm, the primeval essence's quality rose by a small realm and changed into bright golden primeval essence.

Bright golden primeval essence was an enormous assistance to his battles. This was also one of the main reasons for him being able to kill three rank four middle stage Gu Masters in a row.

"These days, my reputation has raised greatly. There are certainly many, many people who hate and fear me. However, what does that have to do with anything?"

"Hehe, what I am treading on is the demonic path, it should be like this. Moreover, this is not Earth; here, individual strength can be above a group."

In different environments, the rules of the game were also different.

If it were on Earth, even if one walked demonic path, they would also have to consider moral character.

Because on Earth, the difference between individual strengths was small. Demonic path's people also could only gather into a group to be able to accomplish grand ambitions!

"Two more days and it will be the day the three kings inheritance opens. It is unlikely for someone to come find trouble for me, I will use this time to refine charging crash Gu."

Fang Yuan had a precise plan and arrangement for his future.
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