Reverend Insanity - Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: Charging Crash Gu

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Chapter 345: Charging Crash Gu
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At that time, when Fang Yuan chose horizontal charge and vertical crash Gu as his movement Gu, he had already considered the situation when he advanced to rank four.

Horizontal charge Gu and vertical crash Gu were the two main materials to refine charging crash Gu.

With these two rank three Gu as the main, together with the Gu Master's primeval essence and some supplementary materials and so on, to refine charging crash Gu.

The process of refining charging crash Gu was not difficult.

Fang Yuan had made sufficient preparations and the success rate of this recipe by itself was rather high.

Two days later, Fang Yuan succeeded in refining and obtained a whole new Gu - charging crash Gu.

Horizontal charge Gu and vertical crash Gu could only charge to the distance of a hundred steps together.

But charging crash Gu fused from these two Gu increased this charging distance to two hundred steps. At the same time, the delay between repeated use was also decreased by half.

However, the consumption of primeval essence was increased a little. But this small flaw was nothing to Fang Yuan who possessed the nine eyes liquor worm and heavenly essence treasure lotus.

"I already have six rank four Gu now; bitter strength Gu, charging crash Gu, yang Gu of yin-yang rotation Gu, nine eyes liquor worm, expend strength Gu and blood skull Gu."

"All-out effort Gu, strength qi Gu, golden shield Gu and others are all rank three. They are slowly failing to keep up with my requirements."

Most of the Gu on Fang Yuan were rank three. He was, however, at rank four initial stage now and possessed middle stage bright golden primeval essence, thus these Gu worms were gradually becoming unsuitable for him.

Naturally, it did not mean that the higher the Gu, the better they were.

For example bone flesh unity Gu. It was only a rank three Gu, but it could allow many Gu Masters to use it even at this rank. This made its value stand out.

On the whole, however, Gu worms and Gu Masters needed to have a mutually cooperative rank, and was best if it were the same for it be more convenient in using them.

Fang Yuan made a small consideration; he had a lot of Gu worms to upgrade.

First of all was the all-out effort Gu.

The all-out effort Gu on him was only at rank three; it could only activate rank three beast phantoms. To advance its rank, he would need to get the undefeated hundred battles Gu from three kings inheritance, so this plan could only be put aside for now.

Strength qi Gu was also at rank three, but Fang Yuan did not have its corresponding recipe, so he was unable to advance it.

Fang Yuan planned to advance rank three golden shield Gu into rank four golden bell shield Gu.

The storage type rank three tusita flower could be upgraded to rank four tusita lantern Gu.

Self-reliance Gu was also a rank three Gu, but it was already at its peak stage and did not have relevant recipe for its advancement. But although it was a rank three Gu, as long as Fang Yuan displayed formidable strength, its healing effects could match with rank four healing Gu.

Similar to self-reliance Gu was bone flesh unity Gu.

Breath concealment Gu that was used to hide cultivation was also at rank three. Although it could be advanced, Fang Yuan decided lay it aside. At the present time, he did not need to hide his aura.

And heaven essence treasure lotus was also at rank three.

Fang Yuan already possessed the fusion recipe for rank four heaven essence treasure monarch lotus. But he needed to obtain a number of spirit springs to refine it. This was a large project and could only be put aside for now.

Calculating like this, Fang Yuan needed to advance all-out effort Gu, golden shield Gu, tusita flower and heavenly essence treasure lotus; these four Gu.

However, it was not just like that.

Fang Yuan had used iron bone Gu, steel tendon Gu and copper skin Gu to transform his body. These Gu were all rank three Gu. The defense they provided during fights between rank four Gu Masters were little.

There were also the eight phantoms in Fang Yuan's body, none of them were from rank four strength Gu. Thus, Fang Yuan also needed replace these phantoms.

"The eight phantoms I have are from ordinary beasts. Only by replacing them with Biao strength phantom, mastiff strength phantom and so on, can I display the strongest fighting strength in rank four realm."

Fang Yuan had been interested in the Biao strength Gu of Xue San Si.

However, he had turned Xue San Si into minced meat and the Gu worms on her body were also destroyed.

Fang Yuan's methods were too brutal. He frequently smashed his enemies into meat paste.

Although this was also a constant characteristic of strength path Gu Masters, this method was too violent and there would seldom be any surviving Gu worms once the battle ended.

Fang Yuan had won against three rank four demonic Gu Masters in a row, but only obtained an expend strength Gu.

And this expend strength Gu was also surrendered and contributed by Fei Li of his own accord.

The way Gu Masters obtained Gu worms was basically from trading, raising, capturing, fusing or reverse refining.

Gu Masters rarely obtained Gu worms as their victory spoils.

On one hand it was because Gu Masters used secretive and dangerous methods. In case a battle started, both sides would use all their strength to attack and would not spare anything for their safety. Like this, the Gu worms would also be wrecked and destroyed.

On another hand, it was extremely easy for the Gu Masters to destroy their own Gu worms. It only required a thought from them and their Gu worms would self-destruct.

"I have a lot to do to advance all of them…" Fang Yuan sighed and walked out of the cave.

Bai Ning Bing was already waiting for him at the cave entrance, and was gazing at the peak.

Fang Yuan followed her gaze and also looked up.

He only saw enormous light pillars rise from the three highest peaks of San Cha mountain, piercing through clouds and soaring towards the sky. Its enormous aura felt like it was supporting heaven and earth.

The three kings inheritance had opened.

"With this inheritance, my set of strength path Gu will be taken to perfection!" Fang Yuan's gaze was burning but he restrained it.

Although he had outstanding battle prowess, it was still not his turn to take the stage.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Four figures separately charged out from east, south, north and west; they stopped in mid-air and confronted each other.

Rank four peak stage aura were let out without any concealment!

From the eastern direction was poison path Gu Master Long Qing Tian.

He had long black hair, pale-green skin and his green pupils faintly flashed like there were too cold fires burning in it.

From the western direction was righteous path Wu clan's elder Wu Shen Tong.

His fame was powerful and domineering, but his body was thin like a sickly scholar. He had pale complexion and coughed from time to time as if he could not endure this mountain wind.

From the southern direction was the demonic path expert Kong Ri Tian.

He was wearing flower patterned gown. He had a smile on while standing in the air, pink butterflies fluttering around him.

From the northern direction was Yi clan's elder Yi Chong.

His whole body was covered with blue fish scales which formed into a thin armor. HIs nose was long and protruding out, his eyes were larger than twice that of a normal person's and he had a head full of blazing unkempt hair.

The muscles in his whole body tangled forming layers of lumps. His stature was short but his physique was extremely imposing. An enormous triangular fin grew out from his back like the black fin on a shark's back.

These four were currently the strongest Gu Masters at San Cha mountain.

Rank four peak stage cultivation was only a step away from rank five. If they advanced to rank five, they would be the monarchs of the mortal world and wield power over a region, their might and aura would spread everywhere.

These four had already confronted each other for months on San Cha mountain. They had also fought many times with each other over this period of time, but no one could do anything to other, forming a chaotic situation.

Righteous path's Wu Shen Tong and Yi Chong appeared to be allies but inwardly, they were not of one mind. While Kong Ri Tian and Long Qing Tian would also occasionally collaborate if the situation turned bad.

These four occupied the top caves and were closest to the inheritance entrances at San Cha mountain.

The appearance of these four attracted the gazes of all the Gu Masters on the mountain.

The inheritance was right before their eyes. No matter who it was, they were all restraining the desire to make a move.

After the short stalemate, Kong Ri Tian chose King Bao's inheritance; Long Qing Tian chose King Xin's inheritance and Wu Shen Tong chose King Quan's inheritance.

The three inheritances did not correspond with each other, but there were four rank four peak stage Gu Masters.

The Gu Master remaining, Yi Chong, hesitated for a while before finally choosing King Bao's inheritance.

"With this, King Bao's inheritance has Kong Ri Tian and Yi Chong, two experts."

"Long Qing Tian chose King Xin's inheritance this time, we fell in his trap last time, we must avoid him!"

"Wu Shen Tong is an enslavement path Gu Master, reportedly he has already advanced to middle stage of King Quan's inheritance. In this inheritance, he is like a fish in water and can display extraordinary strength. If we choose King Quan's inheritance, we might only get his leftovers."

While the crowd was discussing, a group of Gu Masters ascended to the peak.

They were rank four upper stage Gu Masters. Some had bizarre appearances, some were fiendish, some had dignified appearance and some were gloomy like forest.

Among them, one was a boy wearing black clothes. Before he entered the inheritance, he looked down and gazed deeply at Fang Yuan.

"Hmph, Century Boy…" Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes and let out a dangerous aura.

Century Boy was also a strength path Gu Master and was the godfather of Xue San Si, her patron.

Fang Yuan killed Xue San Si and offended Century Boy.

However, with the three kings inheritance in sight, Century Boy did not have the mind and heart to settle the account with Fang Yuan now. But once the inheritance closed, he was sure to make his moves against Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had not the least bit of fear towards this and was instead secretly looking forward to it.

With his current strength, he was almost unrivalled among rank four initial stage Gu Masters and could also prevail over ordinary middle stage Gu Masters. However, he would be evenly matched against rank four upper stage.

Above that, rank four peak stage would be a difficult opponent. However, if those rank four Gu Masters like Kong Ri Tian and others wanted to kill Fang Yuan, they would also pay a disastrous price.

As the Gu Master's cultivation reached the later stages, the difference in each small realm was big and it would get more difficult to cross these ranks to battle, let alone cross realms to battle.

Fang Yuan possessed plentiful battle experience and also had a set of excellent strength path Gu worms, but he was also only able to cross one realm and kill middle stage Gu Masters.

"Of course, if I replace my Gu worms to rank four then I will have the strength to win against upper stage Gu Masters! And even be evenly matched against rank four peak stage! Three kings inheritance, here I come!"

At once, Fang Yuan activated charging crash Gu and charged towards the peak.

Rank four upper stage Gu Masters had all entered the inheritances.

The light pillars of the three inheritances were already a lot dimmer.

A group of rank four middle stage Gu Masters were just ascending up San Cha mountain, when they suddenly saw Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing charge towards them. All of their complexions changed and by some tacit agreement, got out of the way.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing entered King Quan's inheritance together.

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