Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1956

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Chapter 1956: Chapter 1956 - A Man Must Be Cool!

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Fang Yuan had all along been fighting on the front lines.

On one hand, he had been fighting with Duke Long and the rest, on the other hand, he kept on maintaining a cold and indifferent expression while pondering about the overall situation.

But ever since Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s method activated, he had an extra voice resounding in his ears.

“Have a good look, junior! The three monsters in front of you were transformed from my three immortal moves. These three immortal moves were created from the insights I gained after reading ‘Pursuing Freedom’ in u003cu003cThe Legends of Ren Zuu003eu003e, they were all created to pursue freedom.”

“First move — Thunder Rush Yellow Bird Transformation, it uses attitude Gu as the core. Have you ever envied birds and wanted to fly freely in the sky? However, we humans are restricted since birth, we don’t have wings, why even talk about flying? But an even crueler situation is like the wingless birds, they already experienced the wonderful feeling of flying but they lost their wings. No matter who you are, where you are, you will face all sorts of limitations. If we are unable to change, unable to break away from all these, we will be like wingless birds, pursuing freedom but unable to catch it, what should we do then?”

“This is the core concept of this move, remember it, junior. Even if we face the strictest restrictions and are unable to pursue freedom, we still have a kind of freedom, we can freely choose what kind of attitude we use to face the cruel reality. Remember, your attitude is very important!”

“Second move — Devouring Blue Leopard Transformation, it uses mutation Gu as the core. Freedom is not a bad thing, but it is also not a good thing either. It can make you better and can also make you worse, just like the effect of mutation Gu. The fierce beast lacks teeth, but does that mean it can’t live on? If it does not have the freedom to bite, what’s the harm in devouring the food? Maybe it can even train your digestive system to become stronger.”

“Third move — Internal Breathing Green Fish Transformation, it uses adaptation Gu as the core. Compared to it, how ugly does the world seem? We are assaulted by cruel facts, we are tormented by pain and hopelessness. When we are walking our respective paths, we will be covered in bruises sometimes, even being exposed with nowhere to escape. Humans change, the world is also going through countless changes, if we cannot keep up with the changes of time, we will be left behind by the whole world. Therefore, adaptation is key. If you don’t have gills, use your mouth to breath; if you don’t even have a mouth, then create a self-circulating internal respiratory system. Even if that means you have to walk slowly, even if you become nothing like a human in the end.”

The voice was powerful and forceful as it explained the origins and details of the three monsters. These monsters were transformed from three transformation path killer moves left behind by Reckless Savage Demon Venerable.

After Fang Yuan triggered Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s method, this voice had peculiarly accompanied Fang Yuan, but no one else could detect it.

“Is this Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s voice?” Just as Fang Yuan was guessing, the voice changed.

From the stable and serious voice to a lively and flippant tone.

“Hey, you have already spoken so much, it’s my turn, it’s my turn!”

“Haha, kid, no matter who you are, you are definitely an otherworldly demon. Because only an otherworldly demon has hope of destroying fate Gu. So, when I left behind this true inheritance back then, I made it so that only an otherworldly demon can inherit it.”

“But besides this, you still need to possess at least one of three Gu worms – attitude Gu, mutation Gu, and adaptation Gu. These three Gu worms correspond to three killer moves that can trigger my killer moves. When you arrive in the sky above Embroidered Tower, you can summon the giant monsters transformed by the killer moves and they shall be your strongest helping hand.”

“Use them however you please, kill or loot if you like, or help people if you wish to. Of course, the best use would be to destroy fate Gu because seeing it really annoys me. Hahaha!”

“Of course, if you can trigger all three moves, then you can merge them into one move! This is a super, super, super powerful killer move that I created with great effort!”

“Once you grasp this move, you can use your human form to possess all the advantages of the three moves, moreover, there is no weakness in any aspect. That means, you will be like the wingless bird, moving as fast as lightning and shooting out lightning. You will also be like the gill-less fish, possessing extremely powerful regeneration ability. You will be like the toothless beast as well, devouring everything and storing them into your stomach.”

“Are you stupefied? Isn’t it super amazing? Hahaha, come, bow before me!”

The flippant male voice spoke until here, when it seemed like it was kicked out and was replaced by the previous solemn male voice.

“The final combination move is called incomplete freedom transformation, it has three cores – Attitude, Mutation, and Adaptation. It has numerous steps and is highly complicated. Although you can use the three monsters to merge them into one, which is much easier than you using them independently, I still ask you to not attempt it lightly. Because this move’s effect works on your body, if it fails, you will be heavily injured at best, or even die in severe cases. Bear this in mind, bear this in mind!”

The heavy and solemn voice spoke earnestly, but soon, the previous flippant voice replaced it.

“Please, what you said is not important at all! Kid, let me tell you the important point! Once you activate this move successfully, you will have the strength to suppress all immemorial desolate plants and immemorial desolate beasts, the three monsters’ methods will become your innate abilities. You will become a human shaped beast that can battle through heaven and earth, rampaging around all over the world unhindered! You will immediately possess quasi venerable battle strength!”

“Of course, if you meet an old venerable like me, you will still kneel in the end.”

“But these are not the most important points. There is one most crucial point, you must remember it.”

Fang Yuan could not help but concentrate as he heard this.

He then heard that flippant and lively voice continue: “The most important part of the most important thing is once you activate this move, the three monsters will combine into a bloody cape and will hang on your back. This cape is truly… super cool! Junior, you must try it, it is really too stunning, you absolutely won’t regret it!”

Fang Yuan was speechless.

Following the voice, all kinds of information flowed in his mind, allowing him to understand all the contents of the three killer moves clearly.

Different from what the voice described, these three killer moves and the combination move were not complex at all and their steps were also not numerous.

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable lived in the Olden Antiquity Era after all, Gu cultivation styles were not overwhelming and were crude back then, unlike the present age’s delicate complexity.

It was not difficult to master these killer moves, especially for Fang Yuan who possessed deep wisdom path attainment.

“So, I should combine it like this…” Fang Yuan’s thoughts finished as he suddenly retreated and activated a killer move.

In an instant, the three monsters that were fighting at the front lines turned into three light rays – yellow, blue, green – and entered Fang Yuan’s body.

Such a strange change caught both sides unprepared.

The three lights covered Fang Yuan, emitting a majestic aura that spread in all directions and repelled all beings and objects.

The three lights merged quickly and turned blood red.

The blood red light suddenly condensed into one and covered Fang Yuan’s back, turning into a large blood red cape.

The cape fluttered with the wind like a war banner; the fluttering sounds echoed in every person’s ears.

“What change occurred again?”

“It seems like Fang Yuan inherited Reckless Savage true inheritance?!”

Both allies and enemies were shocked once again.

Looking at this familiar cape, inside Imperfection Regret Pavilion, Star Constellation’s silhouette recalled past memories.

A million years ago, a man charged into Heavenly Court.

He walked step by step, the ordinary steps, however, shook the land and sky of Heavenly Court.

He was clothed in beast skin, his body was extremely robust with muscles bursting out. Tattoos covered all the skin on his body, portraying countless beasts and plants of all shapes and sizes, some were vicious beasts, some were smart and exquisite life forms.

The aura he released was as lofty as mountains and as vast as oceans. The Heavenly Court immortals only took one look at him and felt a suffocating pressure.

He was wearing a cape. This beast skin cape was extremely wide and was sewn using human skins. It suited a large physique like Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s, if this were an ordinary person, a large portion of the cape would be dragging on the ground.

Every time Reckless Savage Demon Venerable killed a rank eight enemy, he would peel their skin and sew onto the beast skin cape. This was the custom of the beastman race, but Reckless Savage had learned and imitated it in his youth, before he became a venerable.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

Halfway through Heavenly Court, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable stopped in front of Embroidered Tower.

In the air, Star Constellation’s will manifested: “Reckless Savage, you cannot destroy fate Gu. Your strength originates from your fate. It is like how you cannot lift yourself up without relying on other methods.”

“Of course I know this.” Reckless Savage Demon Venerable laughed.

“Then what did you come for?”

“To fight!” Reckless Savage Demon Venerable raised his head and said it as a matter of fact with a flippant voice.

Star Constellation’s will: “…”

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable continued to laugh: “After becoming venerable and being invincible in the world, I felt an intense loneliness! No one could fight with me, I have killed almost all those variant human rank eights, the old and weak ones that are still alive have all hidden themselves. I also don’t have the interest to find them. Looking at the five regions, only Heavenly Court is somewhat interesting. To protect fate Gu, you guys must have left behind many methods. Even Limitless was stopped by you back then. Come, use all your methods, let us have a match.”

Star Constellation’s will was silent for a long while before entering Embroidered Tower: “This Immortal Gu House in front of you is one of the methods my main body left behind.”

“Roar!” Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s eyes brightened: “If so, I am attacking!”

The battle ended quickly.

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable clenched his fists and licked his lips, mumbling unsatisfied: “What is this, after just two or three moves, your Embroidered Tower is almost on the verge of collapse. But the start was pretty good. Relax, I won’t destroy your tower, we are all humans after all.”

“Also, I will leave behind these three bloody skins. This is my inheritance!”

“No matter who, even if it is someone from your Heavenly Court, if they can inherit my inheritance, then it shall belong to them.”

“Treat it as a memento of my visit to Heavenly Court. Don’t dismantle it, hehehe.”

“I am really looking forward to it. I wonder which junior will obtain my inheritance, will they be shaken by my grand strength, or be bowled over by my incredible thinking?”

“Haha, it naturally is best for this junior to destroy fate Gu. If they can’t do this, I will truly be displeased!”

Star Constellation’s will was silent for a long while before speaking: “So your intention is to destroy fate Gu.”

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable shrugged his shoulders: “That goes without saying. I have left my bloody skins here, if you have the skill, then destroy them! But I will leave you some kind advice, these three bloody skins are already connected with Heavenly Court’s dao marks. If you attack them recklessly, it will be the most direct attack towards Heavenly Court. Unless there is someone who has transformation path attainment rivaling mine, no one will be able to safely dismantle it.”

Star Constellation’s will spoke: “There is a better way for you to destroy fate Gu, be an Immortal Venerable, become the Lord of Heavenly Court and be in contact with fate Gu all the time. I think with your wisdom, you will definitely think of a way to destroy fate Gu.”

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable directly shook his head without even thinking: “I don’t want to!”

Star Constellation’s will frowned: “Why?”

“Because the title of Demon Venerable sounds much cooler than Immortal Venerable!”

Star Constellation’s will: “…”

It was strange, when Reckless Savage Demon Venerable said this reason, it actually gave off a feeling of being a natural fact.

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable turned around and looked at himself before waving his arms: “Take a good look!”

“Look at my thighs, they are so sturdy. Look at my arms, they are so muscular and well-defined.”

“This is beauty, this is coolness!”

“And this cape, it is so bloody, it is also created from human skins, how domineering is it!”

Star Constellation’s will was unable to think properly for a moment, it could only respond after a good while: “So, you created this cape not for payback and revenge against variant humans?”

“Of course, there is the secondary reason, but the important thing is still its coolness!”

Star Constellation’s will: “…”

“Oh oh, right. These three bloody skins can combine into one move and its form is a bloody cape. It is quite similar to the one I use now. If there is a junior who wears it in the future, they will definitely be extremely cool beyond belief!”

“Men!” Reckless Savage Demon Venerable raised his arms and bent his elbows, showing his bulging muscles and praising himself: “Must be this cool.”

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