Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1880

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Chapter 1880: Chapter 1880 - Heavenly Court“s Discussion

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Heavenly Court.In the silvery white sky, countless immortal palaces were erected.

Within the discussion hall, more than ten Gu Immortals had gathered.

Duke Long sat at the highest seat, followed by Fairy Zi Wei and Qin Ding Ling. After them were Bai Cang Shui, Cong Yan, Che Wei, Yuan Qiong Du, Zhou Xiong Xin, and the rest.

Other than that, there were the wills of Gu Liu Ru, Wan Zi Hong, Prince Feng Xian, Xing Ye Wang, Jun Shen Guang, and others. These people had missions to do, they were unable to participate in this Heavenly Court meeting personally.

Once in a while, Heavenly Court’s members would gather and hold a meeting to discuss matters and bring up their own opinions, to come to some consensus.

During normal times, Heavenly Court would usually be led by wisdom path Gu Immortals in terms of management. Currently, Duke Long was the psychological pillar holding up the organization while Fairy Zi Wei had control over the administrative affairs. Before her was Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord.

“Yuan Qiong Du, how is the research on second aperture Gu going?” Duke Long asked.

Yuan Qiong Du answered: “With Lady Zi Wei’s help, I have already deduced some secrets, we can refine rank one to five second aperture Gu now.”

The truth was that Heavenly Court’s refinement path foundation was deeper than Lang Ya Sect.

There were three refinement path supreme grandmasters in history, Long Hair Ancestor was just one of them, the other two had practically their entire inheritances collected by Heavenly Court.

Yuan Qiong Du was the current person in charge of refinement path, he had incredible talent and aptitude, he was the one responsible for repairing fate Gu in the previous life.

Along with Fairy Zi Wei’s deductions, the combination of these three things made it not so hard for them to deduce the recipe of Fang Yuan’s second aperture mortal Gu.

After hearing this, many of the immortals had joyful expressions as they started to converse.

I’ve heard of this second aperture Gu, it is a good thing.”

“That’s right, having a second aperture will give Gu Masters a huge boost in battle strength.”

“If we can obtain the Immortal Gu recipe, it will also be extremely meaningful to Gu Immortals!”

“From this point, we need to thank Fang Yuan, hahaha.”

Fairy Zi Wei spoke in a calm tone as she interrupted: “Is Fang Yuan such a foolish person? He had already expected second aperture Gu to be deduced when he threw it out to Southern Border’s righteous path. A second aperture has deep meaning indeed, but if Gu Masters had a second aperture, they would need double the time and effort to cultivate. They would need more resources as well.”

“So that’s it.” The Gu Immortals here were all rank eight elites, Fairy Zi Wei had just said this when they understood the reasoning.

“Fang Yuan is intentionally doing this.”

“He gave out second aperture Gu to extort Southern Border’s righteous path but also to make plans for the five regions chaotic war.”

“That’s right, when the regional walls vanish and the five regions fuse, Gu Immortals and Gu Masters will not change in numbers, but this second aperture Gu will spread rapidly. By then, their need for resources will double, what will everyone do? They will need to fight and start conflicts to gather resources.”

“This demon is truly vicious and devious, but we have no choice but to take his bait.”

They had to.

Heavenly Court had obtained second aperture Gu from Southern Border’s righteous path. Southern Border would research second aperture Gu themselves, the other three regions would not ignore it either.

Second aperture Gu was something that would cause a storm in the world if it was circulated.

Like the time Blood Sea Ancestor created blood path, even if the five regions’ righteous path outlawed blood path cultivation, there were still many blood path Gu Masters and Gu Immortals.

“We can’t deduce the recipe of second aperture Immortal Gu yet?” Duke Long, who had been silent, asked suddenly.

He spoke very little but he often got to the point quickly, this was no exception.

Yuan Qiong Du smiled bitterly and shook his head: “We are still some distance from deducing the Immortal Gu recipe. If I can have the help of a few refinement path experts of my level, I might be able to deduce it more quickly. But currently, I have limited energy and time, I cannot attend to too many matters at once.”

Yuan Qiong Du was having a tough time recently.

Earlier, when Fang Yuan annexed Lang Ya Sect, he had to modify the formation to repair fate Gu. That was because the formation referenced Refinement Cauldron, it had to be changed for safety purposes.

Afterwards, Fang Yuan captured Southern Border’s righteous path, Yuan Qiong Du was in charge of refining fixed space Gu before the rest.

After that, Fang Yuan defeated Heavenly Court in the River of Time, Heavenly Court’s time path Immortal Gu Houses shattered. Yuan Qiong Du had to refine Gu once again, to try to refine these time path Immortal Gu.

Recently, Qin Ding Ling woke up, she handed Fairy Zi Wei a stack of luck path Immortal Gu recipes, Yuan Qiong Du was in charge of refining them.

Refining Gu was a dangerous task to begin with, Fang Yuan had refined many of these Gu before him, Yuan Qiong Du was faced with many failures during this period.

These last days, he had suffered great injuries from refining Gu, if Heavenly Court did not have superb healing methods, he might have died already.

“Next, Yuan Qiong Du has to prepare for the restoration of fate, before we fully repair fate Gu, second aperture Immortal Gu’s recipe will not be obtainable.” Fairy Zi Wei declared, it was a slight pity.

Duke Long nodded but did not speak anymore.

Qin Ding Ling sighed: “Without the recipe of second aperture Immortal Gu, Southern Border’s righteous path will not be able to escape from Fang Yuan’s threat and extortion.”

“Hmph, these Southern Border immortals are truly the shame of the righteous path, they were extorted to this extent!” Within the hall, Xing Ye Wang grunted in displeasure.

“The truth is, Southern Border’s righteous path has done quite a few things. They started to build Beacon Towers, this is an Immortal Gu House that is worth guarding against.”

“Southern Border’s righteous path is trying to break free from Fang Yuan, only Ba clan and Xia clan desire second aperture Immortal Gu, they are controlled by him. Meanwhile, Wu clan, Chai clan, and others are resisting him fully. They want to cooperate with our Heavenly Court, we have already started to suppress Fang Yuan’s businesses in treasure yellow heaven.”

“I need to remind everyone that Southern Border’s Gu Immortal world has a powerful lurking force that we need to be on guard against, that is the Virtue Paradise. This is the true inheritance that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable had set up personally, they have many Gu Immortals, the strongest among them being Lu Wei Yin, they also include mushroomman Gu Immortals.”

“Even though Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable did not enter Heavenly Court, there was a friendly relationship between us. But what about the attitude of this Virtue Paradise? We need to probe further.”

“I have already considered that.” Fairy Zi Wei spoke: “After some time, I will personally head to Virtue Paradise and borrow Immortal Gu.”

Heavenly Court needed this Immortal Gu indeed, it was also their test towards Virtue Paradise.

If Lu Wei Yin showed a friendly attitude, Heavenly Court would try to rope them in as allies.

After discussing Southern Border’s matters, Heavenly Court’s immortals went on to talk about Western Desert.

Because of Fang Yuan’s schemes, Western Desert’s situation changed a lot. After Fang clan gained control of Divine Bean Palace, they ‘defeated’ Heavenly Court, causing their plan in maintaining internal conflicts within Western Desert to suffer a loss.

“Fang clan does have the ability to rise to power. But this time, there was a crucial person who caused this situation, Fang clan’s second supreme elder Fang Di Chang!”

“This person has huge ambitions, he is a formidable character. He has already allied with multiple Western Desert righteous path forces, if not for the fact that we succeeded in sowing discord among them, Fang clan’s rise would have been unstoppable.”

“Now that Chen Yi is dead, we do not have any proper Genesis Lotus inheritor, how will we retrieve Divine Bean Palace?”

“I suggest that we assassinate Fang Di Chang!”

“Too difficult, this person is very crafty and vigilant. After getting Divine Bean Palace, he has basically stationed himself inside permanently.”

“Fang clan’s first supreme elder is Fang Gong, what is his attitude towards Fang Di Chang?”

“Fang Gong and Fang Di Chang have a close relationship, they do not have conflict between them, we cannot do anything to them for now.”

After Heavenly Court’s immortals talked for a while, they decided to add reinforcements in Western Desert!

Even though Heavenly Court lost Wei Feng, their main forces were still intact, there were not much losses.

Back then, when Heavenly Court set up their forces there, it was because Fang Yuan had tried to escape using the natural tributary of the River of Time there, in order to stop him, they set up immortal formations at the tributary. After that, they noticed Thousand Transformations Ancestor’s weakness and thus sent more people there to deal with him.

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Even though Heavenly Court’s plan to deal with Thousand Transformations Ancestor and Fang Yuan failed, they were not going to give up despite the setback.

After discussing, they decided in unison that they would send a number of Gu Immortals and Immortal Gu Houses to the River of Time during the crucial moment, by using the tributary of the River of Time to reinforce them rapidly.

Their main target now was not Thousand Transformations Ancestor, it was Fang clan!

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was a lone immortal while Fang clan was a righteous path clan that was gradually gaining influence over Western Desert’s righteous path. If they were allowed to develop, Western Desert’s righteous path would be an increasing threat against Heavenly Court.

After Fang clan took away Divine Bean Palace, it meant that Fang clan and Heavenly Court could not come to peaceful terms anymore.

Thus, Heavenly Court started preparing to deal with Fang clan, it was a logical move.

After Western Desert was Eastern Sea.

“Eastern Sea’s politics are also changing, Qi Sea Ancestor is holding a banquet and inviting Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortals, what is he planning to do?”

“Not long ago, Qi Sea Ancestor came to an agreement with Duke Long, he stopped helping Fang Yuan. This person seems to be a neutral party but we cannot relax our guard against him.”

“We have already infiltrated this Eastern Sea banquet. If Qi Sea Ancestor makes any move, we will know quickly.”

Duke Long spoke again: “Qi Sea Ancestor has extraordinary strength, he is not beneath me. My personal opinion is to actively entice and sway this person to our side. This is so Heavenly Court faces less threat before we manage to repair fate Gu.”

Duke Long’s words made the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals feel heavy emotions.

Eastern Sea had Qi Sea Ancestor who could rival Duke Long in battle strength, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals were somewhat unable to accept this fact.

After settling the matter of Eastern Sea, they moved onto Northern Plains.

Heavenly Court paid a lot of attention to any movement from Northern Plains’ Longevity Heaven.

Among the four regions, Heavenly Court was most wary in regards to Northern Plains.

Northern Plains’ politics had been influenced by Heavenly Court, the cooperation of Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Heavenly Court was a huge success for them.

If Longevity Heaven wanted to unite Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal world, Old Ancestor Xue Hu would be the biggest obstacle.

After the matters of Northern Plains, Duke Long mentioned the River of Time.

“Now, we have five time path Immortal Gu Houses, yet we cannot find any trace of the Red Lotus stone islands. Can we do anything about it?”

However, Heavenly Court’s immortals did not have any good ideas, these stone lotus islands were made by Red Lotus Demon Venerable after all.

Qin Ding Ling shook her head too: “In the aspect of luck path, we already have the Dao Guardian Feng Jiu Ge guarding it. He has powerful luck, if even he fails, then there is nothing we can do.”

Duke Long was silent, he felt a little disappointed.

The repair of fate Gu was Heavenly Court’s greatest plan.

In Duke Long’s mind, Wu Yong, Longevity Heaven, Fang Yuan, and Dragon Palace were all below Red Lotus Demon Venerable’s threat level.

But there was no other way, Heavenly Court had already done its best, the river suppression lotus sealing formation was their greatest achievement. It was a pity that they were still far from finding a Red Lotus stone island.

The discussion hall went silent.

But at this moment, Fairy Zi Wei’s eyes suddenly shined, next, Duke Long and Qin Ding Ling also showed surprised expressions.

Eventually, all of the remaining Heavenly Court Gu Immortals became very excited.

“News came so suddenly!”

“A Red Lotus stone island appeared in the River of Time.”

“Gu Liu Ru has already confirmed it, this Red Lotus stone island is the real thing without doubt.”

“We have finally found one Red Lotus true inheritance!”

“As long as we can get one, we will be able to find our way to the rest of Red Lotus’ true inheritances.”

Duke Long nodded: “This is a good thing, we need to try to get this true inheritance as soon as possible now. Also… beware of Fang Yuan.”

Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals turned solemn.

“Indeed, this commotion cannot be kept from him for long.”

“By then, he will definitely show up.”

“Set up the river suppression lotus sealing formation quickly, we need more reinforcements, if Fang Yuan comes. we will take his life!”

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