Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1883

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Chapter 1883: Chapter 1883 - Ancestor“s Divine Might!

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Moment Stage, Present and Past Pavilion, Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform, Eternal Yacht, Shark Flow Lever, Sun and Moon Temple.

Gu Liu Ru, Feng Jiu Ge, Xing Ye Wang, Nine Spiritual Fairy.

Heavenly Court gathered its forces in the River of Time, it was bent on getting Red Lotus’ true inheritance.

In contrast, Fang Yuan’s side only had Myriad Year Flying Warship, even though it was rank eight, against Heavenly Court’s grand force, it was too small.

Heavenly Court had six Immortal Gu Houses and four rank eight Gu Immortals, they surrounded Myriad Year Flying Warship completely.

Myriad Year Flying Warship fell into a tight spot, but Fang Yuan spoke calmly as he smiled: “Hehehe, you want to occupy the stone lotus island? Since I cannot get it, neither will any of you.”

Immortal killer move — Myriad Year Hunting!

Fragrance spread from Myriad Year Flying Warship, it quickly dispersed and caused countless dao beasts to resonate and growl.

A wave of a year beast tide was rapidly forming.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan cooperated with Bing Sai Chuan and fought against Heavenly Court over this Red Lotus true inheritance, in the end, Feng Jiu Ge acted and destroyed the stone lotus island.

This time, Fang Yuan made the same choice, he used myriad year hunting to summon an endless beast tide that targeted the stone lotus island.

This method was Myriad Year Flying Warship’s strongest ability, it had an evident weakness however, the year beasts did not differentiate enemy from ally, in fact its main target was Myriad Year Flying Warship itself.

Last time, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals fell for Fang Yuan’s scheme, they thought that he could control the beast tide and slaughtered a large number of year beasts, taking most of the damage for Myriad Year Flying Warship. After suffering a loss, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals realized that Fang Yuan could not control this beast tide either.

The weakness of myriad year hunting was already known to Heavenly Court.

But this time, Fang Yuan used it to target Heavenly Court’s weakness, they were setting up the river suppression lotus sealing formation now, they had no choice but to fight against these beasts.

Gu Liu Ru snorted coldly: “This scoundrel is very devious, he used this move after all.”

He had a calm expression as he instructed his people, Eternal Yacht and Shark Flow Lever left the battlefield immediately to head to the outside. At the same time, Nine Spiritual Fairy jumped out of her Immortal Gu House, turning into an immemorial desolate beast to leave the battlefield.

Heavenly Court had the advantage while Fang Yuan’s Myriad Year Flying Warship was encircled, he could not stop these people from escaping.

After leaving the battlefield, Eternal Yacht and Shark Flow Lever shined with a bright light, two auras resembling years flow like water Immortal Gu started to spread out.

The newly formed beast tide was instantly lured to these two Immortal Gu Houses as eighty percent of them rushed towards the two Immortal Gu Houses.

The remaining twenty percent were intercepted by Nine Spiritual Fairy who had turned into an immemorial desolate beast, she took control over them.

“It’s her indeed!”

“Nine Spiritual Fairy… a rank eight great expert that cultivated enslavement path and transformation path in Central Continent’s history.”

Within Myriad Year Flying Warship, a Gu Immortal had already discerned Nine Spiritual Fairy’s identity.

Right now, Fang Yuan’s main body was in Eastern Sea, only his will was inside the ship, the will could think and make comparisons to his previous life’s events.

Nine Spiritual Fairy did not wake up in the previous life, but this time, she woke up and even earlier in time.

This was a very different situation.

After she turned into the immemorial year beast, the River of Time was no longer an obstacle to her.

Even though Heavenly Court could not counter myriad year hunting directly, they found ways to deal with it.

They analyzed the concept of myriad year hunting and targeted it, resolving the year beast tide that had yet to fully form.

Next, even if year beasts emerge, there would only be a few of them, they would not be of a threatening scale.

This was Heavenly Court’s foundation.

It was also the reason why Fang Yuan had been concealing his strength and methods all along.

Once he exposes his methods, Heavenly Court would rapidly react and make deductions, they would counter his actions in their next encounter.

This was the case for daybreak sword, torrential charge, and myriad year hunting.

Myriad year hunting, which could change the situation, was resolved by Heavenly Court before it even showed effect.

The remaining four Immortal Gu Houses surrounded Myriad Year Flying Warship tightly as they unleashed a barrage of attacks.

“Fang Yuan, if you still have any methods left, use them.” Gu Liu Ru smiled coldly.

Within Myriad Year Flying Warship, Fang Yuan’s will was silent, he did not respond.

The battle continued, Myriad Year Flying Warship was kept suppressed and unable to turn it around. Even though it tried to break out several times, it did not succeed.

Over at Heavenly Court’s four Immortal Gu Houses, Moment Stage was in front, as a rank eight Immortal Gu House and with the time path great expert Gu Liu Ru stationed in it, it was not inferior to Myriad Year Flying Warship.

At the same time, the other three Immortal Gu Houses worked together to assist it, their cooperation was not simple, they were very effective in their actions.

Evidently, during this period of time, these Gu Immortals did not slack off, they had practised extensively and their battle strength rose greatly.

“Fang Yuan is already trapped, he is not a threat.”

“Be careful, we cannot be careless against this demon.”

“Our river suppression lotus sealing formation is almost complete, what can Fang Yuan do to stop us?”

Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals had a surge of morale.

Many of them could already see the sight of Fang Yuan’s defeat.

But at this moment, a grand aura surged from the stone lotus island.

Golden light flashed as a grey stone giant stood up slowly.

This giant was immensely tall, its muscles were bulging, its hair was thick, its eyes shined with a fierce beast light.

“What monster is this? It has time path aura!”

“We have not explored the stone lotus island yet, why did the guardian of this stone lotus island awaken?”

“Oh no, the river suppression lotus sealing formation has not been completed yet.”

Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals had changes of expression.

The giant roared, it was actually the sound of a tiger’s roar, the sound waves spread out in all directions, causing huge ripples to form around the island.

The river suppression lotus sealing formation shook intensely, the Gu Immortals setting up the formation spat out mouthfuls of blood.

“Quick, stabilize the formation!”

“Paper cage formation was broken, we need to repair it.”

“Fourth group, Gu Immortals of the fourth group, quickly reinforce us!”

The Gu Immortals setting up the formation became very busy.

After the grey stone giant roared, it moved its arms, the muscles on his forearm and upper arm expanded like a balloon, to three times of its original size.

Pitch-black bull horns grew on its forehead, it lowered its head slightly as its arms gathered in front of its chest, it opened its palms and placed them together, air currents surged and gathered between its palms, creating a spiral ball made of currents.

Gu Liu Ru saw this as shock appeared in his eyes.

He understood, these air currents were just the physical appearance, these were actually time path dao marks!

More and more time path dao marks were drawn by the giant and gathered into a huge silver ball.

The ball became larger and larger, the giant monster growled and pushed with both arms, throwing the silver ball with all its strength.

The silver ball flew like a meteor, shooting out and causing endless gusts of wind to blow.

Central Continent’s righteous path Gu Immortals were deeply shocked, their pupils shrunk when they saw this giant silver ball’s might.

“Quick, we need to block it!” Gu Liu Ru gritted his teeth, he forcefully controlled Moment Stage to block the advancement of the silver ball.


At the next moment, an intense sound erupted, the silver ball crashed into Moment Stage and burst out with terrifying might, Moment Stage was like a house swept by a typhoon, it flew away even when resisting.

“We blocked it.” Moment Stage stopped eventually as Gu Liu Ru let out a breath of turbid air, Moment Stage was already damaged beyond words, it was filled with cracks, countless mortal Gu died while many Immortal Gu were injured.

The Gu Immortals inside Moment Stage were already very busy, they could not stay as carefree as when they encircled Fang Yuan anymore, they quickly tried to repair the Immortal Gu House.

The aftermath of the silver ball explosion caused intense winds to blow, the river suppression lotus sealing formation was still affected and damaged, many Gu worms died, the Gu Immortals setting up the formation were very busy trying to fix it.

Seeing that its attack did not work, the grey stone giant started to gather a silver ball again.

Gu Liu Ru saw this and gritted his teeth, he controlled Moment Stage to charge down.

But as Moment Stage got close to the stone lotus island, it gave off a brilliant light and a formless force blocked Moment Stage from approaching.

Using this time, the grey stone giant gathered another silver ball in its hands.

The ball shot out, Gu Liu Ru had no choice but to grit his teeth and resist the silver ball again using Moment Stage.


Another explosion resounded, after the intense impact, the front part of Moment Stage was completely devastated, a large number of tiles and bricks flew out and turned back into Gu worm corpses.

The grey stone giant saw that its method was obstructed once again, it became infuriated as it growled and gathered another silver ball.

Gu Liu Ru frowned deeply: “This giant is using a very familiar time path method! To think that Red Lotus Demon Venerable had left this behind.”

“But even if I know about its information, for now I can only block its attack by sacrificing Moment Stage, I need to protect this river suppression lotus sealing formation! Thankfully, we have this Moment Stage.”

Gu Liu Ru felt glad in his heart.

The signature method of Moment Stage was to teleport from one location to another location in a moment’s time.

This was not a space path method but a time path method instead, it was not teleportation in essence, but was the act of using Moment Stage to compress its time into a moment. If the distance was further, it would take several moments.

Gu Liu Ru wanted to protect the formation, he had a clear objective. As long as the formation was set up, it would isolate this place from the outside, the stone lotus island would not be able to escape, all of Red Lotus’ arrangements on this island would weaken slowly and be resisted.

And against outside force, there would also be a strong layer of protection.

By then, even if Fang Yuan wanted to enter, with this formation and several Immortal Gu Houses around, it would be difficult.

Fang Yuan evidently understood this logic, Myriad Year Flying Warship tried to move in different directions, the remaining Immortal Gu Houses were just rank seven, they could barely contain it. This was like a thin fishing net trying to capture a shark.

Heavenly Court’s situation was getting worse, Gu Liu Ru snorted coldly and came out of Moment Stage, joining the encirclement of Myriad Year Flying Warship.

He was a time path great expert, he could move and act freely in the River of Time, with his interference, Heavenly Court stabilized the situation once again.

“Persevere, persevere and we will gain victory!”

“After this period, when the formation is completed, it would be Fang Yuan’s time to die.”

Gu Liu Ru took charge of the situation, he dealt with Myriad Year Flying Warship while raising the morale of his people.

Eventually, the river suppression lotus sealing formation was completely set up, it formed a huge sphere that not only surrounded the stone lotus island, but also Myriad Year Flying Warship.

The formation activated, the grey stone giant grunted as it felt a strong suppression.

Myriad year hunting was also restricted, the fragrance could not spread out, a beast tide was unable to form.

“Get rid of Fang Yuan first, then explore the stone lotus island!” Gu Liu Ru shouted.

Without the threat of myriad year hunting, Eternal Yacht, Shark Flow Lever, and Nine Spiritual Fairy returned in time, they joined the encirclement against Fang Yuan.

“Fang Yuan, this will be your final resting place!” Gu Liu Ru’s eyes shined with bright light, he had a cold expression.

“Is a demonic overlord going to die here?” Feng Jiu Ge squinted, inspiration regarding destiny song emerged in his heart.

“Let’s not wait any longer, kill him!” Xing Ye Wang moved Shark Flow Lever and assaulted with deep killing intent.

Nine Spiritual Fairy was silent but her movements were not slow, she got around to the back of Myriad Year Flying Warship as her aura burst out, she prepared her killer move.

But at this moment, Fang Yuan’s cold snicker resounded in Myriad Year Flying Warship: “Oh Heavenly Court, you have already been trapped, can’t you sense it?”

Before he finished his words, stone lotus island erupted with a bright light, tens of water pillars shot up around the island.

The light and water pillars forcefully connected into the river suppression lotus sealing formation, the Central Continent Gu Immortals who were inside became dumbfounded. Someone shouted: “What is going on! We lost our control of this formation!!”

This was not a simple change of events.

Heavenly Court’s four rank eights were in deep disbelief but the facts were in front of them: This was all Fang Yuan’s trap!

“I did not waste a stone lotus island to trap you after all, this is not the place I will die, it is yours.” Fang Yuan said so as the grey stone giant on the stone lotus island grew chicken wings and feathers, its hands turned into tiger claws, its mouth turned into a beak, it flew up and barged past the encirclement, paving a way for Myriad Year Flying Warship.

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Realization flashed in Gu Liu Ru, he finally understood what this grey stone giant was, he shouted in shock and anger: “This is the Twelve Zodiac battle formation! To think that Fang Yuan had this method.”

“This was all Fang Yuan’s trap!”

“He has already obtained Red Lotus’ true inheritance, he can control the stone lotus island!”

“This Twelve Zodiac battle formation is likely the content of the true inheritance, his time path foundation grew immensely, he is able to suppress our formation instead.”

“We cannot stay here, we need to retreat!”

The four Heavenly Court rank eights discussed and decided to leave.

But the awkward thing was, this river suppression lotus sealing formation that they set up with so much work was their biggest obstacle at this moment.

“Want to leave now? Too late!” Fang Yuan’s laughter could be heard inside Myriad Year Flying Warship, daybreak swords flew out and shot towards Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform and Shark Flow Lever.

The grey stone giant growled loudly and pounced at Present and Past Pavilion.

Present and Past Pavilion had torrential waves around it but the grey stone giant ignored that, it advanced and slammed down with its fist.

The grey stone giant was just too big, its fist was larger than Present and Past Pavilion itself.

Before the fist landed, sounds of tiger and dragon roars resounded in the battlefield.

The might of the fist was simply destructive and unrestrained!

Feng Jiu Ge squinted while the other Gu Immortals were fearful, against this fist, they felt like the world was collapsing, any attempts to dodge it was futile.

They could not dodge!


An intense explosion resounded as Present and Past Pavilion crumbled at the impact of the grey stone giant’s fist.

The injuries and deaths inside were severe, Feng Jiu Ge barely managed to escape in a sorry state.

Moment Stage!

At the crucial moment, Moment Stage teleported over and took in Feng Jiu Ge.

The grey stone giant completely ignored the Moment Stage that was nearby, it turned around towards Sun and Moon Temple.

Sun and Moon Temple was a time path Immortal Gu House of Spirit Affinity House, it was weaker than the rest, when the grey stone giant approached, Sun and Moon Temple could not escape in time.

The giant was too fast, it was inside the River of Time and had the power of the stone lotus island boosting it, its current battle strength was simply unheard of!


With a second explosion, Sun and Moon Temple shattered, most of the Gu Immortals inside died.

“No!!” Gu Liu Ru gritted his teeth, his eyes were red from anger, his body was shaking from hatred.

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were no longer as confident as before, they wanted to escape for their lives now.

The grey stone giant’s battle strength made them feel deep despair!

Eastern Sea, above qi sea.

The Gu Immortals were very excited as they looked at Qi Sea Ancestor and the owner of the black soul sea area, Zhang Yin.

Zhang Yin was a lone cultivator with rank eight cultivation level, everyone knew him in Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortal world.

But they did not expect that he would challenge Qi Sea Ancestor. Although thinking about it, it was not strange, back then, the fight between Duke Long and Qi Sea Ancestor was only witnessed by Song Qi Yuan and Shen Cong Sheng, and these two were righteous path Gu Immortals.

Under everyone’s gaze, Qi Sea Ancestor smiled lightly: “Gu Immortal Zhang Yin, you are very courageous, but will you be able to handle one move from me?”

Zhang Yin smiled arrogantly: “Ancestor, you underestimate me, not just one move…. ugh.”

He suddenly stopped as the other Gu Immortals’ expressions changed.

Instantly, they felt the entire world buzzing as countless qi currents gathered from all over the place.

Within all the surroundings, pressure intensified.

The immortals’ pupils shrunk, cold sweat flowed down as they felt unparalleled pressure, they were like insects trapped in amber, fragile and helpless.

“What killer move is this?”

“Is this Qi Sea Ancestor’s method?”

“We are merely feeling the side effect, what pressure is Zhang Yin, who is bearing the brunt of the attack, feeling?”

The immortals looked over, Zhang Yin’s face turned red, he did not move in the air, his eyes were bulging as he struggled, he only trembled as he could not break free.

The immortals were all shaken.

A loud sound could be heard from above their heads.

The Eastern Sea immortals quickly looked up and all of their faces turned pale as paper.

A huge hand completely made of qi currents was translucent and pale-white, it extended an enormous distance, shrouding the skies itself!

The giant hand pressed down as all of the Eastern Sea immortals felt suffocated, it was as if a mountain was crashing down upon them.

“What sort of power is this!”

“If I were not here personally, I would never believe it.”

“I’m afraid this strength is on par with rank nine?”

“Qi Sea Ancestor!!”

At the banquet, many Gu Immortals stood up uncontrollably, their bodies shook as fear overwhelmed them.

Zhang Yin shouted with all his strength, his entire body was radiating dark energy as mild lightning flashed weakly, he could not escape, he was trapped and fixed in the air.

Seeing this, Song Qi Yuan and the other rank eight Gu Immortals were all incredibly shocked and fearful.

“It looks like Zhang Yin has used his full strength, but he cannot escape at all?”

“Is he going to die?!”

“Qi Sea Ancestor’s battle strength is so terrifying. Does he wants to leave a deep impression on us and use Zhang Yin’s life to raise his reputation in Eastern Sea?”

It was unimaginable, a rank eight Gu Immortal was completely helpless against Qi Sea Ancestor!

But the truth was right here, Song Qi Yuan and the other Eastern Sea Gu Immortals had to believe it.

As the qi current hand approached Zhang Yin, it slowly disintegrated and went past Zhang Yin, slamming into qi sea.

There was no heaven shaking explosion, after the qi current hand came into contact with qi sea, it quickly scattered and fused into the sea.

Zhang Yin regained freedom, he felt deep lingering fear as his clothes were filled with sweat, he had a fearful look as he stared with wide eyes, breathing roughly.

“Look at qi sea!” Song Yi Shi shouted.

Everyone turned to look, the treacherous and turbulent qi sea filled with countless spirals had been completely calmed, it was like a mirror now!

Eastern Sea’s immortals were very shocked, many of them opened their mouths but could not speak.

“Ancestor’s divine might, I have fully experienced it.” Zhang Yin let out a breath of air as he paid his respects: “Thank you for sparing me.”

Qi Sea Ancestor was still sitting at the main seat, his eyes were barely open as he waved his sleeves lightly: “Take a seat.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Yin took his seat amidst the silence.

Many of the Eastern Sea immortals were still standing, those who were seated were not feeling any better, they were all like statues.

Qi Sea Ancestor defeated Zhang Yin in one move, he had truly intimidated all of them.

“Ancestor has divine might!” After a while, Song Qi Yuan reacted as he stood up, respectfully praising.

“Ancestor has divine might!” Shen Cong Sheng also stood up and praised with respect.

“Ancestor has divine might. Ancestor has divine might.” Countless Eastern Sea Gu Immortals stood up to pay their respects, they were completely in awe.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly as he said: “Everyone, take a seat, the banquet is beginning.”

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