Reverend Insanity - Chapter 421

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Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: Development of the Rockmen Tribe

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He Feng Yang carefully read the detailed content of the lightning letter.

Fang Yuan only made three types of requests; primeval stones, Gu worms and materials.

"Requesting for five million primeval stones? No problem! Let alone five million, it is no issue even if he wanted ten million or fifty million." He Feng Yang grinned.

When one reached the Gu Immortal realm, their attention was on immortal essence. They could have any amount of primeval stones they wanted, it was simply not a thing of concern.

"Huh? Five spring egg Gu?" He Feng Yang was slightly dazed.

Spring egg Gu was a rank five Gu that had the appearance of a white goose egg; it was obtained from killing specific eggmen.

Placing spring egg Gu deep underground could form a spirit spring eye. That means, it could grow a spirit spring.

Every spring egg Gu represented a small scale spirit spring.

Every small scale spirit spring could produce at least a hundred million primeval stones from the moment they formed till they disappeared!

However, spring egg Gu's price was much higher than hundred million primeval stones. Gu Immortals would frequently buy it and plant it in their blessed land to form spirit springs and provide spiritual essence to all living beings.

Sufficient spirit springs meant the primeval energy in the blessed land would be thicker and be beneficial to the cultivation and nurturing of Gu worms.

Conversely, if there were no spirit springs, the primeval energy in the blessed land would be created by diluting the immortal essence.

From a certain aspect, spirit springs could cut down the use of immortal essence.

"To think this Fang Yuan, a mere mortal, also knows the importance of spring egg Gu. But this Gu, even Gu Immortals have a lot of demand for it, how could we give you five of them? Three is enough, the Hu Immortal blessed land you are managing will sooner or later become our Immortal Crane Sect's property."

He Feng Yang's gaze moved over the list.

Below, Fang Yuan had mentioned many Gu worms.

"What does he want so many low ranked Gu worms for?" He Feng Yang felt some doubts.

If Fang Yuan demanded those rare and powerful rank five Gu worms, it would be understandable. However, what he was requesting for were some rank two and rank three Gu worms. Although he mentioned some rank four Gu, it was just a few.

"Hmph, I understand. This kid has strong vigilance! He is afraid that if he directly asks for rank five Gu, we would tamper with it, and so he intends to refine the Gu himself. Gu refinement process involves many subtle details, if the Gu worms had been tampered with, it would definitely destroy the whole refinement process. Conversely, a successfully refined Gu would be completely clean and secure."

He Feng Yang felt somewhat irritated.

He originally had such an intention, but now he knew that this scheme could not be implemented and was already useless.

"This kid is not easy to deal with… but, how would he know so many Gu refinement recipes? His background is definitely not simple!" He Feng Yang felt some apprehension inwardly.

He thought for a while more and laughed.

"This Fang Yuan doesn't know what's good for him! Are Gu so easy to refine? Every Gu refinement needs huge resources. The higher the rank of the Gu to be refined, the higher the chances of failure and higher the losses. You kid, just how old are you? Gu refinement cannot succeed just with innate talent, even more importantly, you need experience and accumulation."

He Feng Yang did not know the exact details of Fang Yuan, and even more importantly he did not know that fixed immortal travel Gu was refined by Fang Yuan. If he knew, he would definitely not be able to laugh.

He Feng Yang continued to read.

"Huh? He has requested relic Gu too. A yellow gold relic Gu and three purple crystal relic Gu?" He Feng Yang's gaze paused as he understood Fang Yuan's scheme.

Fang Yuan had rank four upper stage cultivation, this was already noticed by the ten sects' Gu Immortals and was not a secret.

If Fang Yuan used a yellow gold relic Gu, he would be at rank four peak stage. After advancing to rank five initial stage, he could use the three purple crystal relic Gu one by one and directly jump to rank five peak stage.

Immortal Crane Sect was one of the ten great sects of Central Continent and had abundant resources, it naturally had these relic Gu. Every year, there would be disciples and elders who would contribute the relic Gu they obtained to the sect in exchange for contribution points. And the sect would place these green copper to purple crystal relic Gu as rewards for sect missions.

He Feng Yang could easily bring out these relic Gu, but letting Fang Yuan advance to rank five so fast did not sit well with Immortal Crane Sect's benefits!

"Hehehe, I will first hand over one purple crystal Gu to create envy in this kid. These relic Gu are the things he wants the most, we will use it to get a hold on him and make him exchange them with guts Gu!"

He Feng Yang continued to read the letter, after the Gu worms were names of some materials.

These materials were also common for the most part. Although there were some precious Gu refinement materials listed, they were few in number.

"It seems this kid's main plan is to refine Gu. Hmph, you want to refine? Go ahead. But why does he need star heron bile, toad stones, ascension wine, and these other extremely uncommon materials?"

There were very few recipes that included the use of these materials, some of these materials had value that could compare to parts of a desolate beast. Even He Feng Yang would have to expend some effort to get these things.

"Whether this kid is deliberately mystifying it to scatter my attention or is really refining some rare Gu, I cannot give all these materials to him at once. I need to make him feel anxious to probe out his true intent. Hmm, for this transaction, I will give him a vat of ascension wine."

This ascension wine was a top quality wine brewed by Immortal Crane Sect's supreme third elder. Over a hundred years ago, He Feng Yang had officially sided with the third elder. In the banquet, the supreme third elder was in a great mood and rewarded him with three vats of ascension wine.

Supreme third elder liked drinking wine and it was one of his hobbies. However, He Feng Yang did not like to drink and ascension wine was worthless to him.

He Feng Yang saw each part of the desolate beast listed at the end of the letter.

He licked his lips.

This was a desolate beast, an existence that could be compared to Gu Immortals!

"Such a complete desolate beast corpse, looks like the earthly calamity this time was the desolate beast calamity. This kid's luck is really good, using Dang Hun mountain to destroy the swamp crab's soul and obtain such a complete corpse."

He Feng Yang instantly guessed the details of the earthly calamity.

"We can completely procure this swamp crab, but why has he not requested rockmen? Could it be that he does not know of the rockmen because of limited knowledge? Or is it because the group that migrated at that time is still alive? There is too little information."

What was the situation in Hu Immortal blessed land, how did Fang Yuan obtained fixed immortal travel Gu, who was behind him; He Feng Yang did not know the answers to any of these questions.

The five great regions - central continent, southern border, northern plains, western desert and eastern sea - were mutually independent, separated by barriers and each of them were incomparably vast.

Immortal Crane Sect had yet to grasp the whole central continent, let alone make contact with every region of southern border.

However, after Fang Yuan seized Hu Immortal's inheritance, Immortal Crane Sect had already sent elders to southern border to investigate.

Several days later.

"We're here, plant the spirit spring at this location." On the grassland, Fang Yuan stopped walking and said to little Hu Immortal following behind him.

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Little Hu Immortal nodded her little head and raised her palm upon which a spring egg Gu flew out.

Spring egg Gu landed on the ground and drilled deep underground. Within moments, Fang Yuan felt the ground shake and could hear the sound of flowing water becoming louder rapidly.

And then, a fountain of spring water spurted out of the ground and flew as high as twenty to thirty meters.

The spring water was milky white and produced water vapor. After a few breaths' time, Fang Yuan could feel the primeval energy in the air becoming very dense.

"Primeval energy is the origin energy of all living beings; with the increase in primeval energy, the land will become more fertile, vegetation will flourish and beast groups will prosper even more, there will be a lot of benefits to the rockmen as well." Fang Yuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

The transaction with Immortal Crane Sect was a success. Fang Yuan sold the whole swamp crab's corpse and in return obtained most of the things he needed.

Among them were three spring egg Gu.

This spring egg Gu was a rank five Gu and was a one time expendable Gu that could turn into a small scale spirit spring.

It had a high demand on primeval essence to be activated and even rank five upper stage Gu Masters would have to exhaust all their primeval essence to succeed in activating it.

Fang Yuan was only at rank four upper stage and was absolutely unable to activate spring egg Gu. But fortunately, he had the little Hu Immortal land spirit as his helper.

Fang Yuan buried these three spring egg Gu near the rockmen tribes.

After the trial of the sixth earthly calamity, there were only a few pitiful fox groups left in Hu Immortal blessed land and were not worth nurturing. Fang Yuan thus put all his attention on the rockmen tribes.

Now, there were only a few hundreds rockmen left, much lesser than the foxes. However, with Dang Hun mountain and these three spirit springs, the rockmen tribes could rapidly grow and develop.

"Hehehe, Master, this is awesome! With three spirit springs, our green grape immortal essence expenditure will greatly reduce." Little Hu Immortal looked at the spurting spring water and narrowed her eyes in happiness.

"These three spirit springs can produce at least three hundred million primeval stones and can last for fifty to sixty years. But if we look at the whole blessed land, it is far from enough. It is lacking even for the southern area of the blessed land." Fang Yuan calculated.

Spirit springs were classified into small scale, mid-scale and large scale.

Small scale spirit springs could last for fifty to sixty years; mid-scale spirit spring could last for about a hundred years and more; large scale spirit spring could last for centuries.

The spurting spring water loosened the surrounding soil and the spring mouth gradually enlarged. The force of the spring water was not enough and its height slowly reduced.

In four to five days, the spring mouth would form and the spirit spring would start flowing, spreading to the surrounding soil. In several months, the dense primeval energy would condense into the first batch of primeval stones.

"Let's return. The rockmen tribes should be having the time of their lives now." Fang Yuan commanded the land spirit.

The next moment, the two teleported to Dang Hun mountain.

"Heavens, so many gutstones!"

"The place is in a mess, there definitely was a huge battle here. Maybe that male immortal is already dead."

"Our rockmen tribes' glorious days are coming!!"

"We will have endless offsprings. Tribe leader Yan Yong, we can establish the world's largest rockmen tribe!"

The rockmen cheered and shouted, indulging in this moment of happiness and fortune.

Dang Hun mountain was filled with gutstones. There was one every five steps.

The rockmen struck the gutstones in a frenzy and strengthened their soul.

There were many young rockmen who also struck the gutstones and rapidly strengthened their newborn souls, allowing them to control more rocks as their body.

There were only a few hundreds rockmen at first, but in only a day, their population expanded by ten times!

The more the population grew, the faster they multiplied.

On the morning of the second day, their population broke ten thousand. On the evening of the third day, their numbers reached three hundred thousand.

All the gutstones on Dang Hun mountain were plucked clean.

On the fourth day, Dang Hun mountain started emitting pressure and the rockmen could only reluctantly leave the place, majestically returning to their homes.

There were unexpected gifts, the new three spirit springs, waiting for them there.
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