Reverend Insanity - Chapter 648

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Chapter 648

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Fang Yuan finally displayed his true strength; his punch was extremely fast, Giant Sun's will was caught unprepared and received the full brunt of the attack.

Bang, the condensed golden will was smashed into smithereens, splitting into countless parts.

But at the next moment, the will condensed again, though its volume had fully decreased by one-fifth.

Having suffered such a great loss, Giant Sun's will was about to furiously counterattack. However, Fang Yuan had already retreated to safety behind the layers upon layers of strength path phantoms.

Giant Sun's will was so angry at this that he almost collapsed again.

He could not think about too many things, otherwise he would have already seen this was a trap. Thus, he fell for Fang Yuan's scheme.

"Hei Lou Lan, what are you still hesitating for?" Giant Sun's will sellowed.

"How can he send out strength path phantoms that look exactly the same as him?" Hei Lou Lan's thoughts were tangled and confused, and when he heard Giant Sun's will's roar, he quivered before coming back to his senses.

Fang Yuan's killer move was powerful and had the number advantage, suppressing everyone into such disadvantage that they were not even able to raise their heads. Even Giant Sun's will could not make any progress.

This was the moment of life and death!

Hei Lou Lan's Great Strength True Martial Physique was the crucial battle strength that could change the situation! As he thought of this, Hei Lou Lan opened his eyes wide in anger and stood up straight.


One ordinary punch produced a terrifying result; the piercingly cold fist qi almost penetrated the heavy layers of strength path phantoms.

Human figures flew all around as the phantoms were smashed to pieces.

This was the true strength of Great Strength True Martial Physique.

At this moment, Hei Lou Lan displayed all his strength without any reservations!

The Immortal Gu Dark Limit's remaining power on him was a thin layer of black membrane.

When Hei Lou Lan tore apart this layer of black membrane, his figure suddenly changed! The surging aura of one of the ten extreme physiques soared to the skies, a formless aura shook the air and formed a shockwave that engulfed the surroundings.


"What's going on? Lord Hei Lou Lan actually turned into a woman!"

"The rumor was actually true! In Su Xian's Night Elopement, Su Xian had given birth to a daughter with Hei tribe's supreme elder, Hei Cheng..."

It was no wonder that back then, Giant Sun's will had chosen Hei Lou Lan and Ma Hong Yun to be Frost Jade Peacock's masters. Giant Sun's will had already seen through Hei Lou Lan's true gender.

Hei Lou Lan turned a deaf ear to everyone's shocked remarks, and fixed her gaze at Fang Yuan. Killing intent surged and a wild, noble aura manifested like a proud tigress starting her hunt - bold and fearless, and hungry to devour humans.

Fang Yuan gave a cold snort, fist qi surged beside him non-stop, condensing into strength path phantoms that had the formation of an army.

He had full confidence in his killer move and was not afraid of Hei Lou Lan: "The self-detonation of one of the ten extreme physiques can indeed slaughter immortals. But my killer move can also do so!"

Strength path phantoms shouted one after another; their rallying cries poured like a river towards Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan who had exposed her true appearance was simply unstoppable, she was like a female warrior goddess who possessed the strength of a thousand troops. The strength path phantom army charged at her, but she was stable and unmoved.

"Save me!" At another side, Ye Lui Sang and the others cried out for help.

Fang Yuan was concentrating on three tasks; facing Hei Lou Lan, taking care of other Gu Masters and also guarding against Giant Sun's will.

He displayed his master level attainment in enslavement path for all to see.

The strength path phantom army were highly coordinated and they seemed to move like one entity. With no regard for sacrifices, they attacked with a crazy offense; Ye Lui Sang and the others were already in danger, but now could hold on no longer, their final defensive line was broken.

Hei Lou Lan wanted to return and assist them, but was firmly stalled by the strength path phantoms.

"These strength path phantoms actually have an ordinary person's intelligence! How was he able to accomplish this? He definitely seized my vital Gu, but how could he create strength path phantoms that have the exact same appearance as him!" Hei Lou Lan was extremely astonished.

The more she battled with the strength path phantom army, the more she realized their power.

An individual strength path phantom was of no concern. But three strength path phantoms' tacit cooperation could slightly resist Hei Lou Lan. Six strength path phantoms could form a small battle formation and stall her. Nine strength path phantoms attacking in succession could pressure her.

The greater the number of strength path phantoms, the higher their battle strength.

This was all because of the exquisite coordination between them!

Even beast groups could not accomplish this, but Fang Yuan's enslavement path army was actually made of his own strength path phantoms; they came from the same source and thus were of one mind.

Hei Lou Lan was not able to reinforce them in time; Ye Lui Sang and the others were killed one after the other by the strength path phantoms.

And facing the cries for help from his bloodline descendants, Giant Sun's will made the opposite choice of Hei Lou Lan; he turned into several arrows and tried to take advantage of the chaos to kill Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan mobilized the guards beside him to engage in an intense battle with Giant Sun's will.

The duration of the battle was extremely short but it was exceptionally fierce.

Seeing that he could not succeed, Giant Sun's will left after probing and did not continue fighting zealously. There were hardly any thoughts left in this will; the intense battle would demand quick thinking and he would slowly be unable to bear such intensive consumption.

And Fang Yuan also was in trouble.

Mo Yao's will continued to bother him from time to time, creating distracting thoughts and causing him to repeatedly make mistakes when mobilizing the strength path phantoms, making him unable to display his master level enslavement path attainment to the fullest.

However, as time passed, Fang Yuan gradually attained the upper hand.

His strength path phantom army continued to increase in numbers, the narrow remaining space was filled with these strength path phantoms, their number already surpassing ten thousand.

At the same time, Mo Yao's will's influence on him was weakening.

Giant Sun's will sneak attacked many times but did not succeed, his remaining volume was less than that of an adult.

The only one who was still fighting like an addict, Hei Lou Lan, was a monster with unlimited stamina. Great Strength True Martial Physique's battle strength could make one speechless. If not for the layers of strength path phantoms which consisted of an absurd number already, they might not have been able to restrain her.

"Child, you have to be careful. I researched this strength path killer move for you, although it is strong, it has a flaw. The strength path phantom you create is actually your subconscious image." Her mother, Su Xian, said in an extremely weak tone at the moment of her death, advising her repeatedly with a worried expression.

Hei Lou Lan sat at the side of the bed, grabbing her hand, nodding her head as she wept without letting out a noise.

"> has already told us that every person has a self in their hearts. Child, your strength path phantom is the self in your heart. What I can see from it is that you thirst for tyrannical strength, you long to escape from a female's status and have it become that of a man's. Use this killer move as few times as possible, be careful as the killer move might imperceptibly influence you to become as savage as your strength path phantom in the end." Su Xian continued to mumble, almost exhausting all of her energy.

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"Mother, I understand, you can be at ease." Bean sized tears trickled down Hei Lou Lan's cheeks.

"When one day, you can create strength path phantoms that resemble your appearance completely, mother will be at ease. Remember, remember, find your 'self'. Also… also… be careful of your fa… father…" Su Xian finished her last words, using up her final breath as she left this world.

"Mother—!" Hei Lou Lan's heartbroken shout echoed in the room.

"Hei Lou Lan, what are you doing? You are actually letting your thoughts wander at this moment?" Giant Sun's will's furious shout broke Hei Lou Lan's recollection.

Hei Lou Lan was startled to awareness, she then stared at Fang Yuan, her heart filled with extremely complicated emotions — this guy actually had already found his self!? How did he accomplish it?

"The final moment is arriving, the wind veil of assimilation is already close to us. Hei Lou Lan, self-detonate, I swear upon the honor of Giant Sun that I will save you!" Giant Sun's will commanded.

Fang Yuan's gaze became sharp, he might have the phantom army's protection and was sure they could create enough time for him to open a stargate, but he was not willing to take the risk.

He quickly provoked: "Hehehe, Hei Lou Lan, you are a hero of a generation! Giant Sun's will might have Immortal Gu, but his immortal essence is still with me, how could he save you? How about you surrender to me, I have a way to escape this wind veil of assimilation!"

Fang Yuan was only probing and did not hold high hopes for it.

But Hei Lou Lan's movement slowed down and her battle intent clearly lowered when she heard his words.

Giant Sun's will saw the situation taking a turn for the worse and quickly shouted: "Don't listen to this demon's nonsense, he cannot be trusted! Hei Lou Lan, don't hesitate, this is our final chance to turn around the situation! Could it be that you don't believe me, your ancestor? Don't forget that I am only lending you the strength path Immortal Gu, it still has my will and it will self-detonate with just a thought from me!"

Hei Lou Lan roared as her battle intent soared again.

"Demon, you have a glib tongue, crafty as a fox! Damn it, what Gu did you use on me? I will make you pay the most terrible price, hand over your life!"

Hei Lou Lan erupted and like a wild dragon entering the sea, she carved out a path through the layers of the strength path phantom army.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "Good, let me personally experience the power of Great Strength True Martial Physique!"

He then faced Hei Lou Lan head-on, and engaged in close combat.

Six arm heavenly zombie king was strong but it was not the match of the ten extreme physiques. This was still the case under the circumstances in which Fang Yuan possessed unlimited primeval essence and was activating large numbers of mortal Gu.

Hei Lou Lan's feelings were much different.

Fang Yuan's power and ferociousness along with the surrounding strength path phantoms' tacit coordination made her feel extremely pressured, and she was suffering injuries after injuries.

But Great Strength True Martial Physique's recovery ability was much stronger than six arm heavenly zombie king, the pain instead caused Hei Lou Lan to become even more fierce.

For a moment, both sides exchanged moves after moves and were evenly matched.

Giant Sun's will only had to wait for a short while before it saw a flaw from Fang Yuan and sneak attacked at lightning speed.

Fang Yuan retreated a step and turned around, counterattacking with clear hatred at Giant Sun's will.

Giant Sun's will gnashed his teeth as he fiercely clashed with Fang Yuan, creating an even bigger flaw. He shouted: "Hei Lou Lan!"

As long as this exposed flaw was used, Hei Lou Lan could definitely inflict heavy injuries upon Fang Yuan and might even be able to take his life.

Giant Sun's will finally saw hope at this moment.

"Coming!" Hei Lou Lan charged over and activated her Gu worms, striking with an unprecedented power.

A dozen strength path phantoms suddenly jumped beside Fang Yuan to protect him.

"You!" Giant Sun's will shouted in shock, Hei Lou Lan's attack did not strike Fang Yuan, but smashed upon him!

Giant Sun's will crumbled, revealing three Immortal Gu.

Hei Lou Lan opened her mouth, actually swallowing the three Immortal Gu.

With a gulp, the three Immortal Gu entered her stomach.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly, the dozen strength path phantoms that had come to reinforce him changed their formation and surrounded Giant Sun's will, before brazenly self-detonating!

Fist qi surged, almost completely exterminating all of Giant Sun's will; only four to five traces of golden thoughts managed to escape!
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