Reverend Insanity - Chapter 730

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Chapter 730: 730

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Central Continent, Bai Qing blessed land.

Bright sunlight shined down on this small world.

The mountain stream flowed slowly, the tall ancient trees spread out their huge green leaves. Sunlight penetrated between the holes amongst the leaves, because of the breeze, beams of light would sway gently when shining down on the ground.

Feng Jin Huang was reclining on the grassy ground, her back against a tall tree. Feeling the wind, she breathed in deeply, the clear air was mixed in with the fragrance of the grass.

The book of > was exquisite and beautiful, in the hands of Feng Jin Huang, she had already flipped it to the last few pages.

Feng Jin Huang's eyes were clear as water, she stared at a page of the book without blinking.

Although she had heard about the story of Ren Zu since her youth, due to her mystical experience in the dream realm, when she read > again with deeper insight, Feng Jin Huang felt many new emotions emerging in her.

At the end of >, it said — Ren Zu's ten children died one after another, even Ren Zu himself was going to die of old age, he was at the end of his life. Before dying, Ren Zu retrieved the corpses of his ten children, and sacrificed himself, sending them all into derivation Gu's stomach, eaten by it.

Large amounts of dream realms also followed the smell of the delicious food, going into derivation Gu's mouth along with them.

Derivation Gu's stomach was burst open, as countless light of life shone on the lands, creating the first batch of mortals.

"Because the dream realm was involved in the derivation, the first batch of mortals would experience dreams when they slept at night. Humans often sink deep into dreams, like Northern Dark Ice Soul, and are unable to free themselves from it." Feng Jin Huang thought as she stretched out her hand, closing the > book as she stood up.

"Mother, send me back to the building. I am tired." She said softly.

"Okay." At the next moment, Feng Jin Huang heard Fairy Bai Qing's gentle voice echoing near her.

Feng Jin Huang vanished on the spot, she reappeared in her own room inside the small building.

In the room, Fairy Bai Qing was already waiting.

Feng Jin Huang's eyes shone with joy: "Oh, mother, why are you free today, don't you need to blend in the earth qi?"

When a Gu Master reaches rank six and becomes a Gu Immortal, their aperture would take in the three qi of heaven, earth, and human, elevating it into an immortal aperture, forming a small world.

Gu Immortals manage their immortal apertures and increase their cultivation level. But the more objects that enter the immortal aperture, gradually, the heaven and earth qi inside the immortal aperture would become insufficient.

Like a carefully nurtured bonsai, as the tree inside grows larger, the pot becomes too small, and the soil will seem very shallow.

At this time, Gu Immortals will place their blessed lands on the ground, taking in earth qi, or place their grotto-heavens in the sky, taking in heaven qi.

After taking in heaven and earth qi, they would stabilize their blessed land or grotto-heaven, increasing the foundation of the immortal aperture. After their cultivation level stabilizes, they would be able to continue cultivating with a more stable foundation.

Fairy Bai Qing's current condition was that she had managed the blessed land for quite some time, it was becoming unstable. She placed the blessed land on the ground, and she herself was inside, taking in the earth qi of the large region, Central Continent, and assimilating it into her blessed land.

Fairy Bai Qing looked at her cute daughter with a doting gaze, praising: "Huang Er, it seems that after this dream realm encounter, your mental state had been greatly trained. In the past, you would have complained to me and would request for me to accompany you. But this time, I blended in the earth qi for three days and three nights without spending any time with you, yet you actually read books and refined Gu quietly, your mental state is much more mature than before, mother is very happy."

"Of course!" Feng Jin Huang smiled happily, showing her white teeth, she raised her head as the bells rang on her phoenix coronet, she said proudly: "Who am I? I am father and mother's flesh and blood, how can I ruin both of your reputations!"

Her smile infected Fairy Bai Qing as she smiled as well: "Ever since the first batch of mortals were born, they could dream. Almost nobody can avoid dreaming, after all these years, countless geniuses and talented individuals, even Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables, they have their own dream realms. These dream realms gather together, forming a huge hidden realm of an unprecedented size. Huang Er, your dream wings Immortal Gu can allow you to enter dream realms at will, it is a movement Immortal Gu that prevents you from being influenced by dream realms! This is a huge opportunity for you, you need to make good use of it."

"I understand, mother. These recent days, I have been trying to refine Gu, I found out that my refinement path realm had reached quasi-master level. The advantages of the dream realm are simply too much, I had always lacked interest in refinement path, I had never practiced it normally. But after this dream realm journey, my attainment rose so sharply, I have exceeded many people in the sect." Feng Jin Huang sighed and said.

"You moved about in Old Immortal Kong Jue's dream, you unknowingly obtained some of his refinement path true meaning. But that was because Old Immortal Kong Jue himself was a refinement path supreme grandmaster, thus you had much to gain. Dream realms are extremely complex, you might not be so lucky next time, to encounter the dream of someone as qualified as Old Immortal Kong Jue." Fairy Bai Qing analyzed.

Feng Jin Huang was nonchalant, she laughed: "If I can't encounter it, then so be it. I do not have interest in refinement path anyway, next time, all I need to do is enter the dream of an Immortal Venerable or Demon Venerable. Sigh, it is a pity, I walk on the metal path, yet none of the ten venerables cultivate this path."

Fairy Bai Qing heart jumped when she heard this, she became serious: "Huang Er, do not let your guard down. You were safe and sound this time because you were lucky, the dream realm you were in was not dangerous or harmful. If you really enter the dream of a venerable, you have to retreat immediately, the power of a venerable is not something you can imagine."

Feng Jin Huang's first stuck out her tongue, before she replied obediently: "Yes mother, I understand."

Fairy Bai Qing's expression became more gentle, she took out a letter Gu: "This is a letter from your father, he has already broken through the regional wall, and has found a place to rest after entering Northern Plains. He has not learned of your awakening yet, but since he has already sent us a letter, we can use this letter Gu to reply to him, say a few words to him and relieve his worry, so that he can deal with the missions in this Northern Plains journey."

"Father's letter?" Feng Jin Huang's eyes shined, she jumped over and took the letter Gu from Fairy Bai Qing, her consciousness entering it.

But in the end, she could not read it.

Feng Jin Huang pouted: "Oh, it is that information path Immortal Gu, Letter Sending Green Bird, I am still a mortal, I cannot read it."

Fairy Bai Qing patted her head: "Your father is currently in Northern Plains, how can he cross the regional wall without using an information path Immortal Gu? What are you anxious for, I had just praised you for becoming more mature."

Saying this, Fairy Bai Qing injected a will into Feng Jin Huang's mind.

Feng Jin Huang was familiar with this, countless thoughts generated in her mind as she conversed with the will, instantly, she could 'see' the information in Feng Jiu Ge's letter.

"Father..." Feng Jin Huang read Feng Jiu Ge's letter, and saw the concern and worry he had towards her, she was so moved her eyes turned red.

"I want to see father immediately and show him my current refinement path attainment. He had always been worrying about my refinement path realm." Feng Jin Huang muttered.

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"Don't worry, I will tell your father in the letter."

"Don't, don't tell him, I want to give father a surprise."

"Alright." Fairy Bai Qing took out a letter Gu next, it was also a letter sending green bird Gu, but this was a rank five mortal Gu.

"This is another letter for you, it is from Fang Yuan. He had sent it long ago, take a look at it." Fairy Bai Qing said.

"Fang Yuan!" Feng Jin Huang heard this name and gritted her teeth, her brows were sharp like swords, and her beautiful face turned red from embarrassment.

She snatched the letter Gu and checked it.

Fang Yuan had put in a lot of information in the letter, he first praised Spirit Affinity House extensively, his tone was like he wanted to join them, and he afterwards agreed with Feng Jin Huang's challenge, and he even apologized for replying so late.

At the end of the letter, there was a line — I am currently in Hu Immortal blessed land, my doors are open to await for Fairy Feng Jin Huang's visit. I have heard that Spirit Affinity House's qingpu tea is extremely famous. If you intend to spar with me, I would get to experience the taste of this famous tea, that would be extremely enjoyable.

"Hmph! He truly has the leisure time and mood, he wants to drink qingpu tea? He wants to enjoy the taste of tea? Evil thief! Lecherous thief! I want to tear you into pieces and break up your bones to feed dogs!" Feng Jin Huang's eyes were burning with fire, she exerted some strength unknowingly, and the letter sending green bird Gu was chirping in response.

Fairy Bai Qing quickly saved this letter Gu: "Huang Er, this is something mother wants to talk to you about. Undoubtedly, Fang Yuan has exceeded our expectations once again, he is no longer like before. If you spar with him now you will only lose, there is no way to win."

"What?" Feng Jin Huang stared with her eyes wide open, looking at Fairy Bai Qing in shock.

Fairy Bai Qing told her about the details of Fang Yuan becoming an immortal zombie, and that he had a mysterious force behind him that managed to force Immortal Crane Sect to retreat after attacking Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Immortal zombie? He actually became an immortal zombie?" Feng Jin Huang muttered to herself, if it was not her mother saying this, she would not believe it herself.

"How long has it been, he actually became an immortal already? We are about the same age, how can he have such firm foundations to charge towards Gu Immortal realm?" Feng Jin Huang was very perplexed.

Fairy Bai Qing replied her: "Regarding his suddenly transformation into an immortal zombie, our ten great ancient sects have some guesses. Although raising one's foundation is hard, it is not impossible. There is an example right in front of us, that is dream realms. Other than that, we have guessed that the mysterious force behind him might have some sort of special immortal ascension method, to allow a Gu Master to become an immortal zombie."

"But becoming an immortal zombie means your cultivation level will stagnate, it can no longer progress." Feng Jin Huang frowned.

"That is the cast. But think about it, a rank five mortal Gu Master compared to a rank six immortal zombie, the latter is obviously much stronger." Fairy Bai Qing said.

Feng Jin Huang showed some disdain on her face: "I don't care if he was greedy towards short term profits, or that he was forced to do so, he will definitely not be my match in the future. He is rushing to challenge me now, it is obvious that he knows he can only continue to bully me during this period of time, in the future, it will be my turn. This coward is timid like a rat, he is a shameless and unscrupulous person!"

"Huang Er, do not be blinded by your own hatred and anger." Fairy Bai Qing's expression was very solemn: "This Fang Yuan is not simple, this letter that he sent was right before Immortal Crane Sect attacked, his real intention was to build a relationship with us, Spirit Affinity House, it was a tactic to bring in a third party. He has Dang Hun mountain right now, and is making transactions with our ten great ancient sects. His name has spread far and wide in Central Continent, almost every Gu Immortal knows of his existence now."

"Mother, I was wrong, I was too agitated." Feng Jin Huang gritted her teeth, trying to regain her calm.

"How will you respond to this letter? Ignore it, or reply to it, I will let you decide." Fairy Bai Qing purposely tested her.

Feng Jin Huang said immediately: "Of course we will reply! Since this challenge was set by me, and he has already responded. If I avoid battle because he is an immortal zombie, then I would be showing weakness."

"But..." Her eyes turned as she said: "The enemy is strong while I am weak, only a fool will go head to head with him. Hmph, soon, the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention is going to begin. I will use refinement path and defeat him in public! This will soothe some of my anger. Mother, what do you think of this?"

Fairy Bai Qing nodded in satisfaction: "This is a good idea."

Feng Jin Huang gritted her teeth, her eyes shined with bright light: "In the following days, I am going to find refinement path Gu Master dreams, and rapidly build up my foundation in refinement path. Using him as an opponent, it will urge me and promote the growth of my cultivation level."

Fairy Bai Qing laughed, patting Feng Jin Huang's head: "This is my good daughter."

Feng Jin Huang squinted, as she replied, she chuckled coldly: "You want to pretend to be cultured and drink qingpu tea, sure, I will give you fifty or sixty jars of it! But if you want to compete, we cannot do so without a bet. I will make you lose in both reputation as well as substance!"
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