Guild Wars - Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: 201

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When Draco reached the courtyard, Riveting Night didn't move over to sit in her usual seat, rather she continued to the exit of the Rank 7 Castle. Hikari watched Riveting Night leave with a puzzled expression, but she didn't follow.  

Draco also watched her departure with a slight smile. He knew where she was headed to, and while he would have liked to join her, he had his training which was of unmatched importance.  

Hikari sat aside and watched with a dreamy expression as Draco began casting without pause. Just like Riveting Night or Zaine, Hikari couldn't help but swoon secretly when Draco was so serious.  

Today, Draco didn't try to double cast rarer elements spell anymore. Unless he dedicated months to it, it would be impossible for such a thing to happen. Instead, he began something more important.  

That's right, Draco was going to try casting a spell with the Box, in other words, a support/defense spell. These kinds of spells were much more complex and demanding than offensive spells.  

It required much less in terms of initial resources - depending on the type of spell - however, it required intense control. Luckily, this type of control fell under the Focus stat, so it wouldn't be too intense for him.  

Draco began the process by forming the shape of the Box, then inscribed the runes on it. He chose 'a shield of fire forms around me', to create the same type of fire shield as Richmond.  

When it came to the point where he needed to add his will, he had to consciously envelop the whole box in it, which naturally was much greater than the little wisp he had placed in the Sphere.  

The 'will' here referred more to concentration than willpower. It was in the same field as Draco's Void of Perfection, which gave him an advantage.  

Draco would naturally have an easier time if he used his Control as a foundation for the whole process of subjective magic, but he chose to follow the hard path.  

He wanted to gain the ability to use spells like this without his Control. Naturally, if this was in battle, he wouldn't hold back, but it would be foolish to use it during training. 

Draco consequently filled the box with Worldly Energy. It turned out to be far less in quantity compared to what he had to summon for offensive spells. He closed the spell off and let it take form. 

A shield of fire emerged around Draco, covering his form protectively. It radiated an intense heat that repelled any living being, but Draco who was inside it felt only the calmest warmth, as if he were wrapped in a snug blanket.  

Richmond nodded with satisfaction. Draco had succeeded on his first try, but then again, the creation of the spell wasn't the hard part for defense/support spells. The stability and control of it would be the challenge.  

Richmond gave Draco five minutes to familiarise himself with the management of the spell.  

He had never looked at the awe-inspiring side of magic like most players and gamers did. He simply regarded it as a means to an end, which was typical of most amoral/evil fellows.  

However, that once lost boyish streak of wonder emerged in his heart as he felt the spell in its truest form. It wasn't like offensive spells that were fired out and left to their devices.  

He controlled this spell in every means of the word, and he experienced just how wondrous the ability to manipulate the elements and the world around him was.  

This was something only achievable in Boundless, and this was why it had such a strong attraction value to the common man. Who in the modern world didn't want to shoot out fireballs or fly in the sky if given the chance?  

Even though Boundless had a great many detriments, it also had far too many strengths. As for the matter of the current upheaval, it was causing in the world, Draco had seen the news of the drama unfolding but paid it no mind.  

It would all subside in time.  

Draco felt like his mind had been broadened, and this would greatly help his spellcasting ability in battle. That was why Richmond had given him 5 minutes to feel the wonder of the spell.  

Now, it was time to test its sturdiness.  

Richmond sent out a fireball that was of the same power as a Rank 1 mage using objective magic. Basically, a fireball as powerful as an average Pyromancer's spell.  

It hit Draco's fire shield and the fellow was wrenched from his wondrous contemplation as he felt his mind shake. It wasn't enough to completely rattle him, but he did feel a response from his spell when Richmond attacked it.  

\"What is the difference between a shield created by objective magic and one by subjective magic? The answer is quite simple.\"  

Richmond began explaining in a casual one as he spawned another fireball and flung it at Draco's shield.  

\"A shield created by objective magic has nothing to do with your control. The process is handled by the system, and the resources are deducted from your mana reserves.\"  

The fireball hit Draco's fire shield once again, causing his mind to shake and tremble. Yet, it still held firm, even under the bombardment of two spells.  

\"A shield like that normally has either a threshold of damage it can absorb before shattering, a length of time it can be held before it would dissipate or - most commonly - both.\"  

Richmond created a torrent of water and shot it at Draco.  

\"Subjective magic allows us to create shields that have none of those limitations. As long as you can maintain concentration while also stably providing resources, your shield can be maintained for eternity and block any damage.\"  

The water pump collided with Draco's spell and doused the fire shield, forcibly dispelling it and making Draco cough blood. His head pounded as if someone had used a sledgehammer to whack him.  

\"However, it is not perfect. One must take over the system's role and handle the strength of the barrier. Instead of a numerical amount of damage threshold, it becomes attached to the strength of your mind, or put simpler, your concentration.\" 

Richmond lowered his hands and cast a restoration spell on Draco, healing all the damage and fatigue. \"As such, it simultaneously better and worse than its objective counterpart. If you have a strong and well-trained mind, it is greater. If you have a weak one, perhaps you should not bother.\"  

Draco nodded and took Richmond's lesson to heart. After feeling the barrier shatter, he was extremely clear that if he didn't chug an Angel's Kiss potion while in battle, even a level 1 goblin would be able to cut him to death in that condition.  

Of course, he would respawn with 5 seconds invincibility and let the perpetrator feel the wrath of the gods, but it would still be detrimental.  

Draco began to cast again, using more than 6 hours to work on the different normal element variations of the mana shield as it was the most basic defensive spell.  

He also tried to cast a buff spell. It was supposed to increase the damage of his allies slightly, or putting it in numerical terms, it should be an increase of 1%. Draco was a Grandmaster Enchanter who understood how runes worked intimately.  

During the 'Execution' section, the fewer runes used, the more powerful the spell. That was because one would leave it ambiguous and general, allowing many beneficial effects to spawn.  

What Draco had done by using two runes like Reva Rowa (Eternal Growth) was unprecedentedly unwise and dangerous - putting aside the fact that the Eternal Rune itself was a taboo - because he would have to use more willpower to fuse the enchantment if it spawned stronger effects.  

But that was jumping one stage ahead. First of all, how was he supposed to fuel it? With what energy and with which Soul Stones? 

Sure, he was rich as hell now, but the supply of Soul Stones of higher qualities was not infinite. One shouldn't forget, Soul Stones were acquired through the use of the extremely hard to find Soul Trap skill.  

After that, the quality of the entity killed decided the quality of the soul energy. To get top-grade ones, one had to kill a least a Major Rank Monster or a Rank 5 NPC.  

Just how many top-grade Soul Stones could there be in existence? It was just as rare as Aether Crystals, only that its utility was nowhere near that of Aetheric Energy.  

So naturally, when inscribing runes on the Box, Draco made sure to be as specific as possible. This would keep the spell simple and precise, so that the resources he would have to provide wouldn't be outrageous.  

After casting the buff spell on Hikari, her face became colorful as she felt the energy empower her. Draco felt a bit taxed out, despite only providing a 1% increase in her damage.  

No wonder buff spells had short durations and were extremely rare, while having low percentages. It was extremely hard to cast a spell that influenced reality as heavily as buff spells.  

However, what almost made Draco go crazy was the fact that the buff spell he cast on Hikari had no duration. It would hold as long as he dedicated a tiny wisp of will on it and continued to supply the resources in the background.  

How heaven defying was this?  

Of course, the whole aspect of subjective magic was heaven-defying and overpowered, but due to the difficulties Draco had faced in the process of mastering it, he hadn't really felt it.  

After all, he could currently use only the bottommost spells, and even then, he would get fatigued after casting merely a few. Compared to his outrageous skill in physical combat, it was natural that he would see the just acquired magic as a bit weaker.  

He envisioned himself steadily growing stronger with subjective magic, becoming able to supply higher quantity and higher quality resources to his spells. He also saw his control growing to the point where he could double cast with ease, or even triple cast.  

He would be able to use rarer element spells as well as the highest elements with ease all in due time, maybe when he reached Rank 4 or higher. Even though it would be great, would his swordsmanship halt?  

Who said Draco had reached the cap? He was nowhere close. Especially now that he knew Titled Gods existed, Draco wanted to meet the Sword God and learn from him, if not usurp his position.  

Since he hadn't come close to reaching the level of even getting to know about the Sword God in his past life, it meant his swordsmanship had been too lacking.  

This was not taking into account that this fellow even planned to master Archery, Spearmanship, Shield, Daggers among other weapons. He truly had lofty ambitions, not knowing the immensity of the heavens and earth.  

What could only make one clutch their chest in pain was the fact that the fellow actually had the adequate talent to achieve these goals. How unfair was that?!  

However, one's heart could be soothed knowing that here would be no shortcuts for him. He would have to put in the time and effort to master such weapons, even with Control and the Insight passive skill.  

Draco spent the next 6 hours trying to double cast spells in the Box, but just like with double casting the rarer elements in the Sphere, it was currently too hard. He could easily partition his mind, and the resources were easily provided, but the amount of concentration required to keep the spells active was too much.  

As Richmond had said, both the Sphere and the Box were marvelous, having their own advantages and disadvantages over one another. If one could master both, they would become like him, a Mage God.  

He failed during the first four hours but managed to barely succeed in the last two. By that point, he could only maintain two defensive spells for 10 seconds before he had to drop them under bombardment by Richmond.  

Outside of that, he managed to hold them for 3 minutes.  

As for support spells, it was impossible to double cast them yet. He would need to strengthen his mind, preferably through unlocking more of his Dark Angel Inheritance.  

Draco left the courtyard in the evening with a slight smile.  

He was looking forward to Eva's progress, especially since she had messaged him earlier in the day with a crazy plan.  


Back to when Riveting Night left the Rank 7 Castle in the morning, she strolled across the lawns and went to the gates. A carriage had been pulled over for her and she immediately entered it.  

She was surprised to encounter Zaine inside sitting there languidly. The succubus was dressed in a party dress, one that was so tight that her panty line showed easily.  

Not only that, but her black dress also displayed an unhealthy amount of side boob as well as cleavage. The hem of the dress was also incredibly short. One didn't need to bend down far to see her thin panties as well as a lovely amount of her peach. 

She had some fancy earrings on, as well as some golden bands on her wrists. She looked like a high-class woman attending a top-tier socialite event.  

(Author's Note: Sorta like this, but much lewder. 

\"What are you doing here? I thought you went to Vita City-State to speed up your pregnancy?\" Riveting Night asked with confusion.  

Zaine laughed, and with a gesture, offered Riveting Night the seat opposite her, while enjoying the looks of ardent lust and desire from the knights as well as the servants.  

\"I have absorbed enough Aetheric Energy for one foray outside, which is my limit. Not to mention that Sublime Notion informed me that you are visiting that place. How could I not go?\"  

Zaine was a succubus, and a Royal One at that, so she could naturally absorb more Aetheric Energy. 

As stated, Succubi preferred the taste of 'processed energy' which came from male semen, but they could directly absorb Worldly Energy if they needed to.  

When Zaine had first visited Vita City-State, the quantity of Aetheric Energy was so high that she became intoxicated, like a drunk person who had taken too much good wine. As such, she had failed to meet Draco when he had gone off to train Hikari.  

However, now that she had a child in her belly the amount of energy needed to perfectly birth a devil like the one slowly forming in her was no a small thing.  

Her capacity for absorption greatly increased, just like how the appetite of a pregnant woman greatly increased. She had already conceived the child - with terrifying speed, worthy of the succubus name - and so her body had changed slightly to begin the gestation process.  

However, Riveting Night was surprised by Zaine's interest in her destination. Why would she want to go there of all places? 

Zaine decided to explain why, as she hadn't taken the time yet to earn Riveting Night's trust.  

It was clear to see that she was like the empress in Draco's group of women while they were the imperial concubines, and it would be most important to develop a good relationship with her. 

\"Even though going there might be slightly dangerous, I now have the protection of Draco. Who in this world would dare to harm me?\"  

Zaine puffed out her mouth-watering chest proudly, as if the mere fact that she belonged to Draco made her the most powerful existence under heaven. 

Riveting Night nodded her head with praise. Her eyesight back then had been truly good. Zaine's faith and loyalty in Draco were praiseworthy. After Zaine spent more time with him, she would eventually become like Riveting Night herself, so enthralled that she couldn't escape.  

Roma was almost at that level while Hikari wasn't that far off, especially after laying her egg.  

Riveting Night didn't talk much anymore. Since Zaine knew where she was going and still dared to come, she was clearly willing to bear any consequences. 

Not only that, but Riveting Night felt that Zaine would be incredibly useful. Her mind was the sharpest among Draco's most notable concubines, and she had the highest charisma of them all.  

Even as a Rank 1 Succubus, Zaine should be able to easily convince a Rank 2 Lord to sell his soul to her, just based on her bloodline alone. 

The carriage eventually reached the portal center of Cario City, and the two women debarked. When the players and NPCs saw Zaine, the area stopped as all eyes were locked on her form.  

The breathing of many fellows became ragged as they started panting and sweating like dogs. Lust was one of the most intense desires in the world, able to make even the hardiest man or woman make a foolish mistake. 

Zaine was the incarnation of lust itself. She naturally was able to stimulate all of these people into madness. However, when players noticed who was beside her, none dared to go up to her.  

It was Riveting Night, the strongest female player! She was a legendary madwoman who was obsessed with Draco, the strongest male player, as her power and skill were rumored to be equal to his!  

Fighting her would be equivalent to fighting Draco, and in some aspects, she was worse than Draco precisely because she was mad! Who would dare to mess with Riveting Night?!  

People respected Draco, but everyone feared Riveting Night without question! Her everdark hood, her ruthless aura of murder and her coldness had been shown in the recent Guild War.  

Draco was a lot more approachable and amiable, so not that many people feared him.  

Since that dark-skinned Goddess of Lust was walking one step behind Riveting Night, could it be that she was also one of Draco's women? It was already a rumor that Draco had multiple beauties around him.  

Of course, many players had also started their in-game harems. This wasn't limited to men, but women too.  

In fact, what was truly shocking was that according to some bored players who had tallied the numbers, the number of women who had gathered their own harem of men was five times greater than the male players.  

After all, Boundless was a place that felt real but wasn't real. One could act out their darkest fantasies here without repercussion or social estrangement.  

If Zaine was with Draco, then she was officially off the market. Everyone's minds quickly kicked out all dark intentions but they didn't stop staring at the eye candy that was Zaine until she entered the portal and disappeared.  

When the two women reappeared, it was in a very familiar location that Draco and Riveting Night had visited together slightly over a month ago.  

That's right, she was in the City of Light!  

Riveting Night was going to attend this month's Divine Auction! 

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