Guild Wars - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: 134

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The black sedan pulled up to the gates as the guards at the front moved to intercept it. By the make of the car, they couldn't be sure if it wasn't an important guest inside, so they didn't get brusque so quickly. It was wiser to find out who they were before dealing the pain, if necessary.  

"Good day, might I know who you are and what business you have?" A guard asked as he brought his face close to the driver's window to get a clear look as to who was inside.  

When he looked at the back, he only saw Draco sitting there languidly. In fact, the driver himself never even realized when Eva disappeared. 

The moment the guard saw Draco though, his face blanched. After all, the various mafia groups had received the intel on what he had done at the Sanguigno Brother's lot and about how he almost single-handedly ruined The Cardinals. 

Even the most minute personal had received a headshot of Draco and a warning to not mess with the man but to report to their superiors immediately. 

The scariest part wasn't limited to what he had done, it was his age and his abilities. A Control master at such a young age meant that his future was limitless.  

Offending such a power was foolish. Even the Cartel would hesitate once, twice and three times before making the decision.  

"P-Please enter, Mister Draco. I'll inform the boss about your arrival." The guard stammered weakly.  

The other one who had stayed behind saw his mate turn back looking spooked and peeked into the car himself. As soon as he realized that the person sitting at the back was Draco, his face changed and he hurriedly opened the gate.  

Why would they do that without reporting up? Because The Boyz - and any mafia group except the likes of the Sanguigno Brothers - were only tied together by fear and benefits. These ordinary guards weren't loyal, they were just scared of the outcome if they failed.  

As such, when they met a person who could kill them and was much more terrifying than their employer, what would they do? Stay their grounds in the face of death?  

No, they would rather extend their lives by even a few moments and deal with the aftermath then, instead of accepting a foregone conclusion. 

Draco just smiled as the black sedan drove into the yard of the manor, parking itself near the fountain close to the main doors.  

He slowly departed the vehicle, stretching himself lightly as he walked to the entrance. His every step was measured and there was a certain compelling confidence in his gait that made him seem omnipotent.  

Before he could enter, the double doors opened by themselves, as a bunch of maids stepped out. They were mostly young and pretty, showing that The Boyz mafia group had high tastes for their…'help'. 

Their eyes sparkled when they saw Draco and felt his aura, but they still bowed treating him as the legendary guest they were told to expect.  

Draco ignored them and walked right up towards the topmost floor of the manor. He passed many rooms, and more than a few stationed and fully-armed footmen, before he reached the main living room of the mansion.  

All of the footmen had their eyes on him, but he walked along confidently like their existence was nothing more than floating dust. This added to the effect he emitted, reducing their courage and solidarity. 

Draco had this door opened for him as well, and a more mature maid bowed as she invited him to enter. As he did so, he was admitted to a room with more than 20 men, only one of them seated on a couch while the others stood about the room, fully armed and capable.  

Draco wasn't prompted by anyone before he plopped down on the opposite couch and started chewing some of the snacks on the table. Even though this was low-quality food - relative to Lineage members - he still enjoyed the taste of eating such stuff.  

This made the man opposite him frown deeply. He disliked Draco's nonchalance since there was a decorum for these kinds of situations, one Draco did not even pretend to care about, but he could only tolerate it for now.  

As could be expected, this entrance they created for him was supposed to display their might and intimidate him, but clearly, it had failed miserably. Draco didn't appear moved in the slightest.  

This increased the pressure on the leader of The Boyz, as he was uncertain of exactly what Draco's end goal was. Did he come to form a partnership? Did he come to mediate or negotiate on behalf of someone?  

Or did he come to conquer?  

Draco's behavior indicated all of the three and yet none. That was why they were so stifled. How were they supposed to receive him if they didn't even have a clue of what he wanted? 

The leader of The Boyz was extremely average. He wasn't handsome nor was he ugly, he was the type of fellow you would see when you choose 'default' in a character creation menu.  

His height looked to be 5"10, making him even more average. He had light brown eyes and neatly combed black hair. His skin was quite pale and his body was a little too slim, which were the only noticeable characteristics.  

He wore a simple blue long-sleeved shirt that was tucked into his black trousers. His black-tie contrasted with his black loafers, giving him a more formal look.  

He poured himself some whiskey and drank it slowly while staring at Draco. Draco meanwhile continued biting on the snacks while staring right back at him with an amused smirk. 

They both understood that the first person to talk would admit to having the lower hand, so they were content to wait it out. Draco especially felt relaxed just chewing idly while having a chance to think about his plans going forward.  

Sigh, he had been too busy to get a spare moment and now this fellow granted him a few minutes to think. Why should he break the silence if so? 

Meanwhile, the leader of The Boyz wasn't as comfortable. His forehead began to glisten with sweat as he continued to nonchalantly drink his alcohol, but the pressure was mounting on him.  

Draco wasn't a sub-human, he was half of a True Human, or a High Human. The kind of aura he emitted was very distressing for normal people, but he usually kept it locked in.  

However, he naturally released it on full blast at this moment. It wasn't contained to the leader of The Boyz, but the various men and women in the room were suffering greatly as well.  

They couldn't help but think about the rumors concerning Control masters and felt like all of those rumors were a pittance compared to experiencing the real thing.  

Of course, they had confused the characteristics of Control, thinking that the effects of his bloodline were part of it, which Draco wasn't bothered by. If they attributed all the crazy things he could do to Control, then that was even better. 

The leader of The Boyz saw the suffering of his people and knew the jig was up. Only an inbred idiot would pretend that everything was fine if everything around was on fire.  

He sighed and started the conversation with seriousness. "Welcome to our humble abode, young lad Draco. You can call me Derek and I am the leader of the glorious The Boyz group."  

With a thin smile, he leaned into his couch. "I wonder what the purpose of your presence here is?" 

Draco could only chuckle. It was clear that this Derek fellow was prudent enough, but he simply refused to eat a loss, so he had tried to suppress Draco with words.  

"Derek, right? You're the leader of this group? Not bad, you've done a pretty great job bringing them up. There is discipline and skill in the movements of your people, which shows why The Boyz are the number 1 group in this city." 

Draco wasn't even lying or trying to flatter, just stating a simple fact. These men here were slightly less capable than the Sanguigno Brothers in terms of skill. That was why Draco didn't bring any of them along, as it would just be killing them.  

Hearing Draco's honest praise, Derek sighed with relief and became much more amicable. He guessed that Draco came here to ally with them, which was the best possible outcome.  

When he thought about the benefits of partnering with a young Control master and his budding group that contained the Sanguigno Brothers, he couldn't help but feel his heartthrob.  

The Boyz would be climbing the ranks on the national scale soon! 

As such, his reply was very soft. "Haha, thank you, Draco. We tried hard to reach our current level and are only just slightly proud of what we have achieved. Do you have any plans for us?" 

Draco nodded. "That's right. I would like to obtain a certain product from your mafia group, preferably in bulk." 

Ah! Did he want a trade negotiation? What a great day this was! 

Derek was overjoyed. Even with his illegal trade and usual business, he would never be able to earn as much as a Control master could. He could literally make so much money off this deal as long as he negotiated well.  

His inner businessman raised his greedy face as his smile became very… dangerous. Any buyer who saw that smile should hide their wallet and flee from the seller, otherwise, they would cry tears of blood after the sale. 

"How would Brother Draco like to handle the deal? Should we use cash, bonds or barter?" Derek asked smoothly.  

Draco just laughed, an act which startled Derek, but he quickly joined in the laughter, even though he didn't know what exactly was funny about what he said.  

"I never said anything about making a deal or a payment. I'm here to take all your 1st Grade NuSmoothies and you can kowtow to me for allowing you to live afterward." Draco stated with a friendly smile. 

Derek's laughter cut off as the temperature in the room bottomed. Tension rose greatly as the various men and women in the room raised their armaments and pointed them at Draco suddenly.  

Draco remained smiling as all this occurred, even as Derek trained a dark and murderous glare his way.  

"What the f.u.c.k are you saying? Do you take us for a f.u.c.k.i.n.g charity? You think you can waltz in here and take what you want just because of Control?" He roared, but despite that, he didn't give the order to shoot.  

He knew once the first shot was fired, everything would become chaotic. Forget his men, he was most likely to die in the battle if it came down to it. What's worse Control masters were being likened to c.o.c.kroaches who refused to die even when there was a nuclear blast.  

Draco ignored all the guns pointed at him and spoke cryptically. "I honestly don't think you have enough to take me down, Derek. Just the twenty of you in this room are not up to standard." 

Everyone looked at Draco like he was an idiot. Even if there weren't enough men in the room, what about the whole mansion? Did he think he could take everyone down with just the few he had?  

"I assume this room is sound-proofed right, Derek?" Draco asked with a smug grin.  

Derek still couldn't understand what Draco was getting at, but he began to feel a bad premonition in his heart. "That is none of your business. I'd advise you f.u.c.k off right now before I kill you." 

Draco waved away Derek's threats like they were the tantrums of a child. "Calm down, Derek. Why don't you ask one of your men to check outside, hm? Or maybe just phone your men." 

Derek realized that something was terribly wrong as Draco suggested this and even his men shared his worries. The maid who opened the door for Draco couldn't help but peek outside to see what was going on.  

When she saw it, she screamed and fell on her ass, crawling back into the room like she had seen hell itself.  

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At this point, Derek could already guess what had happened outside as his heart fell to his stomach. Some of the men also peeked outside and their reactions just cemented his guess even further.  

Draco waved his hand to the spot beside him on the couch, his voice slightly mocking as he said: "I'd like you to meet my other half, my very soulmate, Eva." 

Eva's form suddenly appeared in the room as if she had always been there, startling everyone greatly. Since she wore a veil, it was hard to see her face, but even so, none of them had the time or frame of mind to admire beauty.  

Their hearts… no, their very souls were quivering. They deeply understood that they were already dead, but the act of it was delayed for whatever purpose these two abnormal freaks had.  

Derek was panting heavily, like he had just survived the greatest battle of his life. Looking at the situation though, the metaphor wasn't applicable.  

"What… what do you want from us?" He asked weakly.  

"Didn't you hear me the first time? We are here for your 1st Grade NuSmoothies. Whatever else you have you can keep; we don't care about them. I'll send someone to come claim them soon." Draco replied lightly.  

Derek's face darkened as he saw the traumatized looks of his men. "If so, why must you kill all my men?" 

This was the question on his mind. He wanted to pull his hair out, but he was too stunned to even move. It would have been fine to kill just a few to prove their point, but why every single one outside the room? 

It was clear from the silence and lack of response that every man of his should be gone. There was no way they wouldn't be able to notice what had just occurred.  

"They kept coming after I killed a few, so I got annoyed and killed them all," Eva answered with dissatisfaction.  

Draco laughed while the rest in the room felt their hearts die out.  

Just because she was annoyed, she killed them all in cold blood? What kind of logic was that? Did these two not have an ounce of respect for human life?  

Derek's eye became red as he stared at the duo his jaws clamping over and over again as his temple throbbed. 

"Take it. You can take it all. Just leave the rest of us alive." He pleaded with a hate-filled expression, his eyes never leaving the duo.  

For that matter, Draco nodded and phoned Akainu using his Holo-Watch.  

"How's it going, Brother Draco?" Akainu asked with curiosity, his face popping up on the projected screen. 

"Bring three articulator trucks to carry some goods from the location of The Boyz headquarters," Draco stated.  

Akainu paused for a second before he asked a very strange question. "How many of them did you leave alive?" 

Draco looked around the room and counted. "About 24. Why do you ask?" 

Akainu sighed and rubbed his face. "You might as well kill them all. I'll come with Sanji and some boys to take over their businesses later and put it under your name." 

Draco was startled by this. "You can? How long will this take?" 

Akainu didn't even think before he answered. "At most, one week. I'll start preparing now." 

Draco nodded and ended the call. He knew of all the mafia groups well. Nevertheless, the Sanguigno Brothers were the most obscure, especially in his past life.  

He knew more about The Boyz than he did The Sanguigno Brothers, especially about their assets.   

He seemed to find out more and more that these fellows were extremely adept and mysterious, but it didn't lessen his trust for them. They were just too good and even Eva trusted in them, given their widespread reputation to be willing to die for their own.  

Meanwhile, the room was already coated with blood. The moment Akainu had told Draco to kill them all, Eva had disappeared from her seat and began slaughtering the remaining men in the room without hesitation.  

The men naturally opened fire on her to protect themselves, but it was futile. She would only appear before them when she killed someone before she would return to invisibility and kill another in less than a split second.  

She was like a ghost, a grim reaper who brought death to all those she encountered. She only used a dagger and her fingers to either slit their throats or pull out their eyes.  

Sometimes, she would plunge her hand into their chests and pull out a heart, crushing it in her palm like it was a water balloon. Her face was calm the whole time and her eyes showed no emotions, like she was chopping pieces of wood rather than fellow human beings.  

Draco sat there with his legs crossed and just finished his chat with Akainu as he pondered how to handle the various assets of The Boyz. The bullets that were aimed at him just avoided him at the last second, as if they were scared of hitting Draco.  

The blood of the dead members in the room seemed to be drawn to him as it crawled across the ground and entered his skin through the sole of his foot.  

This sight scared Derek so much that he could only tremble in his seat. How could he be brave in front of such a horrifying sight? It was clear that these two weren't human, but supernatural monsters.  

After Eva brutally slaughtered everyone else, she just shook herself a little, making all the acc.u.mulated blood fall off her form like she was a stainless cloth. The remainder again crawled towards Draco and entered his skin.  

Draco stood up from his seat and nodded to Derek. "Thank you for the excellent experience, Derek. I will make sure to take care of your former properties with care and diligence." 

Saying that, Draco waved his hand and sent a bucket full of strange acid from his now Draconic arm, all of which splashed the poor man. The fellow screamed in agony and terror as his skin began to sizzle and melt.  

The pain was indescribable. It was far worse than being burned alive.  

The duo left him to die in this manner, walking through the vomit-inducing hallway that was filled with dismembered bodies and copious amounts of blood.  

No corpse was whole and one could see that Eva had been truly annoyed as she killed some in quite horrendous ways. Draco just observed all this with nonchalance, as this was nothing.  

They had both seen and done worse before. 

As they left the manor, one could see a trail of red follow behind Draco. The sheer volume of blood that trailed after him like a dog behind its master was illuminated by the morning sun. 

The manor of The Boyz became eerily silent as it was now devoid of life.  

A direct contrast to how lively it was just half an hour ago. 
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