Guild Wars - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: 35

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Draco was understandably shocked when he heard this. There was a vast difference between catching a level 17, Rank 1 Succubus as a plaything and a living Dragoness!

The uses of a Dragoness were immeasurable. Some of the more common uses were harvesting scales after molting for either crafting or sale. Some also drew blood to use for potions at set intervals to keep the female dragon healthy.

There were a variety of uses that came with a live capture of a female dragon.

However, they were all crap before the one true purpose that powerhouses chased after these beings, which was…breeding!

That's right, whether male or female, the Dragon Lineage was hunted mostly for breeding purposes. Not to breed with the opposite sex of their race, but with ours.

Who didn't want to birth children that possessed half of your bloodline as well as half of a dragons? This was a dream of every powerhouse.

Potions like the Dragon's Blessing were extremely hard to come by, so not every powerhouse could upgrade their state of being to the point where they had 'admin rights' over worldly energy.

This formed an obvious gap between the various powerhouses in terms of strength.

But if they were to have a child that had these 'admin rights' as well as the various benefits of both the human race as well as the dragon race, they'd have heirs that would become unparalleled in future!

However, forget capturing a high rank dragon, even finding a low rank dragon was difficult.

As such, it was no surprise that Draco was absolutely shocked by Riveting Night's reveal. Knowing her, it wouldn't be a low rank Dragoness, probably a high rank or above!

Even though the childrearing update was far away, Draco was still visibly excited. Even if he couldn't spawn heirs, a live Dragoness had other material uses and Draco needed a lot of Dragon related materials to create Dragon related items.

"Tell me more about this!"

Riveting Night smirked at his enthusiasm because deep down, she felt same. Both she and Draco had Draconic Source Energy but hers was low rank and his was attached to his equipment. In order to make their sources much more potent, real draconic material will be needed.

"In the old timeline, I was spelunking the depths of the Aether mine with Sublime because a subordinate reported that he heard strange sounds deep inside." Riveting Night elaborated.

"But you were a guild leader. Why waste your time on something beneath you?" Draco interjected with an eyebrow raised.

Riveting Night flicked Draco's nose with a smile that was hidden in the depths of her dark hood. "Let me finish, Draco. The reason I was down there was due to the fact that none of the teams I sent to investigate were able to cross a certain threshold."

"It wasn't that they didn't want to, but they couldn't. There was a barrier of mental pressure in the way."

Draco nodded with realization. Barriers of mental pressure were sort of like the Void of Perfection. It was a part of space that had been cordoned off for the use of a higher being. Not even Draco had one, and he had 100% high rank Draconic Source Energy!

Only a Supreme rank or God rank Dragon could have one…

The very thought sent a thrill down his spine. A Supreme rank Dragoness… what kind of material would she beget? What kind of offspring would she birth?

Draco dared not to think that it might be a God rank Dragoness. If that was the case, what would such a being be doing in an Aether Mine? Most of the God rank Dragons had been hunted down to oblivion and the AI wasn't going to spawn another batch so easily.

"What state was the Dragoness in when you found her?" Draco asked after he calmed down a bit.

"She was asleep. I wasn't too sure at the time, but thinking about it, she must've either been injured or hibernating. However, if she were hibernating, it would be far too long a period compared to when the last Supreme and God rank Dragon was seen. It's more likely that she was recuperating."

Draco agreed with her analysis. Based on the information he had received from her, as well as what he knew about Dragons in general, it seemed more likely to be a long term restorative act.

"Is it possible to capture her?"

Riveting Night seemed to mull over the question a it before answering. "Theoretically yes. I say this because we have advantages now that we didn't before. Still, we lost our biggest advantage, which was our firm foundations. Unless you or I work up some magic and get something unique, we'd have to wait until Rank 5 at least."

Draco grimaced at that. While it sounded really short, after all, the two were already Rank 1, it was absurdly far away. Rank 5 began at level 200, which was over 180 levels away from the current Draco. Assuming he could fulfill all other requirements for a rank up, that is.

"Sigh, I guess we'll just stick to the plan at hand. If we do acquire a means to capture the Dragoness early, that would be good. If not, we try your idea and execute it. How does that sound?"

"Do you think I'd really disagree with anything you say? If you told me that killing every organism was a good idea, I'd support you all the way, regardless of facts."

Riveting Night trained an intense glare towards Draco, and her suppressed insanity came to the forefront. It was like a blazing inferno coiling around one's very being, but the flames were very gentle and mild when focused on the object of her obsession.

"Because anything you say is right, no matter what science, people or even God has to say."

A normal person would be disgusted, scared or worried due to her assertion that everything they said was objective law. However, all Draco could feel was a warmth and affection. He directly pulled down Eva's hood, allowing her world ending beauty to be displayed.

Luckily, they were in a private carriage. Had they been in the sight of third parties, probably the whole world would go to war just to see her smile once.

When the realization that all this was his, Draco's heart couldn't help but beat faster. His blood pumped furiously as his mind became frantic. It was similar to digging the earth and finding large pots of gold. All this wealth was yours! The excitement and sweet feeling would have the person drunk on dopamine.

'Fuck, This Daddy was probably a saint in my past life to acquire this woman's undying love. Sigh, even in lives I don't remember, I still exude greatness.'

Eva pouted when she saw that expression on Draco's face. She knew exactly what it meant - the fellow was being narcissistic. In order to disrupt his self-centered thoughts, she plugged his lips with her own, startling his daydreaming.

However, that surprise didn't last long before it was replaced with a fervent response. Draco wouldn't claim to be the world's best kisser but he knew exactly how to turn a kiss into something more, and make sure it wouldn't even be him pushing for it.

He exercised this knowledge on Eva's lips, causing her to moan a little. Draco however, was thinking too far in this. One shouldn't forget, this psycho was enamored with him to the point of madness. Even if he kissed her like a total slobbering nerd, she'd still get off on it.

Much less when he was purposely working her in such a manner. His tongue didn't rush to intrude, as that was the next stage. Before that one must conquer the basic level of kissing which was lip upon lip.

His technique was to go it slowly but methodically, encapsulating her small and dainty mouth into his, sucking on it at the climax of every connection of their mouths.

It took not even a minute for Eva to suddenly send her tongue out, pushing them into stage two. Draco happily obliged, as he was one to improvise whenever he could.

Their tongues pulled on each other, intertwined like two graceful dragons and even felt around the inside of each other's orifices.

Eva started breathing hard and raggedly. It was clear she had reached the point where lust was quickly eroding her sense of reason. Draco was feeling a similar effect, but his was more calm.

He wanted to savor this like fine wine. He also wanted to make Eva crumble beneath his dominance. He wanted to subdue her, although she was already as tame as could be.

As such, he broke off the kiss and stared at the dazed Eva who was panting like she had run a mile. Her legs were shifting continuously, and Draco could tell that under those leathers must be a sopping wet undergarment.

Still, he just stared at her without continuing. After about a minute of that he casually leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"Do you want me to continue?"

Eva nodded frantically, as if failing to carry her message across pertained to a fatal conclusion.

Maintaining his poker face, Draco shut her down. "I won't. Not until I'm sure that bastard can't trace us again this life."

Instantly, Eva came down from her lustful daze and her expression became hard. She understood exactly what Draco meant, for it was precisely what she kept in mind during their old relationship.

Taking the virginity of a descendant of Amaterasu was a big deal in the lineages, and there was a bit of fanfare to go with it. It was similar to Draco opening a legendary treasure chest, but without the fancy lights. However, those with power would be able to sense the consummation.

In their old timeline, their sexual activities had been limited to Boundless only. Even when Local Lord managed to coerce himself on top of her, it had been in Boundless. He dared not touch her in real life, for that would spark a real war, and he wasn't insane like Eva to ignore the consequences of that.

If it had been in real life, Draco would've been unable to ever find out what happened due to their different circumstances.

Even though they were old monsters from a previous timeline and had copulated many times within the VR world, hadn't they been caught by local Lord, causing all those world shaking events to occur?

As such, the two had to rein in their lust until they could reach a level of power where Local Lord couldn't threaten Draco's life in the real world. Even if Eva alerted the Lucifer Lineage that Draco was alive and being threatened by a descendant of Pangu, it wouldn't change anything.

After all, Eva knew that the Lucifer lineage was currently in decline due to an internal conflict. If it wasn't for their weakened power, why would they need to cripple their heaven-defying genius?

Draco didn't know this not because she didn't want to tell him, but because he didn't want to know. Before he had forgiven her, she felt that it was up to those of the Lucifer Lineage to disclose that information, but after her madness had been doubly reinforced, she couldn't give a damn about all that.

Eventually, the two reached the Portal Center. When they dismounted their carriage and Riveting Night pulled up her hood, they noticed that the area around the Portal Center seemed too quiet.

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Draco's face hardened at this. Both he and Riveting Night had their Void of Perfection scouring the surroundings on passive mode at all times, yet they hadn't sensed anything amiss.

Draco knew it couldn't be the NPCs who set this up. After all, the hidden powers were wary of his backer, and had backed off even when gathered en masse.

Attacking Draco in the midst of one of the city's most active areas would be extremely counterintuitive. Even if they could survive Richmond's retaliation, they'd stand to gain very little in the long run.

So this meant that it had to be a player!

But… which player could empty a whole section of the city? Not even Draco could reasonably claim to do so, even with his titles equipped. The worrying part was that all this was done without the two old monsters even noticing!

"Eva, do you know what's happening?" Draco asked with a solemn expression.

"No idea, but it's not a mirage. The people we sensed with our Void of Perfection who existed whilst we were in the carriage disappeared the moment we dismounted."

Riveting Night's body was visibly tense. It was clear this was her first encounter with something so eerie. If they were absolutely normal, it might make sense that they were trapped in some alternate reality but… this was the real world!

Before Draco could reply, there was a sound that crept over from the end of the street on the opposite side of where they stood. It was barely audible to a normal human, but Draco and Riveting Night could hear it clearly.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Heavy footsteps sounded in their minds, which forced the two to take a step back. Each step was in tune with their heartbeats, a typical mental suppression move Draco employed on others.

This time, it was employed on him. They always said that the taste of one's own medicine was the most bitter and Draco got to experience that for the first time in his life.

With the Body of Godliness, it was easy for the two old monsters to change the frequency of their heartbeats. However, no matter how rapidly or chaotically they switched it up, those steps were always on point.

Eventually, a form appeared in their sights. A man - or woman - encased in pitch black armor that looked even darker and more sinister than obsidian itself was ambling towards them calmly. He had a great sword that looked almost impossible to carry slung over his shoulder as he walked towards the two. His eyes glowed a bright green from beneath the darkness of his helm, giving him an eerie and inhuman feel.

When Draco and Riveting Night saw him, they were puzzled. They never remembered such an expert from their past lives. Even if he was a rising talent in this life, there was no way he should be able to suppress the two of them like this.


Draco gritted his teeth and activated his Control abilities to the max. When he did, the suppression was broken and Riveting Night copied his actions to acquire the same result.

The two watched the Armored Warrior approached them casually with serious expressions on their faces. Although they were wary, they were mostly just curious. Who was this fellow that seemed to be on par with them?

The Knight stopped a few feet away from Draco, his green eyes glowing and dimming intermittently, similar to a pulse or a strobe.


His voice was metallic and inhuman, causing the two old monsters unparalleled uneasiness. Still, they swallowed their discomfort down and trained their full attention on the fellow before them.

Draco stepped forth and met the sharp gaze of the Knight evenly. "That would be me. What do you want?"

The Knight just spat out one word before thrusting his greatsword forth.


Draco sort of expected this response, so he met the sudden charge with a swing of his two blades. Although the Dragorugio set only had one sword, Draco was able to equip another sword on his off hand. That sword was Excalibur, which still had some use until he could find something stronger.

The Dragorugio sword met the charge of the great sword without any hesitation. The sword's base damage output was higher than any greatsword out there, so Draco was confident in it's prowess.

To prove that, the greatsword was deflected off it's trajectory after the retaliation, and Excalibur was free to plunge into the depths of the helm of the opponent. Draco didn't truly believe his assailant would go down that easily and he was proven right the next second.

The Knight kicked out, using the tips of his feet to knock Excalibur off balance before continuing his attack. This slightly surprised Draco but didn't jolt him much. It seemed that the Knight was a believer of 'the best defense is a good offense'.

Draco initially wanted to move Excalibur out of the way to continue the attack, but the Knight was just as fast as he was, negating his usual speed advantage!

This left Draco flabbergasted as he had no idea what bullshit this was. How could someone encased fully in armor match his speed, especially with his boons?

'No, this isn't right. Something bizarre is occurring here.'

Draco frowned deeply as he easily dodged the next wing, angling his two swords to attack the Knight from two different directions in a maneuver that looked impossible to pull off.

The Knight's eyes glowed as he ignored the attack for a straight thrust to Draco's head.

Draco grimaced when he saw this. Clearly, the fellow was betting on his defense being able to withstand Draco's assault in order to deal fatal damage.
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Draco originally wanted to dislocate his neck in order to avoid the hit, but that would ruin his line of sight as well as hand eye co-ordination. This realization made Draco think up an absurd theory.

This fellow before him… knew of the effects of Body of Godliness. After all, it was illogical for a heavy weapon user to aim at a small target like the head. Normally, an attack at the midsection was the best way to utilize a great sword.

However, it was as if he fellow knew that he'd be unable to dodge if he aimed at his head! If they fellow had seen Draco battle before, it might be possible to believe he did this due to any conclusions he reached, but in this case…

Could it be that Control masters existed at this level of skill outside Draco and Riveting Night's knowledge? After all, he did just learn that his world was possibly a lower realm just a few hours ago.

Still, it was too convenient!

Just who was this fellow?
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