Guild Wars - Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: 354

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Draco and co pretended not to hear the screams of the pretty young lady as she was dragged away. Draco, because he couldn't care less, and as for the twins… it was because they simply didn't want to deal with the complications that came with thinking about the matter. 

"I'd like to apologize for that, Sir Draco. Sometimes, we must do evil to reinstate good, a philosophy I'm sure someone of your stature understands." The old man spoke with a kindly tone. 

Draco laughed amiably. "Of course. You are even putting it nicely. How could someone so close to the heart of the matter be this careless? She deserves anything your esteemed selves subject her to." 

The old man rubbed his light stubble and nodded. "That's right, that's right. Even though she has received good training from us, being unable to resist the compulsion of others makes her deficient and below our standards." 

Draco smiled lightly. "Agreed. Mental compulsion is one of the most dangerous things an organization has to face. Once can infiltrate and steal important data without ever having to step into the location in person, truly chilling. It is imperative for all members to be trained to resist such things." 

"Haha, that's right! We shall henceforth increase our training aimed to increase the resistance of our members following the advice of Sir Draco!" The old man stated with a wide grin. 

Jade simply followed along silently, her eyes occasionally darting towards pieces of technology around her. Any interface she focused her eyes on would stutter slightly, then return to normal. 

It was slight and quick enough that no one was able to notice, even the various software monitoring the systems and their performance failed to register this. 

Jada though, was also silent, but her eyes twitched occasionally as she listened in on the exchange between Draco and the old man. As the queen of insults and verbal battles, how could she not see that their conversation was not simple? 

Even though they wore gentle smiles and spoke respectfully, their words contained hidden barbs meant to destabilize, threaten, and subdue one another. However, it was hidden so well that not even the sharp-minded Jade could notice. 

They hadn't even sat down yet and a battle had begun. If all formalities were thrown away, wouldn't things become hard to maneuver? Jada began to worry slightly and then focused her mind to do a clairvoyant reading. 

However, before she could finish, she felt a warm hand atop her head. When she turned to look, Draco was smiling at her and shook his head. Understanding his warning, Jada stopped her attempt and blushed as she felt Draco pet her head. 

She was tempted to smack his vile hand away, but didn't want to create a scene. Luckily, Draco didn't bully her too much and stopped petting her soon after. 

Draco grabbed the twins and placed them on his lap, bringing them into his embrace. Jade didn't resist and only blushed deeply while lowering her head, whereas Jada struggled a little and gave up, burying her red face into Draco's chest. 

The old man's lips twitched when he saw the fellow taking advantage of these two cute girls who he had assumed were his litter sisters, and realized that Draco was true to the way he dressed, a prodigal young master... or more blatantly a supreme fuckboy. 

"Well, now that we're settled in, it is time for me to introduce myself. My name is Horace Jones, the Lead Researcher for this institute." The old man began as he introduced himself. 

Draco simply snickered. "Nice name, Horace. Well, I'm Draco, and I'm a Control master working with Supernatural. How do you do?" 

Horace's eyes twitched again. Normally, they would banter aimlessly before winding their way to this point indirectly so they could both get a feel for the intentions of the other party, but this fellow just got straight into it! 

Horace coughed. "I have no idea what organization that is, but it certainly sounds interesting. However, I would like to know more about you, Sir Draco." 

Draco waved his hand lazily. "Bah, don't pretend like you don't know. This here is a base for Superhuman and I am an agent of Supernatural. How else would you know my name and treat me with respect? And why else would there be guards in what should be a private meeting? Let's just get to the point, can't you see This King has two beauties to satisfy?" 

Jada was currently face-first into his chest, and she had been sneakily using this chance to feel him up and take a good sniff of his intoxicating pheromones, but she froze with embarrassment when she heard his words. 

Jade also squirmed a bit but didn't reject anything. Instead of lowering her head, she brought her lips to Draco's neck and began kissing it gently, as if to buttress his point. 

Forget Horace, even the stoic guards twitched as they didn't know what to do with this fellow. In a situation where one wrong move could lead to a bloodbath, he still had the time to play with his women? 

And not just any women, but two adorable girls who any of them would treasure as their little sister? Had he no sense of shame or propriety? This was why Control masters amounted to? 

Even Horace felt disappointment deep down, but he didn't show it. Instead, he grimaced and smiled bitterly. "It seems as if Sir Draco is determined to discuss some worrisome matters. Very well, what does Sir Draco have in mind for my little base?" 

Draco smiled and gently caressed the hair of Jada and Jade, who had fallen into their roles a bit too enthusiastically. "I took on a mission to destroy this base, so I decided to head over and talk to you about it." 

Suddenly, the air in the room became tense as the smell of gunpowder began to spread. Horace's expression became grave as he stared at Draco coldly. 

"Oh? What does 'Sir' mean by this? Do you intend to fight us to the death?" 

Draco shook his head. "If I came here with the intention to kill, would you still be alive? Don't you think I would have just sent in that girl with a timed bomb, and POOF, all that would be left of you would be mangled blood and flesh for the dogs to eat?" 

This provocation further increased the tension as many understood that Draco was right. With his abilities as a Control master, killing him would be hard unless they self-destructed the base. 

Horace also frowned deeply, remaining silent for a long while before asking: "We understand. So, Sir Draco hasn't come here with bad intentions?" 

Draco rubbed his chin. "Not really. I just joined Supernatural recently and have no real affinity towards them yet. However, I've gone through their stuff and found that they really don't have any good methods to help Control masters further their realms." 

Draco's eyes met with Horace's as he smiled darkly. "Though, it is a known fact that Superhuman has such methods. Seeing as one organization has a better chance of letting me gain power, my objective here should be obvious." 

Suddenly, Horace's heart began to pound at amazing speeds as he understood what Draco was insinuating. This was simply the case of a toad lusting over a swan, only for the swan to swim over and pounce amorously on the toad. 

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If he could recruit Draco for Superhuman, he might be promoted to a leading position inside the headquarters. After all, Draco and Eva were two people that Superhuman would do ANYTHING to acquire, because they were even more precious to their research than their particle accelerator or even dark matter. 

As such, could his reaction be blamed? Still, Horace made sure to keep a lid on his excitement as he spoke gravely. "Such a matter is not easy to decide. Switching sides so conspicuously has its own problems, as I am afraid that Supernatural will not easily let you go." 

Draco nodded. "Yah. That's what I've come here to discuss. Get me in contact with your superiors, and we might be able to work something out." 

Horace nodded with a wide smile and did so. A large screen was brought up, where the faces of some old men as well as old women who looked powerful and influential sat around a conference table. 

At the head of the table though, was a young woman with startlingly attractive looks. Short cut blue hair, light brown eyes, a small nose, and pink, pursed lips made her quite the beauty. 

She wasn't at the level of the Four Beauties, nor was she better than Slim Fatty. She was just around Natasha's level, or even the Three Pinnacles. She wore a tight-fitting women's suit, her slightly above average bust pushing her blouse and suit jacket forward. 

Her complexion was slightly brown, an aspect that reminded Draco of Keira and Natasha specifically, as they were both slightly brown, but not at the level of Roma or Zaine. 

She adopted a neutral expression as she inspected Draco as well. No one could deny his supreme looks as a man, and his aura could also work over screens and displays. 

Otherwise, the Evil Duo would not stop people from sending out their pictures. In person, it was easy to control the effect of their 'attraction' Inheritances, but it reverted to normal in pictures and through screens, which was troublesome to deal with. 

In essence, this leader of Superhuman was slightly attracted to Draco, as it was impossible not to unless she could sever all her emotions and become a robot, which was not possible as of yet. 

However, she knew what to do at this time, and her personal feelings were put to the side. She still frowned though, when she saw him playing with Jada and Jade in his arms. He really did have the appearance of some King of Fuckboys with his looks and attire. 

"Greetings, Mr. Draco. I am told you have plans to seek assistance from my organization?" The woman in the lead began their discussion. 

Draco nodded. "Yah. Superhuman has got the means to help Control masters develop their powers further, right? Well, I want that for me and my pregnant wife." 

The woman frowned internally. Talking about a pregnant wife while playing with two women in his arms… her impression of Draco fell slightly. 

"That is not a problem as long as you are willing to join us." The director offered with a slight smile. 

"I do have plans to do that, yeah. However, Horace raised a good issue about the problems which would follow if I were to separate from Supernatural. How do you plan to deal with the aftermath?" Draco asked with narrowed eyes. 

Seeing the sharpness ion his glance, the director realized that Draco was not as silly as he seemed. After all, how could a Control master be a horny idiot? It was likely that he was just playing that role to make them underestimate him. 

Realizing this, the director became pleased. An intelligent fellow was much more to her liking than a dolt, and her demeanor towards him became softer subconsciously. 

"Do not worry about that. Depending on your preference, there are more than a few ways to go about this. Faking your death for daring to attack our base, capturing and brainwashing, holding a loved one of yours as a hostage… the choices are endless. Just let us know what you are comfortable with." 

Draco nodded with satisfaction. "This is the kind of group I like to work with. Efficient and astute, unlike those Supernatural duds who are really just all over the place." 

This one line made many of the executives here smile. Their feud with Supernatural was not small, and they were factually the underdogs, so being compared to their superior enemy, yet coming out with a better evaluation, made them pleased deep down. 

"However, there is more to this than you think. I'm not an idiot, Supernatural is far stronger and has much more influence than you guys by almost a 100 times. If I join you, wouldn't I be making a loss? As such, we can now talk about what benefits you can offer me to make up for it." Draco stated as he smiled with a light of greed in his eyes. 
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