Guild Wars - Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: 444

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Tsukuyomi scowled and glared at Amaterasu. "What the hell is this? This thing that is neither deity nor truly mortal? Did you split your soul into pieces in order to fight on two battlefields? Huh?" 

Amaterasu frowned darkly. "That is none of your business, Dark God. All you need to know is that you will cease to exist this day! Without your night, there will be no evil!" 

Tsukuyomi laughed coldly. "How stupid. Typical of you, dear wife. The night has nothing to do with the concept of 'evil', it is simply the other state of existence, just like the light! In my opinion, the light is just one part of the whole!" 

Amaterasu scoffed. "Utter nonsense and sophistry. The world only needs light. Warmth, Justice, and Growth are all under the purview of the Light! Darkness is not needed in any shape or form, for all the supposed good it does, the light can do even better!" 

Eva listened to their argument silently, rubbing her chin all the while. She drew up conclusions on the personalities and ideologies of her in-game counterpart as well as her mythological husband. 

Tsukuyomi appeared to be the 'woke' villain type. He was convinced that what he stood for was not wrong, merely misunderstood. He believed that there were two sides to everything, good \u0026 bad, right \u0026 wrong, heat \u0026 cold, light \u0026 dark. 

This could be seen as logical and formed the basis of the Moon God's beliefs. Why? Because despite bringing about 'night', the moon still reflected light off the sun to provide some illumination to the world. 

It accepted the need for light in varying quantities and went as far as providing some even during what should be his 'time'. 

Amaterasu, as one could expect, sounded like the typical bigoted and overly righteous type. It was a given really, as she managed a source of light and was lauded day-in and day-out as a 'Supreme Goddess' by the other deities. 

How could she not be a pompous ass? 

That last bit came from Riveting Night, who Evaterasu had to suppress again. Still, Evaterasu silently agreed with Riveting Night and even the minor remnants of Amaterasu in the bloodline of Eva were shamefully silenced. 

She had always been like that, never with Lucifer, but with all others. It was probably why Susanoo had caused the havoc he did, because he had been truly fed up with her bullshit. 

Eva folded her arms and assessed the Moon God. He was strikingly handsome in a similar way to Cobra. He had extremely feminine features that were reminiscent of a beauty. 

However, one could tell he was a man by his slightly broader shoulders and well-built body that, while compact, still showed some hints of masculinity. He was a pretty boy, not a trap. 

Eva turned to Amaterasu. As for the Sun Goddess, she looked exactly as she was depicted in the paintings. Black hair done in an icho-gaeshi style with a yellow comb separating the two parts, a lovely golden coronet atop her head that shone intermittently. 

She wore a bulky white kimono that had crimson outlines at the hems as well as a scarlet sash that was wrapped around her waist. On the neckline of her kimono lay the Virtue of Benevolence, the jewels of Magatama lining up around her clavicles. 

In her left hand was a typical white folding fan that had some strange blood-colored symbols on it, with the Virtue of Wisdom held in her right. It was a lovely mirror that reflected the inner thoughts of all those it shined upon, revealing them to the holder. 

In terms of style, Amaterasu outshone Tsukuyomi by far. However, this Amaterasu was nowhere near as beautiful or awesome as the real one, probably because she didn't have the bloodlines. 

Still, Eva's eyes honed in on the two treasures instantly as she inspected them. 

「Yasakani no Magatama – Ornamental Item 

Rank: Divine 

Durability: MAX 


Passive 1 – Kindness to Oneself: 70% of all damage below the Origin Rank is negated. All damage received heals for 70% of its true value, restoring the user's mana and stamina as well. 

Passive 2 – Kindness to Others: All allies of the user benefit from an aura of benevolence. They have an extra 100% defense, 90% to all resistances, permanent health-regen in combat, and all resources recover 500% faster. 

Active 1 – Love Everyone Equally: Grant all allies invulnerability for 1 day. Cooldown: ?. 

Active 2 – Treat Everyone Equally: Grant all mortal species a period of happiness and peace, quelling negativity in a Continent Zone. Duration: 1 day. Cooldown: ?. 

Description: The Magatama is a divine symbol of the Goddess Amaterasu's benevolence and willingness to educate, bless, and promote the lesser beings of the world. Within its presence, all those who do good will find their lives becoming more pleasant, while those of the evil alignment will find their lives becoming harder. 

Note: This item is soul bound. No one other than Amaterasu can wield it.」 

「Yata no Kagami – Ornamental Item 

Rank: Divine 

Durability: MAX 


Passive 1 – True Vision: The user is able to see through all lies and deception. 

Passive 2 – Heart of Gold: The item reflects the true nature of an individual or thing. It can also show the true history of an item or person depending on their existence. 

Active 1 – Domain of Truth: The user creates a domain the size of an Area Zone where all actions and decisions by allies and enemies are seen and evaluated beforehand. Duration: 1 day. Cooldown: ?. 

Active 2 – Insight: Deliver the power of precognition to all allies within an Area Zone. Duration: 1 day. Cooldown: ?. 

Description: The Yata is a divine symbol of the Goddess Amaterasu's wisdom and insight into all matters pertaining to the divine, the law of the universe, and the heart of mortal beings. In its presence, evil shall not be able to hide and the true nature of all beings will be shown to the world. 

Note: This item is soul bound. No one other than Amaterasu can wield it.」 

Eva's face became red as she felt endless greed course through her. If she hadn't been the weaker party, she would have immediately killed this version of Amaterasu and taken these items away from her. 

For the first time, these thoughts did not come from Riveting Night, as that thoughtstream was not really horny for loot. These thoughts came from Amaterasu herself, as her remnants were screaming within Eva to take the items that should rightfully belong to her. 

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Obviously, the real Amaterasu had taken the three Sacred Treasure of Japan with her when she had left the world, just like Lucifer had taken away the Key of Solomon, or Merlin who had taken the Holy Grail as well as Excalibur - and Arthur's Soul - away. 

Ironically, the normal university girl Eva who had become the third thoughtstream was drooling. After all, she had been a true gamer, as she had played literally ever FIVR game with her crew as soon as they came out, only being booted aside upon entering Boundless for obvious reasons. 

Still, Eva did not look at them for too long. Instead, she found it strange that the items had no cooldown. Was it because Amaterasu had unlimited power? No, it could not be that. 

Eva came up with an interesting theory on the spot. Could it be that Divine items had different cooldowns based on the State of Being of the user? While this had been assumed as a fact earlier, there had been no way to easily prove it since their encounters with True Gods had been zero. 

Not to mention that one couldn't just easily 'identify' the items of others. For example, Eva could not see the details of Rina's Flamesear staff unless Rina shared it with her. 

The only reason she could see Amaterasu's soul bound items like they were her own… well, it should be kinda obvious, shouldn't it? 

Eva hid her greed and pondered whether she should proceed with helping her other self as she had initially planned. The woman was obviously a stuck-up do-gooder of epic proportions. Tsukuyomi, on the other hand, was more level-headed and should be quite willing to compromise, whereas the Sun Goddess would hear none of it. 

If she teamed up with the Moon God to kill Amaterasu, Eva could seize all her power, items, and whatnot to replace her. Eva could jump her State of Being to Divine right away and become a True Goddess! 

But putting aside the various factors supporting and detracting from the feasibility of this idea, the main reason Eva abandoned the idea ultimately was that Draco had decided to reject the traditional form of Divinity as it had overbearing shackles. 

Namely not being able to leave this section of the game. That alone made it unacceptable, so Eva could not carry out this clearly perfect and beneficial plan. 

It sucked, but such was life. You might have to give up that lovely legal career to become a shut-in author because your novel suddenly became popular enough to replace your planned future. 

Since moving between sections of the game promised to be far superior to becoming divine in just this one, Eva had to do what was right. As such, she folded her arms and pointed at Tsukuyomi. 

"Why are you fighting this idiot anyway? Doesn't he normally wag his tail while chasing after your light endlessly?" 

Tsukuyomi's handsome face became red from shame, while Amaterasu's lips switched. Hey there, this other version of her seemed a bit… harsh. How can you be so blunt and wicked, Sis? At least lower the damage in consideration of his pride. 

"He did something unforgivable... He murdered Ukemochi!" Amaterasu answered heatedly. 

Tsukuyomi scoffed. "That retard offered me food from her vomit at a banquet in front of other gods. What the hell was that about?" 

Amaterasu snorted coldly. "She was the Goddess of Food and Harvest! That was just how her abilities worked!" 

Tsukuyomi had a bored look on his face as he checked his feminine nails. "Uwa, the one who got infuriated by her brother defecating in her palace, then stripping him of his favorite things as well as banishing him is calling me out for overreacting? Wao!" 

Amaterasu's face became blue, then green, and settled on purple as Tsukuyomi had triggered a double-super-effective-critical-hit attack. Calling her out on her righteous hypocrisy and reminding her of her greatest humiliation all at once. 

As they always say, a woman can insult you and leave you hurt, but a femboy can destroy your will to live with a single line! 

"That was different! Susanoo had no need to defecate to show off his abilities, and I didn't kill him either!" Amaterasu retorted darkly. 

"I got an offering from Ukemochi, just as you did from our brother. Neither one of us was pleased with their offering so we both decided to punish them. The final result may have differed, but otherwise we've acted the same. I don't see how that makes me a 'Dark God' as you claim." Tsukuyomi replied with a light smirk as he continually checked out his fingernails. 

"Ukemochi was our sister! As a child of Izanagi and Izanami she was a Superior God! To take her life over this was too much! I was enraged with Susanoo, yet I merely banished him instead of killing him!" Amaterasu argued angrily. 

Tsukuyomi blew on his fingers and nodded with understanding. "Yes, but you wanted to, didn't you? You wanted to slit his throat and shove his own feces down there for daring to disrespect you, didn't you?" 

Amaterasu's face became pale. "I-I did not…!" 

Tsukuyomi, seeing that his guess was right, narrowed his eyes. "Hoh? Okay, fine. As the Goddess of Benevolence, Justice, and Wisdom, it is not only a sign of evil to have harbored such thoughts, but also extremely unlikely." 

Amaterasu nodded and folded her arms with an air of superiority as she was about to agree. However, Tsukuyomi cut her off as he nonchalantly said: "But in order to be sure you haven't fallen to the dark side, we can use your own mirror to find the truth. If it is as you say, I shall admit I was wrong and stop this fight while suffering any punishment you see fit. However, if you've lied, I expect you to do same. Doesn't that sound fair to you?" 
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